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motorghost: Look For Me

“A neuro-kinetic collider.” Hanzo pockets his cell phone. “The explanation was extensive, but I will be brief. Basically, it was an instantaneous swapping of our neural networks. Synapses, cellular structure, DNA communication –-”

“Okay, okay,” Jesse runs his hand back through his silky black hair for the fortieth time since sunrise. “Don’t need all that. All I wanna know is how we switch ‘em back.”
fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  rating:NC-17  author:motorghost  AO3  !slash 
january 2019 by Miscella
mcwho: he truth will set you free (but first it'll piss you off)
Bucky doesn’t push it, he still has his dignity. Steve’s a grown man, if he says he doesn’t want it, then fine, no problem. Alright, he tried pushing it a little on the first day, opened the bathroom door and followed Steve into the shower, but Steve aimed the shower head at his face when he got handsy and Bucky smacked him across the arm and Steve laughed and Bucky strengthened his resolve to show Steve he didn’t give two shits about his little ‘punishment’.

But, fuck. No sex. For a week.

Steve’s a sick son of a bitch.
AO3  fandom:captain_america  pairing:bucky/steve  kink  kink:bdsm  rating:NC-17  genre:PWP  !slash  author:mcwho 
january 2019 by Miscella
rohkeutta: can you knot
“Read this,” Bucky commands, sounding a little winded. There’s a delicious flush on his cheekbones, spreading down. “Tell me what you think.”

“Okay,” Steve says, and spends the next couple of minutes trying to remember how the alphabet works while Bucky’s ass is gyrating slowly in his lap.

“What,” he says when he finishes. “Bucky. What.”
author:rohkeutta  AO3  rating:NC-17  trope:alpha/omega  genre:humor  short  !slash  fandom:captain_america  pairing:bucky/steve  trope:meta 
january 2019 by Miscella
Helenish: Untitled, redux
Arthur, extraordinarily capable by any standard, is not exactly built for certain types of subterfuge.
author:Helenish  AO3  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  rating:NC-17  short  genre:PWP 
january 2019 by Miscella
toomuchplor: I Want Your Psycho
Eames would gladly welcome comparisons to other dashing bearded men, but Eames rarely gets what he wants when it comes to Arthur.
AO3  author:toomuchplor  genre:PWP  rating:NC-17  short  fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  !slash 
january 2019 by Miscella
motorghost: Rōnin and the Nameless
The Recall was in spring. Jesse McCree and the others trickle in over the summer. Shimada Hanzo arrives in the fall. By winter, the real work will begin.

A story about two old killers trying to change their ways in a world ready for war.
AO3  fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  !slash  rating:NC-17  wip  genre:h/c  long  author:motorghost 
january 2019 by Miscella
quietnight, silentwalrus: ain't really quaint
Natasha stops by on a Tuesday, early enough in the morning that it would have been late by Steve’s old standards. Now, though, it takes him nearly three minutes just to limp to the door, yawning, and when he opens it he has to lean heavily on the doorframe.

“Hi,” Natasha says, over the beginnings of birdsong. She’s not alone. “Can we come in?”
AO3  !slash  AU  au!captain_america  fandom:captain_america  fandom:Marvel  wip  character:Natasha_Romanov  character:bucky  character:steve_rogers  rating:NC-17  genre:h/c  genre:humor  author:silentwalrus  author:quietnight 
january 2019 by Miscella
vowelinthug: tezeta (nostalgia)
Steve Rogers is a terrible tourist, and a lousy house guest.

Bucky Barnes waters his plants and tries his best.


set in that sweet spot between Black Panther and Infinity War, in a little valley in Wakanda
author:vowelinthug  AO3  fandom:Marvel  fandom:captain_america  fandom:black_panther  pairing:bucky/steve  rating:NC-17  !slash  character:t'challa  character:OC  genre:gen 
december 2018 by Miscella
galwednesday, silentwalrus, skellerbvvt: Scents and Sensibility: The Working Assassin's Guide to Supersoldier Seduction
Captain America wakes up from the ice in 2013. The Winter Soldier wakes up in 2009, or rather defects from HYDRA, for a value of defect that’s closer to decimate. He ends up working for SHIELD. In April 2014, he’s assigned to Captain America’s mission as a sniper.

Steve’s just trying to get some kind of life together. Bucky is too, or at least he was until tall, blond and Captain shows up and starts just - being there, all the time. It’s terrible. It’s the worst. He has to do something about it.
AO3  author:galwednesday  author:skellerbvvt  author:silentwalrus  trope:alpha/omega  AU  au!avengers  trope:outsiderpov  !slash  character:melinda_may  rating:NC-17  genre:romance  warning:severe_awesome 
december 2018 by Miscella
thingswithwings: Odd One Out
"We should talk about Eliot," Alec says, at the same time Parker says, "We should have sex in a hammock."
author:thingswithwings  AO3  !poly  !slash  !het  fandom:leverage  genre:humor  genre:romance  rating:NC-17  pairing:Alec_Hardison/Parker/Eliot_Spencer 
october 2018 by Miscella
robocryptid: Throwing Stones at the Stars
Despite Hanzo's competence, the Shimadas chose to hire a new bodyguard for the heirs. The elders found the one they wanted: an American mercenary so deadly some called him a demon. He was remarkably skilled, insolent, and above all mysterious. Genji, of course, liked him right away, but Hanzo had his doubts.


