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Good Things
Dave whistled through his teeth. “Holy shit! You guys already made it to 2nd base?! Hot damn, Jemaine, who’s the foxy lady?”

“Someone you don’t know,” Jemaine answered quickly, averting his gaze, “But I don’t want our friendship to end. Can you be both...friends? But know...also...?”

“No fucking way, man. You choose one or the other, you can’t do both. You can’t have your cake and fuck it, too. Are you kidding me?”

Flight-of-the-Conchords  Bret/Jemaine  author:ovestedinterest  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  humour  Jemaine-POV  minor-Jemaine/Karen  living-together  sharing-a-room  pining!Bret  masturbation  fantasies  crying  pining!Jemaine  mutual-pining  denial  hugs  cuddling  realisation-of-feelings  avoidance  confrontations  confessions  intoxication  drunken-confessions  sexual-content  hair-pulling  dry-humping  blowjobs  fic  site:LJ  word-count:1-5k     
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In Love With A Bad Idea
Bret is upset and Jemaine tries to figure out the best way to help him, which leads to some unexpected feelings...
Jemaine rolled over to face the wall, then finally allowed himself to really think about what had happened that day. He wracked his brain to figure out exactly what had possessed him to kiss Bret like he did. He tried to tell himself it was completely innocent, just a friendly gesture, a last ditch, pull-out-all-the-stops attempt to get Bret to calm down when nothing else was working - and it was in a way - but Jemaine was forced to admit that that couldn't have been the only reason behind the kiss. If it was, he probably would have forgotten all about it shortly afterward instead of expending all of his willpower in order to avoid spending the entire evening going over every single detail again and again in his mind. The coarseness of Bret's beard against his palms, the softness of Bret's lips against his, the salty taste of Bret's tears...

Why was this so hard to put out of his mind? And why did he want nothing more than to do it again?

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Jemaine had come to a decision today. He'd realized that under no circumstances could he live without Bret. That left him with only one option in the tell-Bret-or-don't-tell-Bret scenario he'd been endlessly playing out in his mind for weeks.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"Sounds to me like trouble in paradise..." Dave suggested, sagely.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Bret asked.

"Oh come on, you know what I'm talking about," Dave said, an incredulous look on his face, "you Norwegian motherfuckers are so gay for each other it's not even funny. OK, well it is a little funny," Dave chuckled.

"What?" Bret said, surprised, "no...Jemaine and me...we're not like that."

"Whatever you say, dude," Dave said, tone of disbelief in his voice, "all I know is that the way Jemaine was acting when he came in here a few weeks ago? He only acts that way when you two are fighting or when you somehow manage to find yourself a girlfriend."
Flight-of-the-Conchords  Bret/Jemaine  author:Dytallix_B  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  Jemaine-POV  living-together  sharing-a-room  crying  hugs  cooking  experiments  pining  mutual-pining  pining!Jemaine  pining!Bret  wet-dreams  realisation-of-feelings  observation  sexual-content  masturbation  hurt!Jemaine  cuts  blood  avoidance  nightmares  confrontations  arguments  reconciliation  dry-humping  cuddling  literally-sleeping-together  blowjobs  misunderstandings  confessions  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
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Based very loosely on a set of four acceptance speeches for awards won at the New Zealand Music Awards: When Bret breaks his bed doing an epic rock ‘n’ roll move it sets off a chain of events that lead to unexpected desire, confusion, heartache and, finally … acceptance.
His expression was heartbreaking, because Jemaine understood it completely. It said, ‘touch me, but please don’t make me ask for it. Please don’t make me talk about it.’

:::::☆ ☆:::::

As he slowly became aware of his surroundings again, he heard Jemaine whisper, ‘Bret, I love you’.

Oh. Holy. Shit.
‘No you don’t,’ said Bret, numbly. Jemaine opened his mouth as though to speak and then closed it again, confused. That wasn’t the answer he’d been expecting. Not that he’d been expecting anything in particular. He’d said it without thinking, surprising himself as much as Bret. Still, he hadn’t expected to be contradicted. ‘Um...I think I do,’ he said.

‘No,’ said Bret more fiercely, ‘You /don’t/.’

‘...Why?’ asked Jemaine, stupidly. He had the ominous feeling that this was going to be a truly horrible conversation.

‘Because you don’t, OK? You can’t. It’s one thing...fooling around...but just can’t. This is messed up enough already.’

Bret’s eyes were stinging. He wiped the back of his clean hand over them and turned from Jemaine, angry and sad and hating all of this. He was sure he was doing the right thing. They had already probably ruined their friendship by introducing sex into it. To pile confessions of love onto the heap was some kind of suicide. Better to call the whole stupid affair off and try to get back some of what they had before. God, he missed his best friend. And yet, deep down, he realised that he too wanted something more. He wanted to hold Jemaine forever. He wanted Jemaine to be his, /his/, no one else’s. But that was a fantasy and he was in over his head and drowning and the only possible lifeline was to say...

‘This has to end here, Jemaine.’

‘No,’ said Jemaine.

‘It has to. Don’t kiss me again. Don’t touch me again. Ever.’

