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OBITUARY: Zeev Mankowitz - The Canadian Jewish News
“”the greatest impact an educator can have is through modelling. I learned more about how people learn by experiencing Zeev’s way of interacting. He approached people in the gentlest way possible with great respect and dignity.””
obituaries  Judaism  2015  education 
september 2017 by Preoccupations
TLSWaking up in Europa – TheTLS
"In Cambridge I began to learn that you can’t learn everything. Other people are clever too and some of them actually read the set books instead of sitting around writing poems. Attendance at a university can save you – or should save you: the prophylactic effect has grown less certain in recent times – from the tendency of the autodidact to overrate himself. As Camus argued, a functioning democracy depends on those people who know that they don’t know everything." "Once, I had to fly somewhere to find books, feeling always that the books were splinters of Europe, scattered all over the world; the radiant fragments of a cataclysm. This long process of reintegrating what the German dilettante Walter Mehring called the Lost Library helped to convince me that Europe was everywhere and that the whole world, even America, was a collection of university campuses. (The biggest chunk of the Lost Library I ever found was in a house on Staten Island.)" "Everything should be learned early, because children learn things best, and I suppose the real secret of my ability to pick up what knowledge I did was a childish nature. But children are uncivilized, and need to be taught. In my time I have had some mighty teachers. None of my many Virgils was showing off to me when they recommended the book that I had never heard of.

Those who help us to satisfy a longing to unify our knowledge of the world will necessarily lead us in a hundred different directions. The unity is in the longing. They were just (to borrow Cocteau’s brilliant aphorism) opening the door and showing me the tightrope. As for time itself, it has taught me that even if I could make it home to die, I would still, on the day before I did, be waking up in Europa."
Clive_James  2016  TLS  Europe  education  democracy 
july 2016 by Preoccupations
Quoth Steve: February 17

I know from my own education that if I hadn’t encountered two or three individuals that spent extra time with me, I’m sure I would have been in jail. I’m 100% sure that if it hadn’t been for Mrs. Hill in fourth grade and a few others, I would have absolutely have ended up in jail.
Steve_Jobs  education  school  quotations 
february 2016 by Preoccupations
CEP Discussion Paper No 1350 May 2015 Ill Communication: Technology, Distraction & Student Performance
CEP Discussion Paper No 1350 May 2015 Ill Communication: Technology, Distraction & Student Performance —
education  mobiles  distraction  performance  research  PDF  2015 
may 2015 by Preoccupations
BBC News - Textbooks replaced by iTunes U downloads
"The Stephen Perse Foundation school is building a pathway that others could soon follow. It's clever and digital, but also practical and easily shared."
iPad  iTunes_U  BBC  2014  education  educational_technology  schools  books  textbooks  1:1p 
march 2014 by Preoccupations
Memex 1.1Why the obsession with “coding” misses the point
“while learning to program is desirable, it’s not the most important part — which is about having a good critical understanding of the technology"
John_Naughton  2014  coding  programming  computer_science  education  technology 
february 2014 by Preoccupations
George Orwell's schooldays
"I attribute to my education not only an uncountable number of advantages and privileges, but some of the characteristics I find least attractive in myself. I have a craven teacher-pleasing tendency: a deference to authority and a desire to excel within parameters established by others rather than to challenge those parameters. I am a more conventional – sometimes timid – thinker than I would like. … At the same time there is a strong tradition of public schools acting on certain temperaments to produce absolutely the opposite: rebels whose anti-establishment zeal seems to have been fired by exposure to the rituals of that establishment at an early age. From Shelley (Eton) to Paul Foot (Shrewsbury), Tam Dalyell (Eton) to Tony Benn (Westminster), many prominent figures on the left have been public schoolboys. "A school could be conducive to that, if you have a certain kind of mind, because it is a sort of oppressive dictatorship in miniature," says Karl Marx's biographer and Private Eye stalwart Francis Wheen. "Some of us found it so oppressive that we rebelled against it. I hated Harrow so much that I ran away when I was 16 and left a note for my parents saying: 'I've gone to join the Alternative Society' and scampered off to London and lived in a squat. It's fair to say in my case that my politics was formed in reaction to Harrow.""
George_Orwell  schools  education  childhood  politics  Guardian  2014  book_reviews  private_schools  from iphone
february 2014 by Preoccupations
Should Everybody Learn to Code? | February 2014 | Communications of the ACM
"The so-called "everyone should learn to code" movement is wrong for several reasons, according to Atwood, including the assumption that more code in the world is an inherently desirable thing. That assumes code is the goal; it puts the method before the problem, and assumes adding coders to the workforce is a net positive. "The general populace (and its political leadership) could probably benefit most of all from a basic understanding of how computers, and the Internet, work," he says. "Being able to get around on the Internet is becoming a basic life skill, and we should be worried about fixing that first and most of all, before we start jumping all the way into code.""
coding  programming  computer_science  2014  education  schools  Jeff_Atwood 
february 2014 by Preoccupations
10 Things I’ve Learned (So Far) from Making a Meta-MOOC
"The best use of MOOCs may not be to deliver uniform content massively but to create communities and networks of passionate learners galvanized around a particular topic of shared interest."
MOOCs  2014  education  learning  teaching 
january 2014 by Preoccupations
Why John Seely Brown Says We Should Look Beyond Creativity to Cultivate Imagination | Spotlight on Digital Media and Learning
"You don’t bring about major system change by attacking the core. You build up the edges and show what the edge can do. Connected learning to me is a technique to empower the edge and have it become so attractive that the core starts to think more like it. It’s as simple as that. And that’s a pretty damn powerful strategy."
creativity  imagination  interview  play  education  schools  John_Seely_Brown  systems_thinkng 
january 2014 by Preoccupations
SesatSchool: Strong and weak ties
"Marjatta Kalliala, an educator in Finland, noted in one of her books that what matters most to young children are trustworthy grown-ups who can offer a lot of individual attention to them. Whereas closer to their teens it becomes even more important to be part of a diverse, stable community of other young people. I once asked Riitta Olander, head teacher of the preschool E & E went to in Helsinki what she thought of this. She recited a simple formula: age of the child + 2 = the maximum number of other people they should be expected to interact with daily."
Jyri  education  schools  home-schooling  2013  ties  weak_ties  strong_ties  teenagers  child_development  from iphone
december 2013 by Preoccupations
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