This is, of course, how it begins, but the story moves from pre-fall of Overwatch to post-Recall, so there is quite a bit more.
AO3  fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  long  rating:NC-17  wip  author:robocryptid  genre:angst 
october 2018 by Miscella
galwednesday, silentwalrus, skellerbvvt: Scents and Sensibility: The Working Assassin's Guide to Supersoldier Seduction
Captain America wakes up from the ice in 2013. The Winter Soldier wakes up in 2009, or rather defects from HYDRA, for a value of defect that’s closer to decimate. He ends up working for SHIELD. In April 2014, he’s assigned to Captain America’s mission as a sniper.

Steve’s just trying to get some kind of life together. Bucky is too, or at least he was until tall, blond and Captain shows up and starts just - being there, all the time. It’s terrible. It’s the worst. He has to do something about it.
AU  au!avengers  fandom:captain_america  wip  AO3  genre:romance  trope:characterstudy  trope:worldbuilding  trope:alpha/omega  rating:NC-17  pairing:bucky/steve  ~gender~  warning:severe_awesome  warning:ptsd  character:melinda_may  character:Natasha_Romanov  author:galwednesday  aurhor:silentwalrus  author:skellerbvvt 
july 2018 by Miscella
mataglap: Acceptable Substitute
Hanzo has lived without certain things for so long that he has all but forgotten about them. McCree is a bright red exclamation mark of a reminder, and Hanzo discovers that the saying "out of sight, out of mind" unfortunately also works in reverse.

Meanwhile, McCree is an exceptional liar, and the most egregious of his lies are the ones he tells himself.
demi!hanzo  fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  rating:NC-17  genre:romance  AO3  author:mataglap  trope:characterstudy  series  !slash 
july 2018 by Miscella
ClaroQueQuiza: Afterdrop
Overwatch can be forgiven for keeping Hanzo at arm's length despite the endorsement of his intended murder victim. Six months of provisional membership, spent in the field, is a reasonable compromise.

But not everyone is on board with giving Hanzo a chance.

McCree, least of all.
  author:ClaroQueQuiza  AO3  long  epic_fic  trope:slow_burn  genre:h/c  trope:characterstudy  fandon:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  rating:NC-17  !slash 
july 2018 by Miscella
rageprufrock: Reconstruction
In which Stephanie Rogers is the complicating element in the sweeping romance of Bucky Barnes and Lady Liberty.
wip  AO3  !het  pairing:bucky/steve  trope:rule63  trope:meta  fandom:captain_america  fandom:Marvel  rating:NC-17  epic_fic  author:rageprufrock 
december 2017 by Miscella
Tenebrosa: Dragon's Treasure (Fool's Reward)
“So--what’ya say? Make a deal with me?”
“Only fools deal with dragons lightly.”
“Guess I’m a fool.”
AO3  fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  !slash  rating:NC-17  AU  au!overwatch  genre:PWP  wip  kink  kink:sugardaddy  author:Tenebrosa 
december 2017 by Miscella
McWoof: Lifetime
Hanzo Shimada presented as an Omega when he was a young teen, ever since he has done his best to hide the fact from the world. Managing to get his hands on some rather shady implants that allowed him to present as a Beta. He actively avoided forming any sort of romantic relationship, rather spending his life alone than risk anyone discovering the truth.

That was, until he met Jesse McCree, another beta who managed to sneak into his heart.

Except, Jesse isn't a beta, just a super chill Alpha.
AO3  !slash  trope:alpha/omega  genre:h/c  pairing:hannibal/will  fandom:hannibal  rating:NC-17  long  author:McWoof  wip 
december 2017 by Miscella
Unpretty: Contrafacta
Welcome to the Squirrel Girl/Kraven the Hunter shame pit, where good things happen to bad people and the bad people try to be less bad for like, five whole minutes maybe.

--OR: How to Make Friends and Influence Villains OR: Revenge of the Love Life So Bad It Caused an International Incident
author:unpretty  AO3  !het  pairing:doreen/kraven  rating:R  genre:humor  genre:PWP  series  rating:NC-17 
december 2017 by Miscella
ClaroQueQuiza: Afterdrop
Overwatch can be forgiven for keeping Hanzo at arm's length despite the endorsement of his intended murder victim. Six months of provisional membership, spent in the field, is a reasonable compromise.

But not everyone is on board with giving Hanzo a chance.

McCree, least of all.
author:ClaroQueQuiza  fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  epic_fic  !slash  trope:family  genre:drama  genre:action/adventure  wip  rating:NC-17 
december 2017 by Miscella
novembersmith: the head to my hat
“Mom, this is Hatter,” Alice says proudly, beaming all over her face in a way that makes Hatter feel a little like he’s been poked square in his unworthy chest with the world’s nicest cattleprod. “He saved my life.”

“Yes, I know,” Carol says with obvious befuddlement and slight disapproval. “But how do you know him? You do actually know him, right?”

