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aloneintherain: a night at the theatre
The director could get on his knees, and talk about honouring Zuko all he liked, but it didn’t erase the fact that the Ember Island Players had trivialised—had actively mocked—his struggles. His friends’ struggles.

This man had Zuko murdered on-stage to the rapturous applause of the audience, and now he was trying to smile sweetly at Zuko, and welcome him onto his set, as if there weren’t exaggerated versions of his friend’s outfits tucked away backstage, as if he hadn’t orchestrated Aang’s death at the hands of his father—

Fire Lord Zuko meets the Ember Island Players.
fandom:atla  character:zuko  genre:humor  rating:G  AO3  !no_pairing  trope:futurefic  character:OC  author:aloneintherain  rating:PG13 
6 weeks ago by Miscella
orphan_account: Coming Home
The night that his research partner (and sort-of ex) shows up at his apartment with a gun, Carlos decides to take a mysterious but exceptionally well funded two-year research posting in a town called Night Vale.

A story in which Night Vale is there for the people who need it, Cecil's propensity to wear his innocent heart on his sleeve is perceived as a threat (until it isn't) and no one is allowed to hurt the Scientist. No one.
series  character:OC  pairing:carlos/cecil  asexual  rating:R  ace!Carlos  fandom:welcome_to_nightvale  genre:h/c  !slash  AO3 
7 weeks ago by Miscella
shuofthewind: Swallows on the Beam
Three years after the coronation, a plot to overthrow the Emperor has been put into motion. Disguised as a noblewoman, Lan Fan plunges into the Xingese court—and into a courtship with the emperor himself. "You are my master," she said. "There is nothing that I will not do for you." He smiled then. "So why won't you kiss me, then, Lan Fan?"

One of my favorite fics if not the favorite.
epic_fic  trope:politics  genre:gen  !het  wip  rating:R  fandom:fullmetal_alchemist  pairing:lan_fan/ling_yao  postpairing:mei_chan/alphonse_elric  character:lan_fan  trope:futurefic  long  series  trope:family  character:oc   
7 weeks ago by Miscella
antistar_e (kaikamahine): The Interpreter
Mohammed lowered his hands from his ears. "Was that what I think it was?" he said hoarsely, and Muhamed stared back at him for a blank moment, his ears still ringing, before he pushed himself up to check. The ice bit at his face, but it was. It absolutely was.

"Fucking finally," he said, and reached for his snowshoes. "Come on, let's go see if any of those train-riding fuckers made it."
AO3  author:antistar_e  author:kaikamahine  fandom:Snowpiercer  character:OC  character:namgung_yona  warning:drug_use  trope:futurefic  genre:gen  rating:PG13  warning:severe_awesome  trope:culture_gap  trope:outsiderpov 
7 weeks ago by Miscella
damkianna: Flying Blossums
Some of the missing and/or dead mothers of ATLA: who they might have been, and things they might have done or never did. A collection of ten themed five-things fics.
author:damkianna  fandom:atla  character:yue  character:ursa  character:Ilah  character:kya  character:OC  short  series  genre:gen  rating:PG 
7 weeks ago by Miscella
attackfish: Whistling Up a Storm
After Katara leaves the Northern Water Tribe, Pakku must confront the changes she has wrought.
author:attackfish  AO3  fandom:atla  character:pakku  character:kanna  character:OC  trope:worldbuilding  author:yugoda  genre:gen  rating:G 
7 weeks ago by Miscella
vowelinthug: tezeta (nostalgia)
Steve Rogers is a terrible tourist, and a lousy house guest.

Bucky Barnes waters his plants and tries his best.


set in that sweet spot between Black Panther and Infinity War, in a little valley in Wakanda
author:vowelinthug  AO3  fandom:Marvel  fandom:captain_america  fandom:black_panther  pairing:bucky/steve  rating:NC-17  !slash  character:t'challa  character:OC  genre:gen 
december 2018 by Miscella
plutos: step out into the sun
“I gotta talk to you, buddy, real quick,” Poe says lowly, and grabs Finn’s hand to haul him back out of the mess hall. His pilot friends cheer loudly, Karé yelling something about keeping it decent, and Finn barely has a second to process it before Poe’s yanking him away and into a deserted side corridor.

“I can explain,” he says quickly, running his spare hand through his hair.

