DigiPres Commons: Community-owned digital preservation resources
Find preservation tools, understand file formats, how-to and FAQs on digital preservation.
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2 days ago
Recommended Conservation Practices for Archival Audiovisual Materials Held in General Special Collections
From 2001. Quote from intro: "This document proposes conservation practices for archival audiovisual materials held in general or primarily paper-based special collections. The sections give an overview of the most frequently-encountered audiovisual formats (film, video, magnetic audio, mechanical audio, and optical media), preservation and conservation issues relating to these formats, and recommended conservation practices to assist these materials' longevity."
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2 days ago
Audio and Video Guidance: Resources (US National Archives)
The US national archives page providing guidance on archival formats and preservation for audio and visual material. Links to guidelines, best-practices and standards created by other organisations, and includes information on metadata and preservation metadata.
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2 days ago
Daily crossword free
Cryptic. Online or printable.
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Open site explorer (Mozilla)
Develop a High Quality Inbound Link Profile.
Research backlinks, find link-building opportunities and discover potentially damaging links with Open Site Explorer.
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11 days ago
Decolonial atlas

The Decolonial Atlas is a growing collection of maps which, in some way, help us to challenge our relationships with the land, people, and state. It’s based on the premise that cartography is not as objective as we’re made to believe. The orientation of a map, its projection, the presence of political borders, which features are included or excluded, and the language used to label a map are all subject to the map-maker’s bias – whether deliberate or not. Because decolonization is a process of unlearning and rediscovering, we’re especially committed to indigenous language revitalization through toponymy – the use of place names.

The Decolonial Atlas is a volunteer-run project. Our original content is offered for free through the Decolonial Media License 0.1."
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11 days ago
Mozilla web literacy
A framework for entry-level web literacy & 21st Century skills. Explore the map by selecting what you want to learn more about, to see definitions and activities.
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18 days ago
Sandstorm is a self-hostable web productivity suite: chat, task and project management, document editing.
"Sandstorm protects you. Each document, chat room, mail box, notebook, blog, or anything else you create is a "grain" in Sandstorm. Sandstorm containerizes each one in its own secure sandbox from which it cannot talk to the world without express permission. All your grains are private until you share them. The result is that 95% of security vulnerabilities are automatically mitigated. "
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24 days ago
Etherpad (via RiseUp)
This is an etherpad service hosted by Riseup. Etherpad is a software libre web application that allows for real-time group collaboration of text documents. Riseup does not store IP addresses, we require https, and pads are automatically destroyed after 30 days of inactivity.

For added security, access pad.riseup.net via the Riseup VPN or this Tor hidden service: http://5jp7xtmox6jyoqd5.onion.
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24 days ago
Etherpad (via Mozilla) PUBLIC PAD
Real-time collaborative document editor in the browser. This is a public pad, so be careful what you put up there!
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24 days ago
Alternative app centre
A collection of open-source tools, apps and services recommended by Tactical Technology Collective for better privacy and control, plus a selection of guides, tutorials, and videos to help you better understand and manage your digital traces.
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24 days ago
Jitsi meet
More secure, more flexible, and completely free video conferencing.

Go ahead, video chat with the whole team. In fact, invite everyone you know. Jitsi Meet is a fully encrypted, 100% open source video conferencing solution that you can use all day, every day, for free — with no account needed.
What else can you do with Jitsi Meet?

Share your desktop, presentations, and more
Invite users to a conference via a simple, custom URL
Edit documents together using Etherpad
Pick fun meeting URLs for every meeting
Trade messages and emojis while you video conference, with integrated chat.
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24 days ago
8-day data detox kit
"It was designed by the non-profit groups Mozilla and the Tactical Technology Collective to coincide with The Glass Room, a pop-up experience in London that invited visitors to look at what happens to their data behind the scenes. They recognise that we can’t transform years of online behaviour – instead, the Detox is about trying to help us make more informed data choices in the future." Source: http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20171110-the-8-day-guide-to-a-better-digital-life
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24 days ago
A global aggregator of library collections lists (public and academic libraries), use it to find libraries near you that hold the journal or book title you need. You can try requesting it by inter-library loan.
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24 days ago
Some content is available to everyone, some only to member institutions. "HathiTrust is a partnership of academic & research institutions, offering a collection of millions of titles digitized from libraries around the world."
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24 days ago
Academic peer-reviewed books and chapters
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24 days ago
BASE: Bielefeld Academic Search Engine
"BASE is one of the world's most voluminous search engines especially for academic web resources. BASE provides more than 100 million documents from more than 5,000 sources. You can access the full texts of about 60% of the indexed documents for free (Open Access). BASE is operated by Bielefeld University Library."
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24 days ago
The OAIster® database
"OAIster is a union catalog of millions of records that represent open access resources. This catalog was built through harvesting from open access collections worldwide using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting (OAI-PMH). Today, OAIster includes more than 50 million records that represent digital resources from more than 2,000 contributors."
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24 days ago
"CORE’s mission is to aggregate all open access research outputs from repositories and journals worldwide and make them available to the public. In this way CORE facilitates free unrestricted access to research for all. (...) CORE harvests openly accessible content available."
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24 days ago
"This service, based on the Google Custom Search engine, lets you search the contents of the repositories listed in OpenDOAR for freely available academic research information. This quality assured approach minimises (but does not eliminate!) spurious or junk results, and leads more directly to useful and relevant information. Full texts are available for most results."
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24 days ago
"System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe, is your open access to 700.000 bibliographical references of grey literature (paper) produced in Europe and allows you to export records and locate the documents.

