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Operant Conditioning - Video
A very good summary of operant conditioning and how superstitions are acquired. Includes a golf-playing bird.
video  AS  A2  approaches  Skinner  behaviourism  superstition  conditioning  operant-conditioning  birds  fun  intelligence 
september 2008 by Psycholinks
Animal behaviour
A good guide to many aspects of animal behaviour and, particularly, classical and operant conditioning
a2  animals  animal-behaviour  comparative  classical-conditioning  conditioning  operant-conditioning  learning  Pavlov  Skinner  Watson  Thorndike  intelligence-and-learning  Intelligence 
november 2007 by Psycholinks
The History of Behaviourism
A quick history of Thorndike's, Watson's and Skinner's research and the history of behaviourism
behaviourism  Thorndike  Skinner  Watson  operant-conditioning  classical-conditioning  learning  AS  A2  approaches  perspective  conditioning 
january 2007 by Psycholinks

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