‘Do you...should I...move out?’ – Jemaine blinked and heavy tears rolled down his cheeks. Bret couldn’t bear it.

‘No. No. Stay. I want us to be friends again.’

‘’ve broken my heart.’

Bret stared at Jemaine, pale and drained. This was, without question, the worst thing he had ever done in his life. He felt like he’d been given a beautiful, perfect flower and torn it apart. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said, his voice cracked with tears. ‘We can...we /will/ get over it. We will.’

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Jemaine reached down and dragged Bret up by the front of his shirt. Before Bret could struggle or protest, he found himself shoved roughly against the filing cabinet, the metal cold through his shirt and contrasting deliriously with the heat of Jemaine holding him there. Jemaine’s thigh was between his legs, pressing against his crotch, and Jemaine had one hand around his wrist and another wound tightly in his hair. Jemaine’s breath was hot against his neck. Bret was caught helplessly between arousal and fear. Jemaine had been assertive before, but never like this. It wasn’t like him.

‘Is this what you want?’ growled Jemaine into Bret’s ear. ‘This is what you asked for, isn’t it? This is what you’ve been asking for every time you turned me on when you /knew/ I wouldn’t do anything about it because I love you. And well done. Congratulations. I’ve been tempted. I’ve been tempted every time. You’d like me to give in now, wouldn’t you? Damn bastard cocktease. I can tell you’re dying for it. I should fuck you right here against the filing cabinet. But you know how it would end up? Exactly how it ended up before. Don’t you get it? I love you. I’m in love with you and every time you deliberately make me want you it tears me apart a little more. So if you don’t love me, stop leading me on, fuck off and let me type my fucking email in peace. Please.’

Bret’s eyes grew wide for a second, as though something had suddenly become clear to him.

‘No,’ he said.
Flight-of-the-Conchords  Bret/Jemaine  author:asylumsatellite  romance  humour  angst-with-a-happy-ending  Jemaine-POV  living-together  sharing-a-room  literally-sleeping-together  sexual-content  wet-dreams  observation  denial  experiments  dub-con  avoidance  neck-play  crying  pining  mutual-pining  pining!Jemaine  pining!Bret  fantasies  masturbation  mutual-masturbation  dirty-talk  parties/celebrations  games  biting  blowjobs  frottage  love-confessions  rejection  flirting  confrontations  realisation-of-feelings  PDA  fic  site:Your-Beard-Is-Good  word-count:5-10k     
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On Hold
Morty goes off to college and he is not as thrilled with the experience as he thought he'd be.
“You’re a—y-you’re a good kid, Morty,” He mumbles out, body swaying until Morty steadies him into something more upright.
“Thanks Rick,” Morty responds, and feels his chest expand like it normally does when Rick graces him with a rare compliment. Rick nods his head above him drunkenly.
“Y-yeah, my—my good boy, Morty,” He murmurs, tone almost possessive, and Morty feels himself blush.
“Ah, gee, Rick…” He says, at a loss for words. He’s about to say something about Rick not being so bad himself when suddenly Rick speaks again, his voice somber and heavy.
“Morty—I-I—I love you, you know.”
Morty halts.
He processes the words slowly; turns it over in his mind, and struggles to find a reason why his surly, emotionally constipated grandfather just said that to him.

A look of worry settled over his face when he came up with the only possible explanation.
“A-are you dying or something, Rick?”
Rick huffed out a mirthless laugh and his body sagged further into Morty. The arm Morty held over his shoulders tightened until suddenly he found himself in some version of an embrace. He glanced up at Rick, confused, and was alarmed to see unshed tears in his grandfather’s eyes.
“R-rick?” He stuttered out. “W-w-what—are you actually dying?”
“I feel like it.” Rick said hollowly and he brought his other arm up to wrap Morty up in a crushing hug. “I feel like I’m fucking dying, Morty.”
Morty opened his mouth to speak when suddenly Rick shifted his head and threw up against the floor.
“Aw, Rick!” Morty cried and scrambled them away from the vomit on the floor.
“S-sorry, Morty—shit—I—“ Rick’s voice hitched and something wet plopped against Morty’s cheek and trailed lazily down his face. He flinches, thinking it’s residual vomit, but then he looks up and sees that his grandfather is quietly weeping.
“H-hey,” Morty says softly, heart plummeting at the sight. He brushes his hand against Rick’s tear streaked face and Rick chokes on a sob as he leans into Morty’s palm. Morty is stunned by the show of weakness, of the vulnerability Rick is showing, and something heavy settles in his gut at the sight.
“It’s okay, Rick. I-I’ll clean it up. Don’t cry.”
Rick doesn’t answer; he just clings to Morty for dear life and quietly sobs against his palm.
“Don’t leave,” Rick begs and Morty nods his head rapidly, nervously.
“I-I won’t,” He assures the distraught older man, eager to comfort him and stop his tears. “You can sleep in my bed tonight.”

