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Music Control
"Take control of the music on your Mac ... powerful and simple audio control of Pandora, iTunes, Rdio and Spotify ... Take control of your music players! Command playback by switching seamlessly between supported applications on your Mac. View and control other Macs on your local network. Search for your favorite artists and get realtime results for all supported players in one place."
Music  Control  MusicControl  MusicControlApp  app  application  software  tool  Mac  Macintosh  MacOSX  OSX  audio  iTunes  Pandora  LastFM  Last-FM  Rdio  Spotify  multi  multiple  player  players  playback  remote  RemoteControl  remote-control  network  networked  local-network  LAN  search  social  social-media  microblogging  Facebook  Twitter  productinfo  official  from delicious
november 2013 by Mykl
"a bookmarking website for introverted people in a hurry.

The focus of the site is less on socializing, and more on speed and utility. The goals of the site, in order of priority, are:

Never lose data
Be ridiculously fast
Offer useful features
Our users pay a one-time signup fee that goes up by a small amount with each new signup. In return, they get a fast, spam-free service and prompt support."
app  sharing  Pinboard  SocialBookmarking  bookmarks  public  social-bookmarking  sharer  private  software  social  application  paid  service  web-service  commercial  WebApp  Essentials  web  fast  web-app  bookmarking  bookmarker  tool  WebService  speedy 
november 2011 by Mykl
Matt Ridley: When ideas have sex
"shows how, throughout history, the engine of human progress has been the meeting and mating of ideas to make new ideas. It's not important how clever individuals are, he says; what really matters is how smart the collective brain is." - Video on
Matt  Ridley  MattRidley  ideas  history  progress  human  social  society  development  collective  TED  video  presentation 
september 2011 by Mykl
Start Google Plus
"Convert Facebook and Twitter to Google+" extension for Chrome and Firefox
Start  Google  Plus  GooglePlus  Google+  import  importer  convert  Facebook  FB  Twitter  social  media  networks  socialmedia  socialnetworks  extension  plugin  plug-in  Chrome  Firefox  GoogleChrome  Safari 
august 2011 by Mykl
"Fine Art Photography & Prints ... an online photo gallery and social network ... every photo displayed has been hand picked by a professional curator."
1X  fine  art  arts  photography  photographs  fineart  fine-art  prints  gallery  collection  online  social  network  socialnetwork  socialmedia  media  images  imagery  curated  curators 
june 2011 by Mykl
"a damn fine home for musicians ... gives musicians a home for their music unlimited distribution, sharing tools & warm fuzzies"
AloneTone  music  musicians  bands  distribution  distribute  share  sharer  sharing  tool  tools  service  webservice  online  social  indepedent  indie  DIY  musical  artists  collection  discovery 
june 2011 by Mykl
COLOURlovers "a creative community where people from around the world create and share colors, palettes and patterns, discuss the latest trends and explore colorful articles."
color  colors  colour  colours  lovers  COLOURlovers  palettes  patterns  trends  fashion  user-generated  user  generated  inspire  inspiration  ideas  feeds  maker  making  generator  creator  creating  share  sharing  social  socialmedia  forums  discussion  design  designers  graphic  graphics  web  print  crafts  business  tool  webtool  webapp  app  application  software  ColorSchemer 
june 2011 by Mykl
"place to catalog the things you love ... a virtual pinboard — a place where you can create collections of things you love and follow collections created by people with great taste."
