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"easy for writers to get started with, is completely customizable by designers, and can be extended by programmers through easy APIs and full access to the server code."
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september 2016 by Mykl
Learn How to Make Websites
Mozilla Developer Network's "collection of resources to get you started"
Mozilla  Developer  Network  MDN  web  design  development  webdev  webdesign  HTML  CSS  JavaScript  coding  learning  training  resource  resources  reference  from delicious
april 2013 by Mykl
"The high-performance cloud infrastructure for today's mobile and web applications... offering the only IaaS solution specifically built to power today’s most user-intensive web and mobile applications."
Joyent  applications  apps  backup  calendar  cloud  cluster  collaboration  communication  company  computing  contact  CSS  data  dedicated  design  email  enterprise  FaceBook  FB  filesharing  freeware  freesoftware  groupware  host  Internet  Java  JavaScript  management  office  online  open  source  opensource  platform  productivity  project  projectmanagement  provider  Ruby  RubyOnRails  servers  service  sharing  software  simple  storage  tagging  tech  technology  tools  virtual  web  webapps  webhost  webservice  work  AJAX  infrastructure  hosting  cloud-based  mobile  IaaS  cloudcomputing 
march 2008 by Mykl
Pimp My Safari
"Many excellent plugins for Safari have been developed, but because Safari doesn’t have an official ‘extension architecture’, many don’t know of these extensions."
addons  AppleScript  blog  browser  code  CSS  customize  directory  downloads  extensions  free  freeware  fun  geeky  hacks  howto  HTML  JavaScript  Mac  Macintosh  MacOSX  mods  modifications  plug-ins  plugins  productivity  programs  applications  reference  resources  Safari  scripting  shareware  software  style  tech  tips  tools  upgrades  usability  utilities  web  webbrowser  widgets  toAmy  toblog 
october 2007 by Mykl
"Online Web Tutorials ... all the Web-building tutorials you need, from basic HTML and XHTML to advanced XML, SQL, Database, Multimedia and WAP."
databases  JavaScript  webdevelopment  HTML  learning  advanced  webdev  development  tutorials  programming  reference  SQL  lessons  W3  free  XML  quizes  building  web  howto  CSS  HTMLcode  examples  code  W3Schools  PHP  XHTML  School  WAP  education  basic  fave  favorite  DELETE  web_design 
april 2007 by Mykl

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