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The Field Trip
Archie and Maxie are two single dads volunteering for a weekend trip to Mt. Chimney. It's been a long time since Maxie has been with anyone and upon meeting Archie, he finds himself fighting strong feelings for the other man. Will he be able to survive the weekend as a responsible chaperon or will he find himself struggling to keep things G-rated?
Pokémon  Archie/Maxie  author:KitsunaRi  RSE/ORAS  romance  humour  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  AU  Single-Parent-AU  minor-Brendan/May  Maxie-POV  Archie-POV  first-meetings  denial  accidental-sleep  sharing-a-room  flirting  sexual-content  masturbation  observation  attacks  Pokémon-battles  hurt!Maxie  head-trauma  brain-injury  concussions  lacerations  blood  headaches  dizziness  physical-support  loss-of-consciousness  caresses  hurt!Archie  dislocations  dislocated-shoulder/s  near-death  hospitalisation  slings  kissing  crying  neck-play  hickeys  blowjobs  frottage  teasing  begging  anal-fingering  anal-sex  cuddling  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k 
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On Hold
Morty goes off to college and he is not as thrilled with the experience as he thought he'd be.
“You’re a—y-you’re a good kid, Morty,” He mumbles out, body swaying until Morty steadies him into something more upright.
“Thanks Rick,” Morty responds, and feels his chest expand like it normally does when Rick graces him with a rare compliment. Rick nods his head above him drunkenly.
“Y-yeah, my—my good boy, Morty,” He murmurs, tone almost possessive, and Morty feels himself blush.
“Ah, gee, Rick…” He says, at a loss for words. He’s about to say something about Rick not being so bad himself when suddenly Rick speaks again, his voice somber and heavy.
“Morty—I-I—I love you, you know.”
Morty halts.
He processes the words slowly; turns it over in his mind, and struggles to find a reason why his surly, emotionally constipated grandfather just said that to him.

A look of worry settled over his face when he came up with the only possible explanation.
“A-are you dying or something, Rick?”
Rick huffed out a mirthless laugh and his body sagged further into Morty. The arm Morty held over his shoulders tightened until suddenly he found himself in some version of an embrace. He glanced up at Rick, confused, and was alarmed to see unshed tears in his grandfather’s eyes.
“R-rick?” He stuttered out. “W-w-what—are you actually dying?”
“I feel like it.” Rick said hollowly and he brought his other arm up to wrap Morty up in a crushing hug. “I feel like I’m fucking dying, Morty.”
Morty opened his mouth to speak when suddenly Rick shifted his head and threw up against the floor.
“Aw, Rick!” Morty cried and scrambled them away from the vomit on the floor.
“S-sorry, Morty—shit—I—“ Rick’s voice hitched and something wet plopped against Morty’s cheek and trailed lazily down his face. He flinches, thinking it’s residual vomit, but then he looks up and sees that his grandfather is quietly weeping.
“H-hey,” Morty says softly, heart plummeting at the sight. He brushes his hand against Rick’s tear streaked face and Rick chokes on a sob as he leans into Morty’s palm. Morty is stunned by the show of weakness, of the vulnerability Rick is showing, and something heavy settles in his gut at the sight.
“It’s okay, Rick. I-I’ll clean it up. Don’t cry.”
Rick doesn’t answer; he just clings to Morty for dear life and quietly sobs against his palm.
“Don’t leave,” Rick begs and Morty nods his head rapidly, nervously.
“I-I won’t,” He assures the distraught older man, eager to comfort him and stop his tears. “You can sleep in my bed tonight.”

:::::☆ ☆:::::

“Don’t go,” He mumbles.
“I-I’m not,” Morty replies. “I’m right here.”
/You’re in my bed/, he wants to say in exasperation.
“Don’t go to college,” Rick elucidates. Morty’s hand stills from where it still rests against Rick’s back and he suddenly pulls away, vexed.
“We talked about this, Rick. I want to go to college.” He tells the older man, his shoulders beginning to hunch with his ire.
“I can teach you anything you need to know,” Rick retorts hotly. “Florida is—that’s far away, Morty. That place—d-d-do you know how many murders happen there, Morty? I can turn on Dateline and watch five consecutive episodes of murder in that state.”
“C’mon, Rick,” Morty begins, annoyed. “You just want me to stay to be your human cloaking device.”
Rick grows silent at his words and Morty thinks for a brief moment that the argument has ended.
“Wh-wh-who’s going to—who’s going to save you?” Rick asks, voice soft, forlorn.
Morty rolls his eyes.
“I’m going to, to /college/, Rick—n-not war. I-I-I should be okay.”
Another beat of silence.
“Who’s going to save me?”
Morty’s brows furrowed and he looked down at his grandfather’s shaded face. He couldn’t discern his features but he had sounded almost fragile as he asked that question.