“Well good,” Finn snaps hotly, “Because I’ve had a really fucking weird day.”

Otherwise known as: Finn Is An Oblivious Numbskull, or: the one where Finn gets a name, a jacket, a droid, and a marriage out of nowhere in only a few short weeks
AO3  fandom:starwars  fandom:starwars_theforceawakens  !slash  trope:characterstudy  pairing:finn/poe  character:rey  trope:friendship  trope:marriage  trope:fake_relationship  genre:fluff  character:leia  rating:R  trope:first!time  character:OC  author:plutos   
july 2018 by Miscella
evillordzog: Seeing Tens
You’re a regular office worker born with the ability to “see” how dangerous a person is with a number scale of 1-10 above their heads. A toddler would be a 1, while a skilled soldier with a firearm may score a 7. Today, you notice the reserved new guy at the office measures a 10.

A little while ago, a co-worker’s reaction to something introduced you to a social media platform called tumblr. It was innocuous, a video of two kittens dressed as vikings to the tune of Immigrant Song. You pointed out that it can’t have been that funny because unlike the surrounding posts it had no indication that it had been shared by others. They answered that just occasionally a post could be shared so many times that the counter would break and the number just disappear.

You just snorted something about poor software engineering. After all your counters are omnipresent. Even Diana didn’t break it, it was more like she was… well, she’s Diana. The few times she’s been back, it’s become clear that going all the way to 11 when you least expect it is sort of her thing.

You remember the kittens. You remember that first moment with Diana, that sudden thrill of fear when she showed you a world you had conditioned yourself to believe wasn’t possible. Because this totally unassuming blonde woman standing in front of you with the broad smile and the hand extended in greeting…

There’s no number above her head.

“Hello, I’m the Doctor.”
tumblr  author:evillordzog  genre:fantasy  fandom:dcu  Fandom:DC  fandom:doctor_who  character:OC  !no_pairing  genre:humor  short 
december 2017 by Miscella
Mithrigil: The Age of Not-Believing
Ten years after the bathhouse, Chihiro spends Golden Week vacationing with her real-world friends, but can't help keeping an eye out for some from the other side.
author:Mithrigil  AO3  fandom:spirited_away  !no_pairing  character:OC  character:chihiro  character:no-face  genre:gen  genre:supernatural  rating:PG  trope:friendship 
december 2017 by Miscella
binz, shiplizard: Rivers Abroad
Harry's not the only one who gets propositioned by great supernatural powers.
PC Peter Grant arrives in Chicago to interview the local river goddess on March 17th, unaware of the local St. Patrick's Day traditions. He'll be finding how they do Irish in Chicago soon enough.
fandom:dresden_files  !femslash  warning:severe_awesome  author:binz  author:shiplizard  AO3  series  character:karin_murphy  pairing:karin/oc  character:OC  genre:supernatural  fandom:rivers_of_london  character:Anastasia_Luccio  character:Peter_Grant  rating:R  crossover 
november 2016 by Miscella
EuKnowWho: Eidolon Whispers
The Shimada brothers are like ghosts to each other, separated by a gulf ten years wide. Genji wants to breach this gulf, but first he has to contend with the discovery of the green eyed monster within himself.
AO3  pairing:hanzo/jesse  character:genji  trope:family  genre:angst  rating:NC-17  fandom:overwatch  character:OC  character:ana_amari  author:EuKnowWho  !slash 
november 2016 by Miscella
unpretty: More short haired girls
Icarus and the Sea drabble

“What do you think you’re doing?”

Zhu Li did not often interject in other people’s business. It turned out that she made exceptions where short-haired young girls were concerned.
!het  rating:PG  character:OC  character:zhu_li  character:varrick  pairing:varrick/zhu_li  genre:gen  fandom:atlok 
august 2016 by Miscella
unpretty: Varrick's father's day
Drabble from same verse as Icarus and the Sea
“I cannot believe you would do something so reckless,” Suyin fumed.

She’d been saying variations on the theme since they found him on the beach, and it was making it very hard for Iknik to be as smug as he felt was his due.
tumblr  author:unpretty  fandom:atlok  character:varric  rating:PG  genre:gen  short  character:OC  !no_pairing 
august 2016 by Miscella
Unpretty: Perfect Alibi
Bruce Wayne is very popular at parties. Bruce Wayne always has an alibi. These two things are related, and only sometimes on purpose.
author:Unpretty  AO3  genre:gen  rating:PG13  !no_pairing  character:OC  character:bruce_wayne  trope:worldbuilding  fandom:batman  Fandom:DC  series 
july 2016 by Miscella
More_night: The Incredulity of Saint Thomas
Will finds Abigail's room when they arrive at Hannibal's house by the cliff.

