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On My Love - Chapter 1 - RikoJasmine - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
For the second time, the Sochi Grand Prix Finals arrive, and with it a reborn Yuuri Katsuki. “Viktor,” Yuuri thinks over the pounding of his heart, the crowd going silent as the music begins. “I’ll show the world what you meant to me.”

Yuuri often thinks of his life as Before and After Viktor Nikiforov, the marking point being the day Viktor swept into his life and turned his world upside-down. After many years together, an accident leads to Yuuri suddenly waking up in the Before—back in Detroit, before the GPF, before he ever knew Viktor as anything other than his childhood idol.

As if it had all been just a dream. *may never be finished, but good read anyway* Last update March 2017
anime:Yuri_On_Ice  YOI  gays_on_skates  fanfic  slash  Viktuuri  time-travel  romance  alternate_meeting  author:RikoJasmine  WIP 
january 2017 by SailAweigh
Miracle Year (WIP but worth it) - Chapter 1 - Chase820 - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
This is the story of how Sherlock became Sherlock and John became John, long before either knew there would ever be a Sherlock and John. This is the story of how their relationship began, with all its silent negotiations and quiet denials. This is the story of how the silence came apart after the Reichenbach fall. This is the story of how Sherlock returned from the fall, and how he and John put things back together again, in quite a different way than before. This is also the story of Mycroft and Sherrinford--we all know that third Holmes brother is out there somewhere--and also other canon characters, though some have changed a bit since Sir Arthur's day.

This is a story about loneliness and fate. This is a story about parents and brothers. This is a story about cocaine and Shepherd's Pie. This is a story about London, and Los Angeles, and Afghanistan. This is a story about love. Also, sex. There's quite a lot of that. This is a story with a happy ending, though at times it will make you sad.

This is the Sherlock and John story I've been wanting to tell for a very long time. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it.
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  het  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  Sherlock/Irene  Sherlock/OMC  John/OMC  angst  kid!fic  drugs  gang_bang  Hollywood  SherrinfordHolmes  MycroftHolmes  character_death  dead!Irene  epic  WIP  READ_THIS_ANYWAY  author:Chase820 
september 2016 by SailAweigh
Almost Home - Chapter 1 - AggressiveWhenStartled - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock always missed something, but it was inexcusable to think John would not be John just because he was dead, even if he'd been dead for a full year.

::More than a bit not good, Sherlock. You brought back my head? My head. You’ve put MY HEAD into the refrigerator. Why the refrigerator? You’re a bit late to hold off decomposition. I’ve got mold on me.::
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  Slash  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  AU  ghost!John  ghost!story  suicide  angst  magical_realism  WIP  unfinished  author:AggressiveWhenStartled 
september 2015 by SailAweigh
Short Message Service - Chapter 1 - solrosan - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock has a secret friend (since long before he met John) who also prefers to text.

Ends at the end of season 3 with a solid finish if it never actually gets finished.
TV:SherlockBBC  gen  SherlockHolmes  Anthea  Sherlock&Anthea  texting  humor  adventure  John/Mary  angst  WIP  author:solrosan 
april 2015 by SailAweigh
grammar lessons with sherlock and john - Chapter 1 - dashcommaslash - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
John Watson and Sherlock Holmes are never too busy solving crimes and falling in love to teach grammar. In this series of meta-ficlets, John and Sherlock illustrate commonly confused grammar and spelling rules.
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  Sherlock/John  Sherlock/OMC  grammar  BDSM  humor  dark!John  author:dashcommaslash  WIP 
march 2015 by SailAweigh
Intentions - KeelieThompson1 - Sherlock, Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Sherlock Holmes discovers he's the father of ten year old John Watson; the product of an experimental night with a girl he would tenuously call a friend when he'd been sixteen.
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  gen  SherlockHolmes  JohnWatson  kid!lock  kid!fic  parent!lock  AU  series  author:KeelieThompson1  WIP  abandoned 
june 2014 by SailAweigh
Western Skies - anruiukimi - Star Trek (2009), Star Trek: 2009 [Archive of Our Own]
All it takes is one little difference to change many things, and when James T. Kirk was born on a shuttle fleeing a tragedy of catastrophic proportions, well, there was one thing not quite...typical about him. A tale of family, love, understanding, Ghirardelli mint chocolates, and clogged vacuums.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  gen  Kirk  Pike  kirk/mccoy  wing!fic  academy_days  romance  adventure  angst  author:anruiukimi  series  WIP 
april 2014 by SailAweigh
Fic: We Are Stronger Together, Part 1/3 (ST:XI, AU, Kirk/McCoy/Uhura)
Starfleet's best covert operative, James T. Kirk, is so close to finding the man who killed his father. But Leonard McCoy, an operative for the North American government, and Uhura, a mercenary even Kirk fears, are on Nero's trail as well.
movie:startrek2009  fanfic  slash  het  threesome  kirk/mccoy/uhura  adventure  au  author:cerulean_sky  trekreversebang  to_be_read  wip 
june 2011 by SailAweigh
The Flowers of Despair - [Star Trek XI] The Boy Who Always Smiles [Masterpost]
After the death of Gary Mitchell, Spock decides to investigate the rest of the crew, hoping to find any other unknown psychics. What he discovers is Ensign James T. Kirk, an unknowing empath who is hiding a dark secret behind his ever-present smile.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  Kirk/Spock  au  big_bang  wip  author:zetsubou_hana 
october 2010 by SailAweigh
This is Home WIP (AO3) - abandoned? Still awesome.
Slumped like road kill and rapidly grossifying in their own funk, are his senior bridge crew in various states of unconsciousness and undress.

