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pulse and breath
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a... /second/ epilogue to Emergency Light?

[Part 3 of the ‘self-indulgent aoilight within’ series; sequel to ‘Emergency Light’; sequels: ‘spring cleaning for skeletons’ and ‘Epilogue (Emergency Light)’]
“Could I have your hand for a moment?” he asked, holding out his own.

Holding his shaking breath, Aoi stared at Light’s face, trying to discern his intention. He had to break the gaze to accurately place his hand in Light’s palm. His whole arm tensed up when Light traced the shape of his hand to determine whether it was left or right by the location of the thumb. He lifted Aoi’s right hand to the left side of his neck, pressing Aoi’s fingers under his chin.

A pulse throbbed—and sooner than it should have, it throbbed again. More than twice a second, it beat with fast blood.

“I am aware that I come across as an irritatingly confident prick,” he said with a small laugh, a /nervous/ laugh. “I promise it’s entirely an act I’m not very good at dropping. But here’s a glimpse behind the curtain, as the saying goes.”

The pulse was slowing, but it still had not fallen to a true resting rate. Light’s lips were quivering in his smile.

“So then,” he said, “does that put us on equal footing?”

:::::☆ ☆:::::

“I’ve known you for only a few short bursts over a long span of time,” Light said. “You’ve changed, of course, but at your core, you’re the same person I’ve admired all this time. I’ve always liked the way you manage to be both an extreme pessimist and a steadfast optimist at the same time. You see the worst in everything, yet you’re always determined to persevere. Even when things are entirely hopeless, you believe your own wits will get you through.”
Zero-Escape  Light/Aoi  author:airdeari  999  ZTD  post-ZTD  post-canon  romance  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  minor-Junpei/Akane  established-relationship  hurt!Aoi  disabilities  blindness  observation  morphic-resonance  telepathy  psychic-links  Light-deduces-from-sound  deduction  incriminating-heartbeats  love-confessions  cooking  sequel  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k     
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Emergency Light
In the continuing adventures of SOIS and Crash Keys, Aoi Kurashiki finds himself partnered with Light Field as they stand by to receive while their sisters infiltrate a mysterious facility. When Clover transmits a distress signal, the boys find themselves literally and metaphorically traveling into deep, dark trouble.

For Snake and Santa's days of 999 week, although this takes place well after the events of ZTD.

[Part 1 of the ‘self-indulgent aoilight within’ series; sequels: ‘pulse and breath’, ‘spring cleaning for skeletons’, and ‘Epilogue (Emergency Light)’]
Zero-Escape  Light/Aoi  author:airdeari  999  ZTD  post-ZTD  post-canon  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  humour  minor-Junpei/Akane  disabilities  blindness  flashbacks  prosthetic-arms/hands  Light’s-prosthetic-arm  observation  pining  pining!Aoi  flirting  morphic-resonance  telepathy  psychic-links  Light-and-Clover-resonate  infiltration  rescue-missions  attacks  punching  dosing  guns  elevators  near-death  blackouts  minor-character-death  Light-and-Aoi-resonate  hurt!Akane  lacerations  blood  exsanguination  human-sacrifice  burning  weapon-at-throat  hurt!Aoi  cuts  glassing  Junpei-and-Akane-resonate  crying  hugs  oblivious-to-injury  pain-transmission  pain-sharing  phantom-pain  love-confessions  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
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My Telepathy
JD inexplicably acquires the ability to read minds, and is determined to track down whoever has been having lewd thoughts about him. Unfortunately, it isn't an easy endeavor, especially in a place as large as Sacred Heart.
Scrubs  JD/Cox  author:johndorkian  romance  humour  telepathy  mind-reading  obliviousness  oblivious!JD  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k   
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aborted-love-confessions  accidents  alternating-POV  angst-with-a-happy-ending  attacks  AU  author:airdeari  author:Alanwolfmoon  author:AtroceIronie  author:johndorkian  bedside-vigils  blackouts  blindness  blood  burning  canon-divergence  Chapter-2  Chapter-3  Chapter-4  Chapter-5  coma  cooking  crossover  crying  cuddling  cuts  Danganronpa  deduction  Despair-Fever  disabilities  dosing  dream-sharing  elevators  emotion-sharing  emotional-hurt/comfort  emotional-pain-sharing  empaths  established-relationship  exsanguination  fatigue  fever  fic  flashbacks  flirting  glassing  guns  headaches  heterochromatic!Hinata  heterochromia  Hinata/Komaeda  hospitalisation  House/Chase  HouseM.D.  hugs  human-sacrifice  humour  hurt!Akane  hurt!Aoi  hurt!Chase  hurt!Komaeda  hurt/comfort  implied/referenced-child-abuse  incriminating-heartbeats  infiltration  JD/Cox  Junpei-and-Akane-resonate  Kiznaiver-AU  Komaeda-wakes-up-last  Komaeda’s-prosthesis  lacerations  last-thoughts  Light-and-Aoi-resonate  Light-and-Clover-resonate  Light-deduces-from-sound  Light/Aoi  Light’s-prosthetic-arm  lip-reading  literally-sleeping-together  living-together  loss-of-consciousness  love-confessions  mind-reading  minor-character-death  minor-Gundam/Souda  minor-Junpei/Akane  minor-Kuzuryuu/Pekoyama  minor-Nidai/Owari  morphic-resonance  mutual-pining  near-death  nightmares  oblivious!JD  oblivious-to-injury  obliviousness  observation  one-shot  pain-sharing  pain-transmission  panic-attacks  phantom-pain  physical-support  pining  pining!Aoi  pining!Hinata  pining!Komaeda  poison  post-canon  post-SDR2  post-SDR2-awakening  post-ZTD  prosthetic-arms/hands  psychic-links  punching  reliving-the-past  rescue-missions  romance  Scrubs  SDR2  self-inflicted-injuries  sequel  site:AO3  strained/broken-friendships  telepathy  weakness  weapon-at-throat  word-count:1-5k  word-count:5-10k  word-count:10-20k  word-count:40-50k  Zero-Escape  ZTD       

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