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WordPress the right way
This book is a condensed resource of best practices for and by WordPress developers, intended to fast track developers past common mistakes and painful problems. This is a living document and will…
opensource  code  webdev  php  free  book  wordpress 
october 2015 by Rude
More Transparent UI Code with Namespaces
6 March, 2015 When we work at scale, we often find that we spend a large amount of our time reading, maintaining, and refactoring existing code, rather than writing and adding new features. This is…
sass  methodology  css  webdev  code  bem  namespaces  ux 
march 2015 by Rude
bguzmanrio/maskjs What is Mask.js about? Mask.js is a simple functionality that you can use to force user met a pattern into inputs Dependencies? Mask.js works on most jQuery versions. Ma
webdev  forms  html  mask  javascript  validate  js 
december 2014 by Rude
uilang - a minimal, ui-focused programming language for web designers
js  javascript  library  webdev  ui  language  code  css 
september 2014 by Rude
Papa Parse: a powerful #jQuery plugin to parse CSV
csv  json  parse  convert  webdev  js  javascript  jquery  plugin 
august 2014 by Rude
Build Podcast | Screencasts on tech tools
An awesome podcast to get you started in web technologies. Build Podcast
technology  podcast  episodes  screencast  webdev  video  learning  learn 
june 2014 by Rude
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