“…You’re thinking on scenarios that will never happen, Rick.” He finally says.
“Y-yeah, of course—I—“ Rick’s breath hitched and his next words warbled. “Fuck—d-d-don’t look, Morty.” He said and he turned away to scrub a vicious palm against his face.
Morty doesn’t say anything even as Rick finally turns back to him and presses his face against his hair. He doesn’t comment on the arm Rick throws over his body or the tears that settle wetly against his scalp.
Morty doesn’t say anything at all and he wonders if maybe he probably should have as he packs up the next day.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Morty takes in the puffiness of Rick’s lids and the red that marbles his eyes as he approaches. There’s a slouch in his shoulder’s and a subdued pace to his gait that makes Morty’s mouth curl down into a sad frown.
“Are you okay?” Morty asked when Rick stopped next to his window and he feels like he’d asked Rick that question a thousands times now.
Rick ran a hand through his tousled hair before meeting Morty’s face solemnly.
“Yeah. Just—j-j-just thinking on scenarios that’ll never happen.” Morty’s mouth slides further down and Rick notices and shakes his head with a quiet huff.
“Y-you—you’re going to do great, Morty.”
The same elation that came with Rick’s praise filled his chest but it was stifled at Rick’s somber tone.
“Thanks, Rick,” He intoned softly when he realized that was all Rick was going to say. He started the car, put it into drive, and was just about to push down on the gas pedal when Rick leant in through the window and pressed his lips against his temple.
Morty’s breath hitched and he pressed briefly on the gas, lurching the car forward.
He swings his startled gaze to Rick.
“I love you, Morty,” Rick said and Morty’s mouth moved without sound. Rick turned away and walked back to the house before he could find his voice again.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

It isn’t until two weeks into school and Morty is half-way through a class that he is jolted with a sudden realization.
Rick hadn’t been—every time he’s told Morty he’d loved him he had been professing his love for him /romantically/!
/“Call me when you’re ready, alright?”/
His sentence suddenly makes sense and he is so startled by the epiphany that he abruptly stood up during the lecture and garnered everyone’s attention while doing so.
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:Blue10spades  romance  hurt/comfort  emotional-hurt/comfort  angst-with-a-happy-ending  incest  aged-up-character/s  Morty-POV  late-night-encounters  heavily-drunk!Rick  physical-support  love-confessions  misinterpreted-love-confessions  hugs  vomiting  crying  caresses  cuddling  literally-sleeping-together  kisses  obliviousness  oblivious!Morty  pining  pining!Rick  mutual-pining  pining!Morty  parties/celebrations  sleep-deprivation  fatigue  accidental-sleep  realisation-of-feelings  fic  site:AO3  word-count:1-5k   
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Feel You in My Bones
There would have been nothing unusual about the dreams at all, really, if Morty hadn't woken after each and every one with a fierce and unrelenting erection.
Morty was surprised how much it hurt when he finally realised that he wasn't Rick's original Morty. It struck him in the center of his chest and spread to the tips of his fingers, a strange sort of grief.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

Late one night, as he lay in bed not sleeping, Morty's phone rang. The number was long and unfamiliar, and his blood stopped cold.

"Hello?" Morty answered quickly, and hoped his voice wouldn't sound as desperate through the receiver as it did in the loneliness of his room.

No voice answered, only the muffled honking of passing cars and heavy footsteps falling on pavement. Distantly, the 'aga blagh blagh' of a loud Garblovian could be heard.

Morty felt heavy with all the things that he wanted to say, but none of them seemed to make it any further than the tip of his tongue.

"Come home, Rick." He said at last, a simple, fervent plea.

A long, pained exhale was the only reply, and the line cut out.

Morty let the phone fall out of his hand and on to the pillow, feeling somehow more hollow than before.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

The next day at school, as Morty watched his feet fall on the hall's checkered laminate floor, something Rick had once said to him swam unbidden to the forefront of his mind. '/It goes without saying that the Rickest Rick would have the Mortiest Morty/,' the voice rang in his head. Morty felt like an idiot. He should have known, even then, that Rick wasn't talking about him.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"You're my grandson." Rick replied at last, soft and sober. "It's wrong."

