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medusalan: To taunt a treasure hunter
A professional thief vs. a man who makes a profession of finding things... Just a fun oneshot. I forgot to put a disclaimer inside... I own nothing but a red hat and coat.
ff  author:medusalan  fandom:indiana_jones  fandom:carmen_sandiego  pairing:carmen/jones  genre:gen  rating:PG  genre:action/adventure  !het 
may 2013 by Miscella
medusalan: Legends never die
Carmen and Indy cooperate on a heist, but Carmen is severely hurt- and her pride won't let her tell. One swear word, a little look at mortality, but not too angsty.
author:medusalan  ff  fandom:carmen_sandiego  fandom:indiana_jones  crossover  character:carmen_sandiego  character:indiana_jones  genre:h/c  short  genre:gen  rating:PG13 
may 2013 by Miscella

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