After his meeting with Jack, Will goes to the BSHCI to see Hannibal for the first time in years.

Throughout all three seasons and after, moments in which Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter discuss things that pertain or relate to sexuality and intimacy, in general and in particular, including or excluding murder.

Will is no longer exactly himself, Hannibal’s hopes are forming only as they crumble, Chiyoh asks a few questions.

Every transformation involves a letting-go and a coming-to. This is the story of Will Graham’s letting-go.
The one where they kill the vet.
AO3  long  wip  series  character:hannibal  character:jack_crawford  character:william_graham  pairing:hannibal/will  fandom:hannibal  rating:NC-17  warning:severe_awesome  epic_fic  character:OC  warning:death  warning:cannibalism  author:More_night  !slash 
july 2016 by Miscella
RC_McLachlan: Long Live The King
"So, there's a crazy guy on the front lawn shouting that he's the king of the saiyans. He keeps threatening to blow up the planet."

"I told you, just ignore him when he gets like this. He'll be fine by lunch."

"It's not Papa."
AO3  fandom:dragonball  !het  trope:family  pairing:bulma/vegeta  character:oc  trope:marriage  genre:humor  trope:characterstudy  AU  au!dragonball  author:RC_McLachlan  character:trunks   
july 2016 by Miscella
screamlet: the lucky ones
They made the decision to drive to Myrtle Beach when Holster found the fucking sweetest cottage near the beach.


AO3  !slash  fandom:omgcheckplease  pairing:adam/justin  character:shitty  character:oc  character:jack_zimmerman  character:lardo  genre:humor  rating:PG13  author:screamlet 
june 2016 by Miscella
Lunik: Mister Vimes'd Go Spare!
In the wake of the death of his Grace Sir Samuel Vimes, the various city watches across the disc are brought together in a way seldom observed among coppers.
AO3  genre:humor  author:lunik  fandom:discworld  character:Samuel_Vimes  character:OC  trope:futurefic  character:dorfl  character:anonia  rating:PG  !no_pairing 
june 2016 by Miscella
xzombiexkittenx: Shark Tank
Will and Hannibal meet in prison. Hannibal is still the Ripper, Will is still a profiler who had encephalitis. Only now they're cell mates

The one where they escape to Mexico with the dogs.
rating:NC-17  warning:torture  warning:dubcon  trope:prison  fandom:hannibal  character:oc  character:beverly_katz  AU  au!hannibal  long  !slash  author:xzombiexkittenx 
june 2016 by Miscella
xzombiexkittenx: Mock the Meat it Feeds on
Murder husbands in Argentina - neither is quite sure where the physical side of their relationship is going until Will gets picked up by a woman at one of their parties. Unsurprisingly, it doesn't go well for anyone.
One with the assassin.
!slash  trope:futurefic  author:xzombiexkittenx  AO3  fandom:hannibal  genre:gen  rating:R  pairing:hannibal/will  character:OC  warning:death 
june 2016 by Miscella
xzombiexkittenx: Bloodline
Someone is murdering fledgling vampires and it's up to Will Graham to figure out whodunnit while coming to grips with his own undeath. Ostensibly, Hannibal Lecter, whose noble and ancient linage opens doors for the investigation, is supposed to be helping. Helping, is not the term Will would use.
AO3  rating:NC-17  genre:mystery  trope:vampires  pairing:hannibal/will  fandom:hannibal  AU  au!hannibal  character:OC  warning:rape_discussion  warning:dubcon  warning:death  author:xzombiexkittenx  !slash 
june 2016 by Miscella
amber: The Morning After
Delicious just can't understand why it's the shy, quiet ones who get all the girls.
AO3  trope:meta  character:OC  character:delicious  character:pinboard  author:ambyr  crack!fic  rating:PG13  genre:humor 
june 2016 by Miscella
badskippy: Divinity
The Dwarrow are children of Mahal - everyone knew that! But what they didn't know was that Hobbits were true children of Yavanna.

You know, Yavanna ... Mahal's WIFE.

