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Pricked thee out for young men's pleasure - Petra - The Magicians (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Two bright young things meet at a party freshman year, get on well, and get it on; or, on his quest to become himself, Eliot finds a role model in Margo.
fandom:themagicians  fic  relationship:het  type:pre-canon  character:eliotwaugh  character:margohanson  ship:eliotwaugh*margohanson 
march 2019 by Poetry
a fairytale ending - Sixthlight - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
“Hey,” said Abigail, “I almost forgot. I found a thing, and I think it’s magic.”

In which the worst part of getting magically handcuffed to Nightingale is all the office gossip about it.
fandom:riversoflondon  relationship:het  relationship:slash  ship:peter/beverley  ship:starlingale  character:abigailkamara  character:petergrant  character:thomasnightingale  character:beverleybrook  character:molly  character:sahraguleed 
may 2017 by Poetry
Human Again - LilacSolanum - Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate [Archive of Our Own]
The kids have been given a mission from Erek King, but also have to deal with raising mock babies the school has given them. Meanwhile, Tobias faces his past.

There are NO WORDS for how good this character study of Tobias is. This is the freakin' ULTIMATE.
fandom:animorphs  fic  type:characterstudy  type:missingscene  type:dark  favorite  relationship:het  ship:rachel/tobias  character:tobias  character:ax  character:rachel 
april 2017 by Poetry
Most Humane of Princes - ConvenientAlias - Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate [Archive of Our Own]
In which Cassie is the leader of the Animorphs instead of Jake. And it's hard to keep the moral upper hand when you're leading a guerilla force against an interplanetary empire. Sometimes it's hard to even keep yourself together.
fandom:animorphs  relationship:het  fic  ship:jake/cassie  type:au  type:angst  type:characterstudy  character:cassie 
april 2016 by Poetry
Notes Concerning Certain Performances of Hamilton - scioscribe - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
They're in the play! (They go through the requisite amount of hey, this doesn’t look like heaven, this looks like a theater!, which takes… more time than you might think, especially since they aren’t all speaking to each other.)

Incredible metafiction about the Hamilton characters playing themselves and each other in the musical.
fandom:hamilton  relationship:het  relationship:slash  ship:lams  ship:hamilton/eliza  theme:metafiction  character:alexanderhamilton  character:aaronburr  character:elizahamilton  character:thomasjefferson  character:georgewashington  character:angelicaschuyler  character:jamesmadison  character:kinggeorge 
february 2016 by Poetry
whatever makes you happy - mardia
Peter in a V relationship with Beverley and Nightingale! I love how this fic portrays this relationship structure. So good.
fic  fandom:riversoflondon  relationship:slash  relationship:het  ship:peter/beverley  ship:starlingale  character:petergrant  character:beverleybrook  character:thomasnightingale 
october 2015 by Poetry
Requested and Required - keerawa
Temeraire and Iskierka talk about breeding - their own prospects with each other, as well as their captains.
fic  fandom:temeraire  relationship:het  ship:temeraire/iskierka  character:temeraire  character:iskierka 
september 2015 by Poetry
spoken - kirargent
A sweet kiss between Riley and Capheus right after the finale <3
fic  fandom:sense8  relationship:het  ship:capheus/riley  type:fluff  character:capheus  character:rileyblue 
july 2015 by Poetry
Displacement: Or, Notes on the Application of Archimedean Logic to the Art of Oneiromancy - linman
Peter has a series of dreams about how his next confrontation with Lesley will go, and realizes some important things about his feelings for her. An excellent exploration of Peter's side of the Peter/Lesley relationship.
fic  fandom:riversoflondon  relationship:het  ship:peter/lesley  type:characterstudy  type:angst  character:petergrant  character:lesleymay  character:thomasnightingale 
june 2015 by Poetry
An Unruly Sun - Quakey
Sun teaches Capheus how to fight for himself and they fall in love <3 The ship I never knew I needed.
fic  fandom:sense8  relationship:het  ship:sun/capheus  type:romance  type:fluff  character:sunbak  character:capheus 
june 2015 by Poetry
Barrier Methods - robotsdance - Pushing Daisies
Holy God, this is everything a kink fic should be. Chuck and Ned find ways to have sex without touching, and it's just as kinky-cute as the show is morbid-cute.
fic  fandom:pushingdaisies  relationship:het  theme:bdsm  type:fluff  ship:chuck/ned  character:chuck  character:ned  theme:boundaries 
december 2014 by Poetry
All the Light We Cannot See - Zelos - Animorphs
Interesting exploration of how Cassie feels about her appearance compared to Rachel's, and some sweet affirmation from Jake.
fic  fandom:animorphs  relationship:het  ship:jake/cassie  type:fluff  character:rachel  character:cassie  character:jake 
september 2014 by Poetry
Bittersweets Series
Read up to "Spike, Or the Ambiguities." The rest is time travel tropes and babyfic, which, meh.
fic  fandom:buffy  type:au  relationship:het  ship:buffy/spike  type:romance  type:smut  character:buffy  character:spike  character:willow  character:dawn  character:tara 
november 2013 by Poetry
Drive it Home by ClawofCat
Set immediately after Crush, Buffy, livid over Spike's behavior, decides that she has to teach him a lesson once and for all. Hoping to knock some sense into him, they confront each other in his crypt. But will Spike bend to her will?
fic  fandom:buffy  relationship:het  ship:buffy/spike  type:smut  theme:bdsm  character:buffy  character:spike  via:gabrielleabellefanfic 
november 2013 by Poetry
The Naked Truth
Episode tag to "Intervention." Buffy interviews the bot to find out if she really can trust Spike.
fic  fandom:buffy  relationship:het  ship:buffy/spike  character:buffy  character:buffybot  character:spike 
november 2013 by Poetry
Never Say Remember
Parallel universe travel to a 'verse in which Lily survived Voldemort's attack and married Snape.
fic  fandom:harrypotter  relationship:het  ship:snape/lily  ship:snape&harry  type:au  character:snape  character:harrypotter  character:lilyevans 
march 2013 by Poetry
Like Setting Up Punchlines
Marco, Ax, and Tobias living together in the woods. Gotta love the Axis of Awesome.
fic  fandom:animorphs  relationship:het  ship:rachel/tobias  character:marco  character:tobias  character:ax  type:humor 
october 2012 by Poetry
Noble Pursuits by Quean of Swords
I can count the number of Doctor/Rose fics I like on one hand. This is one of them. Probably because it's really about Donna.
fic  fandom:doctorwho  relationship:het  ship:doctor/rose  type:plotty  character:donnanoble  character:10thdoctor  character:rosetyler  character:jackietyler  character:mickeysmith  character:wilfredmott 
september 2012 by Poetry
The Hunger Games: Dark Toast (Five Loaves of Bread, I/V) - Katniss/Peeta - 1/4
A dystopia that's not the same as Suzanne Collins', but somehow strikes the same chord. Also made me temporarily like Katniss/Peeta.
fic  fandom:hungergames  relationship:het  type:au  ship:katniss/peeta  character:katniss  character:peeta  character:cinna  character:gale 
july 2012 by Poetry
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