Dogwood trail: Accessible multi-sensory trail in Ontario's McLaughlin Bay
In 1996, we constructed a unique trail system (The Dogwood Trail), designed in consultation with the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. Its purpose is to provide an opportunity for partially-sighted or visually-impaired individuals to share in the delights of nature that abounds in the Reserve. The Dogwood Trail is one of only a few such trails in North America.

The Reserve is situated on the north shore of Lake Ontario in south-east Oshawa, Ontario. It is readily visible from Highway 401 (Toronto to Montreal), and is located between the Second Marsh Wildlife Area (a Provincially Significant Wetland) on the west and Darlington Provincial Park (a heavily forested zone) on the east.
Ontario  travel  VisuallyImpaired  blind 
12 hours ago
Page 1 of 12 Long-Term Health Risks and Benefits Associated with Spay / Neuter in Dogs
On balance, it appears that no compelling case can be made for neutering most male dogs, especially immature male dogs, in order to prevent future health problems. The number of health problems associated with neutering may exceed the associated health benefits in most cases.

On the positive side, neutering male dogs
• eliminates the small risk (probably <1%) of dying from testicular cancer
• reduces the risk of non-cancerous prostate disorders
• reduces the risk of perianal fistulas
• may possibly reduce the risk of diabetes (data inconclusive)

On the negative side, neutering male dogs
• if done before 1 year of age, significantly increases the risk of osteosarcoma (bone cancer); this is a common cancer in medium/large and larger breeds with a poor prognosis.
• increases the risk of cardiac hemangiosarcoma by a
factor of 1.6
• triples the risk of hypothyroidism
• increases the risk of progressive geriatric cogniti
ve impairment
• triples the risk of obesity, a common health problem in dogs with many associated health problems
• quadruples the small risk (<0.6%) of prostate cancer
• doubles the small risk (<1%) of urinary tract cancers
• increases the risk of orthopedic disorders
• increases the risk of adverse reactions to vaccinations
dogs  health  neutering 
8 days ago
Google webfonts
Fonts you can embed on your site using CSS.
webfonts  website  webdev  how-to  CSS3 
18 days ago
"Type and typography on the web": fonts you can embed using CSS.
webfonts  website  webdev  how-to  Tools  CSS3 
18 days ago
A site for testing CSS on HTML.
html5  CSS3  testing  coding  Tools  webdev  website 
18 days ago
JS fiddle
A site for testing snippets of HTML, CSS, Javascript.
html5  CSS3  javascript  Tools  website  webdev  coding  testing 
18 days ago
A regular expression editor (designed for Ruby but works for HTML5 and JavaScript as well). Includes regex quick reference,
regex  how-to  validator  regular-expressions  coding  cheatsheet  testing 
25 days ago
HTML5 canvas tutorials
Canvas allows you to render graphics powered by Javascript. So throw away that flash code and dive into Canvas. Here you will find the best tutorials and resources to learn Canvas and other HTML5 aspects.
HTML5  how-to  image  graphic  tutorials  CSS3  testing 
25 days ago
SVG basics
Welcome to the SVGBasics tutorials. Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is a standard from the W3C which is built on top of XML. The SVG standard describes ways that graphics can be drawn for use on the web. I've assembled here some examples that you can freely modify and reuse. The idea is to cover the basics with numerous examples that people can experiment with to get an idea of what SVG can do.
webdev  how-to  SVG  image  graphic  CSS3 
25 days ago
Web Data Commons
info and stats about sites that use semantic data
semanticweb  microdata  data 
4 weeks ago
HTML5 Accessibility
This site tests which new HTML5 features are accessibly supported by major browsers. This includes if they are keyboard accessible, mapped to the platform accessibility APIs, and if any accessibility-related features are supported. An accessibly supported feature means it is usable by people who rely on assistive technology, without developers having to supplement with ARIA or other additional workarounds.
Accessibility  a11y  HTML5  tools  webdev 
4 weeks ago
HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly
Community site indicating which HTML5 elements are recommended.
html5  reference  css3  web  Tools 
4 weeks ago
Solid is an exciting new project led by Prof. Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, taking place at MIT. The project aims to radically change the way Web applications work today, resulting in true data ownership as well as improved privacy.
web  privacy  decentralisation  data-management  webofallthings 
5 weeks ago
Digital Learn (PLA)
Public Library Association site to teach people how to use computers.

