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Thorinsmut and Blue_Sparkle: Orchids and Bells
Dwalin had more important things to be doing than attending a court dance performance and watching Dwarves hop around on stage - important things like getting back the royal ring Thorin absolutely should not have gambled away.

Then the lights fell to illuminate a single dancer moving like nothing he'd ever seen before, or imagined was possible. And suddenly nothing seemed more important than watching Nori dance.
author:Thorinsmut  AO3  !slash  !het  ~gender~  trope:nonbinary  trope:worldbuilding  pairing:dwalin/nori  character:dori  character:thorin  character:dis  genre:gen  rating:NC-17  kink  kink:knifeplay  artist:blue_sparkle 
june 2016 by Miscella

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