That just might change how Thorin and Bilbo's relationship is viewed by the people of Erebor. If of course, Thorin and Bilbo can even acknowledge they have a relationship to begin with ...
author:badskippy  trope:outsiderpov  genre:humor  trope:worldbuilding  AO3  fandom:thehobbit  fandom:Tolkien  pairing:bilbo/thorin  !slash  character:OC  character:dori  rating:R  trope:marriage  via:Carnadosa 
june 2016 by Miscella
DreamingoftheSea: Legend of Zelda: And Time Again
When Covarog's 21st Name-Day party is interrupted by a trio of thieves, the heir to the throne of Hyrule is thrust into a world his father almost destroyed in his youth. Once Covarog learns of the supposedly extinct race of Lorleidians, he travels to their island, once thought to be lost beneath the sea. The prince makes the acquaintance of Zarazu, a feisty yet loyal, Lorleidian with an icy talent, who wishes to revive her people's broken home. Past secrets are unveiled and forgiveness is sought. As the two worlds become known, Covarog and Zarazu must band together to fight off an old enemy that has been sealed away for centuries. Will the ruined fate of Lorleidi come to Hyrule? Or will Covarog and Zarazu be able to stop the evil which threatens to slaughter the kingdom?
long  AU  au!zelda  fandom:legend_of_zelda  fandom:a_tale_of_two_rulers  AO3  character:OC  !het  pairing:ganandorf/zelda  trope:futurefic  trope:marriage  genre:action/adventure  author:DreamingoftheSea  trope:culture_gap 
june 2016 by Miscella
Redrikki: Damian Wayne: Gotham’s Youngest Man of Mystery
Despite being the son of one of Gotham's most prominent citizens, little is known about Damian Wayne. A Gotham Gazette reporter sits down with the family for an exclusive interview with the city's youngest man of mystery.
Fandom:DC  fandom:batman  AO3  !no_pairing  character:bruce_wayne  character:OC  character:damian  trope:outsiderpov  trope:family  trope:meta  genre:gen  rating:PG  author:Redrikki 
june 2016 by Miscella
unpretty: Janet introduction
Janet MacIntyre was smoking in her car in the high school parking lot. It was, for a lot of reasons, infinitely preferable to eating in the cafeteria. She missed out on lunch, but the cigarettes kept her from getting hungry, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Just one more year and she’d never have to see any of these people ever again.
series  fandom:batman  Fandom:DC  character:bruce_wayne  character:OC  author:unpretty  tumblr  trope:highschool  !no_pairing  rating:PG13  warning:rape_discussion  genre:gen 
june 2016 by Miscella
unpretty: Alibis
“Miss Cartwright? I’m with the Gotham P.D., I’m calling to ask about Bruce Wayne.”

Emily frowned and took the phone away from her ear to check the screen. Caller unknown. “What about him?”

“Do you happen to know where he was on the night of February twenty-second?”

