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free online courses by Harvard, MIT, Berkeley & more
free  online  college  courses  classes  learning  education  educational  university  open-source  OpenSource  open  edX  feedy 
may 2019 by Mykl
"delivering public domain literature paired with high quality audio performances, putting the text and audio together"
LoudLit  audiobooks  audio  books  text  text+audio  audio+text  audio-text  audiotext  literature  public  domain  public-domain  PublicDomain  open-source  OpenSource  free  feedy 
february 2018 by Mykl
"a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license."
world  map  navigation  open-source  opensource  Open  Street  OpenStreetMap  GraphHopper  Mapzen  free  crowd-sourced  alternative 
october 2017 by Mykl
"free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing"
audio  sound  recording  editing  app  multitrack  multi-track  application  software  tool  free  freeware  opensource  open-source  production  productions  recorder  editer  music  Mac  Macintosh  macOS  MacOSX  Windows  WindowsOS  WindowsApp  Linux  Audacity  productinfo  official  geeky  geekery 
november 2016 by Mykl
"easy for writers to get started with, is completely customizable by designers, and can be extended by programmers through easy APIs and full access to the server code."
blogging  software  server  opensource  DaveWiner  open-source  Dave-Winer  web-app  webapp  application  tool  blog-tool  blogging-tool  blog-server  blogging-server  writing  publishing  CMS  easy  simple  customizable  customisable  quick  alternative  exportable  static  dynamic  hybrid  multiple-authors  multi-author  liveblogging  live-blogging  WebSocket  podcasting  podcaster  web-design  webdesign  free  freeware  open  openware  JavaScript  Node.js  JSON  XML  official  1999  1999io 
september 2016 by Mykl
Kenten Generic OpenType Font
"a special-purpose OpenType font that provides glyphs suitable for typesetting emphasis marks"
Kenten  Generic  KentenGeneric  glyphs  glyph  symbol  symbols  marks  emphasis  freeware  type  font  opensource  text  open-source  free  official  typeface  Adobe  download  OpenType  design  download  SourceForge 
october 2012 by Mykl
"project devoted to learning resources, learning projects, and research for use in all levels, types, and styles of education from pre-school to university, including professional training and informal learning. We invite teachers, students, and researchers to join us in creating open educational resources and collaborative learning communities."
Wikiversity  Wikimedia  project  learning  resources  resource  projects  research  education  educational  training  teachers  students  researchers  open  open-source  open-media  opensource  openmedia  collaborative 
february 2012 by Mykl
Bootstrap, from Twitter
"a toolkit from Twitter designed to kickstart development of webapps and sites. It includes base CSS and HTML for typography, forms, buttons, tables, grids, navigation, and more."
Less  GitHub  HTML  webdesign  forms  typography  Twitter  webdev  development  grids  Bootstrap  rapid  BootstrapFromTwitter  buttons  tables  toolkit  web  fast  design  CSS  download  quick  easy  webapps  kickstart  websites  navigation  webdev  ToDo  opensource  open-source  open  source 
september 2011 by Mykl
Google Web Fonts
"Hundreds of free, open-source fonts optimized for the web"
Google  Web  Fonts  WebFonts  GoogleWebFonts  free  open  source  opensource  type  typography  development  design  webdesign  webdev  optimized  collection  search 
august 2011 by Mykl
Could Amazon create its own Android fork?