:::::☆ ☆:::::

“Don’t go,” He mumbles.
“I-I’m not,” Morty replies. “I’m right here.”
/You’re in my bed/, he wants to say in exasperation.
“Don’t go to college,” Rick elucidates. Morty’s hand stills from where it still rests against Rick’s back and he suddenly pulls away, vexed.
“We talked about this, Rick. I want to go to college.” He tells the older man, his shoulders beginning to hunch with his ire.
“I can teach you anything you need to know,” Rick retorts hotly. “Florida is—that’s far away, Morty. That place—d-d-do you know how many murders happen there, Morty? I can turn on Dateline and watch five consecutive episodes of murder in that state.”
“C’mon, Rick,” Morty begins, annoyed. “You just want me to stay to be your human cloaking device.”
Rick grows silent at his words and Morty thinks for a brief moment that the argument has ended.
“Wh-wh-who’s going to—who’s going to save you?” Rick asks, voice soft, forlorn.
Morty rolls his eyes.
“I’m going to, to /college/, Rick—n-not war. I-I-I should be okay.”
Another beat of silence.
“Who’s going to save me?”
Morty’s brows furrowed and he looked down at his grandfather’s shaded face. He couldn’t discern his features but he had sounded almost fragile as he asked that question.

“…You’re thinking on scenarios that will never happen, Rick.” He finally says.
“Y-yeah, of course—I—“ Rick’s breath hitched and his next words warbled. “Fuck—d-d-don’t look, Morty.” He said and he turned away to scrub a vicious palm against his face.
Morty doesn’t say anything even as Rick finally turns back to him and presses his face against his hair. He doesn’t comment on the arm Rick throws over his body or the tears that settle wetly against his scalp.
Morty doesn’t say anything at all and he wonders if maybe he probably should have as he packs up the next day.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Morty takes in the puffiness of Rick’s lids and the red that marbles his eyes as he approaches. There’s a slouch in his shoulder’s and a subdued pace to his gait that makes Morty’s mouth curl down into a sad frown.
“Are you okay?” Morty asked when Rick stopped next to his window and he feels like he’d asked Rick that question a thousands times now.
Rick ran a hand through his tousled hair before meeting Morty’s face solemnly.
“Yeah. Just—j-j-just thinking on scenarios that’ll never happen.” Morty’s mouth slides further down and Rick notices and shakes his head with a quiet huff.
“Y-you—you’re going to do great, Morty.”
The same elation that came with Rick’s praise filled his chest but it was stifled at Rick’s somber tone.
“Thanks, Rick,” He intoned softly when he realized that was all Rick was going to say. He started the car, put it into drive, and was just about to push down on the gas pedal when Rick leant in through the window and pressed his lips against his temple.
Morty’s breath hitched and he pressed briefly on the gas, lurching the car forward.
He swings his startled gaze to Rick.
“I love you, Morty,” Rick said and Morty’s mouth moved without sound. Rick turned away and walked back to the house before he could find his voice again.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

It isn’t until two weeks into school and Morty is half-way through a class that he is jolted with a sudden realization.
Rick hadn’t been—every time he’s told Morty he’d loved him he had been professing his love for him /romantically/!
/“Call me when you’re ready, alright?”/
His sentence suddenly makes sense and he is so startled by the epiphany that he abruptly stood up during the lecture and garnered everyone’s attention while doing so.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Blue10spades  romance  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  incest  late-night-encounters  heavily-drunk!Rick  physical-support  love-confessions  hugs  vomiting  crying  cuddling  literally-sleeping-together  obliviousness  oblivious!Morty  pining  pining!Rick  mutual-pining  pining!Morty  parties/celebrations  sleep-deprivation  fatigue  realisation-of-feelings  fic  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k   
may 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
The Reflection of Stars
As a resident of King Satsuki’s palace, you were often in contact with his friends and fellow royals. These friends included the infamous flirt and prince, Ryoichi. He was a man of great talent - a master of the written word, hard to understand, and even harder to ignore. Of two things, however, you were absolutely certain.

One, he would tease you until the day you died.

Two, he would /never/ fall in love with you.
Voltage-Inc.  Ryoichi/Reader  author:drawthecurtainstarttheplay  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  reader-insert  AU  Royal-AU  flirting  denial  jealousy  pining  pining!Reader  mutual-pining  voyeurism  accidental-voyeurism  sexual-content  obliviousness  oblivious!Reader  arguments  indirect-love-confessions  avoidance  realisation-of-feelings  crying  love-confessions  hugs  loss-of-virginity  clitoral-stimulation  fic  site:Tumblr  word-count:5-10k   
may 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
C-137 Meets S-108
Morty meets another Rick and Morty that have fallen in love.
He can't help but wonder... Could that be him and his Rick?
Of course not, right?
“Look Morty, some people are born smart and some aren’t. And then some are born like Jerry. They are so stupid they don’t understand h-how stupid they are.”

:::::☆ ☆:::::

“They tried to wipe my memory, but I was so not gonna let that happen. So I wiped theirs while they were sleeping.”

 Summer noticed the terror on Morty’s face and laughed.

“Relax, I just made sure they forgot that I walked in so they could start looking me in the face again. Now I just kinda keep a lookout for when mom or dad get home and make sure they don’t get caught by someone that’ll try to break them up. I’m the coolest, honestly. I’d tell them they owe me, but they don’t know they owe me. So it’s whatever. Guess that’s my ticket to heaven or something.”

