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Good Things
Dave whistled through his teeth. “Holy shit! You guys already made it to 2nd base?! Hot damn, Jemaine, who’s the foxy lady?”

“Someone you don’t know,” Jemaine answered quickly, averting his gaze, “But I don’t want our friendship to end. Can you be both...friends? But know...also...?”

“No fucking way, man. You choose one or the other, you can’t do both. You can’t have your cake and fuck it, too. Are you kidding me?”

Flight-of-the-Conchords  Bret/Jemaine  author:ovestedinterest  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  humour  Jemaine-POV  minor-Jemaine/Karen  living-together  sharing-a-room  pining!Bret  masturbation  fantasies  crying  pining!Jemaine  mutual-pining  denial  hugs  cuddling  realisation-of-feelings  avoidance  confrontations  confessions  intoxication  drunken-confessions  sexual-content  hair-pulling  dry-humping  blowjobs  fic  site:LJ  word-count:1-5k     
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In Love With A Bad Idea
Bret is upset and Jemaine tries to figure out the best way to help him, which leads to some unexpected feelings...
Jemaine rolled over to face the wall, then finally allowed himself to really think about what had happened that day. He wracked his brain to figure out exactly what had possessed him to kiss Bret like he did. He tried to tell himself it was completely innocent, just a friendly gesture, a last ditch, pull-out-all-the-stops attempt to get Bret to calm down when nothing else was working - and it was in a way - but Jemaine was forced to admit that that couldn't have been the only reason behind the kiss. If it was, he probably would have forgotten all about it shortly afterward instead of expending all of his willpower in order to avoid spending the entire evening going over every single detail again and again in his mind. The coarseness of Bret's beard against his palms, the softness of Bret's lips against his, the salty taste of Bret's tears...

Why was this so hard to put out of his mind? And why did he want nothing more than to do it again?

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Jemaine had come to a decision today. He'd realized that under no circumstances could he live without Bret. That left him with only one option in the tell-Bret-or-don't-tell-Bret scenario he'd been endlessly playing out in his mind for weeks.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"Sounds to me like trouble in paradise..." Dave suggested, sagely.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Bret asked.

"Oh come on, you know what I'm talking about," Dave said, an incredulous look on his face, "you Norwegian motherfuckers are so gay for each other it's not even funny. OK, well it is a little funny," Dave chuckled.

"What?" Bret said, surprised, "no...Jemaine and me...we're not like that."

"Whatever you say, dude," Dave said, tone of disbelief in his voice, "all I know is that the way Jemaine was acting when he came in here a few weeks ago? He only acts that way when you two are fighting or when you somehow manage to find yourself a girlfriend."
Flight-of-the-Conchords  Bret/Jemaine  author:Dytallix_B  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  Jemaine-POV  living-together  sharing-a-room  crying  hugs  cooking  experiments  pining  mutual-pining  pining!Jemaine  pining!Bret  wet-dreams  realisation-of-feelings  observation  sexual-content  masturbation  hurt!Jemaine  cuts  blood  avoidance  nightmares  confrontations  arguments  reconciliation  dry-humping  cuddling  literally-sleeping-together  blowjobs  misunderstandings  confessions  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
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Based very loosely on a set of four acceptance speeches for awards won at the New Zealand Music Awards: When Bret breaks his bed doing an epic rock ‘n’ roll move it sets off a chain of events that lead to unexpected desire, confusion, heartache and, finally … acceptance.
His expression was heartbreaking, because Jemaine understood it completely. It said, ‘touch me, but please don’t make me ask for it. Please don’t make me talk about it.’

:::::☆ ☆:::::

As he slowly became aware of his surroundings again, he heard Jemaine whisper, ‘Bret, I love you’.

Oh. Holy. Shit.
‘No you don’t,’ said Bret, numbly. Jemaine opened his mouth as though to speak and then closed it again, confused. That wasn’t the answer he’d been expecting. Not that he’d been expecting anything in particular. He’d said it without thinking, surprising himself as much as Bret. Still, he hadn’t expected to be contradicted. ‘Um...I think I do,’ he said.

‘No,’ said Bret more fiercely, ‘You /don’t/.’

‘...Why?’ asked Jemaine, stupidly. He had the ominous feeling that this was going to be a truly horrible conversation.

‘Because you don’t, OK? You can’t. It’s one thing...fooling around...but just can’t. This is messed up enough already.’

Bret’s eyes were stinging. He wiped the back of his clean hand over them and turned from Jemaine, angry and sad and hating all of this. He was sure he was doing the right thing. They had already probably ruined their friendship by introducing sex into it. To pile confessions of love onto the heap was some kind of suicide. Better to call the whole stupid affair off and try to get back some of what they had before. God, he missed his best friend. And yet, deep down, he realised that he too wanted something more. He wanted to hold Jemaine forever. He wanted Jemaine to be his, /his/, no one else’s. But that was a fantasy and he was in over his head and drowning and the only possible lifeline was to say...

‘This has to end here, Jemaine.’

‘No,’ said Jemaine.

‘It has to. Don’t kiss me again. Don’t touch me again. Ever.’

‘Do you...should I...move out?’ – Jemaine blinked and heavy tears rolled down his cheeks. Bret couldn’t bear it.

‘No. No. Stay. I want us to be friends again.’

‘’ve broken my heart.’

Bret stared at Jemaine, pale and drained. This was, without question, the worst thing he had ever done in his life. He felt like he’d been given a beautiful, perfect flower and torn it apart. ‘I’m sorry,’ he said, his voice cracked with tears. ‘We can...we /will/ get over it. We will.’

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Jemaine reached down and dragged Bret up by the front of his shirt. Before Bret could struggle or protest, he found himself shoved roughly against the filing cabinet, the metal cold through his shirt and contrasting deliriously with the heat of Jemaine holding him there. Jemaine’s thigh was between his legs, pressing against his crotch, and Jemaine had one hand around his wrist and another wound tightly in his hair. Jemaine’s breath was hot against his neck. Bret was caught helplessly between arousal and fear. Jemaine had been assertive before, but never like this. It wasn’t like him.

‘Is this what you want?’ growled Jemaine into Bret’s ear. ‘This is what you asked for, isn’t it? This is what you’ve been asking for every time you turned me on when you /knew/ I wouldn’t do anything about it because I love you. And well done. Congratulations. I’ve been tempted. I’ve been tempted every time. You’d like me to give in now, wouldn’t you? Damn bastard cocktease. I can tell you’re dying for it. I should fuck you right here against the filing cabinet. But you know how it would end up? Exactly how it ended up before. Don’t you get it? I love you. I’m in love with you and every time you deliberately make me want you it tears me apart a little more. So if you don’t love me, stop leading me on, fuck off and let me type my fucking email in peace. Please.’

Bret’s eyes grew wide for a second, as though something had suddenly become clear to him.

‘No,’ he said.
Flight-of-the-Conchords  Bret/Jemaine  author:asylumsatellite  romance  humour  angst-with-a-happy-ending  Jemaine-POV  living-together  sharing-a-room  literally-sleeping-together  sexual-content  wet-dreams  observation  denial  experiments  dub-con  avoidance  neck-play  crying  pining  mutual-pining  pining!Jemaine  pining!Bret  fantasies  masturbation  mutual-masturbation  dirty-talk  parties/celebrations  games  biting  blowjobs  frottage  love-confessions  rejection  flirting  confrontations  realisation-of-feelings  PDA  fic  site:Your-Beard-Is-Good  word-count:5-10k     
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The Field Trip
Archie and Maxie are two single dads volunteering for a weekend trip to Mt. Chimney. It's been a long time since Maxie has been with anyone and upon meeting Archie, he finds himself fighting strong feelings for the other man. Will he be able to survive the weekend as a responsible chaperon or will he find himself struggling to keep things G-rated?
Pokémon  Archie/Maxie  author:KitsunaRi  RSE/ORAS  romance  humour  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  AU  Single-Parent-AU  minor-Brendan/May  first-meetings  denial  sharing-a-room  flirting  sexual-content  masturbation  observation  attacks  Pokémon-battles  hurt!Maxie  concussions  lacerations  blood  headaches  dizziness  physical-support  loss-of-consciousness  hurt!Archie  dislocations  dislocated-shoulder/s  near-death  hospitalisation  crying  neck-play  hickeys  blowjobs  frottage  begging  cuddling  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k 
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Drowning In My Despair
Archie and Maxie were once lovers, but things changed. Now, Archie's plan has gone into full action, but Maxie and his pokemon are put in danger due to it. Archie can't bear the idea of Maxie dying, or even seeing Maxie if one of his precious pokemon died. (Mentioned ships with the admins, a past relationship, and potential rekindling.)
“Maxie.” Archie weakly coughed out. Archie’s voice surprised Maxie, as he didn’t think Archie could talk in his current state. He felt his heart sink hearing the usually booming and excited voice so small, so quiet, and so weak.

