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"easy for writers to get started with, is completely customizable by designers, and can be extended by programmers through easy APIs and full access to the server code."
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september 2016 by Mykl
How The New York Times Works
"This is how the Gray Lady gets made in 2015"
by Reeves Wiedeman
11 February 2015
Popular Mechanics
print  publishing  printing  periodical  newspaper  news  journalism  day-in-the-life  how  howto  NewYorkTimes  NYT  article  2010s  2015  PopularMechanics 
may 2015 by Mykl
Published with…
"...a custom static-file blog engine. Here are the details of how it works..." - David Kendal - 7 December 2011
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december 2011 by Mykl
Public Poetry
"Kevin Walzer's meditations on poetry, publishing, business, and other creative pursuits"
Public  Poetry  PublicPoetry  Kevin  Walzer  KevinWalzer  poems  poets  publishing  blog  collection  free  literary  literature 
june 2011 by Mykl
All Poetry
"All the muse that's fit to print at ... the world's largest poetry community"
All  Poetry  AllPoetry  community  poets  poems  comments  promote  publishing  contests  classes  teens  adults  free  freemium  forums  groups 
june 2011 by Mykl
"a static HTML blogging and publishing platform, written in PHP" - SubDimension
staticDimension  static  HTML  blogging  publishing  CMS  platform  tool  software  PHP  blogging-tool  BloggingTool  SubDimension 
march 2011 by Mykl
A Web Designed for Reading
"We design pages for clicks — for movement from place to place — neglecting the fact that reading is an act of stillness. We intentionally distract, polluting the visual space until it resembles less a library than Times Square. And to add insult to injury, we cover up these ills by saying people don’t read online — as if the design of a space played no part in determining its use." - commentary by Mandy Brown - Readability Blog - 28 February 2011
commentary  ReadabilityBlog  Readability  article  digital  opinion  reading  essay  2011  MandyBrown  writing  web  publishing  design  content  online 
march 2011 by Mykl
"Making People Read ... an idea blog and a community rally point for Internet fiction, produced regularly since 2006"
Novelr  blog  community  internet  web  fiction  WebFiction  WebLit  literature  publishing  writing  reading 
march 2011 by Mykl
What is Web Fiction?
Original fiction that is written for and published to the web.
web  fiction  lit  literature  WebLit  WebFiction  web-fiction  definion  original  writing  publishing  distribution  tweeterature 
march 2011 by Mykl
Wikipedia – an unplanned miracle
"Every day since its birth 10 years ago, Wikipedia has got better. Yet it's amazing it even exists." - Clay Shirky - 14 January 2011 - The Guardian
Wikipedia  encyclopedia  publishing  social  media  socialmedia  social-media  social-publishing  unplanned  planning  reference  TheGuardian  ClayShirky  tech  tech-history  history  technology  toBlog 
february 2011 by Mykl
The iCalendar chicken-and-egg conundrum
"Publishing calendars as HTML is necessary but not sufficient. We also need iCalendar feeds." - by Jon Udell - 12 November 2010 - O'Reilly Radar
iCal  iCalendar  calendar  calendars  HTML  CMS  web  publishing  feed  feeds  validate  validater  article  2010  O'Reilly  O'ReillyRadar  JonUdell 
november 2010 by Mykl

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