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Don’t pity Theresa May. She’s the worst prime minister in living memory. - The Washington Post

She is not sensible, she does not know what she is doing, and, increasingly, she doesn’t seem to be entirely sane either.
Anne_Applebaum  Theresa_May  Brexit  WaPo  2019 
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Why the Left Can’t Stand The New York Times - Columbia Journalism Review
“by literally any measure, the Financial Times is just a better paper. It covers the world as it is—a global battle not of ideas or values, but of economic and political interests.

Compared to the Times, the reporting is usually more in-depth; the reporters generally have more expertise; the coverage is more comprehensive both geographically and substantively; even the op-eds are better (likely because they are far fewer, and they’re not used to pad the paper with “content”—confessionals, puff pieces, listicles—rather than reporting). Most refreshing, the FT does not lose itself in the mire of myopic American culture wars, which very rarely breach the surface of material politics and/or economics. When it does run soft news, it’s higher quality (Rana Foroohar’s “Lunch with the FT” with Rebecca Solnit, for example, transcends the genre of fawning celebrity profile into an understated but scathing critique).”
NYT  FT  newspapers  journalism  2019 
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Fool Britannia | by Hari Kunzru | The New York Review of Books
“The English, whose opinions have been formed by the shallow charmers and their enablers, seem fundamentally unable to conceive of a relationship with Europe that is not one of either subjection or domination.”
Fintan_O'Toole  Brexit  NYRB  2019  book_reviews 
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Opinion | The Malign Incompetence of the British Ruling Class - The New York Times
“As partition comes home, threatening bloodshed in Ireland and secession in Scotland, and an unimaginable chaos of no-deal Brexit looms, ordinary British people stand to suffer from the untreatable exit wounds once inflicted by Britain’s bumbling chumocrats on millions of Asians and Africans. More ugly historical ironies may yet waylay Britain on its treacherous road to Brexit. But it is safe to say that a long-cossetted British ruling class has finally come to the end of itself as it was.”
Pankaj_Mishra  NYT  2019  India  Pakistan  Brexit  Britain  Ireland 
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An Artist’s Life, Refracted in Film | The New Yorker
Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, Gerhard Richter: ‘Never Look Away’
film  cinema  Gerhard_Richter  New_Yorker  2019  from twitter
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Beyond Cherry-Picking | Behavioural and Social Sciences at Nature Research

Behavioural scientists have long assumed data analysis to be automatically objective: that they could open a dataset, ‘have a look at the data’ and report the results they find.
research  data_sets  adolescence  technology  Nature  2019 
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Childhood's End |
“models are no longer models. … What began as a mapping of human meaning now defines human meaning, and has begun to control, rather than simply catalog or index, human thought. No one is at the controls. … The next revolution will be the ascent of analog systems over which the dominion of digital programming comes to an end. Nature’s answer to those who sought to control nature through programmable machines is to allow us to build machines whose nature is beyond programmable control.”
George_Dyson  2019  Edge  code  control  Arthur_C_Clarke 
january 2019 by Preoccupations

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