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In the Silence of the Darkness | by Blackberreh
They're surrounded, and there's one last thing that Tobirama can try to turn the tides of war.

He meant to summon a lesser demon. Unfortunately, he got a Demon King instead.

Madara's not fussed. Maybe, just maybe, Tobirama can salvage this.


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t:fanfic  a:Blackberreh  f:naruto  g:slash  p:madara/tobirama  r:x  w:5k-10k  s:complete 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
To the Waters and the Wilds | by kitsunesongs
There was no way Tobirama, ruthless, cold and soulless as he was, would let an Uchiha live, even a toddler like Kagami. He might not care enough to kill the child himself, but he would definitely allow the other Senju to do so. Madara could only hope that perhaps Tobirama’s presence meant Hashirama was nearby as well. He would stop this.

(Offshoot of NonHuman!Tobirama with Fae!Tobirama)
t:fanfic  a:kitsunesongs  f:naruto  g:slash  p:madara/tobirama  r:?  w:10k-25k  s:complete  s:? 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
Sass and Win | by AlligatorEyes
My name is Sawada Inari and I shouldn’t be here. I remember this story and ‘I’ was never part of it.

But here I am.

Might as well have some fun with all this nifty precognitive knowledge.

...yeah, that would have been nice.
t:fanfic  a:AlligatorEyes  f:reborn  g:gen  c:sawada-omc(si)  r:t  w:100k-250k  s:wip  u:01/20 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
like a river | by Millarca (aka Countess Millarca)
She didn't ask to be Haruno Sakura, but if she has to deal with being her, then so will everyone else.

Or: like a river, we get swept up in the moment (all things are in flux)

t:fanfic  a:Millarca  f:naruto  g:gen  c:sakura(si)  r:t  w:25k-50k  s:wip  u:12/19 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
Price of Peace | by Kalira
“Madara, I’m so sorry. ” Hashirama looked miserable. Tobirama’s faint smirk over his shoulder was . . . not reassuring. “The elders insist on an alliance marriage before they can trust in the peace between us.”

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___ ch-4:]
t:fanfic  a:Kalira  f:naruto  g:slash  p:madara/tobirama  r:?  w:1k-5k  s:complete 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
Saving the World (On Accident and Through Other People) | by xwannaflyx
Kakashi's plan to save the world is something vaguely involving exposing Danzo's involvement in everything and stalking Orochimaru to make sure he can keep an eye on any potentially apocalyptic projects. His plan did NOT involve becoming the student of Orochimaru. (Also his plan kinda sucks and Sasuke may have had a point when he said he didn't have a plan.)

(Realistically he didn't have much of a plan and thank god for Tsunade because both Kakashi and Orochimaru are a hot mess)
t:fanfic  t:series  a:xwannaflyx  f:naruto  g:gen  g:slash  p:gai/kakashi  r:t  w:10k-25k  s:wip  s:part-done 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
Fox in the Rain | by esama
Naruto is ready to die but Itachi and Nagato aren't satisfied; he made promises and they make him keep them. Time travel, eventual Naruto x Jiraiya slash, spoilers.
t:fanfic  a:esama  f:naruto  g:gen  r:t  w:100k-250k  s:abandoned 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
According To Custom | by Sanjuno
Generations of hatred cannot be erased by wishes. The healing and reconciliation of their Clans will take sustained effort. Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara are bound and determined that their Clans will be at Peace.

Even if they have to drag /certain people/ kicking and screaming into the new age of peaceful cooperation.

Senju Hashirama embraces the traditional enemy of his Clan like a brother. (Uchiha Izuna regrets surviving the last battle if it means being assaulted by overly affectionate Senju every day.)

Uchiha Madara schemes and plots to bring his foe to his side. (Senju Tobirama is oblivious to anything not written down.)

t:fanfic  a:Sanjuno  f:naruto  g:slash  p:madara/tobirama  r:g  w:1k-5k  s:complete 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
Blessed by Amaterasu | by nirejseki (aka robininthelabyrinth)
“The Uchiha believe that anyone with red eyes has been ‘blessed by Amaterasu’, right? The whole thing where you guys are supposed to rush in and kidnap anyone like that and carry them off home to be your brides?”