What a question.
AO3  fandom:alice(2009)  pairing:alice/hatter  rating:NC-17  series  genre:gen  genre:PWP  author:novembersmith 
august 2017 by Miscella
OnYourMark: Palette Knife
All through dinner Neal has been drinking, not overtly but steadily, trying to calm the anxiety when he looks at the bandage, white against the warm tan of Peter's throat.
author:OnYourMark  fandom:white_collar  AO3  !slash  !het  pairing:elizabeth/peter/neal  genre:PWP  rating:NC-17 
november 2016 by Miscella
emungere: Blackbird
Shortly after Will kills Garret Jacob Hobbs, he and Hannibal stumble into a D/s relationship. It's a relief to have Hannibal telling him what to do, but the closer they become, the closer he gets to realizing who and what Hannibal really is.
rating:NC-17  fandom:hannibal  kink  kink:bdsm  kink:blood  character:beverly_katzcharacter:alana_bloom  character:freddie_lounds  character:jack_crawford  pairing:hannibal/will  !slash  genre:drama  author:emungere  long 
november 2016 by Miscella
murdergatsby: Trica
Will is shaving is head to blend in. Hannibal expresses that he’ll miss it.
AO3  fandom:hannibal  rating:NC-17  !slash  pairing:hannibal/will  genre:PWP  author:murdergatsby 
november 2016 by Miscella
Thorinsmut: Right? Right.
If there's one thing Junkrat knows, it's that getting crush-fucked by Roadhog is the best feeling in the whole world.
kink:breathplay  rating:NC-17  pairing:junkrat/roadhog  !slash  genre:PWP  fandom:overwatch  AO3  author:Thorinsmut  trope:characterstudy 
november 2016 by Miscella
Chi-chi-chimaera (gestalt1), gestalt1: Dating Will Graham Should Not Be This Hard
Five times Hannibal tried to woo Will and failed. That trip to the opera? Will complained about the noise. That fabulous nine course meal? Will ended up having an allergic reaction. Etc. Make me laugh at our dapper doctor, anons.
crack!fic  genre:humor  pairing:hannibal/will  fandom:hannibal  !slash  rating:NC-17  AO3  author:gestalt1  author:chi-chi-chimaera 
november 2016 by Miscella
OneWhoSitsWithTurtles: Leave Your Message after the Tone
Imagine Will calling Hannibal’s cell phone after he’s incarcerated just to hear Hannibal’s voice on his voicemail.

Imagine Will leaving Hannibal voicemails about how he wishes things had turned out differently. Imagine Will spilling his heart out to Hannibal’s voicemail, assuming that the man himself will never hear them.

Imagine Hannibal listening to these messages.
author:OneWhoSitsWithTurtles  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  !slash  rating:NC-17  genre:drama 
november 2016 by Miscella
idrilka: nothing can breathe in space
The truth is: what Keith wants or doesn’t want won’t bring Shiro back.

The truth is: nothing can breathe in space.

(Or: the story of how Keith and Shiro come together, come apart, and come together again.)
genre:angst  trope:pining  trope:one-sided_love  warning:ptsd  author:idrilka  rating:NC-17  fandom:voltron  trope:worldbuilding  !slash  AO3  warning:severe_awesome 
november 2016 by Miscella
EuKnowWho: Eidolon Whispers
The Shimada brothers are like ghosts to each other, separated by a gulf ten years wide. Genji wants to breach this gulf, but first he has to contend with the discovery of the green eyed monster within himself.
AO3  pairing:hanzo/jesse  character:genji  trope:family  genre:angst  rating:NC-17  fandom:overwatch  character:OC  character:ana_amari  author:EuKnowWho  !slash 
november 2016 by Miscella
EuKnowWho: The Cowboy's Care
It started as an off hand comment, with Lucio coming to him to request a translation of “yoroshiku onegai shimasu”. It was harmless enough, and Hanzo set aside his book to give the young musician his full attention. “The meaning loses a bit in the translation, but the general meaning is ‘please take care of the situation’ or ‘let’s cooperate’. There is a temptation to translate this as ‘please take care of me’, but that is-” And he is rudely interrupted by the other person in the room.

“I’ll take care of you, sugar.” McCree grinned. Lucio snorted at the overt flirting, his attention pulled away from Hanzo, but Jesse saw it, that single, open moment of yes in Hanzo’s face before he schooled his expression.
author:EuKnowWho  fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  rating:NC-17  genre:PWP  AO3  !slash 
november 2016 by Miscella
siderealSandman: Satisfaction Brought It Back
Most people rekindled friendships with people from high school over Facebook or Twitter. Most people met for coffee, shared pictures of their bratty children, and sent old friends Christmas letters once a year.

