Slow Burn – Kiwiblog
If you are interested in US politics, I can recommend a great podcast to listen to. Slow Burn, by Slate. There have been two seasons so far – one on Watergate and one on Clinton’s impea…

2 days ago
Bing on iOS: set region for Homepage feed - Microsoft Community
I used Bing on iOS set to region 'automatic' - which in my case is Australia. As of version 6.28/6.29, the Homepage feed is blank. In previous versions, the feed showed US region content. Could you
10 days ago
LEGO Brand Catalogue 2HY 2018
Welcome to the fantastic world of LEGO® bricks With LEGO® bricks, your child can build and stretch their imagination, any way they want! Boost your child’s
14 days ago
NstaJam-Crystal-Clear Wireless Waterproof Speaker | Indiegogo
Nspire by NstaJam. We believe in the power of music, now you can too. Love, L | Check out 'NstaJam-Crystal-Clear Wireless Waterproof Speaker' on Indiegogo.
iWant  drey 
17 days ago
Instagram-atom feed is empty. · Issue #4 · snarfed/instagram-atom
Hi - I regenerated my feed by grabbing a new sessionID, but my feed is still empty. Thanks for creating this service :).
19 days ago
Android or iOS? Which is the Best Development Platform for you to Launch an App?
Long time back, before the pepsi vs. coke was over; a new war erupted in the digital domain -- android vs ios; and that too for pertinent reasons. these two account for almost 98% of all the mobile operating system.though android with its market share of 77% accounts for almost four times the share of ios, which stands at 19.4%, it is the latter which surpasses the former by a factor of two when it comes to revenue generation.this makes it critical for companies to decide the best bet for them.there are five crucial factors to be studied before one can decide the best operating system to develop an app. let’s look into each one of them.1. target audiencethis is the very first question you have to ask yourself before choosing a platform to build your app. the demographic, geographic and psychographic makeup of your target market will reveal a lot about their mobile usage and app preference.if you are targeting a broader global audience of emerging countries such as those in the continents of asia, africa, or south america, you should go in for android as your os platform for app development as markets here tend to adopt android more easily than ios.if on the other hand, you wi
ios  apple  android 
20 days ago
Horarios en Machu Picchu: entrada, trenes, buses y más
schedule machu pichu. Conozca los horarios de ingreso en Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu, la montaña Machu Picchu, el Museo de Sitio y todos los atractivos del Santuario Histórico.
20 days ago
Social. - Posts
Social. 7.9K likes. Our restaurant and bar offers a creative, dynamic and constantly evolving cuisine, inspired by the great national pantry. All this in...
hilton  lima  peru 
23 days ago
Specify an elevation for 3D features—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop
When you create z-aware features, you can specify z-values on the Edit tab, in the Elevation group. Mode toggles z-value input modes on or off. In a map or scene, you can set a constant z-value for new features. In a scene you can also set a z-value by clicking the view or clicking a surface.
26 days ago
Show attached images inside popup with ArcGIS Online? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange
javascript:void(document.getElementsByClassName("esriViewPopup")[0].getElementsByTagName("img")[0].src = document.getElementsByClassName("esriViewPopup")[0].getElementsByTagName("a")[0].href);
photos  agol  attachments 
4 weeks ago
Camera Locations | Western Australia Police Force
locations of speed and red light cameras in Western Australia
5 weeks ago
arcgis desktop - Remove time stamp from date field using field calculator - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange
I'm trying to copy the dates from a field called InspectionDate (date data type) to new field called CompletedDate (date data type) but I don't want the time stamp to be copied over. How can I cop...
time  arcgis  arcmap 
5 weeks ago
Anders Behring Breivik Psychiatric Report 2012-04-10 - The Breivik Archive
A collection of documents relating to Anders Behring Breivik.
6 weeks ago
The Great British Bake Off - All 4
Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding are joined by 12 of Britain's best amateur bakers
GBBO  uk 
7 weeks ago
How can I make View Metadata button in Open Dat... | GeoNet
initially, all of my Open Data layers would open the Item Details page when a user would click View Metadata on the layer download page, which I liked
comment  geonet  metadata 
7 weeks ago
Enable File Geodatabase downloads (on Open Data... | GeoNet
Not having the option to download a file geodatabase impacts all users of our Open Data site.  Currently the only option is to download a shape file.
geodatabase  OpenData 
7 weeks ago
Is there an 'Identify Route' tool? | GeoNet
In ArcGIS Pro 2.1, is there an equivalent to to ArcMap's Identify Route Location?    I checked 'Tools that are not available', and  it's not listed.

linear  reference  arcgispro 
7 weeks ago
Scientists Discover A New Type Of Brain Cell In Humans
There is one issue this discovery highlights immediately: there’s a neuron in human brains that is missing from the brains of mice and other animals used to model human brains in experiments. Does this mean current animal models yield distorted results?
article  brain 
7 weeks ago
American Press Coffee & Tea Maker | Indiegogo
Trust us, it's NOT a french press. | Buy 'American Press Coffee & Tea Maker' online at Indiegogo.
iWant  coffee  indiegogo 
7 weeks ago
Charby Sense - World's Smartest Auto Cutoff Cable | Indiegogo
Auto Cutoff, 2x Speed Up, Smart LED, Kevlar Reinforced Cable. Your Solution t | Check out 'Charby Sense - World's Smartest Auto Cutoff Cable' on Indiegogo.
iWant  indiegogo 
7 weeks ago
Recent Proceedings
Esri's GIS (geographic information systems) mapping software helps you understand and visualize data to make decisions based on the best information and analysis.
7 weeks ago
Want Google to track you less? Get an iPhone, ditc...
Our experiments show that a dormant, stationary Android phone (with Chrome active in the background) communicated location information to Google 340 times during a 24-hour period, or at an average of 14 data communications per hour," the author note
Google  privacy 
7 weeks ago
Urban OM | Yoga Classes, Pilates Studio + Cafe
We are a yoga & pilates studio that works to create a space for city dwellers and visitors to step back for the busy cityscape and indulge in a moment of peace, serenity and relaxation. Our approach incorporates three simple aspects. Breath. Posture. Meditation.
Yoga  perth 
8 weeks ago
Supercarrier Denied: Why if the Navy Never Built the Big Aircraft Carriers the World Fears?
Supercarrier Denied: Why if the Navy Never Built the Big Aircraft Carriers the World Fears?
8 weeks ago
Malcolm Turnbull under siege: The recent history of our political leaders in one chart - Politics - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
Malcolm Turnbull's leadership is in crisis. In just shy of two months, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will enter his sixth year in charge of Labor. Compare the recent history of leadership changes in our major parties.
8 weeks ago
For same-sex marriage equality — They Vote For You
Find out how people in parliament stand on same-sex marriage equality.
8 weeks ago
How To Search Tweets By Location #TwitterTips | HRmarketer


West Perth




twitter  searchoperators  location  map  search 
8 weeks ago
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