Morty was shocked, before bursting into laughter, loud and harsh. Of all the excuses he had expected from Rick, this was the worst.  

Morty knew about grandparents. They were lame Christmas presents under the tree, awkward Thanksgiving dinners across an unfamiliar table, birthday cards in the mail. They were lipstick-smearing kisses and 'look at how much you've grown', or 'how old are you now, my boy?' or 'you look so like your father did at your age'. Rick was about as far away from being a grandparent as you could get.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"I'm not even 'your' Morty!" He shouted, suddenly furious. "That-that eye patch Morty, that 'evil' Morty," he took a deep, shuddering breath, and thought, /I'm finally saying it/. "He's your real Morty, isn't he? I'm just a - a replacement!"

A dark cloud passed over Rick's face, and all the gentleness in him was gone.

"Is that fuck - is that what you fucking think?" Rick thundered, and Morty took a hasty step back. "You think I-I-I - that I /abandoned/ my real grandson in that fucking Morty-torture dimension and what, murdered your grandpa to steal his family?"

/Well, yes/, Morty thought, all his confidence shaken.

"H-he, what he did, the way he looked at you," Morty stammered. "He hates you-"

"He hates /every/ Rick," Rick retorted bitingly. "Because his Rick was some evil asshole who - who didn't keep his distance, okay? Who took more than - who got too fucking close!"

Realisation dawned on Morty in a terrible, long sweep.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"It won't be enough." Rick ground out, as though every word were painful to say. "Whatever you give me, i-it won't - I'll want more. I want it all."

"I know." He said. He'd always known. Once would never be enough, for either of them.

"I'm a selfish bastard, Morty." Rick threatened. "I'll take it. I'll take what I want from you."

"It's already yours." Morty replied, reaching for the collar of his coat.

Rick's expression faltered. Morty could see the cogs in his brain turning at light speed, searching for the right thing to say to make him understand. "I'm not going to keep saying no, Morty."

"Then don't." Morty said, as he dragged Rick's mouth back down to meet his own.

:::::☆ ☆:::::

"This isn't gonna have a happy ending, Morty." Rick's voice rumbled beside him. "It'd have to be a secret, from everyone we know."

"Yeah." Morty replied. He had been keeping secrets for as long as he could remember.

"And I'm not getting any younger. Well, unless Operation Phoenix 2.0 succeeds-"

"Rick, listen." Morty interrupted, turning his head to look at his grandfather's face. "I'm not here with you because you're, like, the best choice out of a list of - of viable candidates, okay? There's no one else. Never going to be anyone else, I think. And I've... I'm okay with that. I mean, shit, Rick, how many people ever get what we have, anyway? O-our adventures, if they've taught me anything, it's that there's so little happiness in the universe, you can't let any of it slip away, you know? And this, being here with you... this makes me happy."

:::::☆ ☆:::::

The Citadel was, as always, filled with Ricks and Mortys milling about together, standing, sitting, talking. But now Morty saw, there was something off about them; in the way they angled their bodies toward each other, a subtle difference in the nature of their expressions, a softness reflected in their eyes.

/It can't be/-

"Hey, come on, buddy," the Morty behind him complained. "You're, you know, you're holding up the line here."

"You're going to have to wait a moment, sir," the Security Morty replied. "This Morty hasn't written a date night into his contract yet."

"What?" A Morty further down the queue piped up. "Y-you gotta have at least one date night, man. And like, w-what are your signals? How are you gonna know when you're needed in the garage and when you're '/needed in the garage/'? You gotta think about this stuff!"


"Come on, man!"

"Get your shit together!"

At the Security Morty's insistence, Morty stepped out of the line, contract held weakly in his hands as orders to review his requests echoed dully in his ears.

Morty found his Rick standing in the center of the grounds, indelicately rinsing his mouth out with the contents of his flask and spitting into a nearby water fountain.

"Guess we all caved." Rick said as Morty approached him, completely unsurprised.

"We..." Morty breathed, as all around them, for every conceivable dimension within the central finite curve, there stood a Rick and a Morty, hovering just a little too close, gazing at each other just a little too long. "Were we the last ones?"

"Looks like it." Rick belched, kicking his heel against the side of the fountain, dislodging a sapling from the sole of his shoe.

Morty couldn't believe it. Somehow, in the space of a single day, they had gone from being completely irredeemable perverts to something approaching normality. He regarded the crowd with wonder, felt tension begin to ease itself from his shoulders as his gaze caught on one Rick in particular, holding his Morty's hand somewhat sheepishly.