Marinette was clearly not most people as she had somehow hooked up with her former high school crush on a bondage dating website and didn't know it until he was standing in front of her with an identical look of bemused embarrassment plastered all over his pretty face.
author:siderealSandman  kink  kink:bdsm  genre:romance  fandom:miraculous_ladybug  rating:NC-17  pairing:adrien/marinette  !het  AU  au!miraculousladybug 
november 2016 by Miscella
Chifuyu: Four Minutes, Twenty-seven Seconds
The man looks at Adam as if he doesn’t belong, and if he’s honest with himself, he can’t argue with that. It’s funny still, to see him conveying disapproval with nothing but a twitch of his admittedly beautiful, curved mouth; the mismatched eyes sizing Adam up and very obviously not liking what they find.
author:Chifuyu  fandom:casino_royale  fandom:hannibal  fandom:basic_instinct_2  crossover  au!hannibal  rating:NC-17  character:le_chiffre  character:adam_towers  pairing:adam/lechiffre  kink  genre:PWP  !slash  AO3 
november 2016 by Miscella
manic_intent: A Losing Combination
“Do you know what you are here for?”

Jesse scratched behind his ear, a little thrown. This, right here, was why Jesse fucking hated going undercover. Talk, talk, talk. Usually, Jesse got bored very quickly, and when Jesse got bored, his trigger finger tended to get itchy. Besides, they’d confiscated his goddamned gun. That was a downright depressing thing to do to a man, that was.

“I’m here as hired muscle, yeah?”

“Yes,” Hanzo said disdainfully. “‘Hired muscle’. What do you know about me?”
AU  au!overwatch  fandom:overwatch  trope:gangsters  trope:precannon  pairing:hanzo/jesse  author:manic_intent  genre:action/adventure  postpairing:gabe/jack  rating:NC-17  AO3 
november 2016 by Miscella
manic_intent: Half Measures
The new kid was a feral young alpha, hauled reluctantly to heel. How old was he, seventeen, eighteen? Gabriel couldn’t really tell. Beside Jack, the youngest member of the now defunct Deadlock Gang glared at Gabriel with resentful defiance, hands shoved in the pockets of his borrowed fatigues, which hung awkwardly off his skinny frame.

At least the kid cleaned up well. Whatever his name was.
fandom:overwatch  pairing:gabe/jesse  character:jack_morrison  trope:alpha/omega  AU  au!overwatch  trope:precannon  rating:NC-17  genre:gen  author:manic_intent  AO3 
november 2016 by Miscella
manic_intent: Emperor of the Beasts
Blackwatch wasn’t the worst gig Jesse had been in, not by a long shot. Couldn’t fault three square meals, decent pay and board. Nobody had tried to arrest him in years, neither. A man could get used to the cushy life.

That AU where the Shimada brothers are actually dragons
author:manic_intent  genre:fantasy  rating:NC-17  pairing:hanzo/jesse  character:genji  AU  au!overwatch  AO3  genre:PWP 
november 2016 by Miscella
coloredink: sing for the damage we've done
"Or we can socialize like adults," said Dr. Lecter. "Or do you believe that Alphas and Omegas can't be friends?"
AO3  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  !slash  trope:alpha/omega  warning:rape  author:coloredink  rating:NC-17  AU  au!hannibal  genre:angst 
november 2016 by Miscella
Cawaiiey: Worship
He’s never been very religious. Raised Catholic, to worship God in all his glory, but he’d quickly rejected the presumed image of this deity. No reason to believe in a God that lets so many bad things happen in the world. Jesse McCree doesn’t believe in white robes or angelic choirs, in halos and wings of blinding hues, no, he doesn’t think that the God everyone speaks of is real. He’s more convinced that there’s a being that spins their fate and they’re destined to walk the path, however hard it is.

If there's one thing he believes in, it's sin. And there's been plenty of angels in his life that have helped him to absolve his sins. Hanzo Shimada is one of them.
author:Cawaiiey  fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  rating:NC-17  genre:gen  trope:characterstudy  AO3 
november 2016 by Miscella
longwhitecoats: Staccato Series
Will lets something slip to Dr. Lecter in one of their conversations. Dr. Lecter isn't about to let it go.
Will comes over for dinner and negotiations.
It's less desperate than last night, not so much an explosion of desire as a slow-burning ache, and Will feels his dick pressing against the wood of the cross. He jerks his hands against the ribbon for a moment as instinct takes over, wanting to wrap his arms around Hannibal, but he is prevented. He gasps. Hannibal pulls back. "You won't escape, now, will you?"

Will can't sleep. Hannibal comes over for a chat.
series  fandom:hannibal  rating:NC-17  pairing:hannibal/will  kink  kink:bdsm  !slash  AO3 
november 2016 by Miscella
longwhitecoats: Consumed
Wine is running down his collarbones, his cock, over the marble, onto the floor. It’s a mess, a goddamn mess in Hannibal’s kitchen, it’s like watching a pagan priest pour out an offering and it’s like being a piece of meat about to be burnt in the fire, and then Hannibal bends down and takes Will’s cock into his mouth, and Will finally bites all the way through the plum.
author:longwhitecoats  kink:food  kink  pairing:hannibal/will  fandom:hannibal  genre:PWP  rating:NC-17  !slash  series 
november 2016 by Miscella
Weconqueratdawn: Quicksilver
A fic which happened because of a conversation I had with theseavoices, who has made some incredible art to go alongside this. I blame her :)

Will is a 19 year old, genderfluid psychology student, who meets Hannibal for a paper he’s writing. Hannibal has no chill whatsoever. This is 50% romance and 50% utter filth - you have been warned.

