Presto.Cadenza + short_story(5000-15000)   270

Once Upon Some Bullshit [Sproings, machine_dove]
Bucky really hated magic. He had always hated magic, ever since the first time he'd been forced to believe in it, back in the trenches in occupied France.

He hated it even more now.

A beautiful white swan was standing where Steve should have been, and Enchantress was fucking giggling like the asshole she was.

In which magic is terrible, Steve is sick of this bullshit, and True Love Conquers All
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve  Bucky  Steve  Wanda  Natasha  team  *better  short_story(5000-15000) 
october 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
the stars the moon they have all been blown out (you left me in the dark) [madasthesea]
It starts off with his vision fading in and out.

What kind of demon drug can make someone go blind by inhaling a single lungful? Whatever it is, Tony doubts it’s reversible. And while Peter’s no idiot, he can be idiotically optimistic. He's determined to fix what appears to be unfixable.
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Tony  Peter  Rhodey  short_story(5000-15000)  *best 
september 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
The Lengths I'd Go [itsallAvengers]
Peter dies.

Tony traverses half the galaxy and wields the raw power of the entire universe to bring him back.
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Tony  Peter_Parker  short_story(5000-15000) 
april 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Breaking News [astolat]
“I’ve sent you keys,” Tony said. “I’ve emailed, I’ve texted, I’ve called. Pepper called. There is an entire floor of Stark Tower waiting for you to move in. And instead here you are living in a two-bedroom shack out in the open with your — extremely hot, by the way, nice job there — boyfriend. The paparazzi are going to eat you alive, Rogers.”
fanfic  Avengers  Steve/Sam  Steve  Sam  Tony  team  *good  short_story(5000-15000) 
april 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Dressed For the Show (But Going Nowhere) [WitchofEndor]
Every Monday evening, Tony Stark dies. And then every Monday morning, Tony Stark wakes up again.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve/Tony  Tony  team  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
april 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Solitary (The Schrödinger's Captain Remix) [teaberryblue]
Steve's plane went down, but he didn't freeze. He lived in isolation in the shell of a crashed airplane buried beneath the ice.

Seventy years later, global warming and perseverance pay off.
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Tony  Steve  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
january 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
A Catastrophe of Epic Pawportions [FestiveFerret]
Tony's being held hostage for his genius engineering skills again, but at least this time he has Steve with him.

Well, and the rest of the Avengers. But they've been turned into kittens.
fanfic  Avengers  Tony/Steve  Tony  Steve  team  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
january 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
Liminal Spaces [layersofsilence]
A prolific assassin whose career spanned decades, however brainwashed, was always going to cause controversy when it came time for him to try and enter the afterlife. So, a compromise: he is asked to operate a liminal space, to help lost souls to find the crossing-place. No going out and gathering souls, no keeping souls, and no kicking souls out.

It might be lonely work, but James is fine. James is fine, and then Steve Rogers, all blue-eyed sparking passion, marches into his liminal space.
fanfic  Bucky/Steve  Avengers  Bucky  Steve  Maria  *better  short_story(5000-15000) 
january 2018 by Presto.Cadenza
The Devil You Know [rosa_acicularis]
Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. The question is: how do you know the difference? Rose and the Doctor after Journey's End.
fanfic  Rose/TenII  Davros  TenII  Rose  doctorwho  *best  short_story(5000-15000) 
july 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
Yesterdays [Nancy Brown]
Our yesterdays live on in our memories. So does Adam.
fanfic  Jack/Ianto  Torchwood  Ianto  team  Adam  *best  short_story(5000-15000) 
july 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
Misremembered [Arboreal]
When Loki smirked at Rogers in the middle of a battle and told him he would give Rogers what he wanted most in the world, the mind of his old friend back, Tony had a very bad feeling.
fanfic  Avengers  Tony/Bucky  Tony  Bucky  team  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
june 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
There Ain't a Cloud in Sight [KairosImprimatur]
Everybody knew what she could do. Nobody really stopped to think about what it could mean for the Guardians.
fanfic  GotG  Mantis  team  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
may 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
progressively bigger keys [layersofsilence]
“A very little key will open a very heavy door.”
― Charles Dickens, Hunted Down

Steve and Bucky, it appears, have less need for a key and more use for a battering ram in trying to come out of the closet.