Morty asked Summer how she was so cool with finding out her brother and grandfather were a couple.

“I mean, duh I was grossed out because like, old people. Ew. But I mean, not only has Rick not really given us a ‘grandfather impression’, but like, when you look at the universe from a Rick perspective, you realize how little social standards matter. We’re all going to die one day and when we do, all we’re going to have left is whatever happiness we made for ourselves. So in the end, who cares? Morty is finally happy, Rick isn’t a depressed asshole anymore, and mom and dad have no idea. Nobody makes a big deal so nobody gets hurt in the end.”
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Yelah333  S3  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  incest  underage  alternating-POV  gifts  cuddling  literally-sleeping-together  guns  manipulation  crying  clones  nightmares  hugs  physical-support  realisation-of-feelings  intoxication  feigning-sleep  revolution  protectiveness  attacks  blood  cuts  hurt!Morty  grief  love-confessions  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
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A Lie by Omission
Sometimes silence is the biggest lie.
“You’ll come around eventually. Maybe on your own, maybe as the result of my persuasion. One way or another you’ll squawk like the timid little parrot that you are.” The diagnostician pulled himself up from the couch and walked over to the desk, bending down so his and Wilson’s faces had barely any space separating them. “Just you wait.”

“I can’t tell if you’re threatening me or flirting with me,” Wilson said sardonically.

House shot Wilson a smirk that made him think the diagnostician knew something he didn’t. “Why can’t it be both?” He asked nonchalantly, before limping his way to the door and finally leaving the oncologist to do his work in peace.
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:Amberstarry  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  House’s-leg-pain  accidents  deduction  living-together  perceptive!Wilson  confrontations  love-confessions  elevators  avoidance  realisation-of-feelings  fatigue  sleep-deprivation  misunderstandings  observation  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k     
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By any other prompt...
(this pairing would smell just as gay).

After stumbling across a ship prompt sheet on Tumblr, I try to recreate every possible situation - doesn't matter how unlikely - with this pairing from Hell. Let's see how many I can fill before Breath of the Wild comes out!

Chapter 1. Canon verse - Friends to Lovers
Chapter 2. Canon verse - Hate to love
Chapter 3. Canon verse - Blind Date
Chapter 4. Canon verse - Secret Relationship
Chapter 5. Canon verse - Pretend Couple:
Link's debts in the Bazaar are concerning; sharing a room with Fledge is both annoying and traumatizing; and Peatrice still believes they are engaged - even though Link couldn't be gayer.

Life as a former Hero is not as easy as one would think. Ghirahim might be the solution to at least one of those problems.
The-Legend-of-Zelda  Ghirahim/Link  author:holdingbreaths  Skyward-Sword  post-SS  romance  humour  hurt/comfort  minor-Link/Peatrice  minor-Pipit/Karane  flirting  love-confessions  fights  battles  magic-attacks  healing-potions  manipulation  obliviousness  oblivious!Link  sexual-content  matchmaking  blind-dates  deduction  secret-relationships  fake-relationships  PDA  intoxication  accidents  near-death  hurt!Link  loss-of-consciousness  hurt!Ghirahim  blood  headaches  moving-in-together  living-together  blowjobs  casual-relationships  possessiveness  neck-play  hickeys  romantic-advice  realisation-of-feelings  avoidance  begging  punctures  one-shot  one-shot-collection  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
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5-2 Off Suit
The second Nonary Game is over, leaving its survivors hungry, tired, and stranded in Nevada. A road trip isn't what any of them want, but the only way out is forward and the only way forward is across a long, long stretch of desert.

(Alternately: Junpei and Snake share a hotel room, buy terrible clothing, and work out some feelings.)
Zero-Escape  Junpei/Light  author:Masu_Trout  999  post-999  romance  humour  light-angst  disabilities  blindness  prosthetic-arms/hands  Light’s-prosthetic-arm  flirting  Light-deduces-from-sound  deduction  hotels/motels  observation  realisation-of-feelings  pining  pining!Junpei  mild-sexual-content  misunderstandings  perceptive!Light  perceptive!Clover  literally-sleeping-together  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
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grab the rings of saturn
Komaeda takes up gardening.
(Or, Hinata Hajime has three things: horrible self esteem, a crush on the human embodiment of debilitating depression, and no idea what to do about any of it.)
"I don't have any dirt on me today." He pauses, and Hinata swears that if he starts to talk about it not mattering anyway because he himself is the worst kind of filth that could possibly exist or whatever sideways nonsense goes on in that messed up little head of his, he's going to strangle... someone. Not necessarily Komaeda. Potentially himself. But someone.

Fortunately for both of them, Komaeda doesn't take his words down that particular path of self-loathing. "At least... I don't think that I do,” is what he says instead, turning his hands over and studying his gloves and the very tops of his wrists, metal and skin, barely visible from underneath his jacket. "I don't, do I?" he asks, once he's satisfied with everything he can see, turning his face towards Hinata, as if waiting to be inspected, head cocked slightly as he waits for a response.

