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Sic Transit Mulier - Selena
Vir as trans and Londo as intersex – makes so much sense, such good Centauri worldbuilding, love.
fic  fandom:babylon5  relationship:gen  type:backstory  theme:queer  character:vircotto  character:londomollari 
may 2017 by Poetry
To John Adams from Charles Adams, 31 January 1799
Nbd, just a letter about Hamilton and Church casually joking about how bisexual he is
fandom:hamilton  resource  theme:queer 
july 2016 by Poetry
All the Good Ones - Zoya1416
The first meeting between Peter and Nightingale, from Thomas' POV. This is 100% my headcanon.
fic  fandom:riversoflondon  relationship:gen  theme:headcanon  theme:queer  character:thomasnightingale  character:petergrant 
june 2015 by Poetry
Though I Sang in My Chains Like the Sea - lightgetsin
Lightgetsin continues to write my favorite things in every fandom. Some great queer gen, Nightingale POV, in which Miriam's friends have a son from a sperm bank who is coming up strange.
fandom:riversoflondon  fic  relationship:gen  theme:queer  type:missingscene  type:plotty  character:thomasnightingale  character:petergrant  character:lesleymay 
may 2015 by Poetry
Comme des enfants - Eliane - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Ahhh this fic contains so many of my John backstory headcanons, complete with homophobic parents, a desperate wartime relationship with Sholto, and internalized biphobia.
fic  fandom:sherlock  ship:sherlock/john  ship:john/sholto  relationship:slash  type:backstory  theme:headcanon  character:johnwatson  character:harrywatson  character:sherlock  theme:queer  type:angst 
february 2015 by Poetry
Drink to Remember - luftie - Welcome to Night Vale
Cecil and Carlos go clubbing. Which is fun at first, until they find out the club was bought by Strex.
fic  fandom:wtnv  relationship:slash  ship:cecil/carlos  theme:queer  character:cecil  character:carlos 
may 2014 by Poetry
In Confidence - emmadelosnardos
Damn, this may be the best depiction of psychotherapy I've seen in fic. Takes the form of correspondence, interviews, and case files relating to Sherlock's rehab from cocaine.
fic  fandom:sherlock  relationship:gen  character:sherlock  theme:mentalhealth  type:characterstudy  theme:queer  type:backstory 
september 2012 by Poetry
Out of the Blue Box - dagas isa (dagas_isa)
Amazing, amazing exploration of the implications of morphing technology after the war.
fic  fandom:animorphs  relationship:gen  theme:worldbuilding  type:post-canon  theme:queer 
july 2012 by Poetry
lgbtfest: Harry Potter: "The Relative Truth" by rotaryphones
I am not involved with HP fandom at all, but this is one of a very, very few HP fics I like. I've always wanted to read a fic that explores what it would be like to be LGBT in the wizarding world, and this does so very respectfully and convincingly. Also, it's Neville/Luna, which is an adorable pairing.
fic  fandom:harrypotter  relationship:het  theme:queer  favorite  type:characterstudy  character:neville  character:lunalovegood  ship:neville/luna 
september 2009 by Poetry

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