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AdaptationDecay: The Case of the Vanishing Vampire
Reg Shoe and Constable Visit team up and Fight Crime! (Also argue)

Reg and Visit are drawn into a mystery at the heart of Ankh Morpork's undead community. Why would a lifelong black-ribboner suddenly try to kill his landlady? And why have his ashes mysteriously disappeared? With the rest of the Watch focused on a threat to the new underground rail network, Reg and Visit will need to work together to solve the case, because if the two of them can't manage to put aside their differences, somebody's going to get away with murder.
AO3  fandom:discworld  Yuletide  yuletide10  rating:PG13  author:AdaptationDecay  genre:humor  genre:mystery  trope:politics  character:reg_shoe  character:visit  character:carrot_ironfoundersson  character:angua_cheery  character:death  character:Samuel_Vimes  character:vetinari  !no_pairing 
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