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june 2011 by Mykl
"Track changes in friends list or follower and unfollower on Twitter with an RSS Feed." by
RSSFriends  RSS  feed  feeds  Twitter  TwitterApp  app  webapp  application  software  tool  social  media  socialmedia  networking  socialnetworking  socialtool  track  tracker  tracking  changes  friends  followers  unfollowers  unfollow  H3O 
march 2011 by Mykl
How to Find the Weirdest Stuff on the Internet
"a demonstration of how you can use a handful of different applications together to automate the discovery of the content that's most worth your time in any niche" - by Marshall Kirkpatrick - ReadWriteWeb - 14 January 2008
demo  demonstration  weird  search  find  finding  automate  automatic  discovery  content  niche  RSS  method  methodology  solution  technique  feed  feeds  AideRSS  Yahoo  YahooPipes  Pipes  Feedburner  howto  article  2008  MarshallKirkpatrick  ReadWriteWeb 
december 2010 by Mykl
New Twitter RSS Bookmarklet
"Drag this little dude to your bookmarks bar and click it when you're on someone's timeline. It'll put an 'RSS' link right under the user's bio, for you to click or copy."
New  Twitter  RSS  bookmarklet  feed  feeds  RSSfeed  RSSfeeds  RSS-feeds  tweets  microblog  TwitterTool 
october 2010 by Mykl
"turns any text — documents, web pages and entire blog feeds — into personal podcasts you can listen to" - Bit Maki
myklbookmark  TextCast  Text  Cast  document  converter  podcast  listen  app  application  software  tool  Mac  Macintosh  MacOSX  audio  sound  shareware  iPod  MP3  RSS  iPhone  speech  ToSpeech  TextToSpeech  Bit  Maki  BitMaki  osx 
december 2008 by Mykl
"a creative way to listen to and share mp3s and podcasts—and it’s free. Browse our directory... Find it, like it, share it with your Odeo contacts, email it to your friends, or put an embeddable player in your blog. Audio from Odeo can be downloaded
Odeo  podcasts  netcasts  MP3s  audio  video  sounds  listen  share  free  directory  listing  database  search  social  media  socialmedia  player  network  downloads  iPod  itunes  email  aggregator  AJAX  app  application  web  webapp  socialapp  software  socialsoftware  artists  authors  bands  blogging  tool  creative  culture  engine  searchengine  entertainment  freeware  fun  host  Internet  MP3  online  P2P  distribution  channel  radio  alternative  recording  RSS  SEO  service  webservice  site  songs  content  storage  streaming  tech  technology  website  widget 
november 2006 by Mykl

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