“Archie.” Concern was too obvious in his voice, though at the moment, he didn’t care.

“Is your Camerupt okay?”

“Camerupt is fine, but Archie, what about you?”

"I'll be fine, it's just a little water. Nothing to someone like me."

“But Archie, this isn’t a little bit of water, this is a lot of water. You need help, /now/.”

“Nah, I’ll be fine. You’re okay, your Camerupt is okay… Nothing else should matter to you right now.”

Maxie felt as if Archie had stabbed him. How could he say that? That nothing else should matter? Maxie realized that after their falling out all those years ago, that Archie was right, nothing else should matter to him.

But Archie did.
Pokémon  Archie/Maxie  author:PrincenSatanGod  gameverse  RSE/ORAS  S/AS  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  minor-Shelly/Courtney  minor-Matt/Tabitha  POV-switch  near-death  non-fatal-drowning  hurt!Archie  loss-of-consciousness  crying  grief  hospitalisation  bedside-vigils  past-relationship  flashbacks  misunderstandings  love-confessions  reconciliation  hugs  fic  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k     
june 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Archie and Maxie attempt to put what they did behind them.
He wanted with all his being to believe that the storm wasn’t his fault, that he couldn’t possibly have predicted chaos on such a widespread scale. Now, in the midst of the storm, it seemed all too clear; what else could have resulted from awakening a legendary pokemon? Now the balance of nature was upset and all life as they knew it was in grave danger. How many were already injured, or worse? How many were stranded and trapped? He knew nothing save that the fault for these consequences was entirely his to bear. His plans were on track to succeed in the most horrific manner possible, and he was powerless to stop it. This was neither the world he’d envisioned, nor how he’d wanted to obtain it.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"Sir… Maxie is here. He wants to see you. Should I let him in?"

Archie was silent for a long moment, enough to make Shelly and the already uncomfortable grunt feel awkward. She didn’t say that anyone was with Maxie, so it was highly unlikely that he wanted trouble.

Not that he particularly had to worry about that anymore.

If there was anyone who might understand a glimmer of his pain, he figured it would be Maxie.

"Let’im in. Matter of fact, lead him here… He might not know the way."

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"Max, I… I almost killed every living thing on this planet. What I did could have cost everything. I didn’t realized the flaws in my plans until it was too late. Maxie, there’s no redemption for what I’ve done. Our teams are disbanded, and we’re trying to work together to right the wrongs. I just can’t help thinking… What if it’s too little, too late?"

Maxie put a hand on Archie’s desk, which they both knew he was subconsciously attempting to stabilize himself.

"Your argument has some merit," Maxie began,"but your argument also contains several flaws."

Archie became eerily silent.

"Objectively speaking, much of what you have said is true. Your plan did place the world in dire peril. You did not recognize the possible consequences before it appeared to be too late."

Archie spoke softly and sullenly. “What isn’t true?”

"While it is certainly true that there are those who will never bestow forgiveness unto you, to say that you are beyond all redemption is utterly erroneous. Would Shelly and Matt still swear loyalty to you unless you had their forgiveness? Would your subordinates? What about May and Brendan? Surely they would not battle alongside you at the Battle Maison unless they forgave you, as well."

Archie looked up at Maxie, his face tear-stained, and still a little unconvinced. Maxie leaned in slightly and spoke slowly.

"Archie… It is also imperative that you know I forgive you as well. In the interest of full disclosure… I commend you.”

Archie blinked in surprise, his eyes widening. Maxie continued.

"You have shown true remorse for your actions. You are willing to make things right and are putting forth effort to do so. Despite you fears that it might be, in your own words, ‘too little, too late’, you are still working to do whatever you are able to do in order to help. That is honorable and commendable, worthy of respect."
Pokémon  Archie/Maxie  author:LongLivetheTribbles  gameverse  RSE/ORAS  S/AS  post-canon  pre-slash  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  PTSD  nightmares  fatigue  sleep-deprivation  crying  fic  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k     
june 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
On Hold
Morty goes off to college and he is not as thrilled with the experience as he thought he'd be.
“You’re a—y-you’re a good kid, Morty,” He mumbles out, body swaying until Morty steadies him into something more upright.
“Thanks Rick,” Morty responds, and feels his chest expand like it normally does when Rick graces him with a rare compliment. Rick nods his head above him drunkenly.
“Y-yeah, my—my good boy, Morty,” He murmurs, tone almost possessive, and Morty feels himself blush.
“Ah, gee, Rick…” He says, at a loss for words. He’s about to say something about Rick not being so bad himself when suddenly Rick speaks again, his voice somber and heavy.
“Morty—I-I—I love you, you know.”
Morty halts.
He processes the words slowly; turns it over in his mind, and struggles to find a reason why his surly, emotionally constipated grandfather just said that to him.

A look of worry settled over his face when he came up with the only possible explanation.
“A-are you dying or something, Rick?”
Rick huffed out a mirthless laugh and his body sagged further into Morty. The arm Morty held over his shoulders tightened until suddenly he found himself in some version of an embrace. He glanced up at Rick, confused, and was alarmed to see unshed tears in his grandfather’s eyes.
“R-rick?” He stuttered out. “W-w-what—are you actually dying?”
“I feel like it.” Rick said hollowly and he brought his other arm up to wrap Morty up in a crushing hug. “I feel like I’m fucking dying, Morty.”
Morty opened his mouth to speak when suddenly Rick shifted his head and threw up against the floor.
“Aw, Rick!” Morty cried and scrambled them away from the vomit on the floor.
“S-sorry, Morty—shit—I—“ Rick’s voice hitched and something wet plopped against Morty’s cheek and trailed lazily down his face. He flinches, thinking it’s residual vomit, but then he looks up and sees that his grandfather is quietly weeping.
“H-hey,” Morty says softly, heart plummeting at the sight. He brushes his hand against Rick’s tear streaked face and Rick chokes on a sob as he leans into Morty’s palm. Morty is stunned by the show of weakness, of the vulnerability Rick is showing, and something heavy settles in his gut at the sight.
“It’s okay, Rick. I-I’ll clean it up. Don’t cry.”
Rick doesn’t answer; he just clings to Morty for dear life and quietly sobs against his palm.
“Don’t leave,” Rick begs and Morty nods his head rapidly, nervously.
“I-I won’t,” He assures the distraught older man, eager to comfort him and stop his tears. “You can sleep in my bed tonight.”

:::::☆ ☆:::::

“Don’t go,” He mumbles.
“I-I’m not,” Morty replies. “I’m right here.”
/You’re in my bed/, he wants to say in exasperation.
“Don’t go to college,” Rick elucidates. Morty’s hand stills from where it still rests against Rick’s back and he suddenly pulls away, vexed.
“We talked about this, Rick. I want to go to college.” He tells the older man, his shoulders beginning to hunch with his ire.
“I can teach you anything you need to know,” Rick retorts hotly. “Florida is—that’s far away, Morty. That place—d-d-do you know how many murders happen there, Morty? I can turn on Dateline and watch five consecutive episodes of murder in that state.”
“C’mon, Rick,” Morty begins, annoyed. “You just want me to stay to be your human cloaking device.”
Rick grows silent at his words and Morty thinks for a brief moment that the argument has ended.
“Wh-wh-who’s going to—who’s going to save you?” Rick asks, voice soft, forlorn.
Morty rolls his eyes.
“I’m going to, to /college/, Rick—n-not war. I-I-I should be okay.”
Another beat of silence.
“Who’s going to save me?”
Morty’s brows furrowed and he looked down at his grandfather’s shaded face. He couldn’t discern his features but he had sounded almost fragile as he asked that question.