Pinterest  virtual  pinboard  bookmarking  bookmarker  collect  collection  collections  collecting  catalog  calaloging  cataloger  follow  social  socialbookmarking  socialbookmarker  tool  service  webtool  webapp  webservice 
june 2011 by Mykl
"Create stories using social media"
Storify  stories  social  media  tool  webapp  socialtool  todo  bookmark_these  other 
may 2011 by Mykl
"the one page Twitter dashboard ... clear and colorful metrics deliver insight into the performance of your account"
TwitSprout  Twitter  Dashboard  tool  analytics  statistics  metrics  tracking  realtime  real-time  multiple  multi-accounts  data  PDF  CSV  social  media  socialmedia  webapp  software  socialsoftware  TwitterTool  TwitterApp 
may 2011 by Mykl
"The Standard for Online and Internet Influence .. identifies influencers on topics across the social web"
Klout  influence  influencers  online  internet  social  socialmedia  webapp  app  application  analytics 
may 2011 by Mykl
"a new Internet company, led by the founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen"
AVOS  YouTube  startup  ChadHurley  SteveChen  internet  company  Delicious  social  bookmarking  discovery 
may 2011 by Mykl
• send posts using Ping.FM from your Google Android mobile phone
• supports status, microblog or blog posts types
• use your Ping.FM custom triggers
• attach existing photos from your SD card to any posts type
• take photos with your camera to attach to posts
• attach geographic location information
• view post status information and optionally retry failed posts
Pingdroid  app  application  software  tool  Android  AndroidApp  Android-app  PingFM  social  media  multi  multiple  productinfo  free  freeware  client  official 
april 2011 by Mykl
"Update all your social networks from your phone using your account." - AppBrain
Pingdroid  app  application  software  tool  Android  AndroidApp  Android-app  PingFM  social  media  multi  multiple  productinfo  free  freeware  client  AppBrain 
april 2011 by Mykl
Stack Overflow
"This is a collaboratively edited question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers."
Stack  Overflow  StackOverflow  collaborative  edited  questions  answers  Q&A  advice  technical  support  techsupport  help  programmers  programming  development  software  social  free 
april 2011 by Mykl
Social marketing platform - Refer a friend programs, and Facebook tools
Extole  social  marketing  media  socialmarketing  socialmedia  service  refer  referrals  affiliate  programs  Facebook  Twitter 
march 2011 by Mykl
"Social Media Insights Platform ... a free, open source web application that captures all your activity on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+"
ThinkUp  social  media  networks  socialmedia  socialnetworks  networking  socialnetworking  tool  app  application  software  web  webapp  webservice  insight  insights  platform  opensource  open-source  capture  backup  archive  activity  database  search  sort  analyze  publish  PHP  server-based  Twitter  Facebook  Google+  GooglePlus  official 
march 2011 by Mykl
"Track changes in friends list or follower and unfollower on Twitter with an RSS Feed." by
RSSFriends  RSS  feed  feeds  Twitter  TwitterApp  app  webapp  application  software  tool  social  media  socialmedia  networking  socialnetworking  socialtool  track  tracker  tracking  changes  friends  followers  unfollowers  unfollow  H3O 
march 2011 by Mykl
Seesmic for Android
"Complete mobile management in the palm of your hand. Seesmic for Android is a feature-rich application, with intuitiveness at its core."