Examples of grey (gray) literature include technical or research reports, doctoral dissertations, some conference papers, some official publications, and other types of grey literature.

OpenGrey covers Science, Technology, Biomedical Science, Economics, Social Science and Humanities.

The site includes preprints from the GL conferences (GreyNet International) in full text."
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24 days ago
"skip the paywall on millions of peer-reviewed journal articles. It's fast, free, and legal."
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24 days ago
Open Access button
"Free, legal research articles and data delivered instantly or automatically requested from authors."
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24 days ago
Web Recorder
Records your actual session and associated contents in a web archive, including video. Shareable or private. You can log on anonymously, but your content isn't shareable or bookmarkable. A downloadable app lets you view and use your content offline.

From site: "What most differentiates Webrecorder is its focus on "dynamic web content." The web once delivered documents, like HTML pages. Today, it delivers complex software customized for every user, like individualized social media feeds. Other existing digital preservation solutions were built for that earlier time and cannot adequately cope with what the web has become. Webrecorder, by contrast, focuses on all that dynamic content, such as embedded video and complex javascript, addressing our present and future."
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24 days ago
Addaps browser
It’s a new browser that seems designed for research purposes, making it easy to store all your web resources.
ddap’s asks you to create Boards. Each board is a canvas with an endless vertical scroll. On this canvas, you can open tiny browser windows. Windows can be resized and moved around. And of course, each window is like a browser in itself.

The end result is that you have one Board with all the research you want.
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4 weeks ago
Brave browser: Faster, safer, ad-free
Browse faster by blocking ads and trackers that violate your privacy and cost you time and money.
Brave disables trackers and even blocks bad ads. But it also lets you set up a micro-payment system. You basically load a virtual wallet with a few dollars. Brave will track which sites you’re going to and the ads it blocks on your behalf. And at the end of the month, it’ll divide that money to pay your favorite sites. It’s a nice system where you get to support sites while still getting rid of bad ads.

Apart from this, Brave is a full-featured browser in itself. It’s also open-source and completely free to use. Read our full review of Brave to know more.
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4 weeks ago
Free to use sounds
“Free To Use Sounds is a massive online archive of high-quality sounds that are avaliable to the public to use how they wish at no cost. The library is extensive, featuring everything from animal and nature noises, to urban soundscapes, obscure musical instruments (church bells, parades, etc) and binaural (3D) recordings.”
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4 weeks ago
Somerset Live: Remembrance Day: On Armistice Day 2017 search for those in your family or street who died in The Great War.
From Research Buzz: "“If you have ever wondered whether any members of your family or if people who used to live on your street, were among the fallen during the 1914-1918 war, then this database allows you to search for them easily.. You can search by any combination of first name (or initial), surname, street or town/city. You don’t have to fill in all the boxes – you can fill as many or as few as you like.” Pretty sure this is UK-only. The search interface is at the bottom of the article. Update: After I posted this to my personal Facebook and tagged a couple of genealogists, genealogist Amy Johnson Crow responded: “Thanks for sharing that, Tara. You’re right — it’s a UK/Canada/Australia/New Zealand database; it’s from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It looks like it includes only those who are buried in military cemeteries or who have their names included on a memorial.” I am including the comment here with her permission. Thanks Amy!"
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4 weeks ago
ACRL We mapped it so you don't have to
Each of the tools that we will discuss here (Google Fusion Tables, Carto, ArcGIS and its online component ArcOnline, and Neatline with Omeka) can do most of these things, but each one also has a limit.3 This article will help illustrate what gets left out in each program and the extent of each one’s capabilities. We will discuss these tools in order from easiest to most complex.
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5 weeks ago
ASL practice for fingers-spelling
Set the number of letters and the speed, and then practice reading finger-spelled words on the screen. Type in your answer to see if you are right. (Download this tool for free on your smartphone)
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5 weeks ago
Wigs For Kids and Hair Integration Systems | Continental Hair
One of the few places that accepts gray hair this place is located in Toronto on Avenue Road. You can bring it in or mail it in. Directions included on this page of website. It's like a Holy Grail!