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t:fanfic  a:nirejseki  f:naruto  g:slash  p:madara/tobirama  r:?  w:1k-5k  s:wip  s:?  u:10/19 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
The Body-Swap Incident | by Sanjuno
Hayato’s body twitched, and then staggered upright with a growl. Glaring at Mukuro, the other Guardian hissed. “… herbivore.”
t:fanfic  a:Sanjuno  f:reborn  g:slash  p:gokudera/hibari  r:x  w:5k-10k  s:complete 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
Bind me tight | by PandaFlower
In which Kagami gets the upper hand by /complete accident/ and Tobirama would like a divorce, please and thank you.
t:fanfic  a:PandaFlower  f:naruto  g:slash  p:kagami/tobirama  r:m  w:10k-25k  s:complete 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
The (Not So) Great Pretender | by RayShippouUchiha
“What,” Tony says softly but with a great depth of feeling, “the /actual/ fuck just happened?”

“I believe, Sir,” JARVIS pipes up from the phone in his pocket, an unnecessary amount of what sounds like glee in his voice, “that you’ve once again managed to maintain your closely guarded secret identity. Truly your subterfuge skills know no bounds."

“You’re an asshole J,” Tony mutters back as he reaches up to rub at his temple. He either has a headache coming on or a blood clot. At this point he’s honestly not sure which he’d prefer.

"I did learn from the best, Sir,” JARVIS tells him sunnily.
t:fanfic  a:RayShippouUchiha  f:mcu  g:slash  p:bucky/tony  r:t  w:10k-25k  s:complete 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
Precious Gifts | by STARSdidathing
Thor and the other Aesir might enjoy Midgard and the way its people worships them, but Loki is growing tired of such a simple, boring, mortal world. He is /also/ growing tired of the virginal '/gifts/' that the mortals keep trying to bestow on him. Loki has no intention of accepting any of them... but, well, that's before Anthony is offered to him.
t:fanfic  a:STARSdidathing  f:mcu  g:slash  p:loki/tony  r:x  w:10k-25k  s:complete 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
Amalgum – Lockhart's Folly | by tkepner
Death wants free of its Master and proposes sending Harry back in time to avoid the unnecessary deaths in fighting Voldemort. Harry readily accepts, thinking he'll start anew as a Firstie. Instead, Harry's soul, magic, and memories end up at the beginning of Second Year — in GILDEROY LOCKHART!

This produces a new person altogether: a person with the memories, loyalty, and strengths of Harry Potter, and the ostentatious, flamboyant, publicity-hound tendencies of the fraud known as Lockhart. An "Amalgum."
t:fanfic  a:tkepner  f:harry·potter  g:gen  r:t  w:100k-250k  s:complete 
9 weeks ago by nia_river
Trinity | by mneiai
The three of them didn't survive the Long Night, but they've been given another chance--to save themselves, to save their family, to save the world.

[alt-url: (partial)]
t:fanfic  a:mneiai  f:asoiaf/got  g:femslash  g:het  p:elia-sand/sansa  p:daenerys/robb  r:m  w:25k-50k  s:wip  u:11/19 
10 weeks ago by nia_river
Far Strider | raga
A college student finds himself transported into a strange land with burgeoning magical powers, and is taken in by Ned Stark. Will he sink or swim in this medieval society, and will he ever get home?

OC-insert without knowledge of Game of Thrones, new planeswalker. Slow power ramp.

[alt-url-1: (partial)
___url-2: (partial)]

[[Note: "complete" @ ch. 38-A]]
t:fanfic  a:raga  f:xover  f:asoiaf/got  f:mtg  r:t  w:100k-250k  s:complete 
10 weeks ago by nia_river
Wildfire Hearts | by Sanjuno
Only from fire can fire be made.

Many times in his life, Portgas D. Ace has watched his world burn. This time he has the chance to build something new, something better, from the ashes of his past failures.

Flung from the searing heat of Akainu's deathblow to the raging inferno that had stolen Sabo's life, Ace is determined to change his past. Even if it means raising his younger self to be proud of his lineage, Ace will /never/ let Luffy suffer through Marineford again.

Portgas D. Ace stages a riot against the future, and the wildfire he sets will consume the world.

[alt-url: ch-1:
t:fanfic  a:Sanjuno  f:one·piece  g:gen  g:slash  p:ace/marco  r:t  w:1k-5k  s:complete 
10 weeks ago by nia_river
Our Scars Make Us Golden | by K_R_Closson
Jaime Lannister drive her sword through Aerys's back to save a kingdom. When her father's armies sack the city and kill those she was sworn to protect, she flees King's Landing, unsure what to do. On her way to Dorne, she runs into Ned Stark who hands her a baby and a purpose, protect the Targaryen heir.

A Jaime Lannister redemption story.
t:fanfic  a:K_R_Closson  f:asoiaf/got  g:het  g:ace  p:jaime/oberyn  p:jon/sansa  c:jaime(always-fem)  c:jaime(ace)  r:m  w:25k-50k  s:complete 
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