If you are new to computers, haven't used them for a while, are a little unsure and uncomfortable, or just need a bit of a refresher, we have the tools to help you tackle technology at your own pace and gain the confidence you need to succeed.
user-education  tutorials  Online-learning  libraries  library-instruction 
8 weeks ago
GCF Learn Free
First, you need to know this: Everything at is completely free. There's no catch and no gotchas.

To get started, decide what you want to learn. We're known pretty well for our Technology and Microsoft Office tutorials, so if that's what you're interested in you can just click those tiles from the homepage and be on your way.

We also offer tutorials in Math, Work & Career, Reading, and Everyday Life. You can get to these from the homepage too.

If you have a specific question, you can use our search feature, available at the bottom of every page on our site.

If you just want to browse around, our All Topics page is a great place to start.
If you create an account (and you really don't have to), the self-paced tutorials you view while signed in will be tracked in your learning history. If you complete an entire tutorial, you will earn an Achievement of Completion certificate. Within your account, you can see where you were last, how many tutorials you have completed, print a self-paced transcript, and download and print your Achievement(s) of Completion certificates. This is great for anyone who wants to track their learning or show proof that they've completed tutorials at
tutorials  free  how-to  Online-learning  user-education  Tools 
8 weeks ago
Wikipedia + Libraries: Better Together (through WebJunction)
he Wikipedia + Libraries project is strengthening ties between US public libraries and Wikipedia, to expand public access to authoritative information and serve public libraries’ diverse communities.

ere are some opportunities and resources that you can use to engage with the Wikipedia + Libraries project through WebJunction:

In January 2018, we hosted a webinar for all library staff to learn about the inner workings of Wikipedia and how to add a citation. Access the recording and Learner Guide on the Citations Needed: Build Your Wikipedia Skills While Building the World’s Encyclopedia page.
In fall 2017, WebJunction ran a free, nine-week online training program for 300 US public library staff to learn to confidently engage with Wikipedia. Curriculum and training materials will be consolidated, curated and hosted on WebJunction under CC BY-SA 4.0 in spring 2018.
Project Updates are available, sign up to receive email updates. We also post news and information on Facebook, Twitter and in the Crossroads e-newsletter.
librarianship  Library-linked-data  Library-innovation  wikipedia  USA 
8 weeks ago
How to prepare your dog for summer heat
Summer is fast approaching, and the temperatures are on the rise. Living in Florida, we have to watch the heat year round. Here are six tips on keeping your dog cool and safe:
Morning walks
Protect paws
Plenty of water
Wet down
Do not shave down your double coated breed
Recognize the signs of heat exhaustion/stress/stoke
dogs  health  how-to  heat-exhaustion  symptoms 
8 weeks ago
How to make ginger beer
how-to fermentation ginger-beer
8 weeks ago
UK Government Web Archive - The National Archives
We capture, preserve, and make accessible UK central government information published on the web. The web archive includes videos, tweets, and websites dating from 1996 to present.
open-data  open-gov  UK 
9 weeks ago
The noun project: Icon for everything
Over a million curated icons, created by a global community
visual-notes  how-to 
11 weeks ago
Think Clearly
A newsletter and podcast are available, but you want to look at the online courses (only available through the menu) on how to take visual notes, either with pen-and-paper or electronically. See them here:
visual-notes  how-to 
11 weeks ago
50 Ways to Get a Job
What’s contained within this site is not a magic bullet: you won’t get a job by simply reading each page. But, if you commit to doing every exercise, with authenticity, serious effort, hustle and follow through, you will discover your path, find your ideal career, and get hired.
career  jobs  how-to  job-search 
11 weeks ago
Service Dogs Canada certification
Does My Dog Qualify As A Service Dog?

