Belle of the Ball
Growing up, Darcy thought her soulmark was romantic. Grown up, Darcy wishes soulmarks came with tones.
Avengers  Darcy/Tony  au  soulmates  hurt/comfort  schmoop  rating:pg-13  author:whedonista93  wordcount:500-1000 
february 2017
Time and Place
Darcy knows who her Soulmate is. She just has to wait for the right time to meet him.

Darcy kept an eye on what her Soulmate was doing, but her only nod to his identity was in the classes she signed up for freshman year. Namely, All Of The Science Classes.

By the time she actually remembered how much she hated science, it was too late to change her mind. She suffered through it and vowed never to let her Soulmate influence her decisions again.
Avengers  Darcy/Tony  au  soulmates  schmoop  fluff  rating:g  author:stella_malodi  wordcount:500-1000 
february 2017
Option Number Two
Darcy doesn’t mean to lurk. Really, she doesn’t. She’s learned her lesson about lurking with the infamous marmalade incident with Tony and Scott. Except… who couldn’t not lurk when Bucky Barnes was cursing up a storm in the common room of the new Avengers complex.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  humor  schmoop  fluff  domestic  rating:pg-13  author:wynn  wordcount:2000-3000 
december 2015
Rescuers Down Under
Bucky moves into the tower, Darcy gets kidnapped, again, and pancakes make everything better.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  soulmates  humor  schmoop  action  fluff  rating:pg-13  author:g_the_g  wordcount:2000-3000 
december 2015
"Wait right there! Don't move!"
Steve took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He and Darcy had just finished baking cookies in her apartment and he figured their laughter and flirting plus the sugar would probably make that moment his best opportunity. He took another breath. Now or never.

“So, Darce, I need to tell you something.”
Avengers  Darcy/Steve  humor  schmoop  fluff  rating:g  author:g_the_g  wordcount:500-1000 
december 2015
All of you, I will hold
So Chris doesn't really mean to kiss Sebastian (except in the ways he does), it just happens.
Avengers  Chris/Sebastian  schmoop  fluff  humor  rating:r  author:melonbutterfly  wordcount:2000-3000 
december 2015
Height Difference
Darcy frowned up at him as they stood in the communal kitchen. “Why do you have to be tall?” 
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  schmoop  fluff  rating:g  author:sarcastic_fina  wordcount:>500 
december 2015
E.T. Goes to the Ball
Darcy gets stuck in yet another kidnapping situation. At least this time she wasn't the target. Doesn't change the fact that she's not wearing any clothes and stuck in a cleaning closet, though.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  soulmates  humor  schmoop  fluff  action  rating:g  author:g_the_g  wordcount:500-1000 
december 2015
An Officer and an Intern
Another late night, another failed villainous attempt to end life as we know it. But this time Darcy gets the bonus of soulmate. She always was cliche enough to love a man in uniform.
Avengers  Darcy/Rhodey  soulmates  humor  schmoop  fluff  rating:pg-13  author:g_the_g  wordcount:1000-2000 
december 2015
Day 10 - HP Crossover
“ you’re a nanny and you play at the park across the street from where I live and you’re so cute with kids I just want to marry you and have like a hundred kids with you “
Avengers  HP  au  schmoop  fluff  domestic  gen  rating:g  author:amusewithaview  wordcount:500-1000 
november 2015
Steve is a Fuckin Hot Ghost, Okay?
It’s that time of year again. Changing leaves. Hay rides. Haunted houses that scare Bucky so much that his friends have never been able to get him to set foot in one. It would be fine if it wasn’t a yearly tradition...being within arm’s reach of entering the house and then having Bucky wimp out at the last second. But this year is different. This year he’s going to prove to himself that he can do it, even if he’s doing it by himself. Or maybe, he realizes after nearly fainting from the new presence of one Steve Rogers behind him, he doesn’t necessarily have to be alone.
Avengers  Bucky/Steve  humor  schmoop  fluff  crack  au  rating:pg-13  author:itsmylifekay  author:whatthebodygraspsnot  wordcount:7000-8000 
october 2015
The one with chickens...
It was on a normal Tuesday, and he felt like he was in a Buffy episode because what was up with Tuesdays?
Avengers  Steve/Clint  soulmates  hurt/comfort  schmoop  fluff  rating:pg-13  author:dredri  wordcount:3000-4000 
october 2015
“I understand the whole sleep-talking thing, but what I don’t understand is the princess/dragon dream and why I’m in it...?"
“I understand the whole sleep-talking thing, but what I don’t understand is the princess/dragon dream and why I’m in it...?"
Avengers  Darcy/Steve  schmoop  fluff  rating:g  author:sarcastic_fina  wordcount:1000-2000 
october 2015
Bromance Isn't Dead
When people first see Lestrade and John together, they assume that they are a couple.

