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screamlet: an upbeat kind of dirge
If it had been her who died in the destruction of Vulcan.
She thinks about it, sometimes, when she can’t sleep at night.
author:screamlet  AO3  AU  au!startrek  fandom:stxi  character:spock  character:winona  character:amanda  postpairing:amanda/sarek  warning:death  rating:PG13  postpairing:kirk/spock  genre:gen  character:pike  !het 
july 2013 by Miscella
ayries: If You Speak Love
Five ways the crew of the Enterprise communicate.
"The language Nyota learns to speak at her mother's knee is Swahili, right from the day of her birth."
character:uhura  rating:pg  fandom:stxi  author:ayries  character:spock  character:chekov  character:scotty  character:kirk  character:pike  ao3  trope:language  genre:gen  pairing:spock/uhura  !het 
january 2013 by Miscella

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