"Ugh, how embarrassing." Rick groused beside him. "Hey, Z-501! You carry his pu/OHU/rse for him too?" He called, and loudly imitated the sound of a whip cracking.

Morty couldn't help but laugh, and Rick grinned at him in response, held his gaze. It was love, Morty realised then. Their own fucked up, messy version of it, but love all the same.

Morty turned away. "Wow, these Mortys," he said, clearing his throat. "They're really making some changes around here, huh, Rick?"

"Yeah, w-who knows?" Rick said. "Maybe they'll get their shit together, start the, uh, Interdimensional Council of Mortys." He shrugged, taking a swill from his flask and swishing it around his mouth again. "Anything is possible."

"Yeah," Morty smiled. "Anything is possible."

Morty leaned into Rick's side, and felt the man's hand come to rest on the small of his back. It was warm, as natural as breathing, ever so slightly possessive, and it made Morty's heart sing.

"Yo, C-137! Get a ro/OUO/om, loser!"
Rick-and-Morty  Rick/Morty  author:E707  episode:Close-Rick-counters-of-the-Rick-Kind  episode:Get-Schwifty  episode:The-Wedding-Squanchers  episode:The-Rickshank-Redemption  romance  angst-with-a-happy-ending  hurt/comfort  humour  minor-Morty/OFC  alternative-Ricks/Mortys  incest  underage  aged-up-character/s  timeskips  dreams  awkward-boners  pining  pining!Morty  mutual-pining  Evil-Morty  deduction  R&M-adventures  fantasies  attacks  coughing  blood  near-death  arguments  nightmares  feigning-sleep  wet-dreams  heavily-drunk!Rick  accidents  kissing  vomiting  physical-support  accidental-sleep  avoidance  disappearances  significant-departures  running-away  phone-calls  confrontations  punching  Spanish  confessions  misunderstandings  kisses  sexual-content  blowjobs  frottage  anal-fingering  anal-sex  possessiveness  caresses  cuddling  Citadel-of-Ricks  fic  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k      ! 
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5-2 Off Suit
The second Nonary Game is over, leaving its survivors hungry, tired, and stranded in Nevada. A road trip isn't what any of them want, but the only way out is forward and the only way forward is across a long, long stretch of desert.

(Alternately: Junpei and Snake share a hotel room, buy terrible clothing, and work out some feelings.)
Zero-Escape  Junpei/Light  author:Masu_Trout  999  post-999  romance  humour  light-angst  disabilities  blindness  prosthetic-arms/hands  Light’s-prosthetic-arm  flirting  accidental-sleep  Light-deduces-from-sound  deduction  hotels/motels  observation  realisation-of-feelings  pining  pining!Junpei  kissing  mild-sexual-content  misunderstandings  perceptive!Light  perceptive!Clover  kisses  literally-sleeping-together  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k     
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Good to Me (And I'd Be So Good to You)
Everyone returns to Hogwarts after the war, but nothing is quite the same. Harry's groupies are creepier than ever, Ron and Hermione are snogging all over the place, and the once-proud Draco is shuffling around like a kicked puppy. But that's okay: Harry's got a plan.
Harry-Potter  Draco/Harry  author:AWickedMemory  post-DH  Hogwarts-Eighth-Year  romance  humour  light-angst  minor-Ron/Hermione  manipulation  shopping  observation  accidental-sleep  realisation-of-feelings  pining  mutual-pining  Schrödinger’s-dating  arguments  kissing  love-confessions  one-shot  site:AO3  word-count:5-10k     
march 2018 by SHSL_Fangirl
Chase has a vivid imagination, but his mind often chooses the worst places and times to harass him with fantasies. And of his boss no less. He's taken to so many different places but it's no use if it's only fantasy. But perhaps... It won't remain that way.
HouseM.D.  House/Chase  author:SurprisinglySane  S1/2/3  romance  humour  hurt/comfort  light-angst  alternating-POV  minor-House/Cuddy  pining  pining!Chase  pining!House  jealousy  jealous!Chase  dreams  accidental-sleep  punching  hurt!Chase  caresses  kissing  mild-sexual-content  wet-dreams  neck-play  biting  hickeys  seduction  flirting  neckties  bars/nightclubs  love-confessions  accidental-love-confessions  avoidance  confrontations  piano-playing  tremors  mild-OOCness  Cameron-bashing  site:AO3  word-count:10-20k 
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