They're not, though. They're just really epic bros.
Sherlock  Greg&John  Sherlock/John  humor  schmoop  fluff  crack  rating:g  author:cyerus  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
Karma's a Bitch
Steve and Sam get Bucky a dog. The regrets begin almost immediately.
Avengers  gen  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  crack  schmoop  fluff  domestic  rating:pg-13  author:kiarasayre  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
Who's paying?
Thor gets suspicious of something and Darcy clears it up.
Avengers  gen  Jane/Thor  Darcy&Thor  schmoop  fluff  rating:g  author:nothorse  wordcount:>500 
september 2015
even 'hello' sounds like 'come here.'
"We’re not having sex," Tony says as Steve buckles his seatbelt.

Steve shrugs. “Sure.”

"We’re not."


"I’m taking you to get patched up."

"Whatever you say." Steve wets his lips again, licking blood away as Tony pulls out into the road. "You’re not gonna pay me for getting patched up, though. If you ain’t gonna pay me, I’d rather just get out and lick my wounds myself, thanks."
Avengers  Steve/Tony  humor  schmoop  fluff  hurt/comfort  au  rating:pg-13  author:theappleppielifestyle  wordcount:2000-3000 
september 2015
A Strange New World
Steve feels very alone in the 21st century, and everyone is too in awe of him to touch him casually, leaving him touch-starved; meanwhile, in comes Darcy Lewis, who thinks nothing of it. Steve can't get enough.
Avengers  Darcy&Steve  schmoop  fluff  hurt/comfort  humor  rating:pg-13  author:atop_gray_clouds  wordcount:4000-5000 
september 2015
Feel Good
“Do you know that asexuality doesn’t exist, Steve?” Of all the things he had expected her to say, that hadn’t been one of them.
Avengers  Darcy/Steve  asexuality  hurt/comfort  hurt!darcy  angst  schmoop  rating:g  author:anonymous  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
Fenestration and the Art of Self Defense
In which Darcy Lewis catsits for Captain America and Bucky Barnes doesn't use the front door.
Avengers  Bucky&Darcy  humor  schmoop  fluff  domestic  action  crack  rating:pg-13  author:airawyn  wordcount:10-15k 
september 2015
I Trust You (With the Pain
Just a short little birthday ficlet for a friend: Tony stumbles into a surprise in his living room.
Avengers  Natasha&Tony  hurt/comfort  hurt!natasha  schmoop  fluff  rating:g  author:red_tigress  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
lay that pistol down
"I am furious with you," Darcy gasps against his mouth.

"I know, doll."

"Are you hurt?" Darcy asks, pulling at his leather coat.

"M'fine, Darce. Jus' bruised and dirty," he says.
Wartime AU where Darcy is one of the Star Spangled chorus girls.
Avengers  Darcy/Steve  au  schmoop  fluff  hurt/comfort  smut  humor  rating:r  author:merideath  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
Can't Help Yourself From Falling
Tony spends too much time in his workshop and not enough with his wife.
Written for the Living prompt on Darcy Lewis Ship Week
Avengers  Darcy/Tony  schmoop  fluff  humor  domestic  verse:unexpected  rating:pg-13  author:sara47q  wordcount:500-1000 
september 2015
Big & Little
“I wonder if your new romance will last under the strain of Darcy’s coming need for retaliation.”