Bones slides his forearms through the bars and leans his forehead against the iron, hair mussed, crooked smile full of dirty possibilities. “Aw, pookey, could just say ya missed us.”
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  pre-slash  kirk/mccoy  ensemble  angst  TarsusIV  author:re_white  wip  humor 
february 2010 by SailAweigh
head into the bright lights - series: bright lights (st xi)
01. the stars go on forever (winona)
02. run into the bright lights (janice rand)
03. beneath the gathering cloud (jim kirk)
04. first, do no harm (leonard mccoy)
05. face the blackened sky (gaila)
06. there's a language in the sky (nyota uhura)
07. write a story and disappear (five officers of the uss kelvin)
08. there's something bright (geoff m'benga)
09. break the sky (five officers of the uss enterprise)
10. that call me on and on (christopher pike)
11. a clear call that may not be denied (winona kirk)
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  het  slash  kirk/mccoy  Kirk/Spock  WinonaKirk  Spock/Uhura  sulu/chekov  Pike/NumberOne  angst  TarsusIV  author:ever_obsessed  wip 
february 2010 by SailAweigh
Foreign Waters (1/?)
Jim falls through the mirror, and Mirror!McCoy has time to kill
movie:StarTrek2009  au  mirror!verse  kirk/mccoy  WIP  non-con  PWP  author:yeomanrand  author:shinychimera 
september 2009 by SailAweigh
to heavenly spirits bright, little inferior
I want all of the Star Trek group as angels. Maybe Bones was really a medic in WW2 who got hit trying to reach an injured private, Scotty got it when an engine exploded trying to help the Wright bros get their plane off the ground, Spock...did something illogical. I dunno. And then we have Jim, who did some fuck all stupid thing and just ended up in Heaven, which confuses everybody (major super bonus points if Jim's antics were a favorite "show" of all the angels, because being all repressed means they need to get their kicks somewhere). And God assigns one of the angels (preferably Bones) to play babysitter to Jim and make sure he doesn't mess around with St. Peter's desk or tries to get the heavenly choir to sing death metal.
WIP  au  fanfic  gen  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
august 2009 by SailAweigh
Doctor's Orders
McCoy is still married to Jocleyn, living in a big farm house with her and Joanna (or he could be a single dad, writers choice). One summer, they hire on a young farm-hand named Jim Kirk. The guy's got golden muscles, an ass that won’t quit, and the most blue gorgeous eyes the doctor has ever seen. McCoy knows he’s got it bad the first second Kirk nickname’s him “Bones”.
au  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash  WIP 
august 2009 by SailAweigh
Letters to My Sister: Of Marriages and Mind Melds, Part One
Summary for the series: Gaila’s dead. Nyota knows this. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have to stop talking to each other though.
Summary for this story: A mind meld gone wrong leads to an unusual bonding situation
Spock/Uhura  Spock/Uhura/Kirk/McCoy  WIP  angst  author:fantasyenabler  fanfic  foursome  het  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
august 2009 by SailAweigh
Yay for ST black hole WTFery
Pike/George Kirk

George Kirk is somehow pulled from his time, to a poast movie time where his son is captain.