“He was with me,” she lied immediately.
Sorta like the one I've been looking for
!no_pairing  genre:gen  genre:humor  trope:world  building  author:unpretty  tumblr  fandom:batman  Fandom:DC  character:OC  short 
june 2016 by Miscella
unpretty: Baby Batventures
Janet found Bruce in the back of the library, at one of the tables meant for studying. Where he was actually studying. He may have been the only person in the school’s history to have done so. She had a hunch that this was what he did every lunch hour. He had headphones plugged into a CD player, head down over a notebook, pen moving constantly.
Part of Sorrowful and Immaculate Hearts
tumblr  fandom:batman  Fandom:DC  author:unpretty  character:OC  !no_pairing  rating:PG13  genre:gen  trope:highschool  series 
june 2016 by Miscella
unpretty: Welcome to Kirkfleet
Gemini could not imagine what she’d done in a former life to wind up aboard the U.S.S. John Mirk. Not only was it the most absurd name for a ship she’d ever heard – and she had heard many – but the thing was borderline derelict. Nothing at all like the shiny new ships she had trained aboard, had even worked aboard.
author:unpretty  fandom:startrek  fandom:startrek_tos  character:OC  trope:futurefic  trope:kidfic  genre:gen  !no_pairing  rating:PG13  genre:humor  tumblr 
june 2016 by Miscella
Alex51324: Den Mother
What happens in the War Pups' nursery on the day a group of feral crazy women take over the Citadel. (And a glimpse of the changes that come after.)
AO3  fandom:mad_max  rating:PG13  genre:gen  trope:world_building  !no_pairing  trope:futurefic  character:OC  author:Alex51324  trope:outsiderpov  via:jenna_marianne 
june 2016 by Miscella
Shielded in Broken Armours
There's a war with a general angel and demon king and a prophecy.
Going through my old links.
rating:R  original  character:OC  !slash  genre:fantasy  trope:culture_gap  trope:angel/demon  trope:prophecy  trope:war  long 
june 2016 by Miscella
Unpretty: Arm Candy
Where Bruce Wayne goes, models follow. It's almost a joke, the way he wears them like watches, girls too young for him hanging off his arms. It's a wonder he can even tell them apart.
AO3  !het  fandom:dcu  fandom:batman  character:bruce_wayne  character:OC  character:dick_grayson  character:alfred  rating:R  series  trope:friendship  warning:self_harm  author:Unpretty 
june 2016 by Miscella
Maelipstick: I was wearing my blue coat
Following exposure of his past as the Winter Soldier, anonymous postings of explicit video footage, 63 charges of murder and the wrath of the Internet, James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes finally steps into the limelight and tells his story to Zenat Patel of the New York Times.
genre:angst  warning:darkfic  warning:death  warning:rape  warning:abuse  warning:torture  fandom:Marvel  fandom:Avengers  character:bucky  character:OC  trope:meta  author:Maelipstick  rating:R  trope:outsiderpov 
may 2016 by Miscella
branwyn: Coming Home
The night that his research partner (and sort-of ex) shows up at his apartment with a gun, Carlos decides to take a mysterious but exceptionally well funded two-year research posting in a town called Night Vale.

A story in which Night Vale is there for the people who need it, Cecil's propensity to wear his innocent heart on his sleeve is perceived as a threat (until it isn't) and no one is allowed to hurt the Scientist. No one.
wip  fandom:welcome_to_nightvale  pairing:carlos/cecil  character:tamika  character:cactus_june  character:old_woman_josie  character:OC  ace!carlos  rating:R  genre:h/c  genre:horror  series  warning:sexual_assault  sip  author:branwyn  AO3  !slash  trope:family 
may 2016 by Miscella
scifigrl47: Holding Ground
SHIELD would be on site in fourteen minutes. Thor was eleven minutes out. Iron Man was eight minutes away. They updated him, constantly, voices in his ear, cries from a distance.

Steve knew he wasn’t going to last long enough for any of them to reach him.
Author:Scifigrl47  tumblr  short  genre:gen  trope:friendship  trope:characterstudy  character:OC  character:steve_rogers  character:sabertooth  fandom:Marvel  fandom:Avengers  character:tonystark  character:bruce_banner  rating:PG13 
may 2016 by Miscella
idiopathicsmile: Curse benefits
“So what you’re saying is that, until that one specific date, I am effectively immortal?”

“Technically yes, but then–” the King stammered.

“Wow,” said the princess, who was sixteen and did not possess amazing impulse control. “I’m gonna go teach myself how to juggle chainsaws while hang gliding over shark-infested waters, catch you chuckleheads later.”
genre:fluff  short  trope:fairytales  genre:fantasy  !femslash  tumblr  rating:G  author:idiopathicsmile  character:OC 
may 2016 by Miscella
owlet: Infinite Coffee and Protection Detail
1. The mission resets abruptly, from objective: kill to objective: protect

2. Integration into adult human social dynamics requires attention and effort. Especially with this bunch of damaged bozos.

3. Oh sure, reunion results in happiness, kittens, and rainbows, because that's definitely how life goes when you've just spent 70 years as a tool of villainy. I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

4. Don't play cards with Captain America. Just don't. Especially if you've pissed him off recently.

5. Barnes's body does a new thing. Thanks for all the trouble, body.

6. "Changed his mind about touching," Bucky said. Just ... what?
There's cool old people and a cat.
AO3  fandom:Marvel  fandom:Avengers  fandom:captain_america  author:owlet  series  long  rating:R  character:Natasha_Romanov  character:tonystark  character:clint_barton  character:thor  character:pepper_potts  pairing:bucky/steve  postpairing:pepper/tony  character:OC  warning:severe_awesome  wip  trope:friendship  trope:family 
may 2016 by Miscella
magdaliny: I'll build a house inside of you
Natalia is stacking blocks very carefully when the adults come into the room. None of them look at her, because they're all looking at her father. He's wearing combat gear, and the hair on the left side of his head is slicked back with blood. He smells like smoke and something unnameable, sweet and dark and a little sickly in her nose.