What “Wigs For Kids” does is take hair donations and use the hair to make wigs and and partials for children with any type of medical hair loss.

The donated hair is sorted and blended and then made into small cap wigs for children under 12. These are made available free of charge to any Canadian child that needs it. 

Hair can be mailed to us directly at:

c/o Continental Hair
92 ½ Avenue Road
Toronto, Ontario

We are three blocks north of Bloor on the west side of Avenue Road.
donation  hair  Toronto 
5 weeks ago
hair donation grey hair
Donation of hair that is older grey or coloured to ancer recipients 19 and under. In Canada British Columbia.
donation  hair 
5 weeks ago
Getting started with the Rust programming language (Mozilla)
Links to resources, including documentation, videos, browser-based sandbox and rustbyexample.com
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6 weeks ago
Rust programming language
Rust is an open-source systems programming language that focuses on speed, memory safety and parallelism.
Rust was built from scratch and incorporates elements from tried-and-true systems programming languages and modern programming language design. It fuses the expressive and intuitive syntax of high-level languages with the control and performance of a low-level language. It also prevents segmentation faults and guarantees thread safety. This empowers developers to write code that is ambitious, fast and correct.

Rust makes systems programming accessible by combining power with ergonomics. Using it, programmers can make software that is less prone to bugs and security exploits. Under the hood, it includes powerful features such as zero-cost abstractions, safe memory management, fearless concurrency and more. Visit the Rust open-source project website for a list of Rust features.
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6 weeks ago
OpenPDS SafeAnswers (MIT)
openPDS/SafeAnswers allows users to collect, store, and give fine-grained access to their data all while protecting their privacy.
blockchain  identity  Tools  privacy  metadata  personal-data-stores 
6 weeks ago
Hyperledger Fabric, the open source distributed ledger project from Hyperledger, reached a significant milestone today when it released version 1.0.

Hyperledger Fabric is a distributed ledger, an open source blockchain. The blockchain has been typically used to prove ownership of digital currency, but Brian Behlendorf, the executive director at Hyperledger says that this project is more focused on business use cases such as smart contracts. You could use a distributed ledger to prove the ownership of anything of value — whether land, diamonds or the provenance of parts in a supply chain.

Channels for sharing confidential information
Ordering Service delivers transactions consistently to peers in the network
Endorsement policies for transactions
CouchDB world state supports wide range of queries
Bring-your-own Membership Service Provider (MSP)
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6 weeks ago
Accessible Media Inc (AMI)
AMI’s goal is to be a world leader in accessibility, from the way we regard our customers to the employees we hire. It is the driving force behind the way we operate our business with the end purpose of making a difference and leaving a positive impression through all of our touch points.
accessible  radio  TV  Canada 
6 weeks ago
Canal M: Vues et voix
Vues et Voix informe et rend la lecture accessible aux personnes avec une limitation visuelle, motrice ou d’apprentissage.

Nos livres audio adaptés sont destinés aux enfants et aux adultes qui ont une incapacité visuelle ou motrice, ou encore, qui présentent des troubles d’apprentissage. Romans, biographies, livres de références, littérature jeunesse…

Revue des quotidiens: Chaque jour de la semaine, Hélène Denis épluche pour vous les quotidiens du Québec.

Le choix des collaborateurs: Nos collaborateurs vous présentent une sélection choisie d’articles tirés de magazines, revues et blogues. Avec Louis de Bernis et Sylvie Dion Mise en ondes et.

Vues & Voix
1001 rue Sherbrooke Est, bureau 510
Montreal, Québec H2L 1L3
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6 weeks ago
Twitter thread reader
Click on the date beside the tweet in which you’re interested.