A Service Dog must perform a task to assist a person with a disability. This is the most important requirement for service dog certification.
dogs  service-dogs  registration 
april 2018
Service dog harness (USA)
Need service/ therapy dog equipment? We offer assistance dog accessories including: double/ single strap, Julius K9, Counter Balance Harnesses, and more! Not sure what size to get? Check out our harness sizing chart. Custom options are also available at: 800-678-7353
dogs  service-dogs  equipment 
april 2018
Hub of All Things
Decentralized privately-owned Micro Data server for your private information.
data-stores  personal-data  privacy  Tools 
april 2018
Centre for Pet Safety
Tests products for safety. Don't buy unless CPS certified!
pets  dogs  cats  safety 
april 2018
Python packaging user guide (tutorials)
Tutorials are opinionated step-by-step guides to help you get familiar with packaging concepts. For more detailed information on specific packaging topics, see Guides.

Installing Packages
Managing Application Dependencies
Packaging and distributing projects
python  how-to  tutorials  documentation  packaging 
april 2018
Python for beginners by Opentechschool
How to use python for absolute beginners. Step-by-step tutorials.
python  python3  how-to  tutorials  documentation 
april 2018
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python! (3)
This handcrafted guide exists to provide both novice and expert Python developers a best practice handbook to the installation, configuration, and usage of Python on a daily basis.

This guide is opinionated in a way that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike Python’s official documentation. You won’t find a list of every Python web framework available here. Rather, you’ll find a nice concise list of highly recommended options.
python  how-to  documentation  beginner  python3 
april 2018
RegEx pal
web-based regular expression testers, which can show you exactly how a regex matches a piece of text that you enter
python  programming  how-to  regex  Tools 
april 2018
Assistance Dog Tasks
Although it is uncommon to discuss guide dog work in terms of tasks being performed, a guide dog's four to six month education involves mastering a set of tasks which, taken together, allow a blind or visually impaired individual to negotiate the unseen environment with greater safety and independence. One guide dog user of my acquaintance neatly summarized the work performed guide dogs as follows: "Guide dogs take directional commands and institute a path of travel, indicate changes in elevation, indicate and avoid oncoming traffic, navigate around obstacles and locate objects on command.
service-dogs  training 
march 2018
International Association of Assistance Dog Partners
Details on the logs you keep when training your dog.
march 2018
Kaggle: The Home of Data Science & Machine Learning
Learn to do data science, use datasets to practice, engage in competitions with others using hosted datasets.
march 2018
Free Geek Toronto
Recycle electronic gear Buy refurbished computer or other electronic equipment. Environmental ethical business.
Toronto  recycling  electronics  how-to 
february 2018
Service Dog Training Institute
Service Dog Training Institute - Online Courses
Online service dog training classes and Skype support for owner trainers from puppy to public access training using positive reinforcement.
service-dogs  Online-learning  training  dogs  how-to 
february 2018
MicroMasters on Analytics: Essential Tools and Methods
Gain an interdisciplinary understanding of the essential fundamentals of analytics, including analysis methods, analytical tools, such as R, Python and SQL, and business applications.

Using common analytics software and tools, statistical and machine learning methods, and data-intensive computing and visualization techniques, learners will gain the experience necessary to integrate all of these parts for maximum impact.

Project experience is also included as part of the MicroMasters program. Through these projects, learners will hone their skills with data collection, storage, analysis, and visualization tools, as well as gain instincts for how and when each tool should be used.

These projects provide hands-on experience with real-world business applications of analytics and a deeper understanding of how to apply analytics skills to make the biggest difference.
microcredentials  MOOCs  course  education 
february 2018
Micromasters in data science (edX, UC San Diego)
In this MicroMasters program, you will develop a well-rounded understanding of the mathematical and computational tools that form the basis of data science and how to use those tools to make data-driven business recommendations.

This MicroMasters program encompasses two sides of data science learning: the mathematical and the applied.

