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How to move your iPhone or iPad backups to an external hard drive
"If you do now or have ever synced your iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices to iTunes by connecting it to your Mac, you have backup folders stored on your internal drive."
Lory Gil & Bryan M. Wolfe
24 January 2019
iOs  iTunes  iPhone  iPad  backups  iPod  iPodTouch  move  moving  backup  symlink  symlinking  symbolic-link  symbolic-linking  SymbolicLink  SymbolicLinking  external  internal  external-drive  external-storage  internal-drive  internal-storage  Mac  Macintosh  explanation  instructions  how-to  HowTo  2019  Lory-Gil  LoryGil  Bryan-M-Wolfe  BryanMWolfe  iMore  geeky 
23 days ago by Mykl
How to add secondary email to Dropbox account
"Your email is the username for your Dropbox account. You can add a secondary email to your Dropbox account.  By adding a secondary email, you can route content shared with your primary or secondary email into a single Dropbox account. " – Dropbox Help
Dropbox  secondary  alternative  additional  email  email-address  email-addresses  second  account  instructions  howto  how-to  help  username  usernames  routing  sharing  shared  share  file-sharing  FileSharing  geeky 
4 weeks ago by Mykl
Audio Hijack
"Record any application's audio, including VoIP calls from Skype, web streams from Safari, and much more. Save audio from hardware devices like microphones and mixers as well. You can even record all the audio heard on your Mac at once! If you can hear it, Audio Hijack can record it." - Rogue Amoeba
audio  sound  app  application  macOS  Mac  Macintosh  utility  software  tool  production  productinfo  official  RogueAmoeba  recorder  save  Audio-Hijack  AudioHijack  geeky 
november 2018 by Mykl
Refurb Tracker
"provides e-mail alerts and RSS feeds so you can track new refurbished products on Apple Store"
refurbished  refurbs  alerts  tracker  Apple  AppleStore  Apple-Store  sales  discounts  deals  products  used  unofficial  Refurb-Tracker  shopping  hardware  geeky 
october 2018 by Mykl
a package tracker by Junecloud LLC
(iOS App Store)
package  deliveries  delivery  shipment  tracker  shipping  app  application  software  tool  iOS  extension  JunecloudLLC  Junecloud  geeky 
august 2018 by Mykl
How to Set up Time Machine Server
"Anyone running High Sierra or later on a Mac can now turn that Mac into a destination for remote machines to use for Time Machine."

by Stephen Hackett

512 Pixels
TimeMachine  server  remote  backup  instructions  Mac  Macintosh  macOS  MacOSX  backups  howto  how-to  512Pixels  geeky 
august 2018 by Mykl
Turbo Boost Switcher for OS X
"a little application for Mac computers... to enable and/or disable the Turbo Boost feature" -
Turbo  Boost  Switcher  utility  disable  enable  app  application  software  Mac  Macintosh  macOS  MacOSX  performance  power-saving  CPU  CPUs  Turbo-Boost-Switcher  TurboBoostSwitcher  geeky 
august 2018 by Mykl
Sonos update adds AirPlay 2 support
"Control via Siri, sync with HomePod, and more" - Jason Snell
Sonos  AirPlay  Siri  wireless  speakers  HomePod  AirPlay2  update  Apple  news  tips  2018  article  JasonSnell  Jason-Snell  geeky 
july 2018 by Mykl
"compare 51 wireless & internet companies"

(note: results are inconsistent; sponsors may be listed first.)
comparison  mobile  wireless  internet  services  plans  companies  cellular  tablets  pricing  options  compare  comparing  compared  WhistleOut  geeky 
december 2017 by Mykl
Google Project Fi
review (4 of 5) by Sascha Segan
28 July 2017
ProjectFi  Project-Fi  mobile  carrier  review  MVNO  Google  Project  Fi  Sprint  T-Mobile  USCellular  service  network  4of5  SaschaSegan  Sascha-Segan  PCMag  2017  Twech  geeky 
december 2017 by Mykl
"Understand and improve mobile signal. Get better signal, find free Wifi and see which operator is best in your location."
mobile  cellular  wireless  networks  coverage  map  maps  signal  WiFi  independent  services  operators  carriers  cell  cellphone  real-world  performance  metrics  measurements  location  location-based  location-aware  global  crowdsourced  crowdsourcing  database  reports  utility  app  application  software  iOS  iOSapp  Android  AndroidApp  free  freeware  OpenSignal  official  Twech  geeky 
december 2017 by Mykl
Fastest Mobile Networks
"We tested data speeds on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless in 30 US cities."
by Sascha Segan
mobile  cellular  networks  carriers  comparison  coverage  UnitedStates  AT&T  Sprint  T-Mobile  TMobile  Verizon-Wireless  VerizonWireless  Verizon  national  nationwide  regional  independent  wireless  services  real-world  performance  metrics  ratings  review  reviews  Sascha-Segan  SaschaSegan  PCMag  geeky 
december 2017 by Mykl
Will My Phone Work?
Check if your phone works on a network

