Russia to Sell China Su-35 Multirole Fighter Jets | Flashpoints | The Diplomat
talks were temporarily suspended last year over Russian concerns that China would reverse engineer the plane’s engines and passive electronically scanned array (PESA) radar systems, according to The Taipei Times.
september 2013
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Permeable Pavement (as cheap as $3-$6/sq.ft., as much as $$12)
june 2013
China Wrestles with Hot Money--from Locals | Zero Hedge
Common practice to over invoice in order to circumvent capital controls
China  trade 
may 2013
Prezi - Ideas matter.
Powerpoint Alternative... Should play around with it sometime.
presentation  tools 
may 2013
Risk Based Assessment
Log-Log plots of fatalities are always interesting charts...
march 2013
Aleatory, due to the variation in outcomes of random trials. Is from
“Alea jacta est,” or “the die are cast.” Attributed to Julius
Ceasar upon crossing the Rubicon, thereby invading the
territory of Rome when he siezed power as dictator.
Epistimic, due to uncertainty in our state of knowledge about
phenomena and data. Is from Greek term for knowledge,
“epistemikos.” Is the root of epistimic and epistemological.
march 2013
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