Mathematical courses cover probability, statistics, and machine learning. The applied courses cover the use of specific toolkit and languages such as Python, Numpy, Matplotlib, pandas and Scipy, the Jupyter notebook environment and Apache Spark to delve into real world data.

You will learn how to collect, clean and analyse big data using popular open source software will allow you to perform large-scale data analysis and present your findings in a convincing, visual way. When combined with expertise in a particular type of business, it will make you a highly desirable employee.
education  DataScience  data-management  course  MOOCs  microcredentials 
february 2018
Ireland: Beyond 2022 (digital archives)
A project is under way to digitally recreate the building and contents of the Public Record Office of Ireland, which were destroyed by an explosion and fire at Dublin’s Four Courts in 1922. The six-story Victorian building went up in flames on 30 June 1922 during the Civil War. Seven centuries of Ireland’s historical and genealogical records were lost, seemingly forever.

The completed virtual reality project will be made available on the centenary of the Four Courts fire in 2022. The project website is

You can learn a lot more in an article by Philip Bromwell at A video that explains the project is also available at the same address.
Ireland  Digital-collections  archives 
february 2018
The Getty Research Institute
providing “resources, expertise, and a collaborative environment for art-historical research and publication.” Scholars, museum professionals, and students will find a wealth of digital collections and databases to support their research.
"The real treasures are in “Search Tools & Databases.” Featured at the top is the “Primo Search” of GRI Library Catalog, which can be limited to Digital Collections. “The Open Content Program” offers more than 100,000 free images for downloading from the J. Paul Getty Museum and GRI.

Two significant collaborative projects are the “Getty Research Portal,” which provides access to digitized art history publications, rare books, and related literature from more than 25 international libraries, and the “Getty Vocabularies,” such as “The Art & Architecture Thesaurus,” that contain structured terminology for fine art, architecture, and more.

Finally, the “Collecting and Provenance Research” section is expansive, but somewhat confusing. The “Getty Provenance Index Databases,” which began as an in-house index in 1974, offers one search interface for three databases, namely “Archival Inventories, Sales Catalogs,” and “Public Collections.” Other indexes are linked separately, such the “German Sales Catalogs 1930-1945,” which was built in collaboration with German libraries. Fortunately, in 2016 GRI started a three-year project to redesign the current infrastructure of the “Getty Provenance Index” databases and publish them as linked open data. This is a prime example of the Digital Art History projects that GRI supports, enabling researchers to access and use art-historical data in both traditional and new collaborative ways. —Doreen Simonsen, Willamette University,"
Digital-collections  thesauri  vocabularies  Tools 
february 2018
The Art of Creative Writing (OpenLearning)
Have you always dreamed of starting a book but have never had the courage? Have you started a book but are becoming hopeless? Do you enjoy creative writing? Do you want to polish your skills at creative writing? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this course is got you! It will get you started on the basics of writing a story, including character development, setting, plot, editing, and more.
learning  how-to  creative-writing 
january 2018
Essays on air: Why libraries can and must change
Today, Camilla Nelson, Associate Professor of Writing at the University of Notre Dame, reads her essay, titled Why libraries can and must change.

Nelson takes us from the ancient Library of Alexandria to the New York Public Library and explores the problems that arise when books are excluded, destroyed, censored and forgotten. And, indeed, when libraries are decimated.

Join us as we read to you here at Essays On Air, a podcast from The Conversation.
Australian  libraries  podcasts 
january 2018
The conversation:
In-depth analysis, research and news from leading academics and researchers. Categories: Arts; Business + Economy; Culture + Society; Education; Environment + Energy; Health + Medicine; Politics; Science + Technology
podcasts  Canada  to-listen  Australia 
january 2018
Making a Newspaperbot
The following is a guest post from Library of Congress Labs Innovation Intern, Aditya Jain. While exploring the possibilities of digital collections, Aditya created @newspaperbot. Below he shares his process, some of the challenges he encountered, along with the code.
LoC  how-to  twitter-bots  coding 
january 2018
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