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Castiron: Gamol-léac
After Beowulf's death, the men of Geatland meet a strange and powerful warrior.
short  author:Castiron  AO3  fandom:beowulf  fandom:old_spice_guy  genre:gen  genre:humor  rating:PG  yuletide10  Yuletide  !no_pairing 
january 2016 by Miscella
Gray Shadows (the_afterlight): Heart of My Own
"Elle scrubbed at the grime collected on one of the windows of her new office space. She was a lawyer, she reminded herself. She'd passed the bar. She was working her ass off trying to get ready to start seeing clients. And no amount of dirt was going to defeat her."

After the events of the show, Elle starts to put together the life she never knew she wanted.
AO3  genre:gen  pairing:elle/emmett  trope:futurefic  genre:fluff  rating:PG  Yuletide  yuletide10  fandom:legally_blond  author:gray_shadows  author:the_afterlight  !het 
december 2013 by Miscella
gyzym: you've got the ways and means to make it alright
Bloom rides Stephen's coattails like a small child might, clinging to them and letting himself be dragged. It might be more accurate to say he dances through life on Stephen's nimbler feet.
AO3  fandom:Brothers_Bloom  Yuletide  yuletide10  character:  Stephen  character:Bloom  character:Penelope  pairing:bloom/penelope  rating:PG13  genre:gen  author:gyzym  !het 
august 2013 by Miscella
milleniumrex: Of Twisted Ankles and Herbal Teas
Mulan is home from the army, but has no intention of being a proper porcelain doll. Fortunately, Shang knows a bit about defying stereotypes himself.
yuletide10  yueltide  author:milleniumrex  genre:gen  genre:h/c  character:fa_li  future!fic  genre:fluff  domestic  pairing:mulan/shang  fandom:disney  fandom:mulan  AO3 
september 2012 by Miscella
lalaietha: Mountains, Molehills
Technically, David doesn't live here, but that "technically" is starting to get real thin, and he knows it. Which is why he chokes a bit when Lilo puts her elbows on the table, her chin in her hands, and says, "Are you going to ask my sister to marry you, or what?"
character:pleakley  author:lalaietha  short  genre:gen  AO3  rating:G  character:stitch  character:lilo  character:jumba  pairing:nani/david  Yuletide  yuletide10  fandom:disney  genre:humor  fandom:lilo&stitch  !het 
april 2012 by Miscella
Grevling : The Roommate of +10 Confusion - Anonymous
There must be some scientifically sound way for Jason Fox to be able to quantify his new college roommate, but he hasn't found one yet that fits. Especially when he factors in the stuffed tiger.
AO3  author:grevling  fandom:foxtrot  fandom:calvin&hobbes  crossover  rating:PG  Yuletide  yuletide10  trope:college  genre:gen 
september 2011 by Miscella
LittleMissGruff : Sensible Ones
Set after 'Lady Knight'. Back from assignment, Keladry of Mindelan is faced with an inconvenient problem. For better or worse, the Lioness has opinions on the matter.
genre:humor  genre:fluff  rating:G  yuletide10  character:Kel  character:Alanna  genre:gen  fandom:protectorofthesmall  fandom:tortall  short  author:littlemissgruff  AO3 
june 2011 by Miscella
Darkicedragon : Wait
After they had made sure that Hiccup wasn't going to die from shock or from bloodloss, Toothless never willingly left Hiccup's side.
howtotrainyourdragon  fanfic  yuletide10  fandom:httyd  character:toothless  character:stoick  trope:family  rating:PG  genre:gen  trope:bonding  short  AO3 
may 2011 by Miscella
autumndynaster : Empty Autumn Cups
Everyone will have their own expectations for Hiccup. He has his own as well. But expectations are never an easy burden.
howtotrainyourdragon  yuletide10  fanfic  fandom:httyd  rating:PG  character:hiccup  character:astrid  character:stoick  HiccupPOV  genre:gen  short  AO3 
may 2011 by Miscella

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!femslash  !het  !no_pairing  !slash  AO3  AU  au!frankenstein  author:boosette  author:Castiron  author:earthstar  author:elsandry  author:Gehayi  author:gray_shadows  author:grevling  author:gyzym  author:heywilma  author:lalaietha  author:lightgetsin  author:littlemissgruff  author:milleniumrex  author:miri_cleo  author:osprey_archer  author:peroxidepest17  author:randomeliza  author:russian_blue  author:the_afterlight  author:yunitsa  character:  character:Alanna  character:astrid  character:attolia  character:black_rabbit  character:Bloom  character:dart  character:eddis  character:el-ahrairah  character:eugenides  character:fa_li  character:hiccup  character:jill_jansen  character:jumba  character:Kel  character:lilo  character:lisa_nelson  character:minister_of_war  character:newstar  character:oc  character:Penelope  character:pleakley  character:stitch  character:stoick  character:Suzuna  character:toothless  character:wing  character:woodlock  crossover  domestic  drabble  fandom:beowulf  fandom:Brothers_Bloom  fandom:calvin&hobbes  fandom:disney  fandom:elfquest  fandom:eyeshield21  fandom:fairytales  fandom:foxtrot  fandom:frankenstein  fandom:GirlWhoOwnedACity  fandom:httyd  fandom:legally_blond  fandom:lilo&stitch  fandom:mulan  fandom:mythology  fandom:old_spice_guy  fandom:protectorofthesmall  fandom:queen's_thief  fandom:sleeping_beauty  fandom:tortall  fandom:watershipdown  fanfic  fanfiction  future!fic  genre:fluff  genre:gen  genre:h/c  genre:humor  genre:romance  HiccupPOV  howtotrainyourdragon  pairing:attolia/eugenides  pairing:aurora/malificent  pairing:bloom/penelope  pairing:elle/emmett  pairing:eugenides/costis  pairing:hiccup/astrid  pairing:Hiruma_Yoichi/Anezaki_Mamori  pairing:mulan/shang  pairing:nani/david  pairing:rainsong/woodlock  postpairing:attolia/eddis  postpairing:attolia/eugenides  rating:g  rating:PG  rating:pg13  short  Stephen  trickster  trope:bonding  trope:college  trope:fairytales  trope:family  trope:futurefic  trope:marriage  trope:pregnancy  via:doverecs  warning:death  yueltide  Yuletide  yuletide10 

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