(The one where Steve tries to do one thing (one thing!) without causing a national ruckus, but the press are determined to see Bucky as Steve's best friend. And nothing more.)
fanfic  Bucky  Steve  Bucky/Steve  team  *better  short_story(5000-15000) 
may 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
declassified transmissions regarding the martian penal colony for superpowered individuals [Dirtybinary]
SR: Eight hours, fifteen minutes after successful landing. You are listening to the mission report of Steven Grant Rogers, Captain of the Melusine 1, pioneer of the Martian Penal Colony, and the, uh, legal guardian of the Winter Soldier.
Also the second man to walk on Mars as of this morning, I guess.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve  Bucky  Steve  short_story(5000-15000)  *best 
may 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
All These Things I've Said [Amuly]
When Tony starts talking in a language Steve can't understand--the language of science--Steve figures he'll retaliate with a little foreign language knowledge of his own. Only once he starts speaking French around Tony, Steve finds that sometimes it's easier to say what he really wants to say to Tony in a language he can't understand.

Good thing Tony doesn't know French.
fanfic  Avengers  short_story(5000-15000)  Steve/Tony  Steve  Tony  *better 
april 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
Steve and the Starkosaurus (The Round the Clock Remix) [Veldeia]
A spell turns Tony into a Velociraptor, and somehow, Steve ends up dino-sitting. It's not the worst day either of them have had.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve/Tony  Steve  Tony  team  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
february 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
Lucky Break [JHSC]
Phil doesn't get to go on the mission because he's sick. Lucky doesn't get to go on the mission because he's a dog.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Phil  Phil  Clint  Lucky  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
january 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
peace and quiet [alessandriana]
Light and genteel laughter spilled out of the foyer. A large group of Barrayar's high society had just arrived, clustering in small groups as they waited to be greeted by the Emperor. Ivan hesitated on the edge of the group, mind racing in circles as he scanned the crowd. He resisted the urge to rub at the spreading patches of red on his hands. I don't want anything to do with this.
fanfic  gen  vorkosigan  Ivan  Gregor  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
january 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
Selected Moments in Introductory Symbology [kaydeefalls]
Lyra in Oxford after the Fall, relearning the alethiometer and discovering a life of her own.
fanfic  HisDarkMaterials  gen  Lyra  Lyra/OC  OC  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
january 2017 by Presto.Cadenza
Playlist [copperbadge]
A lot of songs have been written about Captain America. Sam owns most of them. Steve's relationship with them (Steve's relationship with everything) is complicated.


Sam and Steve explore pop culture and pine for each other while trying to rescue Steve's messed-up best friend.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve/Sam  Steve  Sam  Bucky  short_story(5000-15000) 
december 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
eagles [spqr]
Natasha presses her hand over her heart, and – Tony has heard rumors, that her skin is blank, or that she killed her other half, but he doesn’t believe them. “They deserve to know, don’t you think?”

He looks at the sleeping supersoldiers in his hospital room, thinks of going to bed safe and surrounded and waking up when it’s already light out, when the first pot of coffee is already cold, waking up to Steve’s bedhead and the body-warmed metal of Bucky’s prosthetic hand, waking up whole.

“They’ve been together for ninety years, Nat,” he says. “They’re practically married. There’s no room for me.”
fanfic  Avengers  Tony  Steve  Bucky  Tony/Steve/Bucky  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
november 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Bell Tolls [esama]
The most severe change between past and future isn't the technology, Steve thinks. Its how people view Soulmates.