"Have you ever asked the question: Will (this) mobile phone work with a certain mobile carrier?”
mobile  phones  networks  carriers  compatibility  database  wireless  cellular  mobile-phones  MobilePhones  CellPhones  cellular-phones  tablets  pocket-computers  devices  equipment  models  switching  travel  directory  webapp  Will-My-Phone-Work  WillMyPhoneWork  geeky  feedy 
december 2017 by Mykl
"easily block unwanted apps from accessing the internet the second you connect to a hotspot ... your mobile data savior"
mobile  data  hotspot  manager  automatic  tracker  tracking  track  block  blocker  blocking  background  processes  internet  traffic  networks  utility  app  application  software  tool  macOS  Mac  Macintosh  MacOSX  WindowsOS  WindowsApp  shareware  official  geeky  Twechie 
december 2017 by Mykl
The Boring Company
"increasing tunneling speed and dropping costs by a factor of 10 or more – this is the goal"
tunnelling  tunnels  boring  engineering  transportation  underground  building  construction  business  innovative  interesting  tunneling  speed  costs  efficiency  safety  urban  congestion  traffic  Elon-Musk  ElonMusk  geeky 
november 2017 by Mykl
"The missing package manager for macOS"
Homebrew  macOS  Unix  scripts  Terminal  package  manager  package-manager  software  Git  Ruby  Mac  Macintosh  MacOSX  Twechie  geeky 
september 2017 by Mykl
Wikipedia Help: Getting started
These tutorials explain how to edit with VisualEditor (a user-friendly interface) and Wiki Markup (Wikipedia's source code)
Wikipedia  Help  instructions  tutorials  basics  101  intro  introduction  getting  started  getting-started  GettingStarted  beginners  new  newbie  contributor  editor  editing  Visual  VisualEditor  Visual-Editor  Wiki  Markup  WikiMarkup  Wiki-Markup  WikiMedia  support  official  geeky  feedy 
september 2017 by Mykl
Find Wi-Fi
Mylnikov GEO finds your location via WiFi
geo  location  geolocation  WiFi  security  bssid  geo-locating  locating  find  search  tool  webtool  webapp  Mylnikov  geeky 
august 2017 by Mykl
"Wine (originally an acronym for "Wine Is Not an Emulator") is a compatibility layer capable of running Windows applications on several POSIX-compliant operating systems, such as Linux, macOS, & BSD. Instead of simulating internal Windows logic like a virtual machine or emulator, Wine translates Windows API calls into POSIX calls on-the-fly, eliminating the performance and memory penalties of other methods and allowing you to cleanly integrate Windows applications into your desktop."
Windows  WindowsOS  translator  emulator  compatibility  emulation  emulate  POSIX  POSIX-compliant  Linux  macOS  OSX  BSD  on-the-fly  geeky 
august 2017 by Mykl
Twitter client "based on TweetDeck ... column-based interface ... cleaner and intuitive experience"
Twitter  client  app  TweetDeck  alternative  Tweeten  TweetenApp  TwitterApp  Twitter-app  application  software  tool  TwitterTool  Twitter-tool  columns  column-based  columns-based  official  geeky 
july 2017 by Mykl
Public Service Announcement: You Should Not Force Quit Apps on iOS
"The single biggest misconception about iOS is that it’s good digital hygiene to force quit apps that you aren’t using."

- John Gruber
Daring Fireball
iOS  tips  advice  force-quit  myth  misconception  background  background-apps  app-switcher  multitasking  multitasking-switcher  battery-life  battery  apps  ForceQuit  force-quiting  ForceQuiting  quit  quiting  close  closing  mobile  iPhone  DaringFireball  JohnGruber  John-Gruber  geeky  feedy 
july 2017 by Mykl
Kill Sticky Headers
bookmarklet by Alisdair McDiarmid (@alisdair)

removes "dickbars" (and all fixed position elements) from current web page
dickbar  dickbars  sticky  headers  bookmarklet  dick-bar  dick-bars  header  sticky-header  sticky-headers  stickyheader  stickyheaders  remove  delete  fix  counter-measure  countermeasure  web  browsing  add-on  addon  annoyance  free  ToDo  geeky 
july 2017 by Mykl
"a free online media conversion application, which allows you to record, convert and download nearly any audio or video URL to common formats. Currently supported services: YouTube (720p, 1080p, 4K), Vimeo and many more."
YouTube  Vimeo  converter  downloader  webapp  conversion  downloading  download  video  app  application  software  MP3  MP4  720p  1080p  4K  free  offline  fave  to:FeralFilm  to:ZuluKane  geeky 
june 2017 by Mykl
"Share Payments ... Send money and make purchases"

a service of PayPal, Inc.
mobile  transfers  payments  service  app  money  financial  banking  exchange  payment  send  sending  services  vendor  iOS  AndroidApp  application  free  debit-card  prepaid-card  credit-card  software  sharing  official  Venmo  PayPal  PayPalInc  geeky 
april 2017 by Mykl
NuPower 60W USB-C Power Adapter review
"Simultaneously charge your MacBook and (smartphone) with one adapter .... an ideal replacement or travel adapter for a 12-inch MacBook and a 13-inch MacBook Pro."

(1/2 review by Glenn Fleishman - 7 December 2016 - Macworld)
mobile  portable  dual  power  adapter  USB-C  USBc  USB-A  USBa  USB  Type-A  Type-C  AC  AC-adapter  ACadapter  double  two  charger  charging  MacBook  MacBookPro  MacBookPro2016  smartphone  pocket-computer  PocketComputer  accessory  peripheral  simultaneous  equipment  device  gadget  hardware  electrical  electronic  computing  NewerTech  NuPower  60W  60-watt  60watt  2.4A  2.4amp  2.4-amp  5V  5volt  5-volt  inexpensive  alternative  alternate  replacement  travel  review  1/2  Glenn-Fleishman  GlennFleishman  Macworld  2016  toShare  geeky 
december 2016 by Mykl
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