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Child Genius - take the genius quiz designed for 11 year olds
Take some of the MENSA child genius tests. Are you smarter than an 11 year old genius?
A2  intelligence-and-learning  intelligence  test  IQ  intelligence 
september 2013 by Psycholinks
The Flynn Effect for Different Countries
Discussion of the Flynn Effect and interesting data on IQ scores worldwide.
A2  intelligence-and-learning  IQ  psychometric  Flynn  Effect  intelligence 
september 2013 by Psycholinks
Effects of Iodine Deficiency - Video
Links to low IQ and is the world's leading nutrient deficiency. Connection to the theories of the evolution of human intelligence.
video  evolution-of-intelligence  A2  iodine  intelligence-and-learning  intelligence  IQ 
october 2012 by Psycholinks
Elizabeth Gilbert on intelligence, genius, creativity and hard work
Gilbert’s asserts that we use concepts like “genius” and “muse” to shield ourselves from the results of our own work and brings into question some of our most fundamental assumptions about creativity. Above all, Gilbert makes a powerful case for the tremendous importance of showing up — of good old-fashioned hard work — in the creative process, something we all intuitively understand but often roll our eyes at because it isn’t as exciting and glamorous and alluring as the prospect of a Eureka moment or a single flash of insight that magically transforms our mediocrity into genius.
a2  intelligence  intelligence-and-learning  video  talks  ted  creativity  fun 
july 2011 by Psycholinks
The social intelligence hypothesis - podcast or transcript
Really interesting discussion of the social intelligence hypothesis of the evolution of human intelligence.
A2  Intelligence  intelligence-and-learning  social-intelligence  evolution-of-intelligence 
november 2009 by Psycholinks
Savant Syndrome - Stephen Wiltshire's Gallery
Drawings by savant Stephen Wiltshire. The panoramas are drawn from memory after a single short helicopter ride over the city.
Intelligence  intelligence-and-learning  A2  savant-syndrome 
september 2009 by Psycholinks
Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns
A fab summary of where we are with the whole question of intelligence. You must read this document.
a2  intelligence-and-learning  intelligence  iq  nature-nurture  media:document 
september 2009 by Psycholinks
Operant Conditioning - Video
A very good summary of operant conditioning and how superstitions are acquired. Includes a golf-playing bird.
video  AS  A2  approaches  Skinner  behaviourism  superstition  conditioning  operant-conditioning  birds  fun  intelligence 
september 2008 by Psycholinks
Animal behaviour
A good guide to many aspects of animal behaviour and, particularly, classical and operant conditioning
a2  animals  animal-behaviour  comparative  classical-conditioning  conditioning  operant-conditioning  learning  Pavlov  Skinner  Watson  Thorndike  intelligence-and-learning  Intelligence 
november 2007 by Psycholinks

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