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Daniel, adjusting to life on Earth (post-CotG).
fic  fandom:sg1  genre:gen  danieljackson 
february 2012 by Penknife
John vs. Wraith, from an OC's point of view.
fandom:sga  johnsheppard  fic  genre:gen 
february 2012 by Penknife
Clank by ardvari
Sam fixes Jack's truck. Adorable fluff.
jack/sam  genre:het  fandom:sg1  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
Surcease by dbalthasar
Heart-rending, very dark little post-Tempus story, in which James has an encounter with John.
sanctuary  johndruitt  jameswatson  warning:violence  warning:drugs  john/james  fic  genre:slash 
october 2011 by Penknife
the secrets he carried by corellianjedi
Tempus episode tag, with spoilers. This is totally my James Watson.
sanctuary  jameswatson  genre:gen  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
the wake [one hundred sixteen years late] by corellianjedi
Tempus episode tag, with spoilers. Really nice Helen and Declan moment.
sanctuary  helenmagnus  declanmacrae  genre:gen  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
Personal Fanon - When Bookmarks Were In Mustache Land
The Delicious/Pinboard/fandom situation, summed up in the form of a play.
meta  fic  pinboard  genre:humor 
october 2011 by Penknife
A Certain Star by rubynye
Six threesomes Kory was in. Good for taking the bad taste of recent canon out of your mouth.
fandom:dcu:teentitans  koriandr  genre:threesome  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
Dudley Dursley and the Hogwarts Letter (the Top of the Pops Remix) by kindkit
I really like this AU, in which Dudley and Harry are both having a very different life.
fandom:hp  dudleydursley  lilypotter  genre:gen  genre:au  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
Rehearsal by dbalthasar
A school story, in which young Watson learns something new.
john/james  fandom:sanctuary  genre:slash  kink:crossdressing  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
For the Kingdom of Heaven by C. Elisa
A gorgeous and painful story about Hank and the "mutant cure." (And what I wish X3 had been.)
fic  genre:gen  hankmccoy  fandom:x-men:comicsverse 
october 2011 by Penknife
Habits by Alara
Kitty and Magneto during one of Magneto's brief vacations from being a supervillain. Beautifully drawn.
fandom:x-men:comicsverse  kittypryde  magneto  genre:gen  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
The Feather and the Chicken
Dick and Roy and piercing, oh my. This isn't even normally a kink of mine, and I still found this blisteringly hot.
fic  fandom:dcu:teentitans  dick/roy  kink:piercing  genre:slash 
october 2011 by Penknife
When It Alteration Finds by Victoria P
Four possible ways Remus Lupin's life might have gone (but didn't).
fandom:hp  genre:gen  remuslupin  genre:au  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
Harry Potter and the Polka-Dot Plague by Rusalka
Funny and touching, with the feel of canon and some lovely glimpses of life in Slytherin house.
fandom:hp  genre:gen  severussnape  harrypotter  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
A Small Truce by Rusalka
Some of the best Sirius Black-Severus Snape interaction I've read.
fic  genre:gen  fandom:hp  siriusblack  severussnape 
october 2011 by Penknife
A Pain Called Dog by Xochiquetzl
Achingly sad and extremely hot. Remus deals with his grief in his own way.
fic  fandom:hp  remus/sirius  remus/stubbyboardman  kink:bdsm 
october 2011 by Penknife
Coffee and cigarettes by Victoria P.
Remus and Sirius meet in a coffee shop in October of 1981. Painful, real, right.
remus/sirius  fic  fandom:hp  genre:slash 
october 2011 by Penknife
Brand New ’81 Dodge by C. Elisa
A very short story that wraps up a lot of the things I like the Charles/Erik pairing in one small package and smashes you in the teeth with it. Quirky, real, and dark.
charles/erik  fandom:x-men:xmm  fic  genre:slash 
october 2011 by Penknife
Half by C. Elisa
Quirky and scathingly painful, with a nice sense of history. The world Charles and Erik live in makes everything so hard, and they both end up so horribly damaged, and it breaks your heart.
fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:slash  charles/erik  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
WMD by C. Elisa
"Five things that probably didn't happen while Charles and Erik were building Cerebro." Amusing, erotic, and disturbing, by turns.
fandom:x-men:xmm  charles/erik  genre:slash  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
Nameless - C. Elisa
A sharp, dead-on look at post-X2 Charles Xavier. I love the way other characters are explored through the narrator's fascinating mutation.
fandom:x-men:xmm  charlesxavier  genre:gen  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
The World's Dumbest Instructions by a_loquita
Aww, this is a cute moment between Jack and Sam, season 7 or 8 -- nearly gen, just a bit of mutual interest.
fandom:sg1  jack/sam  genre:het  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
Displacement by smilebackwards
John isn't really sure how to feel about the fact that he seems to have been unofficially adopted by SG-1.
fic  fandom:crossover:sga/sg1  fandom:sga  fandom:sg1  johnsheppard  genre:gen 
october 2011 by Penknife
Practicing Medicine by kristen999
Jennifer learning about life in Atlantis (and all the parts of her job that weren't in the job description). I really liked Jennifer in this.
fic  genre:gen  fandom:sga  jenniferkeller 
october 2011 by Penknife
Slipping by Paian
Hot and well-observed, and completely sold me on something that I normally *hate* in stories.
fic  jack/daniel  fandom:sg1  genre:slash 
october 2011 by Penknife
Biting Personality by jjtaylor
Episode tag to "Sleepers." With biting. Lots of biting. Super hot, and I like the Helen/Nikola dynamic here.
fandom:sanctuary  helen/nikola  helenmagnus  nikolatesla  fic  genre:het  kink:biting 
october 2011 by Penknife
Monsters by artaxastra
Pretty much my take on what turned an essentially idealistic and optimistic scientist into the guy who thinks that we'd all be better off if vampires ruled the world.
fandom:sanctuary  johndruitt  nikolatesla  genre:gen  fic 
october 2011 by Penknife
Three Ways In, Two Ways Out by grav_ity
Sad, well-observed story about Nigel and his choices, and about his relationships with the Five.
fandom:sanctuary  fic  genre:gen  nigelgriffin  johndruitt  jameswatson  helenmagnus  nikolatesla 
october 2011 by Penknife
Never Bet Against by michelel72
Ronon is cruel to John in this story. Cruel, I tell you. ;-)
johnsheppard  fic  fandom:sga  genre:gen  genre:teamfic 
september 2011 by Penknife
Smoking on the Bus by Artaxastra
A lovely take on the Charles/Erik relationship, weighted down with history.
fic  xmm  charles/erik  from delicious
june 2011 by Penknife
Side Effects May Include by surreallis
Jack and Sam have a sexual misadventure. Involving Daniel and the infirmary.
fandom:sg1  jack/sam  genre:het  fic 
june 2010 by Penknife
Five Times Sam Has Regretted Eating That Blue Jell-O by Surreallis
What it says on the tin. Also, there's a nice five things list about what Jack keeps in his truck in the same LJ entry.
jackoneill  jack/sam  jack/sam/daniel  samcarter  fandom:sg1  genre:het  genre:threesome  fic 
june 2010 by Penknife
Snowdrifting by Sage_theory
I like this Cam/Daniel established relationship story, as they negotiate gingerly around the holidays and what Daniel going home with Cam might mean for both of them.
cameron/daniel  cameronmitchell  danieljackson  fandom:sg1  genre:slash  fic 
may 2010 by Penknife
A Different Kind of Normal by Tielan
John thinks Teyla is hot as a Wraith queen. They're sweet together (in a kinky kind of way).
john/teyla  fandom:sga  kink:bdsm  fic  genre:het 
may 2010 by Penknife
A Bird in the Hand Gets Tangled in the Sheets by The Grrrl
I love the rambling Daniel stream of thought in this short Jack/Daniel vignette.
jack/daniel  fandom:sg1  genre:slash  fic 
april 2010 by Penknife
  You Might Not Be Able to Lead Him to Water, but You Can Probably Make Him Swim if You Put on a Bikini by nanda’s lament
Jack/Sam, established relationship. In which Sam gives Jack a treadmill as a present, and Jack doesn't particularly appreciate it. They feel really in character here.