Take that Tweet URL and enter it in the top form at Thread Reader. If the thread is not too old (I’m not sure precisely what that means, but threads from early 2016 did not work) it’ll grab all the tweets in the thread and turn it into an easily-readable Web page

Protip: don’t want to go to the Thread Reader page to thread something? You can reply to any tweet with @tttthreads and the word unroll and Thread Reader will thread it for you. As with the Web page, if you try this with a thread that’s too old it won’t work. After a few moments Thread Reader will tweet you with a link to your thread page.
Tools  twitter  how-to  twitter-bots 
7 weeks ago
Impact Playbook: For Museums, Libraries, Archives and Galleries (Europeana)
Do you need to demonstrate the impact of your work? Are you curious to know what effect it has on people’s lives, and how the daily activities of your museum, library or archive contribute to create that change? Are you looking for tools to help you measure it? If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, we’ve got just the thing to help you out.
This Playbook has been developed by cultural heritage and impact professionals to guide you through the process of identifying the impact that your cultural heritage institutions has, or is aiming to have. It provides a common approach that can be applied throughout the cultural heritage sector. In this release, the Playbook explores the first phase of undertaking an impact assessment. It is divided into six steps, each one focusing on a clear goal and outcome.
LAMs  metadata  cultural-heritage  evaluation  impact-assessment  how-to  Digitisation 
7 weeks ago
MIT Learning Creative Learning centre
For many years, the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab, led by Mitch Resnick, has been developing new technologies, activities, and environments (such as Scratch and Computer Clubhouses) to engage all children, from all backgrounds, in creative learning experiences.

Learning Creative Learning (LCL) is our effort to connect and share ideas with people around the world with similar goals, visions, and values. It is an opportunity for like-minded educators and learners to meet one another and share ideas, strategies, and practical tips on how to support creative learning.

LCL is organized as a six-week online course (starting on October 18, 2017), but its real goal is to cultivate an ongoing learning community in support of creative learning around the world.

Each week we will offer online videos, readings, and hands-on activities. You’ll be able go through this material at your own pace. All of our materials will be freely available (including sections from Mitch Resnick’s new Lifelong Kindergarten book). You can spend as much or as little time you like – by watching, reading, making, sharing, reflecting, and discussing.
education  technical-skills  teacher  MOOCs 
8 weeks ago
Ontario History Curriculum: Many Questions to be Answered
Dr. Samantha Cutrara, a History Education Strategist, talks about the newly redone (2013) Ontario history curriculum and makes specific suggestions on how libraries (and museums and historians) can help support teachers in the renewed focus on primary sources. Near the bottom of the document, she links to an analysis of the curriculum for Ontario reframed as a series of questions (to which primary sources can be called upon to answer).
History  curriculum  Ontario  libraries  how-to  research  resources 
8 weeks ago
Mozilla science
Mozilla Science Lab is a community of researchers, developers, and librarians making research open and accessible. We’re empowering open science leaders through fellowships, mentorship, and project-based learning.
librarianship  open-data  community-building  metadata 
9 weeks ago
Telegram: Free, fast, secure messaging app
Official free messaging app based on Telegram API for speed and security. Works on wifi and android and computers.

This software is licensed under GNU GPL version 3. Encrypted.
messaging  texting  free  security  android  app  wifi 
10 weeks ago
Goosechase: Educational scavenger hunt
GoosechaseEdu is an app that combines the excitement of a scavenger hunt with mobile technology. Games consist of a series of missions that are completed by individuals or teams.

Once you create an account, you can opt to use games from the game library or you can design your own missions. Once your game is ready you will share the link with the participants. Participants need to download the app which works on both Android and iOS devices and have a Goosechase account. Points are earned for completing missions which requires participants to either submit a photo, answer with text, or check into a specified location. Missions might require participants to complete an action such as solving a math problem and uploading it or finding the area of the Louisiana Purchase and submit the correct answer. The game organizer sets a time limit and the team with the most points when time is up wins.
games  education  Library-innovation  Eric  android  iphone  app 
10 weeks ago
Web room
WebRoom is a free service for hosting online meetings. WebRoom doesn't require you to download any software and you don't need to register in order to use it. To launch a meeting on WebRoom you simply enter your name and email address. Your meeting room launches as soon as you finish entering your email address. Once your room is open you can invite people to join by sending them emails from within WebRoom.

