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12:15pm awst to nzst - Bing
Timezone conversion using Bing.


AWST = Perth
AEST = Sydney & MEL


CST = Texas
MST = Denver & Las vegas

COT = Colombia

Cities also work i.e.

12:15pm awst to auckland
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29 days ago by N1cks
search engine - Bing, Yahoo more result on single page using url - Stack Overflow
How can i fetch more result from bing and yahoo search engine. (Using url)

For Google we pass "num" parameter, i.e - https://www.google.com/#num=30&q=test (give 30 res)


To get 30 result on single page, pass below parameter,

For google use num=30 - https://www.google.com/search?q=test&num=30

For bing use count=30 - http://www.bing.com/search?q=test&count=30

For bing nzherald use count=1 https://www.bing.com/search?q=nzherald&count=1

For yahoo use n=30 - https://search.yahoo.com/search?p=test&n=30
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8 weeks ago by N1cks
How to Use Outlook.com Search Operators
Create precise searches in Outlook with search operators that let you combine searches in subject, sender, folder, date and more with some boolean operators.
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september 2017 by N1cks
Google Custom Search


This by default performs a hard sort in descending order - that is, search results are ordered strictly by the date, with the most recent dates (that translate to the largest numbers) ordered first. If you want to change the sort ordering to ascending, append an :a to the field (or append a :d to explicitly specify descending). For example, to show the oldest results first, you could use a restriction of the form:
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november 2016 by N1cks
Best Google tricks and tips to help you search like a pro | News.com.au
-Search Related: Allintext: holidays hot bargain John Lennon intext:Liverpool Allintitle: Flu shot intitle:help Japanese Restaurant location:Auckland Filetype:pdf Number range i.e dslr $300..$500 * = wildcard and helps find missing worlds in phrase
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august 2014 by N1cks
building "windows RT" compile ARM - Bing
Building Windows for the ARM processor architecture
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june 2014 by N1cks

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