“I wonder if you know the difference between romance and bromance. "
Avengers  Clint&Darcy  humor  schmoop  fluff  rating:pg-13  author:girl_chama  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
I'm making an inference
The Behavioural Analysis Unit meet Reid’s new girlfriend, though it turns out one of them knows her already.

The sequel to I’m Trying to be More Conversational, but can be read on its own.
Avengers  CriminalMinds  Darcy/Spencer  schmoop  fluff  verse:intelligence  rating:g  author:jadzia_bear  wordcount:2000-3000 
september 2015
I'm trying to be more conversational
When Jane's research leads them to Quantico, Darcy sets her sights on getting a date with the most adorkable criminal profiler in the business.
Avengers  CriminalMinds  Darcy/Spencer  schmoop  fluff  verse:intelligence  rating:pg-13  author:jadzia_bear  wordcount:2000-3000 
september 2015
Slaves to Any Semblance of Touch
“Bucky!” Darcy curses, fumbling to cover herself, even though the damage is done. Course, she manages to knock the dish towel on the counter down to the floor because she’s flustered and Darcy’s already a complete klutz even when she isn’t flustered. She’s left ducking down, mostly naked, behind the island counter, peering over the top.

Darcy flushes, heat beating fire engine red in her face. At least they're in a blackout, so the only light filtering in is from the glow of the street lamps and the passing traffic. If there’s any justice, the light from outside won’t extend enough for Bucky to be able to see it. Darcy’s karma, though, clearly, is shit tonight so the bastard can probably see it all. Which, reminds her, oh, yeah, naked and cowering behind a kitchen cabinet, like a totally legitimate adult.

Fucking karma.

That roommate AU I have no intention of writing, but somehow manage to keep writing little stories in the pretend verse I have set up.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  au  humor  schmoop  fluff  smut  rating:r  author:jadecharmer  wordcount:8000-9000 
september 2015
And One Time She Did
She smiled softly, reaching out to cup his jaw, knowing she was going to sound like a complete sap saying this: "Because you feel like home."

Parallels "And One Thing You Can't". Reading the previous installments of the series isn't required but is, at the very least, highly recommended.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  schmoop  fluff  angst  hurt/comfort  verse:quiname  rating:pg-13  author:whitesilence  wordcount:2000-3000 
september 2015
And One Thing You Can't
He watched her with no small amount of ruthlessly quashed anxiety.

Continues "Five Things You Can Do With a Cybernetic Arm".
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  schmoop  angst  hurt/comfort  verse:quiname  rating:r  author:whitesilence  wordcount:2000-3000 
september 2015
Five Things You Can Do With a Cybernetic Arm
Darcy helps Bucky find things to do with his cybernetic arm that don't involve killing.

Not that he asks her to.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  humor  schmoop  domestic  fluff  hurt/comfort  verse:quiname  rating:pg-13  author:whitesilence  wordcount:6000-7000 
september 2015
Four Little Words
"Steve, where is he?"

"Not with you I guess."

"Good guess. Do you have anything tracking him?" Darcy sighed at herself. "Of course not that's why you called me."

"Do you know where he could have gone?"

"If we're lucky? Brooklyn. If we're unlucky? Siberia."


