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Madness: The Talking Cure
Documentary by Jonathan Miller on the history of the talking cure.
AS  A2  video  talking  cure  psychoanalysis  Freud  hysteria  Jonathan  Miller  psychopathology  abnormal 
august 2014 by Psycholinks
Freud - The Cocaine Years
Freud believed that cocaine would work as a cure-all for many disorders and wrote a well-received paper, "On Coca," explaining its virtues. For a time, he even believed that the nose was the centre of all human illness - both physical and psychological.
Freud  cocaine  AS  A2  perspective  approaches  psychodynamic-theory  drugs  philosophy 
march 2007 by Psycholinks
Sigmund Freud - messiah or madman?
Excellent discussion by A C Grayling (philsopher) of Freud's theories and their place in psychology. Includes a brief description of the case of Emma Eckstein and her nasal reflex neurosis.
Freud  approaches  AS  A2  debates-synopticity  perspective  psychoanalysis  psychodynamic-theory  philosophy 
march 2007 by Psycholinks

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