In the future they don't even call them Soulmates anymore.
fanfic  Avengers  Tony/Loki  Steve  Tony  Loki  short_story(5000-15000)  *best 
october 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
A Match Made in Topeka [galwednesday]
Steve held his breath at the burn of the antiseptic, then relaxed as the pain cleared. One of Sam’s broad hands squeezed the top of Steve’s thigh to press the edges of the cut together.

Sam was beautiful. Steve had noticed that the first time they met; Sam had turned to scowl at the asshole lapping him, and Steve had almost tripped over flat pavement as early morning light hit the side of Sam’s face. Sam was beautiful, had always been beautiful, but in the frantic days of SHIELD’s collapse and the grim months that followed, Steve had somehow forgotten. It had faded into the background, less important than Sam’s matter-of-fact bravery, his steadfast strength.

Now, when Sam was kneeling in front of Steve, his warm palm sliding down Steve’s thigh, his face only two feet away from Steve’s groin, was a spectacularly bad time to remember.

(That time Steve was so bad at confessing his feelings that the Winter Soldier had to come in from the cold to do it for him. In which Steve has the suaveness of a human tire fire, Sam has the patience of a goddamn saint, and Bucky has had it up to here with watching them dance around each other.)
fanfic  Avengers  short_story(5000-15000)  Steve/Sam  Steve  Sam  Bucky  *better 
september 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Of Catcher and of Caught [icywind]
Clint and Bucky had become pretty good friends since the latter had joined the team – and then The Universe has to go and mess it up by Clint getting turned into a hawk.

With no idea how long it will last, the team makes due as best they can and slowly Clint manages to finds ways to reconnect with everyone – except for Bucky. Making things worse is the startling discovery that Clint's instincts as a hawk, which have no time for the normal hangups of human perception and societal conditioning, mark Bucky as his mate.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint  Bucky  Clint/Bucky  *good  short_story(5000-15000) 
september 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Every Tree That is Pleasant [spitandvinegar]
“As near as we can figure,” Tony said, “we had two incredibly ridiculous things happen at once. The first was Cap and murderbot activated a device that was sort of the juiced-up remote version of the thing that they used to scramble Barnes' brains back in the day. The second is that Mad Madame Mim here panicked and tried to get the universe to move them out of the room, and instead accidentally sent them to outer space.”

“To another dimension,” said Wanda, as if that was the point that made all the difference.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve  team  Bucky  Steve  short_story(5000-15000)  *best 
august 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Subtle Clues and Context Cues [galwednesday]
(Five times everyone but Tony knew he was dating Steve, and one time Tony figured it out.)
fanfic  Avengers  Steve/Tony  Tony  Steve  team  *best  short_story(5000-15000) 
august 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Been Through The Desert [Laura Kaye]
Seriously, what kind of fly-by-night, slipshod criminal operation managed semi-functional truth serum but had neither communications equipment nor transportation in their desert lair?
fanfic  Avengers  Phil  Clint  Clint/Phil  short_story(5000-15000)  *best 
july 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
And Nowhere to Go [Nonymos]
He gave a mocking, dirty smirk. “Basically, Rogers, you need to be worked hard and put away wet.”

Steve’s gut did something strange when he heard those words, but he absolutely refused to acknowledge it as anything else than fury.

