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Any Road Will Take You There - shoreleave - Star Trek (2009) [Archive of Our Own]
Slow-developing K/M, beginning right after the shuttle ride and showing what happens the first year at the Academy. Told from McCoy's POV.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  Kirk/McCoy  academy_days  adventure  TarsusIV  Finnegan  hurt/comfort  getting_together  author:shoreleave 
september 2016 by SailAweigh
We Two Alone
Academy fic. Dr. Leonard McCoy thinks he has nothing in common with command-track cadet Jim Kirk, until a series of events forces them together. When a simple training mission is derailed into a seemingly hopeless situation, both have to learn to trust one another, and they’ll need all their wits and survival skills to stay alive.
movie:startrek2009  fanfic  slash  kirk/mccoy  TarsusIV  academy_days  angst  slavery  author:gone_ashore  to_be_read  author:shoreleave 
april 2012 by SailAweigh
nibelethe - The Reminders of Yesterday
During a routine mission, two years after the Narada incident, the Enterprise beams its Captain and away-team back from an uninhabited planet, only to find them drastically altered. With disturbing information being discovered at every turn, and cryptic hints from a defensive teenager named JT, Spock and Bones realise that not all is what it appears, both with the planet they are investigating and the Captain they thought they knew...
movie:startrek2009  fanfic  gen  kirk  spock  mccoy  deage  TarsusIV  angst  big_bang  author:nibelethe 
november 2011 by SailAweigh
Fortunate Son
When Leonard McCoy is kidnapped and held for ransom, Jim Kirk and the Enterprise crew have no idea that the kidnapping is connected to McCoy's past as a young doctor on Tarsus IV.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  kirk/mccoy  big_bang  angst  author:mardia  to_be_read  TarsusIV 
november 2010 by SailAweigh
The Introspective Geek - Fic: "Secret Garden" PG-13
Captain Kirk has a garden. Like Kirk, there's more to his garden than his crew might imagine.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  gen  ensemble  author:mijan  TarsusIV 
june 2010 by SailAweigh
This is Home WIP (AO3) - abandoned? Still awesome.
Slumped like road kill and rapidly grossifying in their own funk, are his senior bridge crew in various states of unconsciousness and undress.

Bones slides his forearms through the bars and leans his forehead against the iron, hair mussed, crooked smile full of dirty possibilities. “Aw, pookey, could just say ya missed us.”
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  pre-slash  kirk/mccoy  ensemble  angst  TarsusIV  author:re_white  wip  humor 
february 2010 by SailAweigh
head into the bright lights - series: bright lights (st xi)
01. the stars go on forever (winona)
02. run into the bright lights (janice rand)
03. beneath the gathering cloud (jim kirk)
04. first, do no harm (leonard mccoy)
05. face the blackened sky (gaila)
06. there's a language in the sky (nyota uhura)
07. write a story and disappear (five officers of the uss kelvin)
08. there's something bright (geoff m'benga)
09. break the sky (five officers of the uss enterprise)
10. that call me on and on (christopher pike)
11. a clear call that may not be denied (winona kirk)
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  het  slash  kirk/mccoy  Kirk/Spock  WinonaKirk  Spock/Uhura  sulu/chekov  Pike/NumberOne  angst  TarsusIV  author:ever_obsessed  wip 
february 2010 by SailAweigh
death i think is no parenthesis, Kirk/McCoy/Spock, PG-13
Another battle/orgy prompt post for Team McSpirk for this week's Ship Wars. IDEK know how e.e. cummings turned into a backhanded homage to Keats and Sappho’s A Garland. It was what was on my poetry shelf that afternoon. Warnings for elliptical references to torture, old TOS episodes, Tarsus and of course, broken!Jim.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  threesome  kirk/spock/mccoy  angst  TarsusIV  author:blcwriter 
january 2010 by SailAweigh
while lights were paling one by one
Four days ago Jim stopped eating and Leonard hasn't slept since.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  kirk/mccoy  angst  TarsusIV  author:re_white 
january 2010 by SailAweigh
Apples and madmen and doctors - the fates weave patterns in the fabric of the Universe.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  kirk/mccoy  angst  author:jessofthebugs  TarsusIV 
december 2009 by SailAweigh
The Second Story - Called You Friend (1/5)
The Enterprise is sent to deal with a situation, and one of their own is taken. But this is not where the story begins.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  threesome  kirk/spock/mccoy  angst  TarsusIV  author:the_arc5 
november 2009 by SailAweigh
Vain Girl - Fic: Like Lightning
Teenage Jim, tattoos, Tarsus, anger. I don't know why, sometimes you just shouldn't ask.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  gen  Kirk  angst  TarsusIV  author:vaingirlfic 
november 2009 by SailAweigh
"And All The King's Men"
"How many times can you patch up something before you realize that it's too fucking broken to fix, Bones?" When a training simulation uncovers something that Cadet Jim Kirk was never meant to remember, it breaks him. Leonard McCoy can't sit by and watch Jim crumble. When asked what he's willing to do to get the old Jim back, Leonard has only one answer. "Anything."
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  gen  angst  Kirk  McCoy  big_bang  author:mijan  TarsusIV 
october 2009 by SailAweigh
The Island of Kahat - Fic Rec List: Tarsus IV
I am attempting to create the definitive list of Star Trek fics that deal with Tarsus IV, as I am a Tarsus junkie. I have TOS and Star Trek XI, gen and NC-17, kid!fic and flashbacks, and lots and lots of angst. Any fic that even mentions Tarsus will be included on this list, and I'm making no comments about quality (though, really, most of these are completely awesome). Sometimes, simply putting these on the list may spoil part of the story, but that can't be helped. Please feel free to enjoy the list, and if you know of any fics I've missed, please please please send me the links.
movie:StarTrek2009  StarTrek:TOS  TarsusIV  recs  archive 
september 2009 by SailAweigh

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