Sometimes it's the least amount of words that can describe a horrible scenario. And when Steve calls Darcy asking if she knows where Bucky is, and she definitely does not, she knows it's gonna be one hell of a long day.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  action  kidnapping  schmoop  hurt/comfort  hurt!bucky  verse:FiveClicksOut  rating:pg-13  author:zelda2h2  wordcount:4000-5000 
september 2015
Nearly Lost You Today, My Love (But I Arm-Wrestled Death To Keep You Forever)
[Sequel to: My, What Red Lips You Have (Might I Have A Taste?)] Darcy finds herself comforting Tony after she's nearly killed in a sudden lab explosion; somehow facing their mortality is actually a great relationship tool. And the 'glad you're alive 'cause I love you' sex is awesome too.
Avengers  Darcy/Tony  schmoop  hurt/comfort  hurt!darcy  fluff  smut  verse:snarky  rating:NC-17  author:sarcastic_fina  wordcount:7000-8000 
september 2015
My, What Red Lips You Have (Might I Have a Taste?)
Darcy probably shouldn't have let her crush on Tony Stark influence her make-up decisions, but there was no going back now.
Avengers  Darcy/Tony  humor  schmoop  fluff  verse:snarky  rating:pg-13  author:sarcastic_fina  wordcount:3000-4000 
september 2015
furry baaaaby
Bucky loves cats, which, on mature consideration, Sam's not surprised by at all.
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  schmoop  crack  fluff  verse:samdeserves  rating:pg-13  author:lazulisong  wordcount:>500 
september 2015
captain asshole is a morning person
Sam thought he got free of this shit when he retired. Bucky could have told him better.
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  crack  schmoop  fluff  verse:samdeserves  rating:pg-13  author:lazulisong  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
your cheatin' heart
steve rogers: captain america. dirty rotten cheating cheater that cheats like a cheater.

tony stark: iron man. biggest whiny baby at losing at prime/not prime.

together, they drive sam wilson crazier.
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  schmoop  fluff  crack  domestic  verse:samdeserves  rating:pg-13  author:lazulisong  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
some sweet day
By that Sam actually meant Steve was a super-perfectionist asshole who was very upset that he couldn't bake for shit and had once been defeated by "anybody can make these -- Clint can make these" cookies and spent a week sulking about it.
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  domestic  fluff  schmoop  verse:samdeserves  rating:g  author:lazulisong  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
short scenes from a life of chaos and fluffy blankets
Super short scenes and drabbles from the Sam Doesn't Deserve These Assholes series. Mostly things that don't quite work with the larger stories but are more-or-less complete as they stand. Some scenes may show up in later stories! WE JUST DON'T KNOW.
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  schmoop  fluff  domestic  verse:samdeserves  rating:g  author:lazulisong  wordcount:WIP 
september 2015
don't sit under the apple tree
bucky and peggy's first meeting in seventy odd years goes approximately as well as you might expect.
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  schmoop  fluff  hurt/comfort  verse:samdeserves  rating:g  author:lazulisong  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
the hap-happiest season of all
When he took the pile of Tupperware into the kitchen, he almost stumbled over Barton's dog, who was lying in the middle of the kitchen with the expression of a martyr and the fart-aura of a minor nuclear weapon. He looked up at Sam and rolled over to expose his half-bald, stinky stomach, and Sam said, "What the hell."
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  crack  schmoop  fluff  verse:samdeserves  rating:g  author:lazulisong  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
for what we are given we give thanks
lysapadin asked:

What are Sam and his two pet assholes up to on Turkey Day?

Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  schmoop  fluff  domestic  humor  verse:samdeserves  rating:g  author:lazulisong  wordcount:500-1000 
september 2015
Bucky vs Halloween
A scrap I had started of Bucky vs modern Halloween, which I don't think I'm going to finish but does feature Steve's Horrible Childhood Reminisces that I thought were pretty funny anyway. Also, Jodi! Very briefly.
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  schmoop  fluff  crack  verse:samdeserves  rating:g  author:lazulisong  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
everyone has so many regrets (except kate)
"Sometimes I like to think about the good old days," Steve says to Sam as they listen to the thudding of the dartboard in the next room. "Back when I got to wear my own sweaters."

"Back when they used to play music videos on MTV," Sam says wistfully as he puts another slice of pepperoni on his plate.
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  gen  humor  schmoop  crack  fluff  domestic  verse:samdeserves  rating:g  author:verity  wordcount:500-1000 
september 2015
old people love bingo
Steve held up a hand. "Where were you during this?" he said, like he was a little afraid of the answer.