“…You’re thinking on scenarios that will never happen, Rick.” He finally says.
“Y-yeah, of course—I—“ Rick’s breath hitched and his next words warbled. “Fuck—d-d-don’t look, Morty.” He said and he turned away to scrub a vicious palm against his face.
Morty doesn’t say anything even as Rick finally turns back to him and presses his face against his hair. He doesn’t comment on the arm Rick throws over his body or the tears that settle wetly against his scalp.
Morty doesn’t say anything at all and he wonders if maybe he probably should have as he packs up the next day.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Morty takes in the puffiness of Rick’s lids and the red that marbles his eyes as he approaches. There’s a slouch in his shoulder’s and a subdued pace to his gait that makes Morty’s mouth curl down into a sad frown.
“Are you okay?” Morty asked when Rick stopped next to his window and he feels like he’d asked Rick that question a thousands times now.
Rick ran a hand through his tousled hair before meeting Morty’s face solemnly.
“Yeah. Just—j-j-just thinking on scenarios that’ll never happen.” Morty’s mouth slides further down and Rick notices and shakes his head with a quiet huff.
“Y-you—you’re going to do great, Morty.”
The same elation that came with Rick’s praise filled his chest but it was stifled at Rick’s somber tone.
“Thanks, Rick,” He intoned softly when he realized that was all Rick was going to say. He started the car, put it into drive, and was just about to push down on the gas pedal when Rick leant in through the window and pressed his lips against his temple.
Morty’s breath hitched and he pressed briefly on the gas, lurching the car forward.
He swings his startled gaze to Rick.
“I love you, Morty,” Rick said and Morty’s mouth moved without sound. Rick turned away and walked back to the house before he could find his voice again.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

It isn’t until two weeks into school and Morty is half-way through a class that he is jolted with a sudden realization.
Rick hadn’t been—every time he’s told Morty he’d loved him he had been professing his love for him /romantically/!
/“Call me when you’re ready, alright?”/
His sentence suddenly makes sense and he is so startled by the epiphany that he abruptly stood up during the lecture and garnered everyone’s attention while doing so.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Blue10spades  romance  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  incest  late-night-encounters  heavily-drunk!Rick  physical-support  love-confessions  hugs  vomiting  crying  cuddling  literally-sleeping-together  obliviousness  oblivious!Morty  pining  pining!Rick  mutual-pining  pining!Morty  parties/celebrations  sleep-deprivation  fatigue  realisation-of-feelings  fic  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k   
may 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
The Reflection of Stars
As a resident of King Satsuki’s palace, you were often in contact with his friends and fellow royals. These friends included the infamous flirt and prince, Ryoichi. He was a man of great talent - a master of the written word, hard to understand, and even harder to ignore. Of two things, however, you were absolutely certain.

One, he would tease you until the day you died.

Two, he would /never/ fall in love with you.
Voltage-Inc.  Ryoichi/Reader  author:drawthecurtainstarttheplay  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  reader-insert  AU  Royal-AU  flirting  denial  jealousy  pining  pining!Reader  mutual-pining  voyeurism  accidental-voyeurism  sexual-content  obliviousness  oblivious!Reader  arguments  indirect-love-confessions  avoidance  realisation-of-feelings  crying  love-confessions  hugs  loss-of-virginity  clitoral-stimulation  fic  site:Tumblr  word-count:5-10k   
may 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
The Words I Didn't Say
Hogwarts Eighth year is dull until rumours of Harry Potter's death spread around the school. However, the Eighth Years aren't having it. Draco Malfoy teams up with former DA members to seek out Harry Potter, but is it too late?
“But how?” Draco asked. “How could you forgive someone like me? I’m a bad person, Harry. I—”

“What do you think about your role in the war?” Harry asked, which hardly seemed to correlate with the subject. Through squinted eyes, Draco looked at Harry, saying, “I regretted everything I did to hurt—”

“Bad people don’t know how to regret, but good people who made terrible decisions do,” Harry said, cupping Draco’s pale, gaunt cheek.
Harry-Potter  Draco/Harry  post-DH  Hogwarts-Eighth-Year  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  mystery  emotional-hurt/comfort  minor-Ron/Hermione  minor-Harry/Ginny  disappearances  crying  arguments  perceptive!Hermione  pining  pining!Draco  grief  panic-attacks  funerals  love-confessions  faking-death  Polyjuice-Potion  immortality  shapeshifting  Animagi  eavesdropping  hugs  observation  fic  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k   
april 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Childish Drawings
Summary: A soulmate AU where anything you write on your skin appears on the exact place on your soulmate’s skin.

Imagine Rick puzzling over why his arm is suddenly filled with childish doodles after decades of wondering why his skin never showed any soulmate writing.
When Rick was 16, he discovered that he could make a device to see his soulmate. After slaving away for one full year, it was complete. He remembered how excited he was when it was finished and he turned it on.

But he was meet with disappointment. For he saw nothing. At first he thought the machine wasn't working, but after checking and double checking and even triple checking, it showed that the machine was completely operational. But the screen showed...nothing. Just black.

In a rage Rick had destroyed the machine. Completely crushing one full year of non stop work and dedication. Rick came to the conclusion he didn't have a soulmate and would be alone forever. So be it.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:ShaggyMadi  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  incest  underage  AU  Soulmate-AU  soul-connections  drawings  running-away  pining  pining!Rick  mutual-pining  accidental-self-incrimination  avoidance  confrontations  crying  love-confessions  hugs  flashbacks  mild-sexual-content  neck-play  biting  flirting  movies  mild-OOCness  incomplete  in-progress  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k 
april 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
C-137 Meets S-108
Morty meets another Rick and Morty that have fallen in love.
He can't help but wonder... Could that be him and his Rick?
Of course not, right?
“Look Morty, some people are born smart and some aren’t. And then some are born like Jerry. They are so stupid they don’t understand h-how stupid they are.”

:::::☆ ☆:::::

“They tried to wipe my memory, but I was so not gonna let that happen. So I wiped theirs while they were sleeping.”

 Summer noticed the terror on Morty’s face and laughed.

“Relax, I just made sure they forgot that I walked in so they could start looking me in the face again. Now I just kinda keep a lookout for when mom or dad get home and make sure they don’t get caught by someone that’ll try to break them up. I’m the coolest, honestly. I’d tell them they owe me, but they don’t know they owe me. So it’s whatever. Guess that’s my ticket to heaven or something.”

Morty asked Summer how she was so cool with finding out her brother and grandfather were a couple.

“I mean, duh I was grossed out because like, old people. Ew. But I mean, not only has Rick not really given us a ‘grandfather impression’, but like, when you look at the universe from a Rick perspective, you realize how little social standards matter. We’re all going to die one day and when we do, all we’re going to have left is whatever happiness we made for ourselves. So in the end, who cares? Morty is finally happy, Rick isn’t a depressed asshole anymore, and mom and dad have no idea. Nobody makes a big deal so nobody gets hurt in the end.”
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Yelah333  S3  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  incest  underage  alternating-POV  gifts  cuddling  literally-sleeping-together  guns  manipulation  crying  clones  nightmares  hugs  physical-support  realisation-of-feelings  intoxication  feigning-sleep  revolution  protectiveness  attacks  blood  cuts  hurt!Morty  grief  love-confessions  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
april 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Irrational Attachments
What was said during Rick's late night phone calls with Jessica while Healthy Morty was away.

She encourages him to take action after Morty returns to normal.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:asinner  S3  romance  light-angst  humour  pining  pining!Rick  intoxication  heavily-drunk!Rick  phone-calls  crying  jealousy  romantic-advice  outsider-POV  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k   
april 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Love Unsaid
It had started with a nightmare. Ever since that adventure of his own choice Morty would still sometimes wake up, out of breathe with tears on his cheeks. It didn’t happen often, only a few times a year and he would often end up just trying to distract himself from the dream. How it hadn’t ended up that way.

However Rick was with him this time, and was startled when Morty suddenly shot up out of bed.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Calsa  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  underage  established-relationship  implied/referenced-rape/non-con  nightmares  crying  hugs  sexual-content  blowjobs  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
april 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Of Dreamers and Journeys
The Labyrinth changed Sarah in more ways than one. Seven years later she finds herself the librarian at Hogwarts. And she is so much more than the Muggle they believe her to be.
There was something apologetic in her expression and voice when she said, “You have no power over me, Jareth.”

He flinched and then rallied himself. He had more power over her than she realized. She had, in a sense, invited him back into her life on Halloween. Sarah may have been the Labyrinth’s Champion, but Jareth was its Master. It was possible that he /could/ spirit her away against her will.