Hinata moves without thinking. "Actually..." He trails off at about the moment his brain starts screaming /what in the absolute *fuck* do you think you are doing Hinata Hajime I swear to God/ at him, just a second too late– he's already leaned in, hand outstretched, and all he can do is watch himself in horror, distantly, as though drowning, as he brushes the tiny crescent of dirt off the tip of Komaeda's nose with his thumb.


:::::☆ ☆:::::

"You don't seem too upset by it,” Hinata notes, and Komaeda's hands still their work.

"Well..." He shifts uncomfortably, and a gloved hand comes up to rub nervously at the back of his neck. "I've sort of had... a shift in perspective regarding my luck, recently."

Hinata raises an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Komaeda sighs, staring resolutely down into his lap to avoid Hinata's eyes. It's odd to see him so evasive– usually, Komaeda is blunt, brutal honestly, open to the point where it's uncomfortable, not quiet reluctance and unwillingness to explain himself. "Well... It's difficult to explain."

"Try me,” Hinata says, and he really hopes it comes off sounding the way he wants it to, with a silent "I have nothing better to do" lurking beneath it. He hopes that Komaeda can't hear the ugly, desperate way he means it, where the thought that lingers at the edge of his words is "Please, please tell me. I want to understand you."

Whichever way it sounds to Komaeda, it seems to be enough to make him uncurl slightly, to make him look away from his daisies, not exactly /at/ Hinata but not avoiding him, either, instead watching the tangle of dead blackberries over his shoulder. "I can understand how my luck might look to someone talentless. Someone like you."

"Ouch," Hinata replies mildly. Of course, the remark is more of a press on an old bruise than a fresh cut, but he doesn't mind giving Komaeda a semblance of the reaction he's looking for if it's going to get an explanation out of him.

Komaeda bites his lip, clearly lacking confidence in his next words. "Having a talent as volatile as mine is means that I've never been able to feel... /Safe/ before,” he says, tongue stumbling and tripping over the sentence as he goes. "No matter what it brought me... even if it was something good... it always felt /empty/. Whenever anything fortunate happened, it was always overshadowed by the thought of /how long? What next?/" He runs a hand through his hair, exhaling deeply, and suddenly Hinata is acutely aware of how fucking /exhausted/ he looks, deep, heavy bags like dark half-rings of Saturn curving under his eyes, which gaze blankly onwards into nothing. Komaeda has the bony, bruised body of someone who's never been able to stop running, of someone who has had the earth slip from underneath their feet and crashed through the dirt time and time again. "Can you even imagine what it's /like/?” he asks, half of that awful, despairing laugh of his tumbling from his mouth with the words, and Hinata remembers glitching palm trees and the wide, cacophonous ocean, remembers chasing glowing strawberries across the walls of the funhouse and the way the smell of blood clung to his clothes, to his hair. He remembers the /feeling/ most of all, when he lies awake in his bed at night, as he listens to the sea hiss and slap at the shore outside his slowly rotting cabin. The anticipation and the uncertainty, clawing at his brain. That constant cry: /who's next? who's next? who's next?/

"You'd be surprised." His voice is scratchy and rough as he speaks, clinging to his throat. No wonder Komaeda had seemed so unphased by the killing, he thought. He had long grown used to the waiting by then.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"Seriously, Hinata, I don't see why you're worried about how Komaeda's gonna react to you telling him about your big old crush on him. Dude thinks you hung the moon."

"But I /didn't/," Hinata says, and feels the room go still around him. "I didn't. And that's exactly what the problem is."

"You don't think you're good enough for him." It's a statement, not a question, but Hinata feels like he has to respond to Sonia, anyway.

"No. Yes. Sort of. I don't know." He shakes his head. "Komaeda doesn't care about /me/. Komaeda cares about talent, and I don't have any that's my own. And he's going to realise that, some day, that I'm not /talented/, or /special/, or /important/, the way he thinks I am, and then..." He trails off, chewing on his lip. "And then he'll stop caring, won't he?"

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"Komaeda..." Although he knows it's a bad idea, Hinata can't stop himself from reaching out and grabbing Komaeda's hand, earning a muffled squeak of surprise in response. "Of /course/ I don't think it's wrong of you. I think it's /amazing/ ” he finishes. Komaeda stares back at him, other hand pressed to his lips, wide-eyed and wonderful, and Hinata feels like he might /actually/ start crying. "Komaeda, you deserve to be happy. You've always deserved to be happy. You know that, right?"

Komaeda blinks at him, like it's something he's considering for the first time.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"You need to take better care of yourself, Komaeda,” he mutters, as kindly as he can in his worried, distracted haze, cupping Komaeda's face with both hands and staring at the pink blush of his skin, barely noticing that their foreheads are almost touching until Komaeda gives a brief, wheezing giggle, eyes still half lidded, but with a light shining behind them that makes Hinata's chest feel strangely tight.

"What?" he asks, voice somewhere between confused and exasperated, and Komaeda gives a small, weak shrug.

