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Using Hangouts with Project Fi
"You can talk and text with your Project Fi number on any phone, tablet, or laptop that supports Google Hangouts, however..."

- Project Fi Help
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july 2015 by Mykl
Talkatone free calls + texting
"Free Calling and Texting to any phone in US and Canada.

Make your Android device a true free Internet phone. No strings attached!

Unlimited FREE calling, texting and picture sharing to Facebook and Google friends, or any phone number in US and Canada (requires free Google Voice℠ account)...."

- Google Play
Talkatone  TalkatoneApp  Google  Voice  GoogleVoice  Google-Voice  gVoice  Talk  GoogleTalk  Google-Talk  gTalk  Gmail  VoIP  voice-over-IP  data  connection  DataConnection  data-connection  internet  internet-phone  InternetPhone  WiFi  3G  4G  app  application  software  tool  service  mobile  cellular  mobile-phone  MobilePhone  cell-phone  cellular-phone  CellPhone  iOS  iPodTouch  iTouch  iPad  iPhone  Android  AndroidPhone  Android-phone  alternative  free  freeware  freemium  ad-supported  call  calls  calling  phone  phoning  telephone  telephoning  telephony  text  texting  SMS  messaging  Facebook  productinfo  official  TalkatoneInc  AppStore  GooglePlay  Google-Play  from delicious
october 2013 by Mykl
"free phone calls and SMS texting app with Google Voice for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad" - iTunes App Store
messages  VoIP  cellular  software  GoogleVoice  text  Android  texts  gVoice  app  messaging  texting  data  iTouch  calling  iPodTouch  WiFi  service  tool  application  calls  Talkatone  internet  mobile  voice  iOS-app  iOSapp  iPhone  free  iPad  SMS  iOS  Google-Voice  free  phone  calls  and  SMS  texting  app  with  Google  for  iPhone  iPod  touch  and  iPad  on  the  iTunes  Store  from delicious
june 2013 by Mykl
Google Voice (by Google)
Google Chrome extension - "Make calls, send SMS, preview Inbox, and get notified of new messages"
Google  Voice  GoogleVoice  Google-Voice  gVoice  Chrome  GoogleChrome  ChromeBrowser  ChromeApp  software  tool  extension  plugin  plug-in  communication  communications  calls  phone  text  texting  SMS  inbox  notifier  notification  messaging  multiple  Essentials 
march 2011 by Mykl
An iPhone + Google Voice Solution.
An iPhone + Google Voice Solution: "my official pros and cons list for anyone considering running Google Voice..."
Google  Voice  GoogleVoice  gVoice  communications  telephony  service  app  iPhone  texting  SMS  free  control  pros  cons  advantages  VoIP  transcription  iOS  article  opinion  analysis  NathanPeretic 
december 2010 by Mykl

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