Tony wants to find out about Steve's limits. Steve never knew how to back down from a fight.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve/Tony  Steve  Tony  short_story(5000-15000)  *best 
july 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Colors Faded, Colors Bright [InsaneJuliann]
Prompt: Soulmate AU. Tony starts seeing colors from a very young age, far younger than usual, after having a chance encounter with the Winter Soldier. Once in awhile, his world is plunged back into black and white (or the colors become very faint), always leaving him terrified that the colors won't come back. When he meets Bucky Barnes, he’s been free of losing the colors for seven months. It takes a few more, and a battle that lands Bucky in critical state at the hospital before he realizes that they're soulmates.
fanfic  Avengers  Tony  Bucky  Tony/Bucky  short_story(5000-15000) 
june 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Dogs of SHIELD [TheGirlInTheB]
Lucky’s a good dog. Lucky’s a smart dog. Lucky’s human? Not so smart. Like today he didn’t come home. And when he finally did, he was changed into a corgi! Lucky’s gonna do his very best to help get his human back on two legs >:3
fanfic  Avengers  Clint  Lucky  Clint/Phil  *good  short_story(5000-15000) 
may 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
The Age of Pirate Ships [StilesBastille24]
They stop in front of the three to four year olds playroom. A big bullet proof window looks in on the chaos of pre-schoolers. Bucky slants a glare at his friends. What does Bucky care about a bunch of toddlers? He needs to find Steve. He needs to tell Steve off for scaring him like this. He needs to -

“Oh no,” Bucky breathes, gaze suddenly snagging on a horribly familiar head of straw blonde hair.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky  Steve  Bucky/Steve  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
may 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me [shadesfalcon]
Post-Winter Soldier Bucky Barnes shows up on Steve’s doorstep and tells him they’re running away together. It’s not as romantic as it sounds. Just a declaration. Bucky has been following Steve for years. Now it's Steve's turn to shut up and do as he's told. Even if Bucky hasn't exactly decided where they're going.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky  Steve  Bucky/Steve  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
may 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
après nous le déluge [tomorrowsrain]
After us, the deluge.

Steve and Bucky break, mend, and try to find their place in the world without the mantles of Captain America or the Winter Soldier. AU, post Civil War.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve  Bucky  Steve  short_story(5000-15000) 
may 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
When Your Heart Beats (Next To Mine) [SomeoneElsesDream]
Clint falls prey to an evil villain and is left transformed into a woman. He doesn't handle it as well as would be expected.

The story where Clint is a woman, Phil is terrified, Tony is a laughing bastard, Bruce gets to be a geneticist, Natasha is (not so) surprisingly helpful, and Steve gives great hugs.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint  Phil  Clint/Phil  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
may 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
For the Holidays [togina]
The Avengers spend their first Christmas together (because Tony won't let them leave). They spend December trying to bring Steve some Christmas cheer.
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Steve  team  short_story(5000-15000) 
may 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Darcy's Dinosaurs [Stella_Malodi]
Or: In Which Darcy Has One Soulmark And Many Soulmates

“I always give my dinosaurs to people who say my Words, even when I don’t say theirs back. It’s sort of a tradition. This one is named Emma.”

“Emma? Like Emma Watson?”

“No, like Emma Woodhouse, the Austen heroine.”

Clint paused for a long moment, and when he spoke, there was an odd note in his voice. “The Gwyneth Paltrow one? With the bow and arrow?”
fanfic  Avengers  Darcy/Steve  Darcy  Steve  team  *better  short_story(5000-15000) 
april 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Don't Tense Up [Nilly's Issue]
The Trials and Tribulations of Creating a Painkiller for a Super-Soldier in Tights: a story by Tony Stark.
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Tony  Steve  team  *good  short_story(5000-15000) 
april 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
#standbylegion [esama]
V-day takes out the Avengers. JARVIS copes, one tweet at a time.

[crossover with Kingsman: The Secret Service, which I haven't seen, but the story was still quite easy to understand]
fanfic  Avengers  gen  JARVIS  various  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
april 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Of Many [Asidian]
He tries it the easy way, the first time, like the coward Steve's never believed he is.

It's 1943, and Bucky's still waking clammy with night sweats, phantom restraints pinning him down and Zola's voice in his head. He's still talking big to cover how he jerks away whenever anyone puts a hand on him. He’s pretending he doesn't see the way Steve looks at him, the way they all look at him, like he's in danger of coming apart.