"If I didn't know better, Hinata, I'd think you were about to kiss me."
Danganronpa  Hinata/Komaeda  author:plantegg  SDR2  post-SDR2  post-SDR2.5  DR3  post-DR3  DR3/Hope  post-canon  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  minor-Gundam/Sonia  minor-Nidai/Owari  pining!Hinata  Hinata-is-awkward  oblivious!Hinata  Komaeda’s-prosthesis  Gundam’s-hamsters  Owari-plays-relationship-advisor  pining  mutual-pining  observation  hugs  obliviousness  romantic-advice  realisation-of-feelings  prosthetic-arms/hands  bets  heatstroke  fever  gardening  clovers  flowers  flower-pressing  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
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Good to Me (And I'd Be So Good to You)
Everyone returns to Hogwarts after the war, but nothing is quite the same. Harry's groupies are creepier than ever, Ron and Hermione are snogging all over the place, and the once-proud Draco is shuffling around like a kicked puppy. But that's okay: Harry's got a plan.
Harry-Potter  Draco/Harry  author:AWickedMemory  post-DH  Hogwarts-Eighth-Year  romance  humour  light-angst  minor-Ron/Hermione  manipulation  shopping  observation  realisation-of-feelings  pining  mutual-pining  Schrödinger’s-dating  arguments  love-confessions  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k     
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my prince.
let's be foolish.

royal au.
Don’t you find it hypocritical of them, Saihara-chan?”


“People will blatantly believe in shooting stars or wishing upon a coin thrown into a fountain,” Ouma blinked, watching the sky above them -- they were once again out on Saihara’s porch, but it wasn’t even near the night time. He seemed to be eyeing the fluffy white clouds, blown into the sky -- Saihara himself childishly traced shapes out of the masses, trying to find some amusement in something he was under every day. “But they won’t believe in anyone else’s lies.”

“Lies?” Saihara murmured, breaking away from his activity, as if the repeated word was a completely new concept to him. “...What do wishes have to do with lies?”

“That’s easy,” Ouma smiled. It was almost melancholic -- Saihara felt it, yet it burned out before he could hold a firm grasp. “People are so willing to lie to /themselves/, and wish against something that, in the end, doesn’t do anything to contribute to how your life plays out. Yet they hate it when people lie to /them/ -- don’t you think, Saihara-chan~?”

Saihara didn’t answer, and simply let that logic simmer in his head for a little while.

Danganronpa  Saihara/Ouma  author:caticoo  NDRV3  romance  humour  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  minor-Momota/Harukawa  AU  Non-Despair-AU  Everybody-Lives/Nobody-Dies-AU  Royal-AU  prince!Saihara  Phantom-Thief!Ouma  arranged-marriages  first-meetings  insomnia  held-at-knifepoint  guns  imprisonment  observation  restraints  hurt!Ouma  cuts  blood  implied-torture  servants  mind-games  flirting  fake-crying  jealousy  lacerations  crying  deduction  realisation-of-feelings  literally-sleeping-together  birthdays  pranks  panic-attacks  gifts  indirect-love-confessions  singing  love-confessions  secret-relationships  hugs  prince!Ouma  goodbye-messages  hurt!Saihara  fic  site:AO3  word-count:50-60k     
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I could be quite naive, happy in our make believe
Maybe they got his talent wrong, maybe he isn’t the Ultimate Detective, maybe he’s actually just the Ultimate Unlucky Student. After all, it has to be some cruel twist of fate that his first two crushes are not just taken, but dating each other.


It all works out.
Danganronpa  Saihara/Ouma/K1-B0  Saihara/Ouma  Ouma/K1-B0  Saihara/K1-B0  author:twinSky  NDRV3  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  AU  Non-Despair-AU  Everybody-Lives/Nobody-Dies-AU  Hope’s-Peak-Academy  high-school  established-relationship  pining  pining!Saihara  PDA  observation  nonlinear-narrative  first-meetings  deduction  mind-games  flirting  avoidance  accidents  realisation-of-feelings  seduction  obliviousness  oblivious!Saihara  gifts  confrontations  misunderstandings  love-confessions  crying  polyamory  movies  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k     
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In the Dead of a Hot Summer's Night
It was when Shuichi was down on his knees, his hand stuck far down the tight crevice between his badly put together wardrobe, courtesy of his closest friend who figured himself a professional carpenter, and the damp paint peeling off of the wall, when he heard the thump.
Confused and apprehensive, Shuichi looked over his shoulder to see a short young man slip from underneath the curtain, and of course, like any sane person, Shuichi did absolutely nothing but gently clear his throat.
Shuichi's life just gets a whole hell of a lot more stressful from there.
Danganronpa  Saihara/Ouma  author:Lenasaurous  NDRV3  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  minor-Momota/Harukawa  past-Saihara/Akamatsu  AU  Non-Despair-AU  College/University-AU  Phantom-Thief-AU  Phantom-Thief!Ouma  first-meetings  mind-games  gifts  job-interviews  held-at-knifepoint  guns  held-at-gunpoint  observation  shadowing  flirting  heists  fake-crying  Ouma’s-fake-crying  hurt!Saihara  crying  festivals  deduction  grief  avoidance  strained/broken-friendships  reconciliation  realisation-of-feelings  pining  pining!Saihara  mutual-pining  investigations  loss-of-consciousness  headaches  restraints  blindfolds  held-hostage  interrogations  fractures  dosing  crutches  love-confessions  hugs  literally-sleeping-together  fic  site:AO3  word-count:30-40k     
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soulmate's connection.
i could fix the broken in your heart
you're worth saving, darling.
Saihara made sure to make it look as if he was still cleaning, but his eyes were more interested in deciphering the physical workings of Kokichi Ouma. He kept his head down, but gaze up -- Ouma hadn't taken notice, and if he had, he was either ignoring it or waiting for the right moment to openly tease Saihara for staring. “I'm sleeeeepy. This orange light is warm, like a mom’s womb,” Ouma whined, gaze moving from outside the window towards Saihara, who made a quick dodge of eye contact. Ouma must have noticed -- Saihara saw that little smirk just shy of his line of vision.