But she would resent him for it. If there was one thing Jareth had learned when Sarah had beaten him at his own game, and in the years since, it was that he could not control her. It was that free spirit he so loved, and he refused to be the one to kill it. A difficult lesson for one so possessive and controlling to learn, and hard-learned it was.
Labyrinth  Jareth/Sarah  author:Mystical_Magician  post-canon  romance  humour  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  minor-Dumbledore/McGonagall  minor-Lupin/Tonks  POV-switch  crossover  Harry-Potter  AU  Hogwarts-AU  canon-divergence  DH  accidents  romantic-advice  owl!Jareth  attacks  hurt!Sarah  cuts  blood  shapeshifting  minor-character-death  Full-Body-Bind-Curse  Halloween  pining  pining!Jareth  loss-of-consciousness  headaches  restraints  imprisonment  crying  deduction  protectiveness  torture  rescue-missions  hurt!Jareth  burns  bedside-vigils  battles  magic-attacks  illusions  fatigue  hospitalisation  fic  site:AO3  word-count:40-50k   
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
So, I guess this is it
When Rick disappears on an adventure without Morty and is gone for weeks, Morty presumes him dead. Unable to cope with being 'special', school, his parents fighting, and just life, without Rick's guidance, he decides the only way out is death. But not everything is what it seems. Trigger Warning; contains attempted suicide. Feedback appreciated.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:fluffykitty12  angst-with-a-happy-ending  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  crying  grief  notes  suicide-attempt  near-death  drug-overdose  loss-of-consciousness  vomiting  induced-vomiting  deduction  headaches  hugs  bedside-vigils  implied/referenced-suicide-attempt  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k 
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
You Give Me Fever
After escaping a foreign planet, Morty has contracted a rash that makes him horny and delirious. Rick helps him deal. PWP.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Riachinko  romance  incest  underage  sexual-content  sex-pollen  aphrodisiacs  fever  dizziness  delirium  neck-play  hickeys  object-insertion  dirty-talk  crying  vibrators  blowjobs  fic  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Sequel to Fixing the Almost Broken. Post SDR2. Some Alternate Universe.

Komaeda's relationship with Hinata is slipping through his fingers and he knows he's about to lose his relationship. After an argument with Hinata, he wakes up in an alternate universe where the world has ended, he has a metal arm, everyone is recovering from Despair, but at least his relationship with Hinata is stable.

(Or: How Do The SDR2 Boys Have Their Relationship Together To The Point They Have To Help Their Alternate, Non Despair Selves In Fixing Their Relationship?)
“So… this world’s version of me attended this school as the Lucky student? Okay. What about you? What’s your talent?”

To Komaeda’s surprise, Hajime laughed brightly, “Even across dimensions you ask me that.” He laughed again, “I’ll get to me in a moment.” He cleared his throat, “Anyways over the years the school had become corrupt, for only having a handful of talented students wasn’t helping them fund their research on talent and maintain the school. So, they made the Reserve Course student program. I was in there.”

“Oh… so you don’t have a talent?” Komaeda blinked. “That’s fine too.”

Hajime laughed loudly again, “Wow, wish you had that attitude sooner.”

[Part 2 of the ‘Mending Relationships’ series; sequel to ‘Fixing the Almost Broken’]
Danganronpa  Hinata/Komaeda  author:Kimium  SDR2  post-SDR2  DR3  post-canon  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  minor-Gundam/Sonia/Souda  AU  Non-Despair-AU  Everybody-Lives/Nobody-Dies-AU  No-Talent-AU  established-relationship  polyamory  cooking  jealousy  misunderstandings  arguments  crying  Jabberwock-Island  hurt!Komaeda  prosthetic-arms/hands  Komaeda’s-prosthesis  hugs  heterochromia  heterochromatic!Hinata  perceptive!Hinata  literally-sleeping-together  cuddling  scars  romantic-advice  notes  reconciliation  companion-piece  sequel  one-shot  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k   
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Emergency Light
In the continuing adventures of SOIS and Crash Keys, Aoi Kurashiki finds himself partnered with Light Field as they stand by to receive while their sisters infiltrate a mysterious facility. When Clover transmits a distress signal, the boys find themselves literally and metaphorically traveling into deep, dark trouble.

For Snake and Santa's days of 999 week, although this takes place well after the events of ZTD.

[Part 1 of the ‘self-indulgent aoilight within’ series; sequels: ‘pulse and breath’, ‘spring cleaning for skeletons’, and ‘Epilogue (Emergency Light)’]
Zero-Escape  Light/Aoi  author:airdeari  999  ZTD  post-ZTD  post-canon  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  humour  minor-Junpei/Akane  disabilities  blindness  flashbacks  prosthetic-arms/hands  Light’s-prosthetic-arm  observation  pining  pining!Aoi  flirting  morphic-resonance  telepathy  psychic-links  Light-and-Clover-resonate  infiltration  rescue-missions  attacks  punching  dosing  guns  elevators  near-death  blackouts  minor-character-death  Light-and-Aoi-resonate  hurt!Akane  lacerations  blood  exsanguination  human-sacrifice  burning  weapon-at-throat  hurt!Aoi  cuts  glassing  Junpei-and-Akane-resonate  crying  hugs  oblivious-to-injury  pain-transmission  pain-sharing  phantom-pain  love-confessions  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Dreaming of Harry
The first night Draco Malfoy dreams of Harry Potter, everything changes.
Draco rolls his eyes. Only Potter. While Draco gets prison cells and nights that fill with the whispers of lost souls, Potter gets hugged to death. “It won’t happen again.”

“It doesn’t matter if it does.” Potter’s eyes dart from Draco’s face. He seems fascinated by a spot on the wall and he doesn’t look at Draco head on. Pink spots bloom high in his cheeks and he nudges his glasses onto his nose. “I’ve been working with the Ministry to try to get you out as soon as possible.”

“Why?” Draco sits back in his seat with a huff, picking at his thumbnail.

“Because,” Potter says. “You’re not supposed to be in here.”

Draco listens to Potter talk, but he still can’t quite believe he’s real.
Harry-Potter  Draco/Harry  author:Writcraft  post-DH  Hogwarts-Eighth-Year  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  dreams  wet-dreams  recurring-dreams  crying  pining  pining!Draco  mutual-pining  hugs  imprisonment  observation  late-night-encounters  scars  attacks  lacerations  blood  hurt!Draco  accidents  handshakes  flirting  nonverbal-spells  Levitation-Charm  jealousy  coming-out  experiments  flying  flying-together  blowjobs  begging  literally-sleeping-together  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Sunny Place
After a few years of a happy relationship, it's about time that Hinata Hajime will take his boyfriend– Komaeda Nagito– to meet his family.

And as expected of Komaeda; the boy's afraid that he isn't up for the task to leave a good impression.

And if that's not enough to fear, the boy's fickle luck might interfere during this important visit and leave Komaeda with negative consequences once more.

Or is it?
Danganronpa  Hinata/Komaeda  author:SHSL_Bullshit  SDR2  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  AU  Non-Despair-AU  Everybody-Lives/Nobody-Dies-AU  established-relationship  living-together  meeting-the-family  observation  hugs  Future-Foundation!Hinata  Future-Foundation!Komaeda  eavesdropping  hurt!Komaeda  arguments  crying  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k 
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
The If Sieve
An If Sieve lets you see how things would have unfolded if somebody had made a different decision at a particular time.

[Part 1 of the ‘If Sieve’ series; sequel: ‘Mirror Maze’]
Draco spared a thought for why they were all loitering about near McGonagall's office. No doubt something to do with their enormously important Quest to find ... whatever. He wished he'd said something to wind them up, now, while he'd had their attention. /You'll never find it, Potter, my father hid it far too well./ Something like that.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

He looked up for a moment and caught sight of Draco. For a suspended moment his face was open and confused. Then the expression morphed into a glare and he looked pointedly away.

Draco squeezed his eyes shut, sinking even lower. His chin was barely above the table, now. Crabbe and Goyle looked down in astonishment.

The thing was that it /hadn't actually happened./ Potter didn't actually make pleased noises against his mouth in a dungeon corridor and then stand there, cold betrayal in his eyes, and tell him to go to hell.

Even if it had happened, it would have been two years ago.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

There had to be a safe point. That was the theory Draco had been working with. He /knew/ he and Potter could be friends, he'd seen that in the Madam Malkin's If. There were a thousand ways it could fall apart, but ... there had to be a point where they understood each other; where every little thing wouldn't break them into pieces any more. Didn't there?
Harry-Potter  Draco/Harry  author:cest_what  post-HBP  Hogwarts-Seventh-Year  canon-divergence  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  minor-Harry/Ginny  observation  first-meetings  handshakes  arguments  parties/celebrations  hurt!Draco  crying  confrontations  accidental-eavesdropping  Harry-thinks-Draco-is-up-to-something  strained/broken-friendships  hurt!Harry  blood  lacerations  Horcrux-hunt  Horcruxes  intoxication  mild-sexual-content  mildly-dubious-consent  Patronus-Charm  misunderstandings  vomiting  avoidance  feigning-illness  pining  pining!Draco  deduction  fic  site:AO3  word-count:30-40k   
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Neku meets a new girl from Texas named Lillian Martin and there's just something about her that draws him in.
Two weeks passed. Joshua received a message from Neku to Lillian about getting her address to send the care package to. He described the wonderful things in the box-orange cream pocky sticks, panda cookies, Cinnamoroll keychains and socks, and a variety of other silly things. Eventually, Joshua would need to make up an address, and he fibbed in his message.