Kirk finally gets to meet his father and it just so happens that Pike is on board and he gets to reunion with George.

I freakin' love Kirk/Bones above all else, but I have to say, I've started shipping Pike/George pretty damn hard.
Pike/GeorgeKirk  WIP  author:vibishan  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
august 2009 by SailAweigh
Business As Usual
Leonard tries to distance himself from a client he's a little too close to.
Spock/Uhura  Sulu  angst  au  author:dirty_smudge  Chekov  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash  whorefic  WIP 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
A Worthy Enterprise
REGENCY AU - think Jane Austen, Georgette Heyer

James Kirk as a Byronic hero - "The Byronic hero is first and foremost an outsider and a man of contradictions. He is kind, but capable of cruelty - devoted to his current lover, yet never able to remain faithful and always, always moving on in search of new sensations."

James Kirk has a secret dream to captain his own sailing vessel to explore the new world. He is also a notorious rake, who employs Mr. Spock as his land steward/valet/butler. He met Doctor Leonard McCoy when he needed treatment for a wound he received dueling. They became fast if unlikely friends.

Dr. McCoy is a cuckolded widower; his wife carried on affair that was open scandal and then died as she was leaving the country with her lover. A cloud of suspicion (did he arrange her death?) hangs over his head as he tries to raise his young daughter with the help of Nyota Uhura, formerly a spy during the last years of the Napoleonic Wars, currently a governess for J
Spock/Uhura  WIP  au  fanfic  het  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Reverse Order
In response to this Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt. There is also an excellent response to this prompt in progress by eldritchhorrors, called "Love Like Ghosts."
WIP  angst  author:blcwriter  fanfic  kirk/pike  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
The Captain and the Reporter
Clark Kent, in full dorky reporter mode, has been, of course, kicking around for a few centuries, and goes to interview heroic new Starfleet captain James T. Kirk. Shenanigans happen.
Superman  au  author:putigress2012  crossover  fanfic  first-time  kirk/superman  movie:StarTrek2009  PWP  romance  slash  WIP  Kirk/Spock 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Love Like Ghosts
Bones said, “Ya know that story? The one where Pike meets Kirk and there’s mentoring and bonding and they tiptoe through the tulips together into happily ever? Well, this ain’t it. Dipshit.
McCoy  kirk/pike  WIP  angst  fanfic  hurt/comfort  movie:StarTrek2009  slash  author:eldritchhorrors 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Swashing Buckles, Righting Wrongs
Say that Pike never met Kirk in the bar, or anywhere, really, and never got the chance to double dog dare him to join Starfleet. And instead Kirk vanishes, and his life leads him to piracy, and ~three years later~ he's captain of a fearsome pirate ship. Everyone else is still over at Starfleet (except for Bones because I love him and Jim as BFF's/fuckbuddies, so he's like... first mate, or whatever, on Jim's ship?) , on the Enterprise, under Captain Pike.

And then one day Kirk's ship runs across the Enterprise, and some sort of confrontation happens, and even though Kirk's ship is weaker and his crew is smaller he's still able to hold is own pretty well, especially when Pike learns that George Kirk's son is on the other side of the law, which DEVASTATES him.
angst  au  author:possibly_thrice  dark  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  kirk/pike  movie:StarTrek2009  non-con  slash  WIP 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Sharing is Caring
Bones, the only thing worse than having somebody else in his body is having JIM KIRK in it wearing his "I am so gonna go fuck myself" look
WIP  author:thickwithfic  bodyswap  fanfic  first-time  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
When We Go A-Courting
So, on the day of his son's 21st birthday, George Kirk recieves 3 letters asking for a permission to court his son. They are from: Admiral Christopher Pike - an old family friend, Spock - the son of the Vulcan Ambassador Sarek, and Doctor Leonard McCoy, said to be the best physician in the country. George grants them all. Jim has 3 months to pick himself a husband.
Pike  Spock  author:flit_st_fanfic  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash  WIP 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Faking Christmas
Bones and Jim were together for five mostly good years-- good until they neared the end of their relationship, at least. They've been broken up for almost a month and barely able to get along as just friends, but they had already made plans to visit Jim's mother for the holidays, and Jim never had the heart to tell her he and Bones split, because she adores Bones.