"Crawling my god damn way across a floor that hadn't seen a mop since before the smoking ban, trying not to knock over walkers or oxygen tanks, hoping to fuck I could borrow someone's illegal concealed carry firearm, and imagining what the officer was gonna say about the black guy with the gun in a room full of veterans," said Sam.
Avengers  gen  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  crack  schmoop  fluff  verse:samdeserves  rating:pg-13  author:lazulisong  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
sugarpie honeybunch
Sam's sister is the worst. He can't just drop everything and babysit his niece. What if something happens?
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  gen  humor  schmoop  fluff  crack  domestic  kid!fic  verse:samdeserves  rating:g  author:lazulisong  wordcount:500-1000 
september 2015
maybe you'd better ask CAPTAIN ROGERS why I'm not talking to him
Bucky's face hadn't changed, but Steve's jaw was sticking out at a angle best described as 'mulish'.

"Okay," said Sam, taking a fortifying drink of his coffee. "You guys gonna use words any time soon, or do I tattle to Nat?"
Avengers  Bucky&Sam&Steve  gen  humor  schmoop  fluff  crack  domestic  verse:samdeserves  rating:pg-13  author:lazulisong  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
tag ur porn
The screen blipped and the person reappeared, now clutching a large Ragdoll cat who was purring even as the human muffled another scream in it's fur. "Omigod. Omigod. I'm calm. I'm calm. GUYS. So you remember how I said I hoped you'd send in reaction vids to the hairstyle tutorials? I think Captain America just sent me one, oh my fucking God." They squeezed the cat tightly enough that it let out a mildly protesting squeak. "OH GOD, Roadkill, I'm so sorry, Mommy's so excited right now." They let go of the cat and it sort of flowed into a puddle between them and the camera. "Okay. Okay. Roll video."

Sam paused the video long enough to break out the ginger ale and vodka.
Avengers  gen  Bucky&Sam&Steve  humor  schmoop  crack  fluff  domestic  verse:samdeserves  rating:pg-13  author:lazulisong  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
lasso the moon
Steve and Darcy find their way back to each other, just in time for Christmas.
Avengers  Darcy/Steve  schmoop  fluff  angst  rating:pg-13  author:polexia_aphrodite  wordcount:5000-6000 
september 2015
Darcy Lives with the Avengers
After the shock of actually meeting the Avengers, Darcy is thrown in to live with them. Watch as she adapts her usual routine to suit living in Stark Tower
Avengers  gen  team!fic  humor  schmoop  fluff  domestic  verse:darcymeets  rating:g  author:underscore65  wordcount:9000-10k 
september 2015
Darcy Meets the Avengers
The first time Darcy Lewis met the Avengers, isn't actually the first time she met them at all. In fact standing in front of the group of superheros that had saved the world from countless attacks she found herself face to face with many of the people who she had met before.
Avengers  gen  team!fic  au  schmoop  fluff  humor  hurt/comfort  kid!fic  verse:darcymeets  rating:g  author:underscore65  wordcount:4000-5000 
september 2015
God She's Beautiful
"They are super soldiers, marksmen, billionaires with robot suits. They save lives before their morning cornflakes- that doesn't make them any less human. They have flaws. Hawkeye leaves the fridge door open. Tony Stark would argue with a couch cushion. Captain America leaves more fingerprints than any Lysol wipe can clean and Sergeant Barnes apparently has no control over his voice box."

In which Darcy gets her diploma, a new job, and the Winter Soldier calls her beautiful on national television.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  humor  schmoop  fluff  hurt/comfort  verse:FiveClicksOut  rating:pg-13  author:zelda2h2  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
Five Clicks Out
Had she said 'I need help.' He would have told Steve. Had she said 'Barnes I need help.' He would have rolled his eyes and asked her what mundane task she was incapable of doing this time. But she didn't say those things. She called him Bucky.