"Retailer might go beyond standard platform for its tablet, and even the rumors could worry Google" - Caroline Gabriel - 4 May 2011 - Rethink Wireless
Android  AndroidOS  OS  opensource  open-source  fork  mobileOS  tabletOS  tablet  mobile  platform  Amazon  Google  Kindle  Kindlebread  opinion  speculation  article  2011  RethinkWireless  CarolineGabriel  Twechie 
may 2011 by Mykl
Notational Velocity
Macupdate product info "Store and retrieve notes" - MacUpdate - 1/2 Macupdate product info Macupdate product info
productinfo  ZacharySchneirov  app  notes  info  MacUpdate  Mac  application  freeware  MacOSX  tool  Velocity  Notational  download  Macintosh  notetaking  software  gtd  opensource  product  free  NotationalVelocityApp  osx 
may 2011 by Mykl
"Social Media Insights Platform ... a free, open source web application that captures all your activity on social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+"
ThinkUp  social  media  networks  socialmedia  socialnetworks  networking  socialnetworking  tool  app  application  software  web  webapp  webservice  insight  insights  platform  opensource  open-source  capture  backup  archive  activity  database  search  sort  analyze  publish  PHP  server-based  Twitter  Facebook  Google+  GooglePlus  official 
march 2011 by Mykl
Where does the future of open source lie?
"Where does the future of open source lie? - Stormy Peters on her biggest cloud concerns and how mobile will shape open source." - interview by James Turner - O'Reilly Radar - 7 July 2010
computing  cloud  desktop  mobile  cloud-based  desktop-based  mobile-based  cloud-computing  open  source  opensource  free  concerns  opinion  future  interview  2010  JamesTurner  O'ReillyRadar  O'Reilly  Radar 
july 2010 by Mykl
"The high-performance cloud infrastructure for today's mobile and web applications... offering the only IaaS solution specifically built to power today’s most user-intensive web and mobile applications."
Joyent  applications  apps  backup  calendar  cloud  cluster  collaboration  communication  company  computing  contact  CSS  data  dedicated  design  email  enterprise  FaceBook  FB  filesharing  freeware  freesoftware  groupware  host  Internet  Java  JavaScript  management  office  online  open  source  opensource  platform  productivity  project  projectmanagement  provider  Ruby  RubyOnRails  servers  service  sharing  software  simple  storage  tagging  tech  technology  tools  virtual  web  webapps  webhost  webservice  work  AJAX  infrastructure  hosting  cloud-based  mobile  IaaS  cloudcomputing 
march 2008 by Mykl
"PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML."
PHP  Hypertext  Preprocessor  PHPHypertextPreprocessor  code  scripting  language  programming  web  development  webdev  webdevelopment  HTML  embedded  documentation  downloads  geek  geeky  guide  help  information  MySQL  Internet  official  open-source  opensource  reference  resource  software  tech  technology  tutorial  Apache 
august 2007 by Mykl

related tags  1999io  activity  add-ons  Adobe  advanced  AJAX  albums  AlizaSherman  alternative  Amazon  analyze  Android  AndroidApp  AndroidOS  announcement  anti-aliased  Apache  app  Apple  application  applications  apps  archive  ArsTechnica  art  article  artwork  Audacity  audio  audio+text  audio-text  audiobooks  audiotext  backup  basic  blog-server  blog-tool  blogging  blogging-server  blogging-tool  bookmarker  bookmarking  books  Bootstrap  BootstrapFromTwitter  box  boxes  Brian-Barrett  BrianBarrett  broadcasts  buttons  by  calendar  capture  CarolineGabriel  clandestine  classes  client  cloud  cloud-based  cloud-computing  cloudcomputing  cluster  CMS  code  codes  coding  collaboration  collaborative  collection  college  communication  community  company  computing  concerns  conspiracy  contact  courses  cover  cover-art  CoverArt  crowd-sourced  crowdsource  crowdsourcing  crypto  cryptography  CSS  