So Bones and Jim go back to Winona's for the holidays and pretend to still be together.
angst  au  author:acaramelmacchiato  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  romance  slash  WIP 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
In Which Jim Kirk is a Stellar Child Care Provider
McCoy needs a baby-sitter for his daughter. Maybe a nanny. Kirk is the only one who answers the ad, and McCoy reluctantly hires him
au  author:camouflagecamel  fanfic  first-time  joanna  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  romance  slash  WIP 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Pirate Kirk
AU, Kirk/Bones

Kirk runs his own cargo ship and somehow he's injured (of course) and his crew (Scotty, Chekov/Sulu, Uhura/Spock and Gaila) kidnap a certain Federation doctor.
WIP  au  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Technical Difficulties
I was thinking that Kirk was on Serenity and not on the Enterprise... and the firefly crew meets the enterprise crew bonus points if it´s slash about kirk
Firefly  Kirk  companion!Kirk  crossover  fanfic  movie:StarTrek2009  slash  author:flit_st_fanfic  WIP 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
I Put a Spell On You
I would LOVE a fic where one of Kirk's one-night stands is pissed about his man whore ways.

As it turns out, this particular person is a witch and cast a spell that makes Kirk become violently ill anyttine he kisses someone and the spell can't be broken until he finds his soul mate.

Obviously, the person he is meant to be with is Bones.
angst  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash  WIP 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Under Electric Candle Light Part1/2
When Jim first saw Bones on the shuttle, he thought he'd recognized him. Years later, when he's a starship captain, he realizes he had — Leonard McCoy was, in fact, the very same drag queen that he'd met in a sleazy bar when he was really too young to be in sleazy bars.
WIP  angst  author:sensualcoco  fanfic  first-time  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Children of Enterprise
A small escape craft comes through some strange anomaly in space with a distress signal blaring, and the Enterprise picks it up. It's filled with... children.

Specifically, children from the future. They've escaped some sort of huge catastrophe and the older children in the group (especially the oldest: a teenager by the name of Joanna McCoy) are intent on changing the future for the better.

Even better if, aside from Spock/Uhura, no one's actually hooked up yet. Better yet, the kids try hard not to let on about being from the future, for whatever reason.
au  fanfic  futurefic  kid!fic  Kirk  McCoy  movie:StarTrek2009  WIP 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
The Parent Trap
Kirk/Spock - The Parent Trap (Yes, The motherfucking Parent Trap!)
Kirk and Spock have twins, but end up splitting up while they are still newborns, so they decide each keeps one of the twins so they'll never have to see each other again. Cut to 12 years later, they send the twins to the same intergalactic camp where they meet and decide to switch places to get their dads back together.
Kirk/Spock  ParentTrap  WIP  au  fanfic  movie:StarTrek2009 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
What Was Lost in the Eye of the Storm by moonmama
Singapore, 1941. A most unusual patient turns up at a British military hospital, with no memory of how he got there. Two planets, two wars, and countless timelines converge on one tiny pocket of reality where two lovers struggle to find their past, knowing they have no future.
8th!Doctor  Charley  DoctorWho  adventure  angst  author:moonmama  fanfic  het  romance  Eight/Charley  WIP 
june 2009 by SailAweigh
Auribus Teneo Lupum
tony has a bit of a problem. the annoyingly familiar-but-not new case isn't helping.

Note: no updates since 1-1-08. May never be finished.
NCIS  WIP  Abby  author:henchgirl  DiNozzo  fanfic  gen  shifter!tony  au 
may 2009 by SailAweigh
Blind Loyalty
When Tony's blinded in an accident there's a lot of adaptations that have to be faced.
angst  au  author:eoen  blind!tony  fanfic  gibbs/dinozzo  hurt/comfort  NCIS  pre-slash  WIP  handicapped 
may 2009 by SailAweigh
The Metal of a Man
The future world has become a very dark and dangerous place and, to insure safety and justice for all, extreme methods are being implemented by a contingency of visionaries.
NCIS  WIP  android!tony  angst  au  author:matt51  fanfic  gibbs/dinozzo 
may 2009 by SailAweigh

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