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Kim Stanley Robinson's New York 2140 Review: A Drowned NYC
In New York 2140, Kim Stanley Robinson, one of the towering giants of the science-fiction genre, envisions our city after it has been vastly changed by global warming.
ksr  sf 
6 weeks ago by Nomad93
William Gibson: ‘I was losing a sense of how weird the real world was' | Books | The Guardian
In 2016, William Gibson was a third of the way through his new novel when Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.
gibson  sf 
6 weeks ago by Nomad93
Sci-Fi Theatre & Greek Theatre Company | Cyborphic
Sci-Fi Theatre & Greek Theatre Company | Cyborphic
sf  theater 
june 2018 by Nomad93
Frankenbook - collaborative annotation of the original 1818 text of Frankenstein - awesome!
collaboration  SF  horror 
june 2018 by Nomad93
Watch a 5-Part Animated Primer on Afrofuturism, the Black Sci-Fi Phenomenon Inspired by Sun Ra | Open Culture
Watch a 5-Part Animated Primer on Afrofuturism, the Black Sci-Fi Phenomenon Inspired by Sun Ra via @openculture
AfroFuturism  SF  GlobalSF  video  animation 
august 2017 by Nomad93
Blade Runner Screen Used Prop Collection
Ridleyville - an extensive collection of rare BladeRunner props and items (many scans!)
BladeRunner  SFCinema  SF  design 
january 2017 by Nomad93
BRAVE NEW SOULS: Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers of the 21st Century (CONVENTION EDITION) on Vimeo
Brave New Souls: Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Writers of the 21st Century - full film available now
Film  SF  Fantasy  race  ethnic  AfroFuturism 
january 2017 by Nomad93
African Speculative Fiction Society
If Afro-Futurism is your thing (and not only), you should join the African Speculative Fiction Society @africansfs
AfroFuturism  SF 
august 2016 by Nomad93
A Sci-fi Film Imagines a Dystopian Future for Palestine
Larissa Sansour’s “In the Future They Ate From the Finest Porcelain”, dystopian film about the future of Palestine
SF  Film  VisualSF  dystopia  sf-shorts 
may 2016 by Nomad93
2016-eVolo | Architecture Magazine
2016 eVolo Skyscraper Competition - architecture as science fiction, science fiction as architecture:
Architecture  SF  VisualSF  from twitter
march 2016 by Nomad93
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