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Silly Words for the Silly Soul(mate fic) | by Stella_Malodi
The point of this series is to come up with ridiculous Soulmark words and then write the context. Basically, I like to imagine them growing up and wondering how their words will EVER make any kind of sense.
t:fanfic  t:series  a:Stella_Malodi  f:mcu  g:het  p:darcy/steve  p:darcy/various  r:t  w:25k-50k  s:abandoned  s:part-done 
may 2016 by Nia_River
The Unbroken Vase | by CatrinaSL & Stella_Malodi
It seemed odd that a simple quest for quiet would result in an 8 million yen debt. But what if it hadn't? This is the tale of Fujioka Haruhi and Morinozuka Takashi, the Third Music Room, a well-climbed tree, and an unbroken vase.

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t:fanfic  a:CatrinaSL  a:Stella_Malodi  f:ouran  g:het  p:haruhi/mori  r:g  w:10k-25k  s:complete 
october 2015 by Nia_River

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