/I don’t have a firm address yet./

Neku’s response was immediate.

/Well, you know, I could just leave it at the sewer./
The-World-Ends-with-You  Joshua/Neku  author:ImperfectOrphanage  post-TWEWY  post-Week-3  romance  pre-slash  humour  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  changes-in-appearance  high-school  disguises  crossdressing  glamours  disguised-to-bond  trope:You-Remind-Me-of-X  pining  pining!Joshua  mutual-pining  crying  hurt!Joshua  Hanekoma-raised-Joshua  goodbye-messages  deduction  confrontations  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k     
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Trade Mistakes
“You’re awake,” Hinata stated, as if saying it out loud would make it an irreversible truth, one that could never be taken away. His eyes remained focused on Komaeda’s, like he was trying to take in their every detail, like it had been ages since he last saw them.
A long silence ensued as Komaeda’s gaze moved to look out the window, Hinata’s eyes still watching him closely. “Why are you here?” He eventually asked.

“Why?” Hinata repeated. “I… I check on you everyday. I’ve been waiting… for you to wake up.”

“Don’t you hate me?”

“No,” Hinata said, almost instantly, almost like he preemptively knew that Komaeda would ask him that. Which was strange, because he hadn’t thought about what this conversation might be like at all. He hadn’t thought about what they might talk about when Komaeda woke up; he had been so focused on waiting, every day, anxiously, waiting for him to open his eyes, especially once the others had already woken up, there wasn’t much else he thought about. So it was strange that Hinata felt like he knew Komaeda would ask that, and it was strange how when Komaeda had voiced the idea that he thought Hinata hated him, Hinata’s chest felt like it was gripped in a vice, constricted painfully around his heart.
Danganronpa  Hinata/Komaeda  author:Angelic_Ascent  SDR2  post-SDR2  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  post-SDR2-awakening  coma  drowsiness  hospitalisation  bedside-vigils  Komaeda-wakes-up-last  crying  hugs  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k     
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
As a fanfiction writer, Kokichi was prepared for every situation ranging from posting a new chapter with a typo to losing an entire draft. He was well aware that some of his classmates read his work, including his beta reader Tsumugi and frequent commenter Miu.

That being said, he had no idea what to do about his crush somehow finding his fanfiction and starting to read them.
Kokichi laughed. “But that was just a lie, you know. I don’t really think about Saihara-chan that way.”

“No, that wasn’t a lie,” Rantarou said. He paused to point at Kokichi’s chest. “You were speaking from your heart, not your head. I don’t know about you, but I find the heart to be much more truthful about what it wants.”

It was oddly poetic in a way, Rantarou smiling at him with the warmth of the sun and pointing at him like he would tease a little brother. It would have been a heartwarming moment Kokichi would have taken note of for future use had Rantarou not just exposed his lies.

“Woah, looks like Amami-chan caught me!” Kokichi sang tunelessly. His smile twitched. “Fine. I may or may not have a tiny crush on Saihara-chan.”

“You liar. That crush is bigger than Great Pyramids.”

“Oh, shut up, I know,” Kokichi spat, bitterness filling him. “I know what I’m lying about.”

Rantarou stared at him. His smile had been wiped clean off his face. “Then do you know you’re lying to yourself about how Saihara-kun feels?”
Danganronpa  Saihara/Ouma  author:megastarstrike  NDRV3  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  AU  Non-Despair-AU  Everybody-Lives/Nobody-Dies-AU  Hope’s-Peak-Academy  high-school  observation  pining  pining!Ouma  pining!Saihara  mutual-pining  flirting  fake-crying  Ouma’s-fake-crying  indirect-kisses  obliviousness  oblivious!Saihara  deduction  romantic-advice  confrontations  sleep-deprivation  self-neglect  crying  oblivious!Ouma  misunderstandings  jealousy  matchmaking  indirect-love-confessions  love-confessions  fic  site:AO3  word-count:20-30k     
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Down Our Hall of Memories
Saihara Shuichi survived the 53rd killing game of Danganronpa, only to discover that the entire game was a lie and instead used for entertainment. Ouma Kokichi wakes up in a panic, only to be presented with more confusion. Together, the two figure out how to survive the trauma of the killing game.

(For #6 in the Saiouma exchange)
Danganronpa  Saihara/Ouma  author:Detective_In_Space  NDRV3  post-NDRV3  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  canon-divergence  AU  Everybody-Lives/Nobody-Dies-AU  Virtual-Reality-AU  hurt!Ouma  fractures  loss-of-consciousness  hospitalisation  panic-attacks  dosing  living-together  PTSD  phobias  crying  love-confessions  transgender-character  movies  hugs  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
my prince.
let's be foolish.

royal au.
Don’t you find it hypocritical of them, Saihara-chan?”


“People will blatantly believe in shooting stars or wishing upon a coin thrown into a fountain,” Ouma blinked, watching the sky above them -- they were once again out on Saihara’s porch, but it wasn’t even near the night time. He seemed to be eyeing the fluffy white clouds, blown into the sky -- Saihara himself childishly traced shapes out of the masses, trying to find some amusement in something he was under every day. “But they won’t believe in anyone else’s lies.”

“Lies?” Saihara murmured, breaking away from his activity, as if the repeated word was a completely new concept to him. “...What do wishes have to do with lies?”

“That’s easy,” Ouma smiled. It was almost melancholic -- Saihara felt it, yet it burned out before he could hold a firm grasp. “People are so willing to lie to /themselves/, and wish against something that, in the end, doesn’t do anything to contribute to how your life plays out. Yet they hate it when people lie to /them/ -- don’t you think, Saihara-chan~?”

Saihara didn’t answer, and simply let that logic simmer in his head for a little while.

Danganronpa  Saihara/Ouma  author:caticoo  NDRV3  romance  humour  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  minor-Momota/Harukawa  AU  Non-Despair-AU  Everybody-Lives/Nobody-Dies-AU  Royal-AU  prince!Saihara  Phantom-Thief!Ouma  arranged-marriages  first-meetings  insomnia  held-at-knifepoint  guns  imprisonment  observation  restraints  hurt!Ouma  cuts  blood  implied-torture  servants  mind-games  flirting  fake-crying  jealousy  lacerations  crying  deduction  realisation-of-feelings  literally-sleeping-together  birthdays  pranks  panic-attacks  gifts  indirect-love-confessions  singing  love-confessions  secret-relationships  hugs  prince!Ouma  goodbye-messages  hurt!Saihara  fic  site:AO3  word-count:50-60k     
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
I could be quite naive, happy in our make believe
Maybe they got his talent wrong, maybe he isn’t the Ultimate Detective, maybe he’s actually just the Ultimate Unlucky Student. After all, it has to be some cruel twist of fate that his first two crushes are not just taken, but dating each other.


It all works out.
Danganronpa  Saihara/Ouma/K1-B0  Saihara/Ouma  Ouma/K1-B0  Saihara/K1-B0  author:twinSky  NDRV3  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  AU  Non-Despair-AU  Everybody-Lives/Nobody-Dies-AU  Hope’s-Peak-Academy  high-school  established-relationship  pining  pining!Saihara  PDA  observation  nonlinear-narrative  first-meetings  deduction  mind-games  flirting  avoidance  accidents  realisation-of-feelings  seduction  obliviousness  oblivious!Saihara  gifts  confrontations  misunderstandings  love-confessions  crying  polyamory  movies  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k     
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
In the Dead of a Hot Summer's Night
It was when Shuichi was down on his knees, his hand stuck far down the tight crevice between his badly put together wardrobe, courtesy of his closest friend who figured himself a professional carpenter, and the damp paint peeling off of the wall, when he heard the thump.
Confused and apprehensive, Shuichi looked over his shoulder to see a short young man slip from underneath the curtain, and of course, like any sane person, Shuichi did absolutely nothing but gently clear his throat.
Shuichi's life just gets a whole hell of a lot more stressful from there.
Danganronpa  Saihara/Ouma  author:Lenasaurous  NDRV3  romance  humour  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  minor-Momota/Harukawa  past-Saihara/Akamatsu  AU  Non-Despair-AU  College/University-AU  Phantom-Thief-AU  Phantom-Thief!Ouma  first-meetings  mind-games  gifts  job-interviews  held-at-knifepoint  guns  held-at-gunpoint  observation  shadowing  flirting  heists  fake-crying  Ouma’s-fake-crying  hurt!Saihara  crying  festivals  deduction  grief  avoidance  strained/broken-friendships  reconciliation  realisation-of-feelings  pining  pining!Saihara  mutual-pining  investigations  loss-of-consciousness  headaches  restraints  blindfolds  held-hostage  interrogations  fractures  dosing  crutches  love-confessions  hugs  literally-sleeping-together  fic  site:AO3  word-count:30-40k     
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
to the head
Ouma hit his head pretty hard, didn't he?
“Ouma-kun? Are you alright?” Shuuichi holds his breath, listening.

