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Balance - Laur - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Each universe was like an intricate game of cat’s cradle, or a complicated blanket of crochet, billions of threads interweaving and crossing and tangling. Some threads never touched, never even came close, but when one thread was plucked the entire fabric quivered in reaction.
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  alternate_meeting  AU  magical_realism  alternate_reality  romance  ASiP  author:laur 
july 2016 by SailAweigh
Double Time - Chapter 1 - Sineala - Marvel (Comics), Marvel Noir, Marvel 616, Avengers (Comics), New Avengers (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Cassino, Italy, December 1943. Special Agent Tony Stark, former Marvels adventurer, is sent to investigate a Cosmic Cube found by the Invaders -- and it's the perfect opportunity for him to rekindle his secret romance with Steve Rogers. But when Hydra attempts to steal the Cube, an inadvertent wish for help leads to the appearance of a Tony from the future of another world: Director Stark of SHIELD. This Tony is a man with a lot on his mind. He refuses to tell them anything about the future, but he seems to know much more than he should about Captain America. And something's happened that's clearly killing him inside, but he's not talking. When Director Stark's failed attempt to return home leads to the unexpected appearance of another visitor from his universe, all the lies come undone. Now there are two wars to fight, and the second one could ruin all of them.
comics:Avengers  comics:616  comics:Marvel_Noir  fanfic  slash  Steve/Tony  multiverse  angst  romance  WWII  time-travel  alternate_reality  Stony  author:sineala  big_bang 
february 2016 by SailAweigh
Like Coming Home - missbecky - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
After a tragic accident, Steve is given a chance to go back in time and deliver a warning to Tony in the hope of avoiding their fate. Something's gone wrong, though, because this is not his world he's ended up in. And that is definitely not his Tony who's planning to delete his own brain.

Sometimes your second chance isn't at all what you were expecting.
comics:Marvel  comics:Avengers  fanfic  slash  Steve/Tony  Stony  AU  Ultimates  616  alternate_reality  angst  torture  happy_ending  author:missbecky 
february 2016 by SailAweigh
Somewhere Only We Know - sullacat - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Spock and McCoy find themselves thrust into a new world and a new life. Can they work together to find their way home - or is being lost the best thing that ever happened to them? Reboot of Star Trek: The Next Generation episode 'The Inner Light'.
movie:StarTrek2009  tv:ST:TNG  fanfic  slash  McCoy/Spock  romance  alternate_reality  adventure  trekreversebang  author:sullacat 
september 2015 by SailAweigh
A Vintage Exceptionally to Your Liking - Chapter 1 - EmmyAngua - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock and John met seven years earlier than canon and fell in love. When John dies, Sherlock is introduced to the concept of alternate dimensions and given the opportunity to visit a different universe where he can have a second chance with a new John Watson. A love story across alternate dimensions. Complete.
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  AU  multiple_universes  alternate_reality  magical_realism  angst  pining  adventure  John/MaryMorstan  Hives  author:EmmyAngua 
july 2015 by SailAweigh
The Woman in the Refrigerator - incapricious - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which a female Sherlock Holmes from a parallel universe comes to visit 221B Baker Street via an inter-dimensional portal in the refrigerator. What happens next may or may not involve 6 hour lectures about feminism (which John sleeps through), self!cest in the name of science, threesomes in the name of... sure, let's say science also, and surprising revelations about love and destiny (or the lack thereof).
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  het  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  Sherlock/fem!Sherlock/John  threesome  self!cest  PWP  short  author:incapricious  alternate_reality  for_science 
february 2015 by SailAweigh
A Trope Too Far - Chapter 1 - Persiflager - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Written for this prompt on the kinkmeme that asked for Trope!John waking up one morning to discover that he's got the wrong Trope!Sherlock and going through various fanfic worlds in search of the right one.

I've identified the less obvious tropes in the comments for each chapter.
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  crack  humor  alternate_reality  tropes  author:Persiflager 
january 2015 by SailAweigh

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