Seesmic  for  Android  AndroidApp  SeesmicApp  app  application  software  tool  client  multi  multi-account  social  media  socialmedia  Twitter  Facebook  GoogleBuzz  Buzz  productinfo  official 
march 2011 by Mykl
Wikipedia – an unplanned miracle
"Every day since its birth 10 years ago, Wikipedia has got better. Yet it's amazing it even exists." - Clay Shirky - 14 January 2011 - The Guardian
Wikipedia  encyclopedia  publishing  social  media  socialmedia  social-media  social-publishing  unplanned  planning  reference  TheGuardian  ClayShirky  tech  tech-history  history  technology  toBlog 
february 2011 by Mykl
I Can’t Turn Off The News
by Dave Pell - Tweetage Wasteland - Confession #95 - 4 February 2011
news  social  media  newsmedia  socialmedia  journalism  psychology  DavePell  TweetageWasteland  article  essay  2011  FitToTweet 
february 2011 by Mykl
I Can’t Turn Off The News
by Dave Pell - Tweetage Wasteland - Confession #95 - 4 February 2011
news  social  media  newsmedia  socialmedia  journalism  psychology  DavePell  TweetageWasteland  article  essay  2011  FitToTweet 
february 2011 by Mykl
"PHP Social Network Software - Create your own social media community"
SocialEngine  social  network  networking  software  tool  platform  websoftware  socialsoftware  PHP  create  creator  community  web  webdev 
december 2010 by Mykl
Make The Revolution
"There are revolutions... being led online. They're just happening in new ways, and taking subtle forms." - by Anil Dash - 28 September 2010
revolution  rebellion  protest  uprising  political  politics  change  social  media  socialmedia  offline  online  opinion  article  2010  AnilDash 
september 2010 by Mykl
"Backup, Export, and Manage your Cloud Data ... Secure Online Backup and Archiving for Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress"
service  webservice  back-up  webapp  weekly  TwitterApp  micro-blogging  archive  archiver  tweets  tool  utility  commercial  microblogging  FB  web  free  media  Twitter  app  social  archiving  internet  paid  software  monthly  socialmedia  operations  Backupify  cloud-based  data  Facebook  freeware  application  TwitterTool  cloud  automatic  Gmail  export  online  backup  Wordpress  socialsoftware  computing 
april 2010 by Mykl
"Connect to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, AIM and more in one place ... Update your status across all your services at once ... Share links, images & videos across all your networks ... Get all your friend updates wherever you are on the web"
Yoono  YoonoApp  app  application  software  tool  plugin  plug-in  addon  add-on  extension  Firefox  Mac  Macintosh  MacOSX  desktop  browser  Facebook  Myspace  Twitter  AIM  status  updater  microblogging  social  socialnetworking  socialmedia  sharing  multi  multiple  services  client  product  info  productinfo  official  officialinfo  web2.0  search 
october 2009 by Mykl
"simultaneously updating multiple chat clients and web services. MoodBlast is a standalone menubar app with a user-configurable system-wide hotkey that pops up an input window" by Circle Six Design
MoodBlast  MoodBlastApp  Mac  Macintosh  MacOSX  chat  IM  microblogging  posting  social  multiple  menubar  official  product  info  productinfo  officialinfo  release  notes  CircleSixDesign  twitter  osx  facebook  software  quicksilver  adium 
september 2009 by Mykl
Inner Twitter
"A chime message is sent using Twitter (or Jaiku) at selected time intervals. When you receive the chime stop. Listen. Pay attention to your breathing. Pay attention to what is before you. Really look at what is in front of you. Forget yourself and become
Inner  Twitter  InnerTwitter  app  application  software  social  socialsoftware  chime  interval  Zen  buddhist  health  Jaiku  life  mashup  messaging  ping  tool  service  meditation  buddhism 
march 2008 by Mykl
"Xanga is an online community for you and your friends. You can easily start your own free weblog, share photos and videos, and meet new friends"
blogging  community  friends  Internet  journal  networking  online  photos  profile  service  social  socialnetworking  themse  videos  web  weblog  writing  tool 
september 2007 by Mykl
"a creative way to listen to and share mp3s and podcasts—and it’s free. Browse our directory... Find it, like it, share it with your Odeo contacts, email it to your friends, or put an embeddable player in your blog. Audio from Odeo can be downloaded
Odeo  podcasts  netcasts  MP3s  audio  video  sounds  listen  share  free  directory  listing  database  search  social  media  socialmedia  player  network  downloads  iPod  itunes  email  aggregator  AJAX  app  application  web  webapp  socialapp  software  socialsoftware  artists  authors  bands  blogging  tool  creative  culture  engine  searchengine  entertainment  freeware  fun  host  Internet  MP3  online  P2P  distribution  channel  radio  alternative  recording  RSS  SEO  service  webservice  site  songs  content  storage  streaming  tech  technology  website  widget 
november 2006 by Mykl

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