Ouma laughs, and it's shaky, slurred. “Huh? Is Saihara-chan worried about me?” The lock on the stall slides open with a click, and the door opens inward. Ouma is leaning against the stall wall, beads of sweat on his forehead and a wide grin on his face.

“Were you throwing up?” Shuuichi knows that he was. He's not even sure why he asked.

“No,” Ouma replies, not surprisingly. “Are you following me? Can't stay away?” Ouma stumbles out of the stall, clearly unsteady on his feet, and Shuuichi steps back in alarm. Ouma wobbles in place, looking like he might be sick again.

“What happened? Are you sick?” Shuuichi wonders if someone would have had the time to get poison from his new lab yet. Unlikely, since Ouma's been missing all day; when would they have had time to poison him? Ouma sways, then tips forward, taking a few steps to try and catch himself. Shuuichi grabs his shoulders and steadies him without thinking, frowning. Ouma seems really out of it, and is that /blood/ on his forehead?

“Did you already... forget? Saihara... chan.” Ouma's words are even more slurred together, almost unintelligible, and Shuuichi suddenly remembers Ouma's fake death during yesterday's investigation. That was a /real/ injury, Ouma had said, and the hole in the floor was real, but...
Danganronpa  Saihara/Ouma  author:nauticalwarrior  NDRV3  post-Chapter-3  pre-slash  hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  Gifted-Inmates-Academy  hurt!Ouma  concussions  nausea  vomiting  dizziness  crying  cuts  bedside-vigils  drowsiness  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k     
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Like Never Before
Cilan's smooth lips landed on her ear, "You have such a tempting taste."
She stared at his hand and saw the key.

/He's doing the same thing… He's giving up on me…/

She took the key out of his palm with shaking fingers.

/What am I saying? Didn't he prove time and time again that he doesn't love me? So why?/

Cilan stood up and was about to take his leave, but stopped.

/Why does my heart keep telling me he does? It's just like before. I can only be obsessed with him from a distance./

His voice bought her back into reality, "Chili, made you dinner?"

Her eyes looked up at his face inquiringly, "Oui."

Clian's eyes hardened, "Did you tell him about us?"

Burgundy glared then, "I told him you left me for her."

Cilan was about to protest and tell her to stop acting like Iris had, but then he realized that it was true. He had left Burgundy for Iris.
Pokémon  Cilan/Burgundy  author:XXTeddyGirlXX  animeverse  post-canon  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  minor-Cilan/Iris  minor-Ash/Misty  alternating-POV  established-relationship  flashbacks  Pokémon-battles  rain  breakups  crying  denial  eavesdropping  possessiveness  pining  pining!Burgundy  jealousy  first-dates  cooking  flirting  nightmares  misunderstandings  reconciliation  literally-sleeping-together  hugs  showering-together  marriage-proposals  Christmas  pregnancy  children  mild-OOCness  site:FFN  word-count:10-20k 
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
we only have each other
Elsa and Hans make their way down the mountain, battling the winter elements, assassination attempts, and painful personal history - small change compared to what's in store for them back home.
/Fear is like a skeleton. It’s what builds you into the person you are, and it keeps you that way./
Frozen  Hans/Elsa  author:perennial  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  canon-divergence  alternating-POV  minor-Hans/Anna  minor-Kristoff/Anna  restraints  observation  concussions  dizziness  hurt!Elsa  horse-riding  nightmares  avalanches  loss-of-consciousness  hugs  imprisonment  vertigo  misunderstandings  hurt!Hans  blood  fatigue  crying  near-death  grief  healing-tears  parties/celebrations  reconciliation  dancing  pining  pining!Elsa  mutual-pining  fic  site:AO3  word-count:40-50k     
february 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
the hardest thing i'll ever have to lie
“Look, Newbie,” he said, not even trying to hide the panic seeping into his voice this time as he started to back away. “Just go to bed. I’m leaving now, just -”

“I’m in love with you.”

He froze.

(or; JD gets drunk and Perry takes him home. JD makes a confession that has the potential to change, well, everything.)
“Do you remember,” he said hoarsely, “what you said last night, Newbie?”

JD felt his blood run cold. No, he didn’t remember what he’d said last night, but judging by the older man’s face, it hadn’t been anything good.
Scrubs  JD/Cox  author:lunarqueens  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  bars/nightclubs  intoxication  hangovers  crying  headaches  pining  mutual-pining  pining!JD  pining!Cox  love-confessions  drunken-love-confessions  accidental-love-confessions  denial  avoidance  confrontations  hair-pulling  hugs  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k     
january 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Till I End My Song
For this prompt at sherlockbbc_fic:

‘I have seen Sherlock suicide fic, but I want me some John suicide fic. Whether he lives is up to the anon. Established Sherlock/John preferred but not necessary.’
Sherlock’s heart dropped into his stomach as he closed his mobile and shouted for Lestrade.

“I need to get back to Baker Street, now,” he gritted out between clenched teeth as he grabbed Lestrade’s elbow and dragged him towards a patrol car.

“Sherlock!” Lestrade spluttered. “Wait. Why do you need to go back—you just got here,” he said as he opened the driver’s door.

Sherlock fairly sprinted around the car and flung himself into the passenger seat. “Because that was John on the phone and I think he’s trying to commit suicide right now.”
SherlockBBC  Sherlock/John  author:nickelsandcoats  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  established-relationship  hurt!John  PTSD  panic-attacks  crying  hugs  suicide-attempt  drug-overdose  loss-of-consciousness  near-death  hospitalisation  bedside-vigils  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
january 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
“You don't want to do this.” Mycroft promised, “Dr Watson.”

“My name is John.”

“John.” Mycroft breathed, “Please.”
John huffed and rolled his eyes, his dream Sherlock was for more considerate than the real one ever was “I'm fine. I have – moments. When you're not here but I don't want to – well, you know.”

Sherlock brightened at the comment and smiled shyly “Good. The world needs John Watson.”

“John Watson needs Sherlock Holmes.” John responded with a deep ache in his chest.
SherlockBBC  Sherlock/John  author:KittieHill  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  hurt/comfort  grief  hurt!John  suicide-attempt  near-death  dosing  loss-of-consciousness  hospitalisation  restraints  deception  love-confessions  literally-sleeping-together  crying  hugs  drug-overdose  vomiting  induced-vomiting  confrontations  punching  cuts  blood  showering-together  scars  sexual-content  dry-humping  hurt!Sherlock  reconciliation  observation  loss-of-virginity  blowjobs  frottage  neck-play  hickeys  OOCness  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k 
january 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
With Your Crooked Heart
The words that appear on your wrist after birth lead you to your soulmate, so it should be no surprise to John that Sherlock's are blank, or that his own lead him to Sherlock.
SherlockBBC  Sherlock/John  author:positivelymeteoric  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  AU  Soulmate-AU  soul-connections  denial  pining  pining!John  mutual-pining  nightmares  punching  grief  nasal-trauma  blood  hurt!Sherlock  hugs  crying  reconciliation  jealousy  misunderstandings  fic  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k   
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Sherlock discovers why Watson is really bothered by the rumors about their relationship and his “confirmed bachelorhood.”
“You aren’t resentful of your bachelorhood, or cross because people think we’re romantically involved. You're mortified. You thought you were hiding your feelings so well, but everyone knows the truth. I’ve worked it out too.”

“Worked what out?” Watson stammers, exasperated. I nodded. “What else could there possibly be to discover? Didn’t you deduce everything there was to possibly know about me the moment we met?”

“The human mind is a beautiful thing, Watson. Ever changing, constantly adapting, and evolving. Over the last few months, /you/ have fallen in love with me. Don’t bother denying anything, it’s written all over your face.” John collapses into a chair and holds his head in his hands. I would have thought he’d be glad to know he doesn’t have to hide anymore.
SherlockBBC  Sherlock/John  author:mnstrtruckslash  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  observation  deduction  pining  pining!John  mutual-pining  crying  one-shot  site:LJ  word-count:<1k     
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Plausible Deniability
After an accident, House wakes up in the hospital with no memory of what got him there.
“House, I don’t need you to be off Vicodin for that. If you feel that you need it, then I’ll support you. I’m not going to fight you on it anymore.”