WebRoom lets you use your webcam if you want people to see your face during the meeting. A whiteboard space is provided. You can draw on the whiteboard or upload a file to share and discuss on the whiteboard. A text chat space is provided in each WebRoom meeting. It is possible to share your screen with other meeting participants. However, to share your screen you will need to install the WebRoom Chrome extension.
virtual-meetings  whiteboard  online-platforms  group-chat  free  education 
10 weeks ago
Blog booker
BlogBooker is a service that allows you to turn your the contents of your Blogger or WordPress blog into a PDF. Using BlogBooker is a fairly straight-forward process. BlogBooker walks you through each step of the process including the first step which is exporting the contents of your blog as an XML file. The second step is entering the URL for your blog. After completing those two steps just sit back and wait as BlogBooker creates a PDF or Word file based on the text and images in your blog posts.

The free version of BlogBooker limits you to three books and one year's worth of blog posts. There are upgrades available that will allow you to include more blog posts and will include higher resolution images.
blog  books  Tools  how-to  XML 
10 weeks ago
Bertrand Library disaster plan
Available online, but last updated in 2005.
Notable because of the identified lists of priority, and because exact directions are given to the location of items needed for recovery.

Very out of date, however, and not easy to read when printed. (A disaster plan must exist in hard copy.)
emergency-preparedness  disaster-plan  samples 
10 weeks ago
UofT Libraries: Disaster Plan, 2017
This guide is updated annually and published on the University of Toronto Libraries' website.

It's very well laid out:
* contact info right up front
* salvage operations with simple instructions and lots of white space, which addresses items by material and uses simple diagrams to illustrate
* post-disaster analysis
* prevention
* salvage recovery resources (who to call. This section includes printable floor maps for all UofT library buildings.

Impressive. Very long, though. (47 pages)
emergency-preparedness  disaster-plan  Toronto  samples 
10 weeks ago
ALA Factsheet 10, Disaster Response: A Selected Annotated Bibliography
This fact sheet is a selective resource for libraries of all sizes and types. It contains links to disaster preparedness web sites whose primary role is emergency response or conservation, and to information on available training, and to other available resources, as well contains a select book bibliography. (American)
disaster-plan  emergency-preparedness  libraries  USA 
10 weeks ago
Disaster Planning and Recovery for Libraries (SCRLC libguide)
Links to resources on how to write a disaster plan for your library, disaster prevention and recovery, etc. This is an American resource.
disaster-plan  emergency-preparedness  libraries  libguides  USA 
10 weeks ago
DataVizProject is a free website (currently in beta), so you can easily find an infographic that suits your data and figure out how to create one yourself – while learning the family, function, shape and input of each visualisation. DataVizProject is intended for everyone wanting to find new ways of visualising data, such as students, journalists, and graphic designers.

Copenhagen infographic agency Ferdio have launched the archive of data visualisations templates to give you a little help to create your own data visualisations – and to figure out what those obscure labels mean.
visualisations  Tools  infographic  how-to 
10 weeks ago
Text-only NPR news
Very lightweight and accessible on low-bandwidth or devices for blind people.
news  accessible-books  Accessibility  text-only 
10 weeks ago
The new redesigned duchas.ie website and Photographic Collection contains roughly 10,000 photographs digitized, catalogued and made available for the first time on the site. Includes several collections, such as the National Folklore Collection UCD Digitization Project. Access by places, people, topics, etc.
Ireland  Irish  trad-music  folk-music  folklore  transcription  Crowdsourcing  Digital-collections 
10 weeks ago
Welsh Traditional Music (National Library of Wales)
Manuscripts of folk tunes, Archives containing folk tunes and songs, Archives relating to the tradition of penillion singing, Vocal and instrumental performers, On-line printed resources, Ballads and poems, other resources.
trad-music  Wales  songs  ballads  primary-sources  archives  Digital-collections 
10 weeks ago
What To Do If Collections Get Wet (LoC)
Discusses air-drying and freezing library collections. Also, problems such as mould, smoke and soot, and other contamination.
disaster-plan  emergency-preparedness  Preservation  how-to  libraries 
10 weeks ago
Should You Have the Air Ducts in Your Home Cleaned? (EPA in US)
Maybe, maybe not. No proven health benefits, tells you what to look for when thinking of doing it, how to hire a company.Good read.
house  home-maintenance  how-to 
10 weeks ago
Library Insurance Valuation (LoC)
Tells you what to do for individual items of value, then tells you how to value a mixed library collection.

Provides downloadable Excel spreadsheets listing valuations by call number area (Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal) in US dollars. Seems to be provided yearly, with a 1-year lag.

You enter the number of items in each category; they have provided average US$ prices for many (but by no means all) categories. The spreadsheet calculates the total estimate for number of items affected.
disaster-plan  emergency-preparedness  libraries  how-to  Tools  spreadsheet  USA 
10 weeks ago
Pocket Response Plan™ PReP ™ Templates (Council of State Archives)
You can download the Word version and hack it for your library.
Designed be printed on a two-sided, legal-sized document, folded to the size of a credit card, and inserted in a Tyvek envelope for protection. Fits in a wallet.