She never called him Bucky.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  schmoop  action  hurt/comfort  hurt!darcy  verse:FiveClicksOut  rating:pg-13  author:zelda2h2  wordcount:3000-4000 
september 2015
Christmas in March
Steve felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and excused himself to answer the call. "What's up, Buck?"

"I need to get her something."

"I don't think she gave it to you so you could get her something back."

"I need to get her something." Bucky repeated, then asked in a quieter tone. "What should I get?"

Steve smiled. "I dunno. Good luck."


Darcy, despite her cheapskate nature, loves to give gifts. A cute little fic that happens in the same 'universe' as Five Clicks Out
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  humor  schmoop  fluff  verse:FiveClicksOut  rating:g  author:zelda2h2  wordcount:3000-4000 
september 2015
She couldn't help but wonder
She couldn't help but wonder how many women had received this treatment. She couldn't help but wonder if he actually knew. And she couldn't help but ask. "I'm not entirely sure… I didn't exactly keep a tally…" he began before slowly sinking his index finger into her…
Avengers  Darcy/Tony  schmoop  smut  humor  rating:NC-17  author:anyamaia  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
I Need You To Guard My Body
Tony thinks he needs a bodyguard, Pepper thinks he needs a babysitter, and Darcy just wants to wear a pretty dress.
Avengers  Darcy/Tony  humor  schmoop  fluff  rating:pg-13  author:sara47q  wordcount:1000-2000 
september 2015
My Heart Unfolding
"Lewis. You're in my lab. Why are you in my lab when I'm not in my lab?"

He could see her in the corner, behind the shelves of spare parts. It was a weird place to be.

She was crying.

- - - -

Darcy falls apart, and Tony helps collect the pieces.

- - - -
Avengers  Darcy/Tony  schmoop  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!darcy  rating:pg-13  author:mudpuddledemon  wordcount:6000-7000 
september 2015
Birthday Candles
Kaylee unwittingly causes Mal to have a revelation.
Firefly  Mal/Simon  schmoop  fluff  smut  rating:NC-17  author:laesmeralda  wordcount:2000-3000 
august 2015
Hold On Tight, You Know She's a Little Bit Dangerous
Girl meets girl. Girl falls for girl. Girl discovers that girl is an internationally-wanted assassin. Things get complicated.
Avengers  Darcy/Natasha  schmoop  angst  hurt/comfort  domestic  action  rating:r  author:tardisistheonlywaytotravel  wordcount:10-15k 
august 2015
Fuck Pants
After a night out, Darcy wakes up with a trashed room, an anonymous text... And wasn't there something about a rabbit?
Avengers  Darcy/Rhodey  humor  schmoop  smut  rating:NC-17  author:pinkpandoracorn  wordcount:5000-6000 
august 2015
Fold Boston In His Heart
And Sebastian makes it better. Sebastian makes him feel like he can take on the world and the thoughts might not consume him. And it’s a blissful, endless thing that Chris has never known before, not like this, because where his own head’s been known to drag him under, he’d never before had a better place to drown instead: eyes like the River and Walden and the sky where it kisses the Cape, water cleaner and clearer and brighter than he’s ever known, and that’s the trouble, really. That’s where it all gets tripped up.

Because as much as Sebastian makes it better, as much as he is fresh air and cool rain and the warmest part of a sunset lingering over the Bay, breaths of a sweetness that has no name, as much as Sebastian is the extra trill in Chris’ pulse that makes him dizzy sometimes, most times, and it’s brilliant and terrifying, makes him feel alive and on the brink of coming undone all the time, all the fucking time, but.