House smiles again at that and the look on his face tells Wilson that he’d expected that answer. Wilson feels his pulse flutter again and it’s also then that he notices that House’s hands are shaking slightly.

“Exactly,” House answers, as if Wilson is a star pupil who just answered a difficult question. And maybe, Wilson thinks, he has just done exactly that.
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:writerdot  S7  post-Huddy-arc  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  mystery  alternating-POV  flashbacks  hospitalisation  hurt!House  headaches  amnesia  post-traumatic-amnesia  retrograde-amnesia  dehydration  House’s-leg-pain  nausea  vomiting  loss-of-consciousness  sleep-deprivation  fatigue  hurt!Wilson  dislocations  dislocated-shoulder/s  crying  panic-attacks  drowsiness  punching  intoxication  nightmares  strained/broken-friendships  reconciliation  observation  confrontations  realisation-of-feelings  deduction/induction  love-confessions  fic  site:AO3  word-count:20-30k   
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My Lunch
JDox have been together for nearly a year, since the beginning of season 5. Instead of Perry breaking down at the end of 5x20 “My Lunch,” it's JD. He blames himself for Jill's death and he successfully convinces Perry, Turk, Carla, and Elliot that he's perfectly okay.
Scrubs  JD/Cox  author:pcrrycox  author:cdawn1022  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  canon-divergence  established-relationship  hurt!JD  sleep-deprivation  fatigue  suicide-attempt  near-death  nightmares  drug-overdose  denial  hospitalisation  bedside-vigils  crying  hugs  mild-OOCness  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
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Kutner's Teachings
In the wake of an argument between Wilson and House, Wilson gets an unexpected visit from beyond the grave to show him House's past and future.
"This isn't a joke, Wilson. Do you need proof? Ask me a question, anything, and I'll answer it for you. It's one of the perks of being dead."

Wilson swallowed. "What am I thinking right now?"

Kutner gave him a thin smile. "And I quote, 'holy shit holy shit holy shit, how the hell is Kutner talking to me right now, House must have put LSD in my coffee when I wasn't paying attention, or am I hallucinating…"

He stared at Wilson, who was now breathing rapidly. "Should I go on?"

Wilson took a shuddering breath. "What number am I thinking of, between one and one billion?"

Kutner blinked. "You aren't thinking of a number. You're thinking, 'I won't think of a number, and when he says one I'll know I'm not totally insane."

Wilson sat down on the couch, feeling like the wind had been knocked out of him.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

House's dad opened the door. House jumped up, standing rigidly as his father advanced on him like a predatory animal.

"So, boy," his dad said menacingly, none of the false sweetness from dinner in his voice any longer. "Your mother tells me you mouthed off to her today while I was at the base."

House quivered, paling. "No, sir."

"No?" he questioned sharply, taking a step forward. House seemed to fighting with himself to not flee in the opposite direction.

"N-No," he repeated, swallowing. "I… was telling her what a star was made of."

His father sneered. "You /corrected/ her."

A small pearl of determination bloomed on House's face, an expression that Wilson knew well. "She was wrong."

Without warning, John's hand snapped out and backhanded his son across the face. Wilson felt the impact like John had hit him instead of his son.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

/'What was that?'/ he thought, as he heard a car pull up in front of his building. With a sense of foreboding, they both realized that it was Wilson pulling up.

/Oh, no. Not him./

Wilson felt sort of hurt, until he heard House's next thought. /‘I don't want to snap at him. But I don't want him to see me like this. It'll kill him.'/

/'And on top of this, I can't deal with a lecture, which he's sure to give me when I mention that I need my prescription refilled, again. "You're abusing them, House. You're addicted, House"'/ he mocked, his mind mimicking Wilson's voice perfectly. Wilson flinched to hear his own harsh words like that. /'For God's sake, I'm/ dependent. /Without them I'd be in pain like this on a regular basis. But does he know about that? No. And do I plan on telling him that? Obviously not.'/

It seemed like House was defending Wilson in his own mind. Wilson couldn't help but feel he didn't really deserve it.

House sighed. /'Can you blame him, Greg? The things are killing you. But I need them. They're the only things that work without making me fuzzy. It's not like I work on morphine, I'm not that stupid.'/

House was arguing with himself, back and forth. /'I've tried a hundred other things. Nothing works. And even now, Vicodin fails me sometimes. Damn it! I'm so/ tired /of being in pain!'/

Wilson heard himself knock on the door. /'No. Please, Wilson, go away. I don't want to rip you apart. You're all I have.'/

Of course, he opened the door. Wilson felt a vague sense of disgust for himself as he unlocked the door, striding in.

From this angle, of course, he could see what he hadn't last night. House was breathing fast, pain making his thoughts bump and hitch like a car on a dirt road. His eyes were tightly shut and sweat was dripping down his neck, drenching his tee shirt.

House opened his eyes, turning with effort to look at Wilson. /'Gotta get him out of here before I get another cramp. I can't put him back in that pitiful position, man's gotta live his own life. Come on Greg, suck it up. You know he'll see it on your face if you let him, and it's only a matter of time before he's tired of you… just like Stacy was.'/

House's real voice was much steadier than his thoughts, and Wilson took a moment to marvel at how well he hid the pain. "Go away, Wilson. I'm tired and I don't feel like it tonight."

His thoughts held more truth. /'God, I sound like a total ass. But that's the goal, isn't it? Better if he gets mad, than if he gives up all together.'/

House got desperate as Wilson came closer. /'He gets around the couch, and he'll know something's wrong, and he'll freak.'/ "Did you not hear me? Get the hell out!"

/'Damn!'/ House thought as another cramp began. Wilson swallowed as his inner dialogue faded to a bad cell phone connection. /'Calm down, Greg. Calm down or you're going to scream out loud, and he'll never leave you alone.'/

Wilson wanted to slap himself.


/'Because I don't want to snap at you and say something incredibly awful because I'm in pain. Because I still want you to want to be around me on good days, because I need you. You're all I have.'/

"I don't want you here?" /'God, that came out as a question. Be more forceful, or he's not going to believe you!'/

Wilson had snapped then. "Really? You really don't? Because I seem to be over here a lot when you supposedly don't want me, but it seems like I do a lot of cleaning up your wasted ass for you to resent me."

/'Yeah, you do. And thank you./ Thank /you. But I don't want your pity. Tonight, you need to leave, because you/ don't /need to see me in breakthrough pain. I might get past even your needy meter, and then you'll leave me alone and won't come back, and I'll end up killing myself.'/

"That's fine with me, Jimmy, if you need to stroke your ego by hanging around a needy cripple. But tonight, you need to go back to your lonely apartment, with no wife to keep you company, and leave me the hell alone!"

/'Jesus Christ, that was harsh. But look at his face. He should be mad enough to leave you alone now, and he won't have to stick around to keep me together. I can manage. I think.'/

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"Actually, I'm going to be late."

"And /why/ is that?"

/'Because I made Wilson mad last night, and he doesn't want to deal with me, and I don't want to have a spasm in the car and crash, and I physically/ can not /ride my bike at the moment, and I don't want to get on a bus because every time I do I think about Wilson's dead girlfriend, so I'm going to have to call a cab. Because I need to eat/ something /before I pass out from low blood sugar, and I have nothing except a jar of peanut butter in the pantry. Because the fact that I'm coming into work at all should shock you, but it doesn't, because you don't actually care and neither does anyone else, but that's to be expected because I treat you all like the sticky stuff I find under my Nikes.'/

"Having a bit of car trouble."

:::::☆ ☆:::::

House's eyes found his, the diagnostician's filled with stunned disbelief. "Wilson… what're you..?"

Wilson cut him off, picking up the syringe and slowly pushing the drugs into House's system. "House, again, you're an /idiot/. When you're in pain… just /tell/ me."

House just stared at him, his eyes clouding slightly as the drug entered into his system. "But how'd you…"

Wilson grinned, recognizing his friend was more than a little goofy under the influence of strong narcotics. "Call it my spidey-senses."

House's eyes fluttered. He was exhausted, mentally and physically beat by the past few days. However, he fought the drugs and the rest they promised, gripping Wilson's shirt.

"Where were you 'day?" House demanded groggily. "Cuddy said… fam' 'mergency."

Wilson shook his head. Even dealing with his own hell, House still managed to worry about him. "It was nothing, House. I just played hooky."