At the sound of the door opening, Will looked up and his eyes briefly flicked over Hannibal's form in the doorway before he stood up. Distantly, Hannibal noted that it had been some time since he’d been this wrong-footed, and took a moment to appreciate that fact. Perhaps he had got into the bad habit of assuming he couldn't be surprised anymore.

“Dr Lecter? I'm Will Graham.” Will extended his hand to shake Hannibal's, his palm warm and soft and sure. “Thank you again for agreeing to meet with me.”
~gender~  trope:agedifference  genre:romance  fandom:hannibal  AU  au!hannibal  series  !slash  !het  author:Weconqueratdawn  trope:college  rating:NC-17 
november 2016 by Miscella
halotolerant: On Entirely Scientific Methods for the Relief of Dull Aches
“Mr William Graham?” Hannibal cleared his throat, then held out his hand, indicating the way to his consulting room at the end of the corridor. “If you will proceed, I am able to see you now.”

“Ah. Good. Sorry.” The young man rubbed his palms together in a nervous-looking gesture but strode forwards nonetheless, heading for Hannibal’s distinctive red door.

- - -

In which in Victorian London, Hannibal is a specialist in 'nervous disorders' and Will is a patient looking for just that kind of therapy...
author:halotolerant  AO3  !slash  fandom:hannibal  trope:victorian  AU  au!hannibal  warning:death  warning:dubcon  kink  rating:NC-17 
november 2016 by Miscella
FrostysaurusRekt: What's a Sinner to a Saint
He aims for hair, but finds his fingers bumping against horns instead.

Jesse’s confused for all of two seconds until he remembers that it’s Halloween and the man likely has a costume as well. He honestly, well and truly, can’t help himself. “I guess you could say you’re pretty-”


“Choo choo! All aboard for Fucktown!”
AO3  rating:NC-17  pairing:hanzo/jesse  fandom:overwatch  character:gabriel_reyes  character:angela  character:fareeha  postpairing:angela/fareeha  AU  au!overwatch  genre:PWP  trope:modernday  genre:supernatural  author:FrostysaurusRekt  wip  trope:holiday 
november 2016 by Miscella
Cawaiiey: It's All Your Fault
Hanzo Shimada joins the ranks of Overwatch and finds that he quite likes teasing the resident cowboy. That is, until a single compliment ruins his thought process, and he has to deal with feelings he's not exactly well versed in.
AO3  fandom:overwatch  pairing:hanzo/jesse  rating:NC-17  genre:romance  !slash  author:Cawaiiey 
november 2016 by Miscella
Cawaiiey: Magic McCree
Hanzo Shimada does not want to be here, he does not like strip clubs and never has. And Genji is wrong, he does not need to 'get laid', no matter how long this dry spell has lasted. He knows he'll regret being here tonight, and he needs a drink. And the tall glass of water clad in plaid that just bumped into him could be what cures his thirst.
genre:PWP  rating:NC-17  trope:stripper  fandom:overwatch  AU  au!overwatch  pairing:jesse/hanzo  character:genji  author:Cawaiiey  postpairing:gabe/jack  AO3  !slash 
november 2016 by Miscella
xzombiexkittenx: Violent Appetites
Long before Will even stepped through the front door of Hannibal’s home, he knew that this invitation to dinner was not just an invitation to dinner. At the end of a therapy session Hannibal had said, “Please, let me cook for you,” and called him, “Dear Will,” and touched his arm.
author:xzombiexkittenx  AO3  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  !slash  rating:NC-17  kink  kink:bdsm  genre:PWP  kink:breath 
july 2016 by Miscella
hesterbyrde: Whither Must I Wander
Will vaguely remembered falling. Or maybe it just felt that way. For a span all he could recall was plummeting into the darkness and cold. So maybe he had just imagined it. He’d slipped into unconsciousness so many times over the years, and each instance had been possessed of its own sensation. Freezing. Sinking. Being swallowed. Burning alive. But this had definitely felt like falling, with the unmistakable bone-rending crush of icy cold water at the bottom.

So maybe they had fallen together over that eroding cliff into the arms of the Atlantic.

The cliff.

They… he and Hannibal...
author:hesterbyrde  AO3  fandom:hannibal  kink:blood  pairing:alana/margot  pairing:hannibal/will  !slash  !femslash  character:jack_crawford  long  rating:NC-17  warning:death  genre:tragedy  kink:surgery  trope:futurefic 
july 2016 by Miscella
xzombiexkittenx: Sea Change
Will Graham is in love with Hannibal. He is also straight. This is the story of Will coming to terms with the fact that he's in a relationship with a man. It's less difficult than he thought it would be.
author:xzombiexkittenx  fandom:hannibal  trope:characterstudy  pairing:hannibal/will  rating:NC-17  !slash  genre:gen  trope:futurefic 
july 2016 by Miscella
More_night: The Incredulity of Saint Thomas
Will finds Abigail's room when they arrive at Hannibal's house by the cliff.