As much as Sebastian makes the world lighter, sharper: Chris isn’t sure that he manages the same for him, in return.
Avengers  Chris/Sebastian  schmoop  fluff  angst  rating:pg-13  author:anonymous  wordcount:5000-6000 
august 2015
Overprotection 'R' Us
Bucky's grin turns seductive, and Darcy tries her best to cling to exasperation rather than succumbing to intense lust. “I told you, doll. Dinner first. Then you and your modern ways can take me to bed and educate my stuffy, old, virginal—”

Darcy slaps a hand over his mouth. She glances back at Steve and sees him frowning at her. A high-pitched giggle of encroaching hysteria escapes her at the sight.

“I would not,” she blurts out.

His frown deepens. “You wouldn’t what?”

“I respect him as a person.”

Steve raises his brows. “O…kay.”

“Please don’t lecture me.”

Steve frowns again. “Why would I do that?”

At this, Sam shakes his head and walks away, muttering about his need for sane friends.
Or the one where Darcy has another twenty minutes to successfully escape the deranged overprotection of Clint, Tony, Steve, and Thor in order to embark on her first date with Bucky.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  humor  schmoop  fluff  domestic  verse:bestlaidplans  rating:pg-13  author:wynn  wordcount:7000-8000 
august 2015
T-Minus Twenty
“Steve. Just spit it out.”

“Cocks, Bucky. She’s covered in shiny cocks.”
Or the one where Darcy has twenty minutes to avoid certain annihilation at the hands of a vengeful Clint and Tony. Standing in her way? Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  humor  schmoop  fluff  verse:bestlaidplans  rating:pg-13  author:wynn  wordcount:2000-3000 
august 2015
Egg on Your Face
“Do you know what they used to do to betrayers in the past, Darcy?” Clint doesn’t wait for her to finish, or to properly process her complete and utter dread at him calling her by her first name. He continues on, easing a few steps closer, engaging, as he does, in an epic villain monologue with surprising ease. “Tar and feathering. The first use of it allegedly occurred during the Crusades, from Richard the Lionhearted. They did it during the American Revolution too. And in both World Wars. Think of that. For over eight hundred years, people have been tarring and feathering no good, low down, dirty traitors. Now, I can’t use tar against you. Thor would kill me. And, you know, you are my friend. But I will smash every single one of these eggs against your traitorous face and dump so many feathers on you that people are going to think you mutated into a giant, evil, lying chicken.”
Or the one where Clint takes his revenge against Darcy for her accidentally telling Bucky about Clint's complete and total man crush on him.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  Clint&Darcy  humor  schmoop  fluff  verse:bestlaidplans  rating:pg-13  author:wynn  wordcount:2000-3000 
august 2015
The Best Laid Plans
“It’s not gawking,” Darcy protests, swatting at Jane’s hand. “It’s reconnoitering.”


“Yes, Jane. Reconnoitering.”