Father is saying, “Don't be ridiculous. The only thing children are good at is disobeying.”
trope:family  character:Natasha_Romanov  character:steve_rogers  character:bucky  character:OC  AU  au!avengers  au!marvel  trope:kidfic  rating:PG13  author:magdaliny  character:kate_bishop  pairing:natasha/kate  genre:h/c  AO3  !femslash 
may 2016 by Miscella
DuoHimura: A Quiet Halloween
Halloween in Gotham: Three words that spell disaster as often as not. But this year, Cassandra Cain is there to keep the streets safe. Only problem is, the streets are already pretty safe. Looking for trouble (to stop), Cass goes undercover as a trick-or-treater. But can she survive the horror of small children hopped up on sugar? Or the terror of cheap haunted houses? And more to the point, can she do it without punching somebody?
fandom:dcu  fandom:batgirl  character:cassandra_cain  character:OC  AO3  author:  DuoHimura  rating:PG13  genre:humor  !no_pairing 
april 2016 by Miscella
idrilka: maybe i'm waking up
It’s almost funny. All he ever wanted was to play hockey, to play in the NHL, to win the Cup. This—Samwell, the team, the Haus—was supposed to be just a detour, but now it feels more like a destination he failed to realize he’s already reached.

(Or: Jack signs with the Falconers, graduates, and leaves. It's the hardest thing he's ever done. What comes after is even harder.)
author:idrilka  AO3  series  fandom:omgcheckplease  pairing:jack/bitty  character:jack_zimmerman  character:bitty  character:OC  trope:outsiderpov  rating:R  genre:gen  long  warning:severe_awesome  trope:futurefic  trope:characterstudy  !slash  trope:meta  trope:worldbuilding 
april 2016 by Miscella
idrilka: half awake in a fake empire
Tin Soldier: In the aftermath of Steve's return to the world of the living and the battle of New York, the academia and the Internet react.

the gravedigger's handbook: Sometimes it's the most difficult thing, coming home. They both learn that, in their own ways. (In the end, Bucky comes back to Steve. In the end, it is all that matters.)
author:idrilka  AO3  pairing:bucky/steve  trope:outsiderpov  trope:meta  character:OC  trope:politics  series  warning:ptsd  epic_fic  !slash 
april 2016 by Miscella
LullabyKnell: Back From The Dead, Red?
Portgas D. Rouge stole from a god to save her son's life. After she died, she made a dangerous bet with the angry god for the chance to come back. Against all odds, she won. The only issue is that she comes back ten years later, because gods can't lose with grace for some reason, and she has absolutely no idea what Garp did with her kid.
AO3  postpairing:portgas/roger  fandom:onepiece  character:OC  trope:characterstudy  character:luffy  character:ace  series  wip  rating:PG13  !het  !femslash 
march 2016 by Miscella
peradi: have you heard - Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015) [Archive of Our Own]
"I heard FN-2187 was a Stormtrooper."

"What a terrible rumour."

"We must make sure it doesn't spread further."

It's a code. Any officer listening in would think they were safeguarding the Order.

Being seen as mindless, faceless automatons has its advantages, especially when you are planning high treason.


Finn sparks a revolution.
fandom:starwars  character:finn  character:OC  fandom:starwars_theforceawakens  AO3  author:peradi  pairing:finn/poe  trope:outsiderpov  warning:severe_awesome  trope:characterstudy  via:ayries  !slash 
january 2016 by Miscella
betony: the nomad wind, night in, night out - Mulan (1998) [Archive of Our Own]
His grandmother is the one to show him how to use a knife.

[[Mulan, Shan Yu and his grandmother gen. Some backstory for Shan Yu, it's short but interesting.]]
genre:gen  via:doverecs  AO3  author:betony  trope:characterstudy  fandom:mulan  fandom:disney  character:shanyu  character:OC  trope:family 
january 2016 by Miscella
dirgewithoutmusic: listening to the sound of trees
Lucy kept faith. Peter kept steady. Edmund chose, again and again, to earn his title every day of his short/long life, trying to make up for a sin that everyone but himself had forgiven him for.