"On one side is an Emergency Communication Directory, with contact information for staff, first responders, emergency services, utilities, vendors and suppliers, disaster teams, and other essential individuals and agencies.

The other side contains an Emergency Response Checklist: an organized list of those actions that each individual should take in the first 24 to 72 hours following a disaster.

The PReP is meant to complement, not replace, an agency's disaster plan. It ensures that managers and staff have the most essential information with them at all times."
disaster-plan  emergency-preparedness  how-to  Tools  downloadable 
10 weeks ago
dPlan: The Online Disaster-Planning Tool for Cultural and Civic Institutions
Create a single account for the institution. Fill in the blank forms that you can come back to and update. Comes in two flavours: Lite and In-depth. You can download it as a LaTeX file (which can be converted to RTF). Review every six months (recommended).

NOTE: I am not sure how secure this is... Developed in 2006. Looks it. But the questions are still very valid and useful for creating your Disaster Plan.

"dPlan is a free online tool that simplifies the process of writing a disaster plan for your collections. It provides a comprehensive fill-in-the-blank template into which you enter information about your institution. dPlan generates a printed disaster plan specific to your institution.

dPlan was developed to assist non-profit organizations that hold cultural collections, such as libraries, archives, historical societies, museums, town clerk offices, and others. We are sorry, but for-profit corporations cannot use dPlan at this time.

dPlan was prepared by Northeast Document Conservation Center (NEDCC) and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC). The development of the template was funded by the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training (NCPTT) and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)."
disaster-plan  emergency-preparedness  libraries  LAMs  how-to  Tools  USA 
10 weeks ago
Building an Emergency Plan: A Guide for Museums and Other Cultural Institutions
Compiled by Valerie Dorge and Sharon L. Jones for the The Getty Conservation Institute in 1999, this 270-page guide walks you through the roles of everyone from the Directors to the hands-on disaster response team. There are a number of case studies.
disaster-plan  emergency-preparedness  libraries  archives  how-to 
10 weeks ago
Library of Congress: Emergency management
Being prepared means taking precautionary measures and knowing what to do in an emergency.

Because water exposure -- and the subsequent mold growth it quickly fosters -- is common to various emergencies and disasters, emergency preparedness necessarily emphasizes reducing the threats to collections posed specifically by water. Many different types of materials can withstand getting wet, but also can be lost completely if proper steps are not taken.
emergency-preparedness  libraries  LoC  Library-of-congress  disaster-plan 
10 weeks ago
LC Linked Data Service: Authorities and Vocabularies
A special section dedicated to resources for subject catalogers provides descriptions and pointers to controlled vocabularies and thesauruses used to categorize diverse library materials and collections in all formats. Free PDFs of Library of Congress subject headings documentation and access to literally hundreds of downloadable vocabularies and ontologies through id.loc.gov are provided.
LoC  Library-linked-data  librarianship  Library-of-congress  archives  resources  standards  authority-files  vocabularies 
10 weeks ago
Portal for Librarians and Archivists
The Library of Congress provides many resources to support information professionals worldwide. To streamline access to that content, we’ve redesigned our portal for librarians and archivists.

The new portal highlights the standard library functions of acquisitions, bibliographic access, preservation and public service, providing an overview of these activities at the Library and links to a wealth of content and documentation in each area. A new banner on the opening page features each of the four library functions and offers access to our most popular online catalogs and quick links to content for library professionals: the Library of Congress Classification Outline, BIBFRAME and MARC21.
LoC  Library-linked-data  librarianship  Library-of-congress  archives  resources  standards 
10 weeks ago
ISO/TS 19264-1:2017 Photography -- Archiving systems -- Image quality analysis -- Part 1: Reflective originals
SO/TS 19264-1:2017 describes a method for analysing imaging systems quality in the area of cultural heritage imaging. The method described analyses multiple imaging systems quality characteristics from a single image of a specified test target. The specification states which characteristics are measured, how they are measured, and how the results of the analysis need to be presented.

ISO/TS 19264-1:2017 applies to scanners and digital cameras used for digitization of cultural heritage material.

NOTE This document addresses imaging of reflective originals, a future part two will address imaging of transparent originals.
cultural-heritage  Digitisation  digital-preservation  standards  ISO 
10 weeks ago
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