After his meeting with Jack, Will goes to the BSHCI to see Hannibal for the first time in years.

Throughout all three seasons and after, moments in which Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter discuss things that pertain or relate to sexuality and intimacy, in general and in particular, including or excluding murder.

Will is no longer exactly himself, Hannibal’s hopes are forming only as they crumble, Chiyoh asks a few questions.

Every transformation involves a letting-go and a coming-to. This is the story of Will Graham’s letting-go.
The one where they kill the vet.
AO3  long  wip  series  character:hannibal  character:jack_crawford  character:william_graham  pairing:hannibal/will  fandom:hannibal  rating:NC-17  warning:severe_awesome  epic_fic  character:OC  warning:death  warning:cannibalism  author:More_night  !slash 
july 2016 by Miscella
mokuyobi: A Great and Gruesome Height
In his mind, the fall lasts a small eternity. In reality, it's maybe two seconds.

Will and Hannibal go over the cliff, just like they planned.
The one where they end up on an island for awhile before killing more people.
AO3  author:mokuyobi  !slash  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  rating:NC-17  trope:futurefic  series  long  epic_fic  character:belinda  warning:death  warning:severe_awesome  warning:cannibalism  character:jack_crawford 
july 2016 by Miscella
kaotic312: Lost in Translation
The un-seen courtship of two very stubborn people. Bulma started it, only she had no clue what she was offering. Earth to Saiyan, some things just don't translate well!

Listing it as an AU because it's kind of out of character
AO3  rating:R  rating:NC-17  pairing:bulma/vegeta  postpairing:bulma/yamcha  genre:romance  !het  fandom:dragonball  au!dragonball  AU  author:kaotic312  trope:pregnancy  character:chichi 
july 2016 by Miscella
emungere: soulmate tattoos
Every person on earth is born with a tattoo on each arm. One matches your soulmate, and one matches your worst enemy. However, most people have no clue which is which. Will does, because they are both the same.
AO3  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  rating:NC-17  author:emungere  trope:soulmates 
june 2016 by Miscella
Chifuyu: No Maiden's Hand in Mine
It's said that only the purest and most virtuous of all knights would be able to retreive the Grail - a mystical object with the power to grant eternal youth, happiness and an endless supply of food.

Galahad doesn't know why Merlin thinks he could be that legendary knight, since he's neither pure nor virtuous, but if his survival hinges on playing the blushing virgin, then he will play the part to perfection.
author:Chifuyu  genre:action/adventure  rating:NC-17  pairing:galahad/tristan  character:lancelot  character:gawain  character:merlin  fandom:king_arthur  !slash  AO3 
june 2016 by Miscella
Thorinsmut and Blue_Sparkle: Orchids and Bells
Dwalin had more important things to be doing than attending a court dance performance and watching Dwarves hop around on stage - important things like getting back the royal ring Thorin absolutely should not have gambled away.

Then the lights fell to illuminate a single dancer moving like nothing he'd ever seen before, or imagined was possible. And suddenly nothing seemed more important than watching Nori dance.
author:Thorinsmut  AO3  !slash  !het  ~gender~  trope:nonbinary  trope:worldbuilding  pairing:dwalin/nori  character:dori  character:thorin  character:dis  genre:gen  rating:NC-17  kink  kink:knifeplay  artist:blue_sparkle 
june 2016 by Miscella
KareliaSweet: Temp di
-Will inches his way towards Hannibal in their new life.

-Will builds a new home with a surprise for Hannibal. Sexy roleplay ensues.
author:KareliaSweet  AO3  series  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  rating:NC-17  trope:futurefic  genre:romance  kink  kink:medical  !slash 
june 2016 by Miscella
KareliaSweet: Your Obedient Servant
Will receives a rather graphic letter from an incarcerated Hannibal and confronts him about it. Things unravel from there. Trust Hannibal Lecter to turn dickpics into an artform.
AO3  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  rating:NC-17  author:KareliaSweet  kink  kink:phonesex  character:alana_bloom  AU  au!hannibal  trope:futurefic  genre:gen  genre:angst 
june 2016 by Miscella
KareliaSweet: Right Hand Man
He has a good half hour before Hannibal comes home, and he wants to luxuriate in every tiny sensation. He wants to sink into this imagined universe where the hairs on the back of his neck are standing on end because of the mouth on his neck, the teeth biting at his pulse. But he’s given so much of himself over already. He can’t ask for that.
rating:NC-17  pairing:hannibal/will  fandom:hannibal  kink  kink:voyeurism  !slash  genre:PWP  AO3  author:KareliaSweet 
june 2016 by Miscella
KareliaSweet: Peachfire Whiskey
Will knows he'll remember this scent until the day he dies. Hannibal smells like firewood, and malt whiskey, and roasted peaches drizzled in honey. He smells like nothing Will has ever scented before, and it is so divine it dizzies him.

The Adventures of Professor Will Graham and His Terribly Naughty Omega Student, Hannibal Fucking Lecter.

