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be-compromised: Five Times Clint and Natasha Ended Up Under the Mistletoe (for always_a_queen) - PG
Natasha doesn’t actually believe Barton – not that he’s prone to lying, he just has an interesting relationship with the truth – until she actually walks into the briefing room.

The stark, utilitarian space most often devoted to pre-mission meetings has been transformed: the rows of hard plastic chairs are stacked in one corner to make room for folding tables covered in cookies, pies, slabs of fudge and bricks of brownies, while strands of multicolored lights wind around the casement of each shuttered window. On the floor-to-ceiling projection screen normally used to display maps, mug-shots and weapons specs, a silly stop-motion reindeer with a light-bulb nose capers alongside a blond midget with pointy ears.
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