Susan lives.
author:dirgewithoutmusic  fandom:Narnia  character:SusanPevensie  character:OC  trope:futurefic  AO3  rating:PG13  trope:characterstudy 
january 2016 by Miscella
hydrangea: And the raging sea grew calm
“I’m Jonah—and thank you for the offer, but I wouldn’t deprive you of your own comfort.”

“Jonah. A lovely name—I’m Susan, Susan Pevensie.”
author:hydrangea  pairing:susan/oc  character:OC  character:SusanPevensie  genre:h/c  genre:romance  fandom:Narnia  rating:PG13  trope:futurefic 
january 2016 by Miscella
Ralkana: Making a Play
"You've done a great job with Barton," Garrett offers, and Phil is starting to really wonder what John is buttering him up for when the other man slaps him companionably on the shoulder. "I'll take it from here."
author:Ralkana  character:clint_barton  character:phil_coulson  character:OC  genre:angst  rating:PG13  pre-cannon  AO3 
december 2015 by Miscella
Angel Negra: Scenes from the Dojo
Eliot found a way to make his style work at Dalton Academy. It just worked a little too well.
author:angel_negra  dw  genre:fluff  fandom:leverage  character:eliot_spencer  character:OC  rating:G  short  genre:humor 
november 2015 by Miscella
rageprufrock: Howling Commandos HQ
To: PC (loyaltothedream@hushmail.com)
From: Buck (bucky1956@yahoo.com)
Subject: Report!
Date: May 10, 2012

Phil — where the hell are you, man? Let us know if you're all right, or if there's anything we can do to help. HQ's freaking the fuck out.
author:rageprufrock  AO3  postpairing:clint/coulson  trope:meta  fandom:Avengers  fandom:Marvel  character:OC  rating:R  genre:gen  !slash 
october 2014 by Miscella
prairie crow: Three and a Half Days
Sabotage leads to a quarantine, and Garak is trapped on the Promenade for three long days — but the situation might have an unexpected upside.
AO3  author:prairiecrow  fandom:ds9  pairing:julian/garak  genre:gen  character:quark  character:OC  !slash 
october 2014 by Miscella
awanderingmuse: The Uniform
After a mishap during a search and rescue mission the Lady Knights decide it is time to get new uniforms. There are those that heartily approve of this and others that violently don't.
AO3  fandom:tamora_pierce  fandom:protectorofthesmall  pairing:kel/dom  rating:PG13  genre:gen  character:Alanna  character:neal  character:owen  character:merric  character:OC  postpairing:yuki/neal  trope:friendship  !het 
october 2014 by Miscella
Demus: A Pretty Young Thing
FIll for the following kink meme prompt; "So my headcanon for Tintin is he's asexual, aromantic, and happy that way; but what if, for whatever reason, he finds himself in a situation where he has to flirt with someone in order to get information/provide a distraction/etc? And he fails miserably, because he just has no idea how that works and is incapable of even pretending otherwise.

(Bonus if success is achieved anyway because the target found his failure endearing.)"
author:Demus  AO3  fandom:tintin  ace!tintin  character:tintin  character:OC  genre:gen  genre:humor  trope:characterstudy  short  rating:PG  !no_pairing 
october 2014 by Miscella
chaya : Elsa Lanchester
All of this is awful and nobody should read it. Heed the tags.
Corpse decomposing
author:chaya  AO3  warning:gore  warning:body_horror  warning:darkfic  character:OC  character:bucky  genre:gen  rating:R 
july 2014 by Miscella
apocalypsecanceled: red for the new year // hong kong shatterdome, lunar new year 2024
Hong Kong’s Shatterdome is practically empty this time of year; only a skeleton crew to keep it running, with just enough people to get Crimson Typhoon battle-ready and deployed for emergencies, unlikely as they are. That only numbers about two dozen people, all of them close enough to the Weis to be dressed in their colors. Half of them techies from LOCCENT, half of them on the repair crews, all of them certified to fly Blackhawks.
author:apocalypsecanceled  fandom:pacific_rim  rating:PG  character:mako_mori  character:tendo  character:jin_wei  character:cheung_wei  character:hu_wei  trope:family  trope:friendship  trope:holiday  character:OC  tumblr  short 
february 2014 by Miscella
jettiebettie: What Good Men Wish For
She had only wanted his soul. She never expected to fall in love with this man. She never thought she'd be a mother and she never imagined she could be so happy living the life of a human.

