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Soulmate Story Collection | by raendown
I've seen some collections of soulmate prompt fills and have always wanted to do some of my own.

Each chapter will be a different pairing and a different soulmate au.
t:fanfic  a:raendown  f:naruto  g:slash  g:het  g:femslash  p:kakashi/various  p:tobirama/various  p:madara/various  p:sakura/various  p:madara/tobirama  r:m  w:250k-500k  s:wip  s:part-done  u:07/19 
october 2017 by Nia_River
Not in Kansas Anymore | by LitGal
No species is all good or all evil. The tok'ra like to believe they are the "good" side of the onac race--the symbiotes who developed into the goa'uld. However, the tok'ra never mention Shamash or Samas, the ancient Sumerian god who was really one of the early queens.

She (or really Samas prefers to be called a he) remembers the onac before the corruption of Ra, and he tried to lead his people back to a life in the water. He failed. However, thousands of years later, one gunnery sergeant on a suicide mission stumbled into a South American river, and Samas found he had another chance.

The SGC and later Atlantis gave Samas a chance to save his people and make a few changes for the better in this universe. Samas once allowed Ra to take everything away from him. This time Samas is going to make sure his people are strong enough to stand up to any enemy. And to serve that end, he's going to make sure that those that he trusts--Tony, John, Rodney, Teyla, Ronon, Elizabeth, Major Teldy, Radek, Miko, Kyli and others--have the power to combat anyone who tries to take Atlantis from them.

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t:fanfic  t:series  a:LitGal  f:xover  f:ncis  f:stargate  g:slash  p:dinozzo/gibbs  p:mckay/sheppard  r:x  w:250k-500k  s:abandoned  s:part-done 
may 2016 by Nia_River
Apparent Sparks | by Erika Hearken
A series of one, two, and three shots based on my favorite pairing. These will be prompt inspired! The more prompts, the more chapters. Rated M though they will vary from K all the way to M.
t:fanfic  a:Erika·Hearken  f:naruto  g:het  p:kakashi/sakura  r:x  w:250k-500k  s:abandoned  s:part-done 
april 2015 by Nia_River
Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond | by Keira Marcos
Rescued from his Muggle relatives before the age of five, Harry Potter was raised abroad by his adoptive father, Lord Sirius Black. At sixteen, he returns to Britain to attend Hogwarts for his NEWTS and to meet the young witch who he’s known to be his soulmate since he was eight years old.

Hermione finds the very foundations of her beliefs rocked when she comes face to face with her Fate in the form of Harry James Potter, the current Earl of Gryffindor. She’s drawn to his magical power and intelligence even as people around them try to interfere. She falls blindly into a relationship she’s emotionally ill-prepared for in the midst of giving up her last connection to the Muggle world and accepting an offer to be adopted by Minerva McGonagall.

A fated love awaits them both — if they are brave enough to let magic lead the way.
t:fanfic  t:series  a:Keira·Marcos  f:harry·potter  g:het  p:harry/hermione  r:x  w:250k-500k  s:abandoned  s:part-done 
october 2013 by Nia_River
In Which Tony Stark Builds Himself Some Friends (But His Family Was Assigned by Nick Fury) | by scifigrl47
Steve takes things like personal responsibility and respect seriously. Tony's got people he pays to take care of that kind of thing, and anyway, he's pretty sure that he's going to die of some exotic disease in his workshop, because Dummy's still a little spotty about what is 'clean' enough to put on an open wound. The rest of the Avengers are in this for personal gain, except for Clint, he just enjoys being a dick.

And some things shouldn't be a chore.

t:fanfic  t:series  a:scifigrl47  f:mcu  g:slash  p:steve/tony  p:clint/coulson  r:m  w:250k-500k  s:abandoned  s:part-done 
february 2013 by Nia_River
Masters and Minions | by Medea
Alternate-Universe in which Willow is unexpectedly made a vampire by a minion. The series follows her adjustment to a new existence, with the help of Angel and Spike, her vampire mentors, as well as the support of her Wiccan coven sisters, who accept her despite her demon. A world in which not all vampires are evil.

t:fanfic  t:series  a:Medea  f:buffyverse  g:poly  g:het  g:slash  p:angel/spike/willow  p:angel/willow  p:spike/willow  p:angel/spike  r:x  w:250k-500k  s:abandoned  s:part-done 
december 2012 by Nia_River
What Might Have Been | by Keira Marcos
What if Rodney didn’t go to Atlantis and the city was lost again? Sheppard turns up as the second command of the SGC under Major General Jack O’Neill and after a year of watching the moody government contractor Dr. Rodney McKay… he decides to make some very personal changes in his life.

t:fanfic  t:series  a:Keira·Marcos  f:stargate  g:slash  p:mckay/sheppard  r:x  w:250k-500k  s:abandoned  s:part-done 
august 2012 by Nia_River
Ties That Bind | by Keira Marcos
After the death of his submissive, Colonel John Sheppard spent four years alone. Grief and anger pushed him and made him even more ambitious in his career. Taking Dr. Rodney McKay into his life and his bed was supposed to be a political maneuver– but then he met the man and everything he thought he wanted changed in an instant.

Dr. Rodney McKay has spent a year alone after divorcing his Domme and cutting her collar off in public. He doesn’t know if he’s ready for a new Dom but he does know he wants Atlantis and Colonel John Sheppard’s collar is his path to the city of the Ancients. Then the Marine put his hands on him and Rodney realizes that he’s already half way to risking his heart again.

Neither man was prepared for the explosive combination of their sexual dynamic and the intense emotional connection that would burn between them like an inferno.
t:fanfic  t:series  a:Keira·Marcos  f:stargate  g:slash  p:mckay/sheppard  r:x  w:250k-500k  s:abandoned  s:part-done 
august 2012 by Nia_River
Harry Potter Darkness Series | by Athy (aka Athey, Aya Macchiato)
Through an accident Harry and Voldemort's Horcrux begin to interact and Harry slowly begins to change. He becomes stronger & slowly grows aware of the sinister events that have perpetuated his entire life.

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t:fanfic  t:series  a:Athy  f:harry·potter  g:slash  p:harry/voldemort  r:m  w:250k-500k  s:abandoned  s:part-done  s:outlined 
august 2012 by Nia_River

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