There’s a second of silence and then Jane sighs and shakes her head. “You’ve been hanging out too much with Clint.”
Or the one where Darcy tries to snoop on a newly arrived Bucky Barnes to see where he falls on the sane-to-crazy scale.
Avengers  Bucky/Darcy  humor  schmoop  fluff  verse:bestlaidplans  rating:pg-13  author:wynn  wordcount:1000-2000 
august 2015
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action adaption amnesia angel!phil angst artist!steve asexuality au author:_mournthewicked author:aisalynn author:amusewithaview author:andacus author:angelskuuipo author:anonymous author:arosynose author:astolat author:atimi/bertee author:authoressnebula author:becisvolatile author:bewaretheides15 author:bil author:buzzcat author:caitriona_3 author:callistosh65 author:camlann author:chash author:cherie_morte author:cleflink author:codexfawkes author:crumblingash author:dante-s-hell author:daroos author:de-nugis author:de_nugis author:dragongoddess13 author:dragonspell author:dreamlittleyo author:dugindeep author:eighth_horizon author:electricalgwen author:eljay author:entangled_now author:erica_t author:extransient author:fartherfaster author:flawedamythyst author:fleshflutter author:g_the_g author:girl_chama author:goldenusagi author:ifeelbetter author:ihateallergies author:iminurface author:imogen_pen author:infinitumetultra author:jadecharmer author:jadzia_bear author:jennytork author:kelleigh author:kellifer_fic author:khannakorossy author:kiarasayre author:kroki_refur author:lazulisong author:lazy_daze author:leidoscope author:leonidaslion author:luninosity author:lyra_wing author:merideath author:mimblexwimble author:mistyzeo author:monkiedude author:morning_glory author:morrezela author:msdamia author:musesfool author:nessismore author:obstinatrix author:parenthetical author:paxlux author:phx author:pinkpandoracorn author:queenklu author:rainne author:rainylemons author:ratherastory author:regala-electra author:rhiannon_a_christy author:rivers_bend author:rivkat author:rubyrose author:sakura_no_mi author:sara47q author:sarcastic_fina author:savorvrymoment author:selecasharp author:setissma author:sheryden author:silverthistle author:standing_fic author:suzukiblu author:t-fic author:tardisistheonlywaytotravel author:teand author:thehighwaywoman author:thestanceyg author:those_who_run_with_wolves author:tiziano author:topaz119 author:twistedingenue author:ultra_fic author:underscore65 author:valeris author:veronamay author:wanttobeatree author:whitesilence author:wynn author:zelda2h2 author:zoemathemata author:zuben_eschamali avengers bigbang bonded!boys bruce/darcy bruce/tony bucky&darcy bucky&sam&steve bucky/darcy bucky/darcy/steve bucky/sam bucky/steve case!fic ccs character:bobby character:castiel character:chad character:danneel character:death character:gabriel character:god character:harry character:impala character:john character:misha character:sam character:snape charlie/colby charlie/don chihiro/kohaku chris/sebastian clint&darcy clint/darcy coach!jensen coffee-break college!au commentfic crack criminalminds crossover cursed!boys cursed!dean cursed!sam darcy&steve darcy&thor darcy&tony darcy/johnny darcy/logan darcy/natasha darcy/sam darcy/spencer darcy/steve darcy/tony dean/castiel dean/ofc demon!darcy domestic drunk!boys drunk!darcy drunk!dean drunk!sam eliot/parker ffn firefly first-time fivetimes fluff future!fic gen girl!sam has:author has:wordcount hp hs!au hulk/darcy humor hurt!bucky hurt!darcy hurt!dean hurt!eliot hurt!jared hurt!jensen hurt!natasha hurt!phil hurt!sam hurt!steve hurt!tony hurt/comfort j2 jake/darcy jane&darcy jane/thor kid!fic kidnapping kink kissing leverage libraryofsol mute!dean mute!sam mythical!jared natasha&tony non-au numb3rs outsiderpov phil&darcy phil/darcy podfic powers!darcy powers!sam pre-slash rating:g rating:nc-17 rating:pg-13 rating:r rough!sex sam/dean sam/gabriel sassy schmoop sex!pollen sherlock sick!dean sick!jensen sick!sam slash smut soulmates spiritedaway spn stark!darcy steve/tony team!fic teamfic thelosers time.travel underage verse:bangkok verse:bestlaidplans verse:can't_lose verse:chopandchange verse:coachtrip verse:darcymeets verse:everyday verse:fbi!fic verse:fiveclicksout verse:fraternisation verse:fusion verse:goingtohell verse:innocence verse:latin!boys verse:maninthewater verse:possibilities verse:quiname verse:renovation verse:rush verse:samdeserves verse:soccer verse:spectacles verse:storkroom verse:sunset verse:wintershock warning:triggering weechesters wip wordcount:10-15k wordcount:1000-2000 wordcount:15-20k wordcount:20-30k wordcount:2000-3000 wordcount:30-40k wordcount:3000-4000 wordcount:40-50k wordcount:4000-5000 wordcount:50-60k wordcount:500-1000 wordcount:5000-6000 wordcount:60-70k wordcount:6000-7000 wordcount:7000-8000 wordcount:8000-9000 wordcount:9000-10k wordcount:>500 wordcount:various yue/sakura

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