Only this time – this time when they try to give him a discharge, he takes it. He crams what little he owns in his duffel and ships off for the states.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve  Bucky  Steve  various  short_story(5000-15000) 
april 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
Down Into The Golden Lands [Speranza]
"Did he leave a forwarding address, the emigrating bastard? Steve Rogers, 50 Main Street, Valhalla?"
fanfic  Avengers  Steve  Thor  Bucky  team  Bucky/Steve  short_story(5000-15000) 
april 2016 by Presto.Cadenza
To Die Will Be an Awfully Big Adventure [shadesfalcon]
In the aftermath of the Battle of New York, the World Security Council is not apt to be as forgiving as SHIELD. They choose, instead, to consider Clint Barton a responsible party for his actions under Loki's control, and are quick to sentence him to death. Natasha, with her world in the balance, chooses to bargain for the life of one man, racing to get Clint before the execution can be carried out.

Perhaps love is not only for children.
fanfic  Avengers  short_story(5000-15000)  Clint/Natasha  Natasha  Clint  team  *better 
december 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Escalation [LMX]
Peter's been adopted by the lamest couple ever. Clint doesn't walk all that good, or hear all that good, and Phil is balding and middle aged and a pencil-pusher, and when Peter imagined who would be adopting him he always imagined this couple who were young, and cool, and had these awesome well paying jobs, and he loves the guys, really he does, but sometimes he wishes that was what he got.

A reality check follows.
fanfic  Peter  Clint  Phil  Clint/Phil  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
december 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Cat Got Your Tongue [Meskeet]
There’s only two things Peggy’s currently certain about.
One, she’s in love with Angela Martinelli.
Two, she’s a cat.
fanfic  Avengers  Peggy  Angie  Peggy/Angie  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
november 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
every blue shade of green [lacking]
Bruce asks, “Who are you?”

“Clint. I’m Clint Barton.”

“Say it again.”

Bruce and Clint are not the same, but that doesn't mean there's no common ground.
fanfic  Avengers  Bruce/Clint  Clint  Bruce  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
august 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Kludged Together [Veldeia]
When he cut his morning jog short to join Tony Stark on a reconnaissance mission off the East Coast, Steve sure wasn’t expecting to end up stuck on a life raft in the middle of the ocean, his hand knuckle-deep in Stark's chest.
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Tony  Steve  short_story(5000-15000) 
august 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Could Never Prepare You [Dira Sudis (dsudis)]
Bucky never expected to have to explain his own rapes to Teddy before he had a chance to tell him anything about normal sex, but here they are.

[now part of a series]
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve/Sam  Bucky  OC  Steve  Sam  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
august 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Six Things Zoe Learned From Jamie [Penny]
Jamie was giving her that look which said 'You poor soul, is this not screamingly obvious' and being on the receiving end of it for a change was giving her a nasty sinking feeling in her stomach. Things Jamie taught Zoe, or how Zoe learned that she doesn't always have to know everything.
fanfic  doctorwho  gen  Jamie  Zoe  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
july 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Kelly, the Well-Meaning and Very Confused Barista [chaya]
An outside observer confuses the 'barbershop quartet' as one woman with a really bad habit for cheating. Complete fluff.
Avengers  Bucky/Steve/Natasha/Sam  team  OCs  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
july 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Let Us Assume (nothing ever changes) [WerewolvesAreReal]
One day, Matt Murdock saves an old man. The old man does not completely succeed in saving Matt Murdock.
fanfic  Daredevil  gen  Matt  OC  *good  short_story(5000-15000) 
june 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
a baker's mile in your shoes [HereThereBeFic]
“Foggy, listen to me. This isn't going to make any sense at all, but just – just listen. I need you to come by my place and – walk with me over to Murdock's, because I... need him to tell me how to call in sick.”

For a prompt on the Daredevil kink meme:

Matt Murdock + Brett Mahoney, body swap.
fanfic  Daredevil  Matt  Brett  Foggy  short_story(5000-15000)  gen  *good 
june 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Lucky [TamrynEradani]
In 1941, Steve Rogers is willing to die for his country. Now in 2014, he has to learn how to live for it.