“Saihara-chan, were you /staring/ at me?” There was much more playfulness than there was scolding, as if Ouma liked the thought. Ouma casually slipped from his sitting position on the desk, up to Saihara, who made an even hastier attempt to scrub the table. “And haven't you been cleaning that desk for a little /too/ long?”

Danganronpa  Saihara/Ouma  author:caticoo  NDRV3  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  AU  Non-Despair-AU  Everybody-Lives/Nobody-Dies-AU  Soulmate-AU  soul-connections  Hope’s-Peak-Academy  high-school  first-meetings  mind-games  fake-crying  Ouma’s-fake-crying  observation  deduction  pranks  denial  accidents  flirting  festivals  realisation-of-feelings  pining  pining!Saihara  dreams  hugs  birthdays  gifts  avoidance  self-neglect  reconciliation  misunderstandings  trope:Break-His-Heart-to-Save-Him  love-confessions  secret-relationships  Jabberwock-Island  movies  movie-theatres  literally-sleeping-together  site:AO3  word-count:20-30k     
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Plausible Deniability
After an accident, House wakes up in the hospital with no memory of what got him there.
“House, I don’t need you to be off Vicodin for that. If you feel that you need it, then I’ll support you. I’m not going to fight you on it anymore.”

House smiles again at that and the look on his face tells Wilson that he’d expected that answer. Wilson feels his pulse flutter again and it’s also then that he notices that House’s hands are shaking slightly.

“Exactly,” House answers, as if Wilson is a star pupil who just answered a difficult question. And maybe, Wilson thinks, he has just done exactly that.
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:writerdot  S7  post-Huddy-arc  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  mystery  alternating-POV  flashbacks  hospitalisation  hurt!House  headaches  amnesia  post-traumatic-amnesia  retrograde-amnesia  dehydration  House’s-leg-pain  nausea  vomiting  loss-of-consciousness  sleep-deprivation  fatigue  hurt!Wilson  dislocations  dislocated-shoulder/s  crying  panic-attacks  drowsiness  punching  intoxication  nightmares  strained/broken-friendships  reconciliation  observation  confrontations  realisation-of-feelings  deduction/induction  love-confessions  fic  site:AO3  word-count:20-30k   
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House was bored, Chase was there. And he found him fascinating.
"The fact that you'll do anything I tell you to do."

This time Robert Chase was even more surprised.
"/Cameron/'ll do anything you say." He said, trying to excuse his behaviour.

"She'll do almost anything right away, but that's because /she likes me/."

"I-" The intensivist was able to stop before making a fool of himself. He realized he was talking way to much that day. /Must be the lack of occupation, makes my brain get all... loose/.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

/Annoyingly cute, too./


No, funny. He meant to say, funny... right?

Where the hell did that come from? He knew House tended to rub off on people, but he sure hoped Cameron didn't.

/It just slipped. It was just a slip./
HouseM.D.  House/Chase  author:Razor-to-Rosary  S1/2/3  S2  romance  pre-slash  humour  realisation-of-feelings  denial  indirect-love-confessions  one-shot  site:FFN  word-count:1-5k     
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Wrong Notes
House needs to relax, so he decides to play the piano. As he plays, his mind wanders, and each time his mind wanders too far, he hits a wrong note. Will he come to terms with the truth, or will he continue to lie to himself, just like everyone else?
This wasn't the first time House had come to this conclusion-no, he had been arriving at it for months. But every time he did, he would back-track, replay the thoughts that lead to the realization until he slowly reached a different, more comfortable conclusion. He would convince himself again and again that he wasn't in love with Wilson, just as he would replay the piano piece until the chords sounded right. Who cared about the truth, anyway? Honesty could only get you so far-everybody lies, even if it is to themselves.
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:ArmAndLeg  S1/2/3  romance  angst  piano-playing  realisation-of-feelings  pining  pining!House  denial  flashfic  site:FFN  word-count:<500 
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Things That Go Bump
Wilson has nightmares. House gets a headache. Everyone tries to diagnose just what's going on between them.

This story is set in Season 2, before House got shot, before the first ducklings left us, before Amber, before House/Cuddy . . . those halcyon days where House and Wilson were just . . . House and Wilson. Wilson is sleeping on House's sofa, after moving out from cancer patient, Grace.