#JustFuckMeUp Kink Fest
warning:dubcon  AO3  !slash  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  trope:alpha/omega  trope:student/teacher  genre:gen  rating:NC-17  postpairing:alana/margaret  character:mason  author:KareliaSweet 
june 2016 by Miscella
Anonymous: Not Something Polite
In the wake of the Hobbs incident, Will's response to trauma is to seek out stability and control, and then ask stability and control to fuck him until he can't think straight.
AO3  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  !slash  genre:PWP  rating:NC-17  kink  kink:carsex  author:anon 
june 2016 by Miscella
starkaryen: Sensates
Will Graham is consulting for the FBI on the case of the Minnesota Shrike, but things complicate and everything goes wrong. When he kills Garret Jacob Hobbs, something happens to him and he starts having hallucinations with the known serial killer Hannibal Lecter, who has been imprisoned on the Baltimore State Hospital For The Criminally Insane for three years.
Or, at least, Will thinks they’re hallucinations.
warning:death  author:starkaryen  AO3  AU  au!hannibal  fandom:sense8  character:beverly_katx  character:frederick_chilton  character:jack_crawford  character:alana_bloom  character:abigail_hobbs  rating:NC-17  genre:drama  pairing:hannibal/will  warning:torture 
june 2016 by Miscella
bokunojinsei: Hitchhiker's Guide to Murder
Will was a hitchhiker who was doing just damn fine on his own. Then Hannibal had to come along and make the simple life of murdering people on the road complicated.
AU  au!hannibal  fandom:hannibal  author:bokunojinsei  pairing:hannibal/will  !slash  rating:NC-17  warning:death  series  wip  AO3  warning:rape 
june 2016 by Miscella
xzombiexkittenx: Shark Tank
Will and Hannibal meet in prison. Hannibal is still the Ripper, Will is still a profiler who had encephalitis. Only now they're cell mates

The one where they escape to Mexico with the dogs.
rating:NC-17  warning:torture  warning:dubcon  trope:prison  fandom:hannibal  character:oc  character:beverly_katz  AU  au!hannibal  long  !slash  author:xzombiexkittenx 
june 2016 by Miscella
mokuyoubi: The God of Appetite
Professor William Graham of Georgetown University is travelling through Europe on behalf of Doctor Jack Crawford, who hopes to find proof of the existence of the killer who has been preying on young men and women for nearly a century. Though others would attribute the deaths to multiple killers and wild animals, Crawford insists that they are after one creature--a vampire. Will isn't sure what to believe, but with his unique gift of empathy, he's gained some insight into the mind of the killer...and what he's seen unsettles him greatly. With the help of Hannibal Lecter, a doctor in a small village near the epicentre of the attacks, Will hopes to find the responsible party.
AO3  fandom:hannibal  AU  au!hannibal  trope:vampires  genre:drama  character:abigail_hobbs  pairing:hannibal/will  character:beverly  rating:NC-17  author:mokuyoubi  !slash 
june 2016 by Miscella
xzombiexkittenx: Bloodline
Someone is murdering fledgling vampires and it's up to Will Graham to figure out whodunnit while coming to grips with his own undeath. Ostensibly, Hannibal Lecter, whose noble and ancient linage opens doors for the investigation, is supposed to be helping. Helping, is not the term Will would use.
AO3  rating:NC-17  genre:mystery  trope:vampires  pairing:hannibal/will  fandom:hannibal  AU  au!hannibal  character:OC  warning:rape_discussion  warning:dubcon  warning:death  author:xzombiexkittenx  !slash 
june 2016 by Miscella
Petronia: Here
Hannibal wanted to cook again. He wanted to ply Will with more than hot drinks and canned vegetables and fish. He wanted to make fine dishes, kingly extravagances from Carême or Escoffier, and watch the involuntary pleasure in Will’s face and body as he ate. He wanted, too, to take Will’s hands between his, and sometimes he did, but it was not enough -- he wanted to be able to sate Will, to fill him a little too much, to match the way Hannibal felt when he looked at him.
rating:NC-17  genre:gen  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  trope:futurefic  AO3  author:Petronia  !slash 
june 2016 by Miscella
toffeecape: Oddbodies
Will is an off-brand sentinel. Hannibal is a reputable guide. What could go wrong?
AO3  fandom:hannibal  !slash  author:toffeecape  AU  au!hannibal  Fandom:Sentinel  long  genre:drama  rating:NC-17  warning:dubcon  pairing:hannibal/will 
june 2016 by Miscella
Petronia: Amourette
"I don't understand," Will said, "how a Yogi ended up in this way. You'd think the enlightened wouldn't be rude."
AO3  fandom:hannibal  trope:accidental_sex  rating:NC-17  author:Petronia  series  genre:romance  !slash  pairing:hannibal/will 
june 2016 by Miscella
Weconqueratdawn: Committed
Hannibal helps Will overcome his fear of being institutionalised. This is seriously dirty stuff.

This is set in my Cathexis universe but you don’t need to have read that first. All you need to know is that Hannibal and Will are in an established D/s relationship.
AO3  fandom:hannibal  rating:NC-17  kink  kink:bdsm  kink:medical  pairing:hannibal/will  genre:PWP  !slash  series  kink:voyeurism 
june 2016 by Miscella
Weconqueratdawn: Cathexis
What if Hannibal's sadistic tendencies only find expression through consensual BDSM relationships? Set in a Season 1 AU where Will is allowed to continue teaching, relatively undisturbed by Jack, and seeks Hannibal's professional help of his own accord.