But she did know it would kill her.
author:jettiebettie  AO3  pairing:sherif/mom  character:OC  genre:supernatural  trope:family  character:Stiles_Stilinski  character:Sheriff_Stilinski  AU  au!TeenWolf  fandom:TeenWolf  !het 
january 2014 by Miscella
ursulav: Writing Snippet!
The golem girl sat in the corner of a ruined basement.

The basement was under about fifteen feet of rubble, in a small town southwest of Carthage, on the edge of the desert which had once been held up as an example of learning for its sorcerers and scholars, and which was now held up as an example of what an earthquake could do to the unprepared.

The golem’s creator was dead. He had been caught under an enormous beam, and though the golem girl had moved it aside as lightly as an empty seedpod, it had crushed the old rabbi’s body, and he died with his head in her cool clay lap. His last blood-flecked words, as he saw the end approach, were a common enough sentiment among people in that situation—“Not yet! Wait…!”

The golem girl accepted this final command with the cool ceramic stoicism that she had accepted all the others, and she waited.
original  originalfics  author:ursulav  lj  character:OC  trope:prostitution  rating:PG13  via:bookwyrm  trope:religion 
january 2014 by Miscella
kurushi: College First
Wednesday struggles to feel comfortable with her identity as an Addams and a mother, while living in a world that is far too normal.
author:kurushi  Yuletide  yuletide13  fandom:AddamsFamily  pairing:wednesday/joel  character:OC  trope:futurefic  trope:family  trope:kidfic  !no_pairing 
december 2013 by Miscella
Aishuu: Natural Selection
After marrying Chihiro, it's Haku's turn to explore a new world. Haku must navigate human life as he struggles to find his place as a god in a faithless, electronic age.
trope:characterstudy  AO3  pairing:chihiro/haku  rating:PG  trope:marriage  genre:mystery  trope:futurefic  long  character:OC  via:astroprojection  author:aishuu  !het 
december 2013 by Miscella
Notesfromaclassroom: Once and Future
A group of Vulcan teenagers studying off-planet during the genocide hitch a ride on the Enterprise to the new colony. Their close observation of Spock and Nyota challenges their beliefs in Vulcan traditions as they face a serious threat...in more ways than one.
author:Notesfromaclassroom  AO3  character:spock  character:uhura  pairing:spock/uhura  rating:PG13  warning:death  genre:action/adventure  character:OC  character:kirk  character:hank_mccoy  fandom:stxi  trope:futurefic  trope:marriage  trope:telepathy  long  !het 
december 2013 by Miscella
Mithrigil: 707 Bluebird Lane
As inclined as she is to just have another round against the front door, Judy decides they’ll have lots of time for that, and she can make him wait a little. “Come on. Give me the tour.”
author:Mithrigil  AO3  genre:horror  rating:R  warning:death  character:OC  AU  trope:fairytales  fandom:fairytales  !het 
december 2013 by Miscella
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postpairing:jane/thor  postpairing:john/oc  postpairing:kon/cassie  postpairing:lestrade/OC  postpairing:lydia/jackson  postpairing:mei_chan/alphonse_elric  postpairing:molly/arthur  postpairing:morticia/gomez  postpairing:mycroft/lestrade  postpairing:natasha/bucky  postpairing:natasha/oc  postpairing:natasha/warriors_three  postpairing:neal/yuki  postpairing:pepper/ryan  postpairing:pepper/tony  postpairing:pepper/tony/rhodey  postpairing:portgas/roger  postpairing:raoul/burri  postpairing:scott/allison  postpairing:sherloc/oc  postpairing:sherlock/john  postpairing:steve/bucky  postpairing:steve/oc  postpairing:tony/oc  postpairing:tony/rhodey  postpairing:yuki/neal  postparing:sherlock/jim  pre-cannon  prose  race  rating:g  rating:NC-17  rating:pg  rating:pg-13  rating:pg13  rating:PG15  rating:r  recovery_fic  s2b2  series  sherlock  short  sip  Steve!POV  susan!POV  threesome  trope:1930s  trope:aliens  trope:angel/demon  trope:babyfic  trope:bananas  trope:bodyguard  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