"Wilson just shook his head and limped back into the kitchen. He unloaded a sack of fresh produce. Good produce. Endives and garlic and tomatoes and asparagus. He moved on to the next sack. Beef. Good beef. Brisket and rump roast and ribeyes . . . he was halfway through the third sack of spices and imported cheeses, whistling and daydreaming about braised salmon with fresh asparagus when it hit him. He was being seduced. Through groceries. By groceries. By House through groceries. And he was falling for it. Hard. Lox, stock pot, and basil."
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:peg22  S1/2/3  S2  romance  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  humour  alternating-POV  hurt!Wilson  hurt!House  nightmares  lacerations  blood  dizziness  sleep-deprivation  fatigue  insomnia  burns  cuts  House’s-leg-pain  living-together  realisation-of-feelings  pining  mutual-pining  pining!House  pining!Wilson  seduction  sexual-content  neck-play  dry-humping  frottage  literally-sleeping-together  avoidance  jealousy  possessiveness  confrontations  accidents  observation  elevators  elevator-confrontations  counselling  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k   
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A Differential Diagnosis for Green Silk
When he first notices the green tie, he treats it as a joke.
"Not a bad theory," James says. "The sexual harassment suit would certainly have been more interesting than my paperwork. But House... Hasn't it occurred to you that I might be wearing this tie for your benefit?"

Not the response he was expecting, and his sarcastic reply is automatic, not thought through in the least.

"That would have been my next suggestion, but you know me, too modest to put myself forward."

Wilson doesn't even dignify that with a roll of his eyes.

"I seem to remember you were the one who did a complete psychoanalysis of my dating habits just to have an excuse to tell me I looked good in it. I think it's safe to assume that wearing it will get your attention."

Sometimes he forgets that Wilson can see right through him. That, for all his doe-eyed sentimentality, his mind is sharper than a scalpel and every bit as precise. It's a dangerous thing to lose sight of.
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:Isagel  S1/2/3  S1  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  minor-Wilson/Julie  pining  pining!House  mutual-pining  jealousy  confrontations  denial  realisation-of-feelings  neckties  seduction  perceptive!Wilson  deduction  sexual-content  semi-public-sex  dry-humping  frottage  infidelity  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k  !   
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Untitled House/Wilson Fic
Wilson and House, working late at the hospital.
"You /are/ jealous," House announces with a combination of astonishment and victory. "You li-ike Cam-eron," he sings, like a five-year-old.

"No, actually, I don't!" Wilson says it louder than he'd intended. No one else in the place pays any attention, but House is looking at him with startling intensity. Wilson can almost hear the wheels whirring in his mind, putting it together.

"You don't like Cameron," House says, and it's a statement of fact. "You're jealous, though." Wilson is getting unaccountably nervous. House may be a pompous jackass but he is impossibly good at reading people, plucking truths out of masses of emotional ramblings with flawless precision.

House's eyes widen, and he stares at Wilson. Wilson arrives at the same conclusion as House, but about a second later.

Yes, he's jealous.

He's jealous of Cameron.
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:Nuala  S1/2/3  S2  romance  humour  light-angst  angst-with-a-happy-ending  minor-Wilson/Julie  pining  pining!Wilson  mutual-pining  flirting  avoidance  confrontations  jealousy  realisation-of-feelings  observation  deduction  perceptive!House  one-shot  site:House-Fan-Fiction-Archive  word-count:1-5k     
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You are a hypocrite because you say that you have nothing to do with him but at the dead of the night when you are feeling worn and tired he is still the center of your world.
HouseM.D.  House/Chase  author:darksapphire-flame  S4  HH&WH  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  pining  pining!Chase  hurt!House  near-death  hospitalisation  bedside-vigils  observation  love-confessions  denial  realisation-of-feelings  hurt!Chase  fatigue  avoidance  confrontations  two-shot  site:FFN  word-count:1-5k     
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perceptive!Light  perceptive!Wilson  Phantom-Thief!Ouma  Phantom-Thief-AU  physical-support  piano-playing  pining  pining!Bret  pining!Chase  pining!Hinata  pining!House  pining!Jemaine  pining!Junpei  pining!Morty  pining!Reader  pining!Rick  pining!Saihara  pining!Wilson  plot-necessitated-OOCness  pneumonia  podside-vigils  polyamory  possessiveness  post-999  post-canon  post-DH  post-DR3  post-Huddy-arc  post-SDR2  post-SDR2-awakening  post-SDR2.5  post-SS  post-traumatic-amnesia  pranks  pre-slash  prince!Ouma  prince!Saihara  prosthetic-arms/hands  protectiveness  proximity-related-illness  punching  punctures  reader-insert  realisation-of-feelings  reconciliation  recurring-dreams  rejection  reliving-the-past  restraints  retrograde-amnesia  revolution  Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  romance  romantic-advice  Royal-AU  Ryoichi/Reader  S1  S1/2/3  S2  S3  S4  S7  sabotage  Saihara/K1-B0  Saihara/Ouma  Saihara/Ouma/K1-B0  Schrödinger’s-dating  SDR2  secret-relationships  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