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igrockspock: Hair
Aisha Darwin likes being bald. She doesn't care for other people's reaction to it.
rating:PG13  genre:gen  character:Sulu  character:christine_chapel  character:chapel  fandom:stxi  character:OC  trope:hair  author:igrockspock  AO3  short 
june 2013 by Miscella
seraphim_grace: This Day All Gods Die (Star Trek: AOS / Doom)
The Klingons have a myth of a device they call Hash’ak’gik, the engine of chaos and creation, and according to legend it can bestow souls upon those without. The Augments have waited a very long time so when a picture of a box that seems to do this one of them will go to the edges of the universe without understanding what it would mean to actually handle the Soulcube.
wip  character:chekov  character:sulu  character:gaila  character:chapel  character:christine  au!startrek  au  author:seraphim_grace  fandom:startrek  warning:child_abuse  rating:r  character:spock  character:t'pau  character:oc  pairing:kirk/mccoy  character:john_grimm  character:number-one  character:numberone  character:kirk  fandom:doom  character:pike  crossover  AO3  character:leonard_mccoy  !slash  !het 
june 2012 by Miscella
pantswarrior: The Voyages of His Excellency, Supreme Shipmaster I-Voka of Vol-kahn
Obviously, a grown Vulcan has no need for toys. However, a lifelike model is a perfectly logical possession - and may be useful more often than one might expect.
author:pantswarrior  genre:gen  character:chapel  character:uhura  character:spock  genre:humor  crack!fic  AO3  character:leonard_mccoy  !no_pairing 
june 2012 by Miscella

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