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Skoll: This electric heart - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]

No biography of Tony Stark, official or unofficial, will ever describe him as having become a father for the first time at age seventeen, drunk, in an engineering lab. Except, that's kind of what Tony did, looking back on it.

(Or: I just wanted to write a snippet of Tony being fond of his robots. Also there can never be enough love for Jarvis. So here it is, Tony Stark, terrifying single parent of four precocious robots.)
fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  author:skoll  genre:gen  rating:G  AO3  character:tonystark  character:dummy  fandom:ironman  via:paradox22122 
june 2013 by Miscella
Closer: Take Action
Steve gets a lesson in pop psychology, drives a roadster, fends off an aspiring killer robot, conquers Tetris, wins a quarter, buys pants, battles the undead, and falls hard for Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.
character:phil_coulson  character:clint_barton  character:jarvis  character:dummy  fandom:marvel  fandom:avengers  threesome  author:closer  series  AO3  character:thor  pairing:steve/tony/pepper  pairing:bruce/natasha  genre:gen  genre:romance  !slash  !het 
august 2012 by Miscella
scifigirl47: The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation
When Tony Stark was seventeen years old, he built his first AI. On that day, he ceased to be his father's creation, and became a creating force in his own right.

That one act likely saved his life, and not always in the most obvious ways.
  genre:gen  AO3  character:dummy  character:tonystark  character:Obadiah_Stane  fandom:marvel  fandom:ironman  trope:friendship  rating:PG13  author:scifigrl47  series  long  warning:severe_awesome  trope:worldbuilding 
may 2012 by Miscella
tellytubby101: Behind the Masks and Monitors Masterpost
Steve/Tony. Meta!AU. BNF cap_usa comes back from a 7 year hiatus, fandom rejoices, and users begin to wonder why the LJ servers are always crashing. (Hint: it isn’t the Russians this time.)
fandom:avengers  fandom:marvel  character:pepper  series  lj  character:bucky  character:dummy  character:jarvis  warning:child_abuse  character:loki  character:thor  character:Natasha_Romanov  pairing:steve/tony  au!marvel  au  meta  author:tellytubby101  !slash 
january 2012 by Miscella

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