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Liars' League: My Favourite Christmas Story: Michael Caines on "A Christmas Gift" by T. F. Powys

For Theodore Francis Powys, I would guess, Christmas wasn't quite the unique moment in the year that it has become for many people – that moment when they might just, among other things, consider going to church for a bit of a sing-song. Apart from anything else, Christianity was a constant presence in his life as a writer. He claimed that the only book he knew was the Bible (not true). A family anecdote has him stop on a walk through countryside as one of his brothers hid behind a bush and called out "Theodore!" Theodore replied: "Yes, God ...?"
T_F_Powys  2013 
august 2017 by Preoccupations
Way Through’s Portal - The Wire
“Stephen, be secret, child be strange, dark, true, impure, and dissonant. Cherish our flame. Our dawn shall come."
Alan_Clarke  Wired  David_Rudkin  cinema  film  2013  1974 
june 2016 by Preoccupations
Tilda Swinton’s dinner speech at the opening of David Bowie is | Victoria and Albert Museum
"you have remained the reliable mortal in amongst all the immortal shapes you have thrown … how clear it now is – how undeniable – that the freak becomes the great unifier
The alien is the best company after all
For so many more than the few …
how familiar and stamped you are into ALL of our our collective DNA …"
2013  David_Bowie  music 
january 2016 by Preoccupations
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