customisable  customizable  data  database  Dave-Winer  DaveWiner  dedicated  Delicious  design  desktop  desktop-based  development  device  devices  dictionary  Discourse  discussion  discussions  documentation  domain  download  downloads  Dropbox  dynamic  e-mail  easy  editer  editing  education  educational  edX  email  EmailApp  EmailClient  embedded  emphasis  English  enterprise  entertainment  equipment  espionage  Evernote  exportable  Facebook  FaceBook  family  fast  FB  federated  feedy  file-sharing  filesharing  find  focus  font  Fonts  fork  forms  forums  FOSS  free  freesoftware  freeware  future  gallery  gCalendar  geek  geekery  geeky  Generic  GitHub  glyph  glyphs  Gmail  Google  Google+  GoogleAnalytics  GoogleCalendar  GooglePlay  GooglePlus  GoogleWebFonts  GraphHopper  grids  groupware  gtd  guide  hardware  help  helpdesk  history  host  hosting  HTML  hybrid  Hypertext  IaaS  iCal  images  info  information  infrastructure  insight  insights  installation  instructions  Internet  Internet-Archive  InternetArchive  interview  intranet  iOS  iPhoto  JamesTurner  Java  JavaScript  Joyent  JSON  K-9  Kenten  KentenGeneric  kickstart  Kindle  Kindlebread  knowledgebase  Kodi  Kodi-Box  language  lawsuits  learning  legal  Less  LinkedIn  Linux  literature  live-blogging  liveblogging  LoudLit  Mac  Mac-mini  Macintosh  MacMini  macOS  MacOSX  MacUpdate  management  map  Mapzen  marks  media  media-player  media-players  MediaPlayer  MediaPlayers  micro-blogging  microblogging  mobile  mobile-based  mobileOS  mono  monospace  monospaced  MP3s  multi-author  multi-track  multiple-authors  multitrack  music  MusicBrainz  MySQL  navigation  networking  networks  Node.js  Notational  NotationalVelocityApp  notes  notetaking  numbers  numbersstations  O'Reilly  O'ReillyRadar  oddities  office  official  onetimepad  online  open  open-content  open-media  open-source  opencontent  openmedia  opensource  OpenStreetMap  OpenType  openware  operating-system  OperatingSystem  opinion  optimized  OS  osx  Own  ownCloud  paid  Patreon  PaulDHunt  personal  PHP  PHP-Tuning  PHPHypertextPreprocessor  Pinboard  PinDroid  piracy  Piwik  platform  player  players  podcaster  podcasting  Postbox  Postbox-inc  PostboxApp  Preprocessor  private  Pro  product  productinfo  production  productions  productivity  programming  project  projectmanagement  projects  provider  public  public-domain  PublicDomain  publish  publishing  Qubes  Qubes-OS  QubesOS  quick  Radar  radio  rapid  recorder  recording  recordings  records  reference  research  researchers  resource  resources  RethinkWireless  review  Ruby  RubyOnRails  Sans  sans-serif  sansserif  scripting  search  searchable  searchresults  secure  security  server  server-based  servers  service  services  set-top  set-top-box  SetTop  SetTopBox  sharing  shortwave  simple  Slack  social  socialbookmarker  socialbookmarking  socialmedia  socialnetworking  socialnetworks  sociamedia  software  software-development  SoftwareDevelopment  sort  sound  sounds  source  SourceCodePro  SourceForge  SourceSansPro  speculation  spies  static  stations  StatusNet  storage  Street  students  support  Swift  Swift-language  SwiftLang  symbol  symbols  tables  tablet  tabletOS  tagging  teachers  tech  technology  text  text+audio  TheConetProject  ThinkUp  Thunderbird  to-do  to:Inbox.Mykl  ToDo  tool  toolkit  tools  torrents  toShare  training  tuning  tutorial  TV  Twechie  Twitter  type  typeface  typefamily  typography  university  Velocity  virtual  vocabulary  web  web-app  web-design  webapp  webapps  webdesign  webdev  webdevelopment  WebFonts  webhost  webservice  websites  WebSocket  WebWorkerDaily  weird  wiki  Wikimedia  Wikipedia  Wikiversity  Wiktionary  Windows  WindowsApp  WindowsOS  Wired  WordPress  words  work  world  writing  XBMC  XML  YouTube  ZacharySchneirov  ZenDesk  1/2 

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