jack/sam  fandom:sg1  genre:het  fic 
april 2010 by Penknife
Customary by Sid
Quiet and lovely AU in which Jack stays on Abydos at the end of the movie.
daniel/sha're/jack  fandom:sg1  fic  genre:threesome 
march 2010 by Penknife
Sara Always Was A Good Dancer
Interesting -- I'm not sure whether I really want to read Jack and Kawalsky's relationship as slashy, but this is good and complicated and real.
jack/sara/kawalsky  fandom:sg1  fic  genre:threesome 
march 2010 by Penknife
Inside the Defenses by Dragojustine
Jack character study, and Jack on the subject of his feelings for Daniel. I'm not sure I agree with all of it, but there's interesting stuff here.
jack/daniel  fandom:sg1  genre:slash  fic 
february 2010 by Penknife
Fathers and Daughters by David Hines
Jim Gordon and Batgirl (no, not the one you think). Beautifully done.
fic  fandom:dcu:batman  jimgordon  cassandracain 
february 2010 by Penknife
Personal Space by JJ Taylor
Kitty can't figure out how to get close enough. Sweet and lovely.
kitty/piotr  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:het 
february 2010 by Penknife
Always Hungry by Jane St. Clair
Jane St. Clair paints a sharp picture in just a few words of what it's like for John after X2, looking back and looking forward.
bobby/john  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:slash 
february 2010 by Penknife
All of the Animals by Jane St. Clair
Jane St. Clair handles all three of them beautifully, in a hot, complex story where everybody gets some of what they want but no one gets it all. Her Scott is believable and strong, with Jean at the center of his world and love and lust tangled and hard to sort out.
jean/scott/logan  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:threesome 
february 2010 by Penknife
Comfort Zone by Ion Bond
I love this look at Hank, Scott, Jean, and Ororo, trying to figure out how this adulthood thing works anyway
hank/jean  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:het 
february 2010 by Penknife
Honey by Imester
This is hot as a thing that is very, very hot. Mind you, I can't quite bring myself to believe that this would ever happen, but I don't really care. It's so pretty.
charles/erik/jean  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:threesome 
february 2010 by Penknife
Kissable Fanatic by Basingstoke
There's almost no good fanfic about Toad. This one's great. It's quirky and fun and thoughtful, and the sex is exactly as weird as it should be.
toad/omc  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:slash 
february 2010 by Penknife
dragonflies draw flame by Sarah T.
This isn't a love story; it's a story about who Pyro's choosing to be.
erik/john  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:slash  kink:crossgen 
february 2010 by Penknife
The Thing About Being a Bad Guy Is by kaydeefalls
Hot, realistically awkward sex, and an ending that makes me look like an optimist.
erik/john  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:slash  kink:crossgen 
february 2010 by Penknife
The Company You Keep by JJ Taylor
Pyro is still trying to figure out life with the Brotherhood. This one is wonderfully quirky and terribly hot.
erik/john  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:slash  kink:crossgen 
february 2010 by Penknife
Hang Fire by Anneline
A darker view of Erik than my usual take on him, but the detail here is lovely, and John's insistence that he's not in over his head (even as it becomes obvious that he is) is well-drawn.
erik/john  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:slash  kink:crossgen 
february 2010 by Penknife
Infinite Regress by vagabond_sal
An intricate and disturbing story about Mystique's past. It's got Mystique/Destiny and Mystique/Magneto and fascinating questions about free will and an ending that will make you shiver.
magneto/mystique  mystique/destiny  fic  genre:femslash  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:het 
february 2010 by Penknife
Skin by Kass
A sexy and well-written Magneto/Mystique piece (with Erik/Charles implied), short but not simple.
fic  magneto/mystique  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:het 
february 2010 by Penknife
Sirena by St. Aurafina
Charles and Erik in 1965, looking for other people's secrets. Lovely.
charles/erik  fic  fandom:x-men:xmm  genre:slash 
february 2010 by Penknife
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