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In Nomine - tinsnip - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
The first time he’d given in to the impulse to just make up a name, he’d felt a bit odd about it. But everything had gone so smoothly. He’d been able to just go in and eat and then leave and it hadn’t mattered at all, the human hadn’t really wanted to know his name, they’d just wanted something to peg him by while he was there.And so: Fell. Ezra Fell. Ms Azee Phale. Mme A Zinnia File. A Z Fell, bookseller.That last one has stuck around the longest, now. He’s grown rather attached to it.A... A... what begins with A?  Aziraphale makes dinner reservations for himself and Crowley, and is a bit thoughtless. Silly business.
fandom:goodomens  relationship:gen  fic  type:humor  character:aziraphale  character:crowley 
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The Grass is Greener - JustAnotherGhostwriter - Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate [Archive of Our Own]
Aximili arrives home from the planet Earth, and is immediately requested to report to the Andalite Council for what they call a trial, and what he knows is postulating at best. While awaiting his moment with them, he reflects on a number of things in his past, present and expected future.
fandom:animorphs  fic  relationship:gen  type:missingscene  character:ax  character:estrid 
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The Woman Who Ran with Wolves - drekadair - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
Peter and Nightingale are called to the Epping Forest to investigate a potential werewolf and discover a missing woman, a family shattered by grief, and a case that hits far too close to home.

While no suicide occurs in this story, suicide and suicidal ideation are discussed. If such topics are difficult for you to read about, this may not be the story for you.

I don't speak German. Google tells me that the plural of "werewolf" is werwölfe but, like Peter, we all know how reliable internet translations are. If you know what "werewolves" is in German, I'd love to know!
Paget's story is loosely borrowed from Seven Tears into the Sea by Terri Farley.This is the end, folks! Please remember to leave a review if you're so inclined :)
fandom:riversoflondon  fic  relationship:gen  type:plotty  character:petergrant  character:thomasnightingale 
september 2018 by Poetry
O brightening glance - Laylah - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Lem has a list of things to collect for the Archive. He finds somewhat more than he expects to.

How Lem and Fero met. Very good.
fandom:friendsatthetable  relationship:gen  fic  type:pre-canon  character:lemking  character:feroferitas 
may 2018 by Poetry
inaccessible partition - sunspeared - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Aria Joie, new Candidate of Righteousness, in the wake of September.

Incredibly good interpretation of what it's like to be a Candidate of Righteousness.
fandom:friendsatthetable  fic  type:characterstudy  relationship:gen  character:ariajoie  character:righteousness 
may 2018 by Poetry
If Over-Compressed Jpegs Teach Us Anything, It's That There's No Such Thing as an Acceptable Loss - IntelligentAirhead - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
It takes time to travel back to Counterweight from September, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes time is needed to process events. However, that point is moot when everyone involved refuses to admit that they need to recover from anything in the first place.
Or: Cass has designated themself as unofficial supervisor for everyone’s internalized emotional crises, and anyone who doesn’t like it can just suck it up.
fandom:friendsatthetable  relationship:gen  fic  theme:friendship  character:cassander  character:ariajoie  character:makotrig  theme:mentalhealth 
march 2018 by Poetry
praise player one - akitania (spacehairdresser) - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
The Chime leaves the memory farm. Aria is herself again, whatever that means.

Infinite lives, the time will come up.

Then Aria got a cool assassin gf and forgot to talk to Cass about their family problems, but everyone was happier for it.If you'd like to chat about friendly tables, I'm on tumblr at akitania!
fandom:friendsatthetable  relationship:gen  character:ariajoie  character:cassander  character:teakenridge  type:missingscene 
march 2018 by Poetry
the light that gig saw - fangirl_squee - Friends at the Table (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
The mesh on Quire works pretty much the same as the mesh of the fleet does. Gig finds a home in it.

Gig becomes friends with the people of Quire via the mesh <3
fandom:friendsatthetable  relationship:gen  fic  type:characterstudy  character:gigkep-hart  character:grandmagnificent  character:echoreverie  character:evengardner 
march 2018 by Poetry
Solicited Noods - lynne_monstr - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Peggy invites Parker to attend a Fancy Food Festival, and it leads to conversations about cats, a weekend of food tastings, one (1) adorably annoying love interest, and a side of attempted murder.
(Or, What Parker knows about friendship is this. Friends don’t let friends fall into the clutches of international criminals. Unless they're good-guy criminals. Or a bad friend.)
fandom:leverage  fic  relationship:gen  type:post-canon  type:plotty  character:parker  character:peggymilbank 
february 2018 by Poetry
A Season Under the Kandrona - Senri - Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate [Archive of Our Own]
Alloran prepares, Seerow hopes, Garoff watches, and Aldrea, a child, is too young to fully grasp the implications of the history being made - but she is not too young to miss the tensions, or forget the story.

Dear purronronner, I am SO SORRY for how late this is. So sorry. So so sorry. Work and holiday and class things ate me alive. I hope this story hits some notes you like. I think Seerow, Alloran, Aldrea, and tbh the entire Yeerk species must have had some fascinating dynamics at play in the days before war broke out. Really this fic probably deserves to be a 500k political epic, but I did not have the time. Until the day someone writes that epic I hope this will whet appetites.
fandom:animorphs  relationship:gen  type:pre-canon  theme:worldbuilding  character:aldrea  character:alloran  character:seerow 
january 2018 by Poetry
Audience: 822,000 and Homeland Security - WerewolvesAreReal - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Hardison starts a live-stream for Dragon Age to show off his new mods. And he kicks ass. But his viewers are actually a bit more concerned about the angry guy in the background of his videos, and the blond chick who keeps peering through his windows."Is this some kind of performance art," asks peskytroll341.
fandom:leverage  relationship:gen  fic  type:humor  type:post-canon  theme:outsiderpov  character:alechardison  character:eliotspencer  character:parker 
september 2017 by Poetry
Cycle 71 - anonymous_moose - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
A hundred years, a hundred worlds, a hundred stories. The seventy-first starts off poorly (though not nearly as poorly as some) and honesty, like violence, can be brutal.
Taako is fed up. Magnus feels guilty. Lup lashes out. Merle saves the day.
fandom:theadventurezone  relationship:gen  fic  type:plotty  type:missingscene  theme:teamfic  character:taako  character:magnusburnsides  character:lup  character:merlehighchurch 
september 2017 by Poetry
the both of us - words-writ-in-starlight (Gunmetal_Crown) - Animorphs - Katherine A. Applegate [Archive of Our Own]
Jake made a deal with Fenestre--as long as he was inside his own house, he was safe from retribution.
Rachel knows that there are some things that only she and her cousin can do, and this is one of them.
fandom:animorphs  relationship:gen  fic  type:missingscene  theme:family  character:rachel  character:jake 
july 2017 by Poetry
Cinnamon Rolls - goldfishoflove - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
The morning after the Eleventh Hour, Taako and Magnus are still rattled by what they've learned. Does talking about it help? Hard to say. Do delicious pastries help? Almost certainly.
fandom:theadventurezone  relationship:gen  ship:magnusburnsides&taako  fic  theme:friendship  type:missingscene  character:taako  character:magnusburnsides 
july 2017 by Poetry
starting to sound like a friendship thing - Psilent (HereThereBeFic) - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
"You don't owe me anything," Magnus says quickly. "You're my friend and you were in trouble and protecting that button clearly wasn't working – really sorry about that, by the way – and I couldn't just stand there and do nothing!"Taako is staring at him. He doesn't quite slump, just holds himself at different angles as the indignation slinks out of his posture to be replaced by bewilderment. "I'm your what?"
fandom:theadventurezone  relationship:gen  ship:magnusburnsides&taako  fic  theme:friendship  type:missingscene  character:taako  character:magnusburnsides 
july 2017 by Poetry
ultra direct and explicit language - kismetNemesis - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Angus chooses three AM as the perfect time to come out to Taako. This is set in some kind of nebulous future, possibly after the endgame of the show. (Freaking adorable.)
fandom:theadventurezone  relationship:gen  ship:angusmcdonald&taako  fic  type:fluff  character:taako  character:angusmcdonald 
july 2017 by Poetry
Close Enough - nintendonut1 - The Adventure Zone (Podcast) [Archive of Our Own]
Taako is giving the whole "Friendship" thing a try, but Magnus is being weird and difficult.

Very good Taako and Magnus voices. Podfic?
fandom:theadventurezone  relationship:gen  ship:magnusburnsides&taako  theme:friendship  fic  type:missingscene  character:taako  character:magnusburnsides 
july 2017 by Poetry
Sic Transit Mulier - Selena
Vir as trans and Londo as intersex – makes so much sense, such good Centauri worldbuilding, love.
fic  fandom:babylon5  relationship:gen  type:backstory  theme:queer  character:vircotto  character:londomollari 
may 2017 by Poetry
The Subtle Arrangement of Stones - Nemo_the_Everbeing - Babylon 5 [Archive of Our Own]
Ambassadors Mollari, Delenn, and G'Kar are kidnapped by Homeguard. Their aides team up to rescue them. A perfectly in-character S1 romp, told in the form of interviews with Garibaldi.
fic  fandom:babylon5  favorite  relationship:gen  type:plotty  type:humor  type:missingscene  character:londomollari  character:g'kar  character:delenn  character:vircotto  character:lennier  character:susanivanova  character:stephenfranklin  character:taliawinters 
april 2017 by Poetry
Good Luck With Being Happy - LilacSolanum
Jake and Marco friendship after the war. Such a good portrait of the complexities of their relationship. Marco tries so hard to help Jake and fails so hard.
fic  fandom:animorphs  relationship:gen  type:post-canon  theme:friendship  theme:mentalhealth  ship:jake&marco  character:jake  character:marco 
february 2017 by Poetry
Posh - Anonymous - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
A smooth, polished floor is an invitation for kids - of all ages. Guleed reflects on poshness and makes friends whilst waiting for her colleagues.

Molly and Sahra friendship :D :D
fandom:riversoflondon  fic  relationship:gen  character:sahraguleed  character:molly  type:backstory  type:missingscene 
december 2016 by Poetry
all our plans are useless indeed - Anonymous - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
Thomas’s back and knees creak alarmingly when he gets out of bed these days. He’s still an early riser, up with the birds, but it’s getting more and more tempting to stay in bed where it’s warm and comfortable, to perhaps hint to Molly that she could bring him breakfast on a tray and he could rise afterwards, perhaps even start work at a later hour. He doesn’t. He is the last wizard of London and he doesn’t know what will happen when he dies. (Thomas Nightingale, 1900-, wizard.)
fandom:riversoflondon  fic  relationship:gen  type:backstory  character:thomasnightingale 
december 2016 by Poetry
Ghost in the Shell - SoloMoon
Tom isn’t quite sure how he ended up helping Eva run a support group for ex-hosts, or why his high school crush is still interested in him given their complicated history, or how he managed to become so fascinating to tabloid reporters, or why Jake feels the need to feel guilty for so many things that are not his fault.

But he’s going to have to figure everything out pretty quickly, because ex-hosts are dying at an alarming rate, and no one but him seems to notice or care. Much as he doesn’t want to get involved, Tom is pretty sure he sees a pattern emerging: that someone, somewhere out there, is getting the worst kind of revenge.

This story picks up a few weeks after the end of the war, and will go through pretty much the entire year following the end of the war.
favorite  fandom:animorphs  relationship:gen  type:au  type:post-canon  type:plotty  type:angst  fic  character:tom  character:jake  character:eva  character:marco 
october 2016 by Poetry
Alma, Alma - kashinoha - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
He invades people’s privacy for a living. It’s not like he needs to invade their minds. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t, though.

AU where Hardison can step into his teammates' dreams. Soooo sweet.
fandom:leverage  fic  relationship:gen  type:au  theme:teamfic  type:characterstudy  character:alechardison  character:parker  character:eliotspencer  character:sophiedevereaux  character:nateford 
september 2016 by Poetry
a good lot - stubbornjerk
They were all cogs in one machine that was the Ganseylike lot, well-oiled and hand-crafted, but Henry felt like the shiny new replacement. or the fic where Henry is not like three other people but accepts that and gradually belongs 
fic  fandom:ravencycle  relationship:gen  type:post-canon  character:henrycheng  character:gansey  character:ronanlynch  character:adamparrish  character:bluesargent 
may 2016 by Poetry
The Sister Job - zahnie
Eliot has a sister who he's lost touch with. Parker and Hardison help him reconnect with her. Cute backstory and a great Parker POV in the second part.
fic  fandom:leverage  relationship:gen  ship:hardison/parker/eliot  type:backstory  character:eliotspencer  character:parker  character:alechardison 
april 2016 by Poetry
Absence - tattooeddevil - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Hardison tries to take care of Eliot after the events of The Rundown Job, but Eliot isn't having it. Hardison just can't take it anymore.
fandom:leverage  relationship:gen  fic  type:hurt/comfort  type:missingscene  character:eliotspencer  character:alechardison 
march 2016 by Poetry
Accipiter - Gunwild - Temeraire
The American Revolution in Temeraire 'verse! So clever, much worldbuilding.
fandom:temeraire  wip  fic  relationship:gen  character:original  theme:worldbuilding  type:plotty 
march 2016 by Poetry
Give Credit - scioscribe - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
“Honestly, Burr,” Alexander said, “you think I want it published far and wide that I sustained my most notable war wound at the hands of a puddle and a rock? Your reputation—such as it is—is safe in my hands. No one will know the fault of the hex you placed on me—”“You’re clumsy!”“—or the virtue of your care afterwards. You will remain an inscrutable nonentity, only capable of hypotheticals, as I assume you desire. Now help me up.”(The one where Hamilton gets a concussion and Burr strives to keep him up all night.)
fandom:hamilton  relationship:gen  fic  theme:friendship  type:hurt/comfort  character:alexanderhamilton  character:aaronburr 
february 2016 by Poetry
an itemized list of thirty years - scioscribe - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
Burr is the preface to his story; the prefix to every noun and verb that comes after. See also: grammar. Talk less. (An itemized list of thirty years of disagreements.)
fandom:hamilton  relationship:gen  fic  character:alexanderhamilton  character:aaronburr  character:elizahamilton 
february 2016 by Poetry
finishing the hat - screamlet - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
The summer after publishing the Reynolds Pamphlet, Alexander Hamilton takes a trip to Philadelphia with Philip, Angelica, and Alex Jr.
fandom:hamilton  fic  relationship:gen  theme:family  character:alexanderhamilton  character:philiphamilton  character:thomasjefferson 
february 2016 by Poetry
Psy-verse - Fahye - White Collar
An awesomely creative AU where Peter, Neal, and El are psychic. I want to roll around in Fahye's brain.
fic  fandom:whitecollar  relationship:gen  type:au  character:nealcaffrey  character:elizabethburke  character:peterburke 
february 2016 by Poetry
동고동락하다 (to share one's joys and sorrows) - merle_p - Sense8 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“I should have blown his fucking brains out,” she tells the wall, but at that point, she thinks she might just be channeling Wolfgang. 

Just an awesome Sun character study.
fandom:sense8  relationship:gen  fic  character:nomimarks  character:sunbak  character:wolfgang  character:lito  type:characterstudy 
february 2016 by Poetry
Outside the Lines - BethCGPhoenix
Burr’s always been a little creepy, in Thomas’s so-humble opinion. It’s not just because he’d rather answer a song with a smile instead of a rhyme; he’s always got this look on his face like he knows something you don’t, like he’s looking straight past you to a future you. Those times Washington starts going on about history having its eyes on you, while Burr’s back there practically boring holes in his skull? Yeah.

Guess that’s what the Cabinet gets for hanging around with a narrator, though. They’re all like that.
fandom:hamilton  relationship:gen  fic  favorite  character:thomasjefferson  character:jamesmadison  character:aaronburr  theme:metafiction 
january 2016 by Poetry
Republican's Paradise, by publius-esquire
A confrontation between Hamilton and Burr, set after "The Reynolds Pamphlet." I love how the author keeps the rhyming and rhythm in the dialogue and also works in historical details the musical couldn't fit in.
fic  fandom:hamilton  relationship:gen  type:missingscene  character:alexanderhamilton  character:aaronburr 
october 2015 by Poetry
An Exercise in Friendship - zvi - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
Awkward Parker and protean Sophie forge a unique friendship. I like how this fic plays with Sophie's sense of identity, and Parker's inherent suspicion toward any kindness.
fandom:leverage  fic  relationship:gen  theme:awesomewomen  theme:friendship  character:parker  character:sophiedevereaux 
september 2015 by Poetry
A Room With a View - hollimichele
Perscitia, finding her own way forward. What a marvelous character she is.
fic  fandom:temeraire  relationship:gen  character:perscitia 
september 2015 by Poetry
Noble Experiments - Grey_Bard
Temeraire and Perscitia go to Chicago during Prohibition to advance the cause of dragon suffrage. Iskierka is a rum runner. I love everyone in this fandom bar.
fic  fandom:temeraire  relationship:gen  type:post-canon  theme:worldbuilding  character:temeraire  character:iskierka  character:perscitia 
september 2015 by Poetry
Others - hamalaka
There are some injustices in the world the Leverage team can't fix. Or, Hardison has a run-in with racist cops. So real.
fic  fandom:leverage  relationship:gen  type:angst  character:alechardison 
september 2015 by Poetry
Not Easily Broken - GretaOto
Parker and Eliot are taken prisoner. Nate and Hardison have to come to their rescue. I like this story about the team's strongest and toughest members having to be the ones rescued for once :)
fic  fandom:leverage  relationship:gen  ship:hardison/parker/eliot  type:hurt/comfort  character:eliotspencer  character:parker  character:alechardison  character:nateford 
september 2015 by Poetry
Five Times - The Myth of the Open Road
A collection of three "5+1 things" fics about the Leverage team. I like all of them, though the Sophie one stands out as a whole lot of content in very few words.
fic  fandom:leverage  relationship:gen  relationship:threesome  ship:hardison/parker/eliot  character:parker  character:alechardison  character:eliotspencer  character:sophiedevereaux 
august 2015 by Poetry
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