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Kereea: With Allies Like These
Ace and the Whitebeard pirates are having serious issues hanging onto their territory when faced with Blackbeard, the rest of the Worst Generation, and that new brat Weevil. Marco suggests an alliance with a new superpower on the block: Ace’s brother Luffy, who has recently acquired a fleet and another alliance, as well as the enmity of two of the Emperors.

But Ace finds himself a bit more concerned about his brother’s so-called “ally” Trafalgar Law…
ace!luffy  character:ace  character:luffy  character:sabo  character:law  pairing:law/luffy  !slash  character:zoro  character:robin  character:nami  character:usopp  character:chopper  post  pairing:ace/marco  rating:PG13  genre:humor  AO3  auther:Kereea  fandom:onepiece 
november 2016 by Miscella
Tonko: 'Til You Feel it All Around You
Zoro, Usopp, and Robin don't return as expected from a foray into an island forest. After setting out to locate them, the rest of the crew finds their nakama each missing significant portions of their whole lives.
author:Tonko  AO3  fandom:onepiece  trope:family  rating:PG13  genre:gen  character:sanji  character:zoro  character:luffy  character:nami  character:usopp  character:brook  character:robin  !no_pairing  genre:h/c  trope:de-aging  trope:kidfic 
september 2016 by Miscella
LullabyKnell: Back From The Dead, Red?
Portgas D. Rouge stole from a god to save her son's life. After she died, she made a dangerous bet with the angry god for the chance to come back. Against all odds, she won. The only issue is that she comes back ten years later, because gods can't lose with grace for some reason, and she has absolutely no idea what Garp did with her kid.
AO3  postpairing:portgas/roger  fandom:onepiece  character:OC  trope:characterstudy  character:luffy  character:ace  series  wip  rating:PG13  !het  !femslash 
march 2016 by Miscella

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