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"schedule posts, track the performance of your content, and manage all your social media accounts"
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july 2017 by Mykl
“social media management for marketers and agencies ... A better way to share on social media”
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april 2016 by Mykl
Music Control
"Take control of the music on your Mac ... powerful and simple audio control of Pandora, iTunes, Rdio and Spotify ... Take control of your music players! Command playback by switching seamlessly between supported applications on your Mac. View and control other Macs on your local network. Search for your favorite artists and get realtime results for all supported players in one place."
Music  Control  MusicControl  MusicControlApp  app  application  software  tool  Mac  Macintosh  MacOSX  OSX  audio  iTunes  Pandora  LastFM  Last-FM  Rdio  Spotify  multi  multiple  player  players  playback  remote  RemoteControl  remote-control  network  networked  local-network  LAN  search  social  social-media  microblogging  Facebook  Twitter  productinfo  official  from delicious
november 2013 by Mykl
Wikipedia – an unplanned miracle
"Every day since its birth 10 years ago, Wikipedia has got better. Yet it's amazing it even exists." - Clay Shirky - 14 January 2011 - The Guardian
Wikipedia  encyclopedia  publishing  social  media  socialmedia  social-media  social-publishing  unplanned  planning  reference  TheGuardian  ClayShirky  tech  tech-history  history  technology  toBlog 
february 2011 by Mykl

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