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Game Boy Transferer PSU Mod
good stuff for fixing some problems with the GB Transferrer by EMS.
gameboy  chiptune  hacks  diy  howto 
september 2007 by Nullsleep
FCEUXD is a NES emulator with several powerful debugging, hacking, and reverse-engineering tools.
Nintendo  NES  videogames  diy  tools 
may 2007 by Nullsleep
Some good NES dev tools here.
Nintendo  NES  videogames  diy 
may 2007 by Nullsleep
Agetec Mod
Great step-by-step guide on modding the Agetec DC stick.
videogames  shmups  stg  diy  hack  mod  howto 
february 2007 by Nullsleep
Another DC/Sanwa modded stick
Thread on the shmups forum about modding Agetec DC stick with arcade parts.
videogames  shmups  stg  hacks  diy  howto  reference 
february 2007 by Nullsleep
Making a Watch by Hand
Amazing step-by-step process showing how to make a wristwatch from scratch.
watches  diy  howto 
july 2006 by Nullsleep

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