In psychoanalysis, cathexis is the process of investment of mental or emotional energy in a person, object, or idea (especially to an unhealthy degree).
AO3  kink  fandom:hannibal  pairing:hannibal/will  !slash  kink:bdsm  AU  au!hannibal  author:Weconqueratdawn  rating:NC-17  genre:drama  series 
june 2016 by Miscella
fideliant: Another Use For Gold
Bilbo gets a nice present from his boyfriend for his birthday. He doesn't quite know what to think of it, but as luck would have it, Thorin gladly does all the explaining for him. Thorin even uses a couple of words along the way.
AO3  author:fideliant  fandom:thehobbit  pairing:bilbo/thorin  rating:NC-17  genre:PWP  kink  kink:sex_toys 
june 2016 by Miscella
brooken-moons: Treasures (Part of Windserpant Saga)
Blasted magic-users.

He'd known it would go wrong; how could it not? Eventually the captain's luck would run out and they'd find themselves trapped. As they currently, in fact, did.

Conaire paused his pacing through the captain's office to kick the door. It didn't budge, of course, but a moment later a hesitant knock sounded and an anxious Xin peeked in curiously (in case any more kicks were to be delivered) before entering and deflating into a chair.

‘I know how you feel,’ he said. ‘I've stubbed my toe at least three times already today.’

Ch2: http://broken-moons.livejournal.com/7871.html#cutid1
Ch3 http://broken-moons.livejournal.com/8106.html#cutid1
Side story:
Benefits of Being Human
rating:NC-17  !slash  trope:pirates  warning:bestiality  author:brooken-moons  lj  originalfics  trope:first!time 
june 2016 by Miscella
hoosierbitch: problem child
Coulson wasn't born the bad-ass in the business suit. Hawkeye didn't start out as the trusted eye in the sky. This is the story of how SHIELD grew up, and how Phil and Clint grew together right alongside it.
author:hoosierbitch  AO3  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Marvel  !slash  pairing:clint/coulson  warning:underage  warning:rape  warning:abuse  character:Natasha_Romanov  character:clint_barton  character:nick_fury  character:phil_coulson  character:maria_hill  trope:friendship  rating:NC-17  series  genre:gen  long 
june 2016 by Miscella
strangestorys: Two-Headed Boy
Months after the fall, Hannibal and Will are still breaking the barriers to intimacy. Will finds himself negotiating new waters and taking command in their relationship. Slow burn, light D/s themes. The long-promised Gentle Dom!Will fic. Updates more-or-less weekly, usually on Sundays.

“I think I’d like to know how you intend for me to proceed.” Hannibal was looking at him again with that expression, calculating, but not defiant. Brain ticking away without any definite direction. Just curious. “I think you’d like that too.”
fandom:hannibal  kink  kink:bdsm  pairing:hannibal/will  trope:futurefic  AO3  !slash  series  author:strangestorys  rating:NC-17 
may 2016 by Miscella
emungere: The Wave at Morning
This was previously posted with my tumblr ficlets as "post-fall sub will" which is a pretty accurate description. It got a bit long, so now it's here.
AO3  fandom:hannibal  kink:bdsm  !slash  pairing:hannibal/will  rating:NC-17  author:emungere  trope:futurefic 
may 2016 by Miscella
Odsbodkins: Be not forgotten
Sam Wilson had just been outed by Captain America.

Quite an achievement, given that the man had been last seen nosing a plane into the Arctic fifty years ago.

The fact that Captain America's official biography outs him doesn't just have consequences for Steve Rogers.

Sequel to Subjective Histories.
AO3  fandom:Marvel  fandom:captain_america  character:sam_wilson  character:rhiley  character:Natasha_Romanov  character:bucky  character:steve_rogers  !slash  pairing:bucky/sam/steve  pairing:bucky/steve  pairing:sam/steve  pairing:bucky/sam  !poly  rating:NC-17  warning:death  genre:h/c  author:Odsbodkins  series  trope:outsiderpov  kink  kink:threesome 
may 2016 by Miscella
Lauralot: Alexander Pierce should have died slower
A series that spun out of a kink meme prompt. Alexander Pierce likes to humiliate the Winter Soldier by forcing him to roleplay a small child between missions. When Steve finds Bucky after the fall of SHIELD, everyone has to deal with the aftermath.

This series starts dark and slowly gets lighter.
A messed up fic. Also has a therapy dog but it is not the one I'm looking for.
long  series  warning:farkfic  warning:torture  warning:rape  warning:child_abuse  post  pairing:steve/rumlow  postpairing:bucky/pierce  character:Natasha_Romanov  trope:ageplay  fandom:Marvel  fandom:Avengers  AU  au!avengers  character:alexander_pierce  character:brock_rumlow  postpairing:pepper/tony  warning:ptsd  recovery!bucky  author:lauralot  rating:NC-17  genre:drama  genre:h/c 
may 2016 by Miscella
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