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epistolic: Volchitsa
That first time, her hair unwashed, dirt in thick black crescents under her nails.

She’d come to him and sat down on his pallet. Three months in and her clothes were hanging off her: the point of her shoulder as sharp and edged as a knife. Her eyes had seemed to him impossibly huge in the gaunt frame of her face.

“You, move over,” she’d said to him.

He’d moved. He’d watched her lie down beside him.

And then, back to back for warmth, they’d slept.

[[ Pacific Rim is the first fandom that I've read/watched actual canon for since Harry Potter. I will probably still be drawn to trope-y romance and cuddle/gen, but I'll know that characterization is off! Even as I enjoy the hell of out it. (This is not trope-y romance or cuddle/gen).

Also, it was a great "giant robots beat up giant aliens" movie.
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