House grinned. "Slimy… bastard…" he accused Wilson playfully. Then he dropped like a rock in the water, his head landing on the couch with a thud as he began to sleep well for the first time in days. His arm slipped down, relaxed hand no longer clutching Wilson's dress shirt.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Wilson glanced at the TV; it had changed to a funny ad on condoms. It looked like a small child was rolling around on the floor of a super market, throwing a fit. His father was unsuccessfully trying to get him to stop. A close up of the man's exasperated face was followed by the words "Use… Condoms."
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:Harper-Penn  S6  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  flashbacks  arguments  strained/broken-friendships  ghosts  mind-reading  observation  child-abuse  pain-sharing  hurt!House  torture  burns  fractures  dislocations  dislocated-shoulder  crying  House’s-leg-pain  muscle-cramps  emotion-sharing  sleep-deprivation  misunderstandings  nausea  dry-heaving  muscle-strains  fatigue  self-neglect  cooking  moving-in-together  living-together  literally-sleeping-together  cuddling  fic  site:FFN  word-count:10-20k 
december 2017 by SHSL_Fangirl
Hybrid Rainbow
Based on music by the Japanese band The Pillows. Set in Season 3 right after House punches Chase in the face. Wilson pushes House to make things right with Chase after the diagnostician’s leg and shoulder start hurting worse than normal. He misses Chase at work so he goes to the young man’s apartment and gets more than he planned for when he sees Chase’s guitar. House really should learn not to judge a book by its cover.

[Sequel: ‘Crazy Sunshine’]
HouseM.D.  House/Chase  author:judasmalfoy  S1/2/3  S3  Tritter-arc  romance  humour  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  canon-divergence  House’s-leg-pain  hurt!House  pets  car-trouble  motorcycles  neck-play  biting  avoidance  misunderstandings  hurt!Chase  confrontations  drowsiness  literally-sleeping-together  drug-overdose  crying  hugs  sexual-content  blowjobs  masturbation  detoxing  nausea  OOCness  fic  site:FFN  word-count:30-40k 
december 2017 by SHSL_Fangirl
Anger and Balconies Don't Mix
After Wilson has a disturbing encounter with a patient he goes over to House to vent but what happens when you mix an icy, snowy balcony with an angry Oncologist?
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:pisces317  S8  romance  hurt/comfort  established-relationship  punching  hurt!Wilson  black-eye/s  fractures  muscle-strains  accidents  groin-strain/s  crying  dosing  loss-of-consciousness  bedside-vigils  muscle-cramps  fic  site:FFN  word-count:1-5k 
december 2017 by SHSL_Fangirl
If Wilson was there, he'd spout some nonesense about House subconsciously punishing himself.
An image of Wilson - superman pose, and all - appeared before his eyes. House blamed the alcohol: "You want to be miserable, that's the real reason why you hurt Chase like that. Why won't you let yourself be happy for once, House? You're punishing yourself for not curing the patient in time, I understand that, but you love him and he loves you. What's the problem?"

:::::☆ ☆:::::

House frowned, feeling the ache in his chest once again. He stared down at the floor sadly, guilty and self-pitying all of a sudden. Maybe subconscious Wilson had a point... Maybe he had been trying to punish himself.

Maybe he DID love Chase.
HouseM.D.  House/Chase  author:xmywastedyouth  S1/2/3  romance  angst  established-relationship  sabotage  self-sabotage  manipulation  ostensible-infidelity  living-together  denial  hurt!Chase  crying  hurt!House  one-shot  site:LJ  word-count:<1k   
december 2017 by SHSL_Fangirl
Esprit de Corps
Chase is angry, not at his father, or the world, or even at himself. He knows who he's angry with and he needs a confrontation.
"You're a cold hearted bastard, you know that?"

"Hi, Greg House, I don't think we've met."

"What gave you the right to keep that from me? You knew… you knew he was dying and you didn't tell me?" He was shouting now, the anger had taken over, and House finally stood and stepped out from behind his desk.

"Maybe I should have told you, but what you have done if you knew?"

"I wouldn't have fought with him. I'd have said goodbye, I'd have… what does it matter? You wouldn't understand… I'd have made things better, easier…"

"For who? Everything I know about you tells me you and your dad fought tooth and nail about everything. If you'd known, you'd have stopped that? It wouldn't have changed anything – you'd have done what you could so you didn't feel guilty about hating him when he died. It would have been easier on you, maybe, not on anyone else." House lowered his voice and took an unsteady step forwards. "Maybe I should have told you, I almost did once. But really, it wouldn't have mattered. He'd still be dead, and you'd still hate him. The only thing that would have changed is that you'd hate yourself as well."
HouseM.D.  House/Chase  author:WhiskyInMind  S1/2/3  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  emotional-hurt/comfort  minor-character-death  canonical-character-death  observation  deduction  confrontations  punching  hugs  crying  sexual-content  hickeys  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k     
december 2017 by SHSL_Fangirl
Wilson is having a difficult time recovering from a nasty concussion.

[Sequel to ‘Another Chance’]
"You don't know what it was like for me," Wilson said, his voice almost a whisper.

"I do know."

"How could you?"

House looked at his friend. "Because I know you."
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:Rennie51  S1/2/3  romance  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  humour  alternating-POV  established-relationship  hurt!Wilson  concussions  post-concussion-syndrome  second-impact-syndrome  headaches  dizziness  fatigue  drowsiness  personality-changes  irritability  insomnia  panic-attacks  lacerations  blood  neurological-exams  hospitalisation  restraints  bedside-vigils  medication-mix-ups  hurt!House  House’s-leg-pain  cuts  observation  manipulation  literally-sleeping-together  crying  flirting  biting  attempted-rape/non-con  groin-attacks  sequel  fic  site:FFN  word-count:10-20k   
december 2017 by SHSL_Fangirl
Things that go bump at a reunion
After Todd discovered that Neil was still alive in Secrets revealed, he decided it was time for a reunion of the Dead Poets

[Part 2 of the ‘Dead Poets Reunion’ series; sequel to ‘Secrets Revealed’; sequel: ‘If only you’d been there for me’]
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:DarlingHilson  S1/2/3  romance  emotional-hurt/comfort  angst  established-relationship  crossover  Dead-Poets-Society  minor-Neil/Todd  implied/referenced-suicide-attempt  implied/referenced-self-harm  infidelity  arguments  breakups  crying  fic  sequel  mild-OOCness  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k 
december 2017 by SHSL_Fangirl
Another Chance
House believes something terrible has happened to Wilson.
House sat slumped over his best friend's desk in the darkened office, his forehead resting on his hands. He couldn't remember ever feeling this lost before. He had experienced tragedy in his life, but nothing that cut this deeply. He felt as if he had fallen into an abyss, continuing to fall farther and farther into despair, helpless against the grief that slowly enveloped him.

"Damn you, Wilson," he managed to choke out, pounding his fist on the desk. He let out a small sob.

At that moment, he heard a key in the lock followed by the door slowly opening. Someone entered the office.

[Sequel: ‘Recovery’]
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:Rennie51  S1/2/3  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  alternating-POV  grief  crying  hugs  pining  pining!House  literally-sleeping-together  flirting  carjacking  hurt!Wilson  cuts  blood  concussions  headaches  loss-of-consciousness  dizziness  vertigo  nausea  vomiting  weight-loss  hospitalisation  dehydration  bedside-vigils  neurological-exams  amnesia  post-traumatic-amnesia  retrograde-amnesia  irritability  fatigue  drowsiness  mild-sexual-content  fic  site:FFN  word-count:10-20k   
december 2017 by SHSL_Fangirl
A rewrite of the ending to "Help Me".
"It wasn't good enough, was it? Hanna is still dead and I'm still a pathetic bastard who's going to die miserable and alone."

With my thumb I gently stroked the inside of his wrist, hoping to calm him a little. Instead he tensed up even more, like he was expecting a blow. Like he was expecting me to scream and yell at him. Like he was expecting me to agree with all the terrible things he had been saying about himself since I got there. He was on the edge, teetering, ready to fall and break apart unless I pulled him back right then and there.

"House," I began, "if you're all alone, why am I here with you now?"
HouseM.D.  House/Wilson  author:Enlee  S6  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  minor-Wilson/Sam  minor-Lucas/Cuddy  canon-divergence  hurt!House  cuts  crying  hugs  minor-character-death  canonical-character-death  one-shot  site:FFN  word-count:1-5k   
december 2017 by SHSL_Fangirl
What if Chase had gone to speak to House instead of snooping around? What could a confrontation have lead to?
HouseM.D.  House/Chase  author:Aspermoth  S1/2/3  S1  Vogler-arc  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  canon-divergence  hurt!Chase  pining  pining!Chase  confrontations  crying  love-confessions  one-shot  site:FFN  word-count:1-5k     
november 2017 by SHSL_Fangirl

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