[saved on my computer]
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Steve  various  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
june 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
aunts aren't gentlemen [screamlet]
“First things first,” Tony says. “I loved A Knight’s Tale."
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Tony  Jarvis  Paul_Bettany  RPF  various  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
june 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Good Luck and Trouble on Our Side [vain_glorious]
“Tony turned himself evil in the lab?” Steve suggests. He pauses and adds, hopefully: “Accidentally.”

“I hoped Bruce would discourage that,” Natasha says, flatly.
fanfic  Avengers  gen  short_story(5000-15000)  team  *better 
may 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
The Real Thing [Speranza]
Tony talks dirty. Steve gets a nosebleed. This is not a Stony story.
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Steve  Tony  short_story(5000-15000)  *best 
april 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
this time is difficult [radialarch]
Steve goes back in time to save Bucky. But time is a complicated thing.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve  Bucky  Bucky/Steve  short_story(5000-15000) 
march 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
woof [brandywine421]
For a prompt on the avengers kinkmeme: "...something different happens when Steve gets Dr Erskine's serum plus the Vita ray treatment... Steve does get taller and stronger, but when the first full moon hits, he turns into a big friendly looking dog. Yes, he's a weredog, not a werewolf."
fanfic  Avengers  gen  Steve  Tony  various  short_story(5000-15000) 
march 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
The Mechanic, The Soldier, and The Captain [AvocadoLove]
HYDRA need a replacement for Zola’s genius, and they have years worth of experience breaking and brainwashing a good man into something they can control.
fanfic  Avengers  Tony  Steve  Bucky  Tony/Steve/Bucky  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
march 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Goodbye Piccadilly, Farewell Leicester Square [Speranza]
Natasha wanted to tell him the whole story of wartime London and the pub and seeing who Steve Rogers was before he lost everything, and meeting The Winter Soldier only to find out that he was just a young charmer named Bucky Barnes.
fanfic  Avengers  Bucky/Steve  Steve  Bucky  Natasha  Tony  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
january 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
cross this river to the other side [defcontwo]
In 1943, the Howling Commandos wrote goodbye letters to be given to their loved ones in the event of their deaths.

In 2014, Sharon Carter finds those letters in a tin can in an abandoned HYDRA base.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve  Bucky  Bucky/Steve  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
january 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
My Brain Slug [InsaneTrollLogic]
So Turk just extracted a brain slug from a patient, JD’s being stalked by a red-tailed hawk and Cox has been acting a little different. Not exactly your average day at Sacred Heart.
fanfic  short_story(5000-15000)  gen  Scrubs  Animorphs  JD  Tobias  *Crossover  *good 
january 2015 by Presto.Cadenza
Five times the Avengers tried to make Tony like Christmas. (And the one time they didn’t.) [sara_holmes]
In which Tony avoids Christmas because of reasons and Clint is not okay with this.

Featuring bickering, unresolved childhood issues, cookies, eggnog lattes, unicorn tree-toppers, man-eating snowmen and Steve being the only sane person in the tower.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve/Tony  Tony  Steve  Clint  team  short_story(5000-15000) 
december 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
#116 [shadowen]
It's the same old story every time, but Clint keeps hoping for a better ending.
fanfic  Clint/Phil  Clint  Phil  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
october 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
Best Kept Secret [AlchemyAlice]
In which there is a secret friendship, and Tony can’t deal with feelings, so Natasha has to do it for him. These two features may or may not be related.
fanfic  Avengers  Natasha  Tony  Steve/Tony  short_story(5000-15000) 
october 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
Every Villain Is a Hero (in his own mind) [AvocadoLove]
Tony is the villain known as Iron Man. Steve is Captain America. Outside work, Steve and Tony are married and do not know each other's secret identities. Some revelations, though, do not come with a happy ending.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve/Tony  Steve  Tony  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
october 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
Revisionist History [hitlikehammers]
He writes the book as a coping mechanism. The Adventures of Star-Lord isn't a best seller, but it does help Gregg Quill get over the loss of his daughter, his grandson: helps him pick back up and keep on living.

He doesn't expect, almost thirty years later, to find that his little Star-Lord has grown into the galaxy's Star-Lord.

He doesn't expect to have the story come to life before him, in the flesh: with a few crucial revisions.

He certainly doesn't expect Peter to come back home.
fanfic  GotG  GrandpaQuill  Peter  team  gen  short_story(5000-15000) 
september 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
Conditioned Response [Asidian]
"Don't move," they tell the asset, and they leave him standing naked in the center of the room.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve  Bucky  Bucky/Steve  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
august 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
Waiting for Phil [MountainRose]
Clint Barton is captured; it happens to all of them, eventually. Some of them come out of it alive, some of them don't, but always, always, it changes you.
fanfic  Clint/Phil  Avengers  Clint  Phil  short_story(5000-15000) 
august 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
This Is Definitely A Kissing Story [Selenay]
AKA Five times Coulson kissed Clint on a mission (and one time it wasn't a mission).
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Phil  Clint  Phil  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
april 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
Don't Look (Don't Stop Looking) [Selenay]
Maybe, just maybe, Clint actually did spend a bit too much time thinking about what Coulson wore to bed.

Not that it meant anything. Clearly it didn't. He'd just always thought that what a person slept in was a good indicator of what that person was like as a...person.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Phil  Clint  Phil  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
april 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
Be My Luck [mrasaki]
"No, no," Clint says, recovering himself. "I mean, okay, this is weird, probably one of the top ten weirdest things to ever happen to us, but corgis?"

"Loki is a strange dude," Tony says sagely, as if that explains everything.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Phil  Clint  Phil  team  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
april 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
hold to be steady [harcourt]
prompt: In the 70 years Steve's been in the ice, there have been some amazing leaps in submissives' rights - a collared sub is no longer classed as the property of their Dominant, uncollared subs aren't expected to quietly put up with unwanted attention from Doms, [...]

After Clint back chats Steve a little too much, Steve forcibly puts Clint down into subspace, tell him that'll he'll damn well listen to what Steve says, tells him that if he's going to be on the team then he'll be on there under Steve's conditions, which includes one of the new high-tech StarkIndustry collars that can't be removed without a specific code - one that Steve's not telling Clint
fanfic  Avengers  short_story(5000-15000)  Clint/Phil  Clint/Steve  Clint  Steve  Phil  *better 
april 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
A Different Kind of Magic [thefrogg]
"Fury won't release Phil's body," Clint says, voice breaking. "Some magical contamination bullshit, but--"

"You think he's still alive," Tony finishes for him.
fanfic  Clint/Phil  Avengers  short_story(5000-15000)  Clint  Phil  team 
april 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
Steve Rogers' Guide to Recognizing Your Saints [Amuly]
Mary was for mothers. Christopher was for travelers. Michael was for soldiers. Steve carried his saints with him from his life to this new, shining future.
fanfic  Avengers  Steve/Tony  Steve  Tony  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
march 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
An Eye for an Eye [Mikkeneko]
After the events of Avengers, Clint Barton just wants to get back to his old life. But he finds he can't get Loki out of his mind -- or his dreams.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Loki  Clint  Loki  short_story(5000-15000)  *better 
march 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
Hawkeye and AC, Go Pride [desert_neon (sproutgirl)]
The public may not know Hawkeye's real name, but they do know he's married. In which there are paparazzi, protesters, and an enthusiastic Skye. Also, Thor loves The Lord of the Rings, and Phil is fond of his team.
fanfic  Avengers  Clint/Phil  Clint  Phil  short_story(5000-15000)  *good 
march 2014 by Presto.Cadenza
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