Princeton researchers discover automated scripts which harvest email addresses from automatic autofill function in password managers.
1Password  security 
12 days ago
The Talking Heads Song That Explains Talking Heads | The New Yorker
A breakdown of the Talking Heads' song "This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)"
Entertainment  music 
august 2017
A free LastPass to 1Password conversion utility
1Password and LastPass are probably the two best known names in the password storage business, both having been around from 2006 and 2008, respectively. Back in
1Password  Agilebits 
may 2017
Coffee Brewing Methods
A list of sites with explanations & how-tos for various methods of brewing coffee.
march 2017
Dashlane to 1Password
Convert Dashlane .CSV files to .1pif format for importing into 1Password.
Agilebits  1Password 
december 2016
10 Often-Censored Songs From the Early ’50s
Some nearly-unbelievable songs from the early and mid-'50s
june 2016
How to find out everything Google knows about you
Important, step-by-step directions of how to get rid of (or at least modify) what Google knows about you
Google  surveillance 
may 2016
The Senate Votes That Divided Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders -
Hillarists like to say that Hillary's voted with Bernie 93% of the time. And it's true (or was, when they shared the Senate). But it's those differing votes where the real differences between them can be seen.
POTUS16  Hillary_Clinton  Bernie_Sanders 
may 2016
Every Movement Fails. Until It Succeeds.
Corey Robin gives a fantastic explanation of the problem of "pragmatism."
february 2016
The Seven Stages of Establishment Backlash: Corbyn/Sanders Edition
Glennzilla lays out the stages the Clinton/Dem establishment is going through as Sanders' rise in the polls continues.
january 2016
About Touch ID security on iPhone and iPad
Fingerprint technology isn't magic. It's math, and a 1 in 50,000 combo will guess it. That means it's stronger than a 1-in-10,000, 4-digit passcode, but not even as strong as a 1-in100,000, 6-digit passcode.
iOS  security  encryption 
january 2016
Libertarian Fairy Tales: The Bundy Militia's Revisionist History in Oregon - Pacific Standard
Zunguzungu corrects the revisionist history of the Malheur bird sanctuary occupier/asshats.
wingnuts  militias 
january 2016
Texas cops arrest adorable drug kingpin
Watch whiteness work. Imagine this girl black and male. Think the lead line story would've been "you gotta hand it to..."? Or the headline adjective would've been "adorable?"
november 2015
The Mattress Underground - Your best source for information on mattress brands, materials, and choices
This is the most comprehensive, consumer-driven site I know of for mattress information.
july 2015
Toddler shoots and kills one-year-old boy in Cleveland, Ohio | US news | The Guardian
3-y.o. finds handgun shoots 1-y.o. in the face and kills him. Cleveland olice chief says this nations fascination with guns "has to stop." Yep.
april 2015
The Death Of Expertise
Absolutely fantastic article on how the rise of the internet-given ability to look up any subject at any time has made too many people believe their own views are as good as any expert's.
culture  politics 
april 2015
How One Stupid Tweet Blew Up Justine Sacco’s Life
What happened to Justine Sacco and others after the shaming machine of Twitter got hold of them.
internet  Twitter 
february 2015
Chris Hedges: 'American Sniper' Caters to a Deep Sickness Rippling Through Society
$200 million in box office receipts is a measure of how messed up this country is.
entertainment  war 
january 2015
The Myth Behind Defensive Gun Ownership
Politico article pointing out guns are more likely to harm than help, along with citation - and refutation - of the original "defensive gun use" study in 1992.
guns  gun_policy 
january 2015
Watergate’s most lasting sin: Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, and the pardon that made us all cynics
Rick Perlstein absolutely nails why the pardoning of Richard Nixon by Gerald Ford was the worst sin of the Watergate fiasco - and the template for all similar "comity over accountability" decisions to come: Iran-Contra, too big to fail, etc.
Nixon  Watergate  Iran-Contra  Gerald_Ford 
september 2014
How air conditioning changed America forever
Fascinating article outlining how resistant - for MORAL reasons - the US was at first to the concept of air-conditioning ("God makes the wind and the weather, you should just accept it")
science  technology  shared 
september 2014
Dr Bob’s Alternative Vaccine Schedule? He made it up
Robert "Dr. Bob" Sears admits he completely made up his "alternative vaccination schedule," based not on any evidence or research, but just because it "seems better."
vaccines  medicine  health_care 
september 2014
Vaccination controversy swirls around O.C.'s 'Dr. Bob'
Pediatrician Robert "Dr. Bob" Sears casually admits to a roomful of his upscale clientele/patients that vaccines work well at preventing disease, and that THEIR children can benefit from herd immunity without vaccinating them. Despicable.
vaccines  assholes  health 
september 2014
TSA: Timely Sword Advice
Almost unbelievable PSA from your friendly neighborhood TSA folks about how you should always check second-hand canes for potentially having previously-unknown swords contained inside them. No, really.
WTF  waste  security 
august 2014
False Hope: Why Libertarians Won’t Help Republicans Win the Youth Vote
Alan Abramowitz gives data explaining why libertarian-ish view-espousing candidates won't particularly help Republicans win the youth vote - younger voters are more likely to be liberals than libertarians
libertarianism  liberalism  GOP 
august 2014
Exclusive: Monica Lewinsky on the Culture of Humiliation
Monica Lewinsky takes a thoughtful look back at her own very public humiliation at the dawn of the internet era, and how far